Holiday Gift Guide 2014

All year I get questions about my favorite gifts, gadgets or just toys in general.  Instead of going to gifts for men or gifts for women, I went with the straight gift ideas. This list is what I used to buy Christmas presents this year and I love all of these products.  If there is something not on this list, check out the Paleo Pantry page for other items.

People loved the Holiday Guide (Under $50) last year and the Stocking Stuffers (If they fit post) as well.

Merry Christmas and Happy Gifting!!!

Holiday Gift Guide


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If there is anything missing off this list, you can always just get it on Amazon Here.

1.  Starbucks Gift Card – You can never go wrong giving the gift of coffee, especially if someone loves it 1/20th as much as I do.  Give them the gift that keeps on giving deliciously throughout the day.

2. Amazon Gift Card (in a box) – I am addicted to Amazon and I am pretty sure every one else is too. You can get everything you need from food to toiletries and shipped to your house in a day.  Yes please.

3. Whole Foods Gift Card – Giving the gift of food is always the key to happiness.  I would probably go buy nothing but bacon and be eternally grateful to anyone that generous.

4. Fandango – You can never go wrong with movies since there are always new ones.  I love going to the movies and sneaking in my own Paleo Snacks. I feel like such a rebel.

5. Amazon Scheduled Delivery – I love this service from Amazon because you can buy up to a year in advance and have your gift card delivered any day you like.  Talk about convenient. Buy Christmas presents now and order birthday presents before you forget.

6. Petco – For all the amazing animal lovers out there, they need gifts for their pets too.  Now that I am a pitbull Daddy, I know I would love a Petco gift card with how many toys we buy.

7. U.S. Wellness Meats – Meat, meat, and more meat.  Everyone loves food, especially delicious food they can cook up anytime and is good for them.

8. Tropical Traditions – Everything from coconut oil, butter, spices, or chocolate is carried by Tropical Traditions and your giftee will love them.

9. Eat the Yolks – Liz loaded this book with tons of valuable information wrapped up in humor for everyone to enjoy and understand.

10. Meals Made Simple – Danielle is an outstanding chef and takes all the guess work and stress out of cooking in her new book.  Just another one of her New York Times Bestsellers.

11. The Paleo Kitchen – Well of course I would love you to gift everyone my book. I love seeing people going to town on the fluffy pancakes and cinnamon rolls with a huge smile on their face.

12. Nom Nom Paleo – I don’t really need to say much of anything about how amazing Michelle and her book are.  This is a must have for every kitchen.

13. All the Other amazing Books -I could talk all day about all the amazing books out there, but instead I made this list of all my favorites for you.

14. Paleo Treats – Oh how I love Paleo Treats, especially the Mustang Bar that I can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

15. Pread – I am absolutely addicted to their Cinnamon Raisin Bread and Salted Caramel Cookies.

16. Eating Evolved – Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, Smiles, Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate.  Got it?

17. Steve’s PaleoGoods – Amazing Paleo products to fit any ones life and 15% goes back to inner city youth.

18. Nikki’s Coconut Butter – Addicting, delicious, mouthwatering, addicting and addicting.  Jump on the bandwagon :)

19. iPad – Just so everyone has a place to use my app, and listen to music while jamming in the kitchen.

20. Bose Music System – The louder the jams, the better the food tastes.  That’s what I make up at least.

21. Salt Lamp – Himalayan salt lamps help reduce allergens, moisture, pollutants and more.  Plus they look cool.

22. Kindle Fire – From reading, to movies, to music to Amazon Prime and a shopping addiction, this is the toy to have.

23. Amazon Fire TV – I used to have Apple TV, I am glad I made the switch with all the additions this one has to offer.  Grab one so people can watch cooking videos.

24. Bose Wireless Speaker Bluetooth – Just another amazing option to rock the tunes. Just hook this one up to your phone and you are jamming.

25. Instapot – Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Saute/Browning, Yogurt Maker, Steamer & Warmer all in ONE.  Enough said.

26. Shun Chef Knife (Links to list of all favorites) – I LOVE my Shun Chef’s knife and there are many other quality options all on this list.

27. Cast Iron Skillet – The way food is supposed to be cooked.  I am just sad it took me this long to start using one because now I love them.

28. Kitchen Whisk – A pivotal tool in the kitchen for making all those delicious cookies and brownies from The Paleo Kitchen.

29. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (Links to all stand mixers) – I am a Kitchen Aid snob and recommend them highly. 5-Quart is the best size IMO.

30. Half Sheet Pans – The real cookie sheet.  It’s so nice having sheet pans all the same size that actually fit cooling racks when needed.

31. Blendtec Blender – The ultimate kitchen tool.  I will be Blendtec for life and probably use the same blender that whole time.  Come on, it can blend an iPhone.

32. Hand Mixer – For those jobs when you don’t need a full blown stand mixer but don’t want to tire your arm out.

33. Donut Maker – Everyone loves donuts.  Give them the gift to make you donuts to eat.  Win win right there.

34. Cake Pop Maker – Cake pops may be slightly above donuts or maybe dead even. I guess they are just donuts on a stick to enjoy.

35. Spiral Slicer – The kitchen tool that revolutionized how I view and eat vegetables.  This makes every food fun.

36. Mandoline – Not the gift you want to give to people that are aloof.  Need to be attentive to keep fingers intact.

37. Slow Cooker – The secret to stress free cooking and eating is always having a slow cooker going.

38. Best Food Processors – There are tons of options for all different jobs, here is a list of all of them.

39. Immersion Blender – Homemade soups, mayonnaise, and a multitude of other recipes simple with the push of this button.

40. Microplane Zester – Nothing compares to fresh grated citrus or ground cinnamon on a latte.  Yummy.

41. Julienne Peeler – Just in case you want to make noodles without getting the spiral slicer dirty, this is your tool.

42. Removable Write on Labels – Organization is key for delicious food and these will help. Stick them on mason jars and stock up.

43. Lemon Squeezer – Lemons, limes, all perfect garnishes for delicious cocktails or for fresh juice in recipes.

44. Vacuum Sealer – Food preservation or cooking sous vide.  Well worth the money you will save and delicious food you can create.

45. Sous Vide – Sounds fancy and the only thing fancy is the flavors that come out perfect every time for every one. No skills required.

46. Garlic Press – Just a great tool to have on hand to ensure the freshest flavors of garlic when cooking.

47. Cooling Rack – Use it to cool those cookies or even better, to bake the perfect bacon.

48. Dutch Ovens (list of all best ones) – Invaluable tool to have in the kitchen for those delicious, heart-warming comfort food recipes.

49. Electric Skillet – Sometimes you just want to use one, or have extra cooking spaces.  Perfect pancakes with controlled temperature every time.

50. Ice Cream Maker – Homemade Ice cream, unlimited flavor combinations, less than 20 minutes, who wouldn’t love it?

51. Cookie Scoop – The only way to keep things fair so you don’t need to tackle anyone to eat the biggest cookie first.

52. Cutting Board – Everyone needs one of these.  Especially a nice one since cooking on the countertop isn’t quite ideal :)

53. Meat Thermometer – The best way to get perfect meat every time.  Cook to desired temperature for consistency every time.

54. Leave in Thermometer – My favorite tool to beep at me from the kitchen when my food is getting close to finished.  No checking the oven every 15 minutes with this baby.

55. Knife Sharpener – Sharp knives are the most important tool in the kitchen and increase safety.  Keep them sharp and they will last forever and treat you good.

56. Lunch Bots Storage Containers – The best storage/lunch containers on the market.  All stainless steel and stylish.

57. Large Cookbook Holder – This one is self explanatory. I have a tip too, use this to hold page 95 of The Paleo Kitchen and use chocolate chips.  Yep, you’re welcome.

58. Herb Scissors – Sometimes it’s a pain in the butt chopping herbs the same size and now it doesn’t have to be.  Easy breezy.

59. Herb Savor – All too often we have huge bunches of herbs and only use a pinch.  This will keep them fresh longer so we can get our money’s worth.

60. Gifting Caveman Feast App – Finally, it’s always a great idea to gift people our Caveman Feast app.  We went number 4 in the world and continue to update the app with tons of cool features like shopping lists and notes sections.  If you don’t have it, you can get it for yourself too :)

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  1. I was surprised to see anything from ‘Starbucks’. There was a news report about them giving Monsanto millions to help them fight against GMO labeling.

      1. Unfortunately being neutral doesn’t help accomplish the goals of the non GMO community. These companies need to be hit in their bottom lines in order to move forward in a healthful way.

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