Lemon Brussel Sprouts

First off I want to thank every single one of you amazing readers and fans I have for always being there to help me spread the good health word.  I do my best whenever I can to give back to you as much as I can as often as I can and I appreciate you all sticking around.  The participation in the Memorial Day giveaway was amazing and I will do everything in my power to keep running as many giveaways as I can to keep you all excited about being so healthy.  In the meantime, just a few updates for you and some very needed shootouts that are overdue and I haven’t had a chance to talk about:

  • My awesome friend Jennie from Easy Paleo send me her EBook a while ago to read and I was thoroughly impressed.  It is a down to earth real approach to getting started with the Paleo Lifestyle and makes it super simple.  If you are struggling or know anyone that could benefit head over and check it out HERE
  • Finally, my new homeslice Abel from Fat Burning Man put together an amazing Free EBook on an introduction to Paleo as well as 9 of my recipes :) Woot woot I feel so loved and he is just giving that away jazz away.  Head over HERE to pick it up and also check out his podcast which is ranked just below Jillian Michaels for podcasts and I will be on it on Friday.  You can hear me bump my gums about my transition to paleo and a little back history on my life.  Let me know when you listen to it what you think.
  • Without further adieu, here is the amazing brussel sprouts

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Lemon Brussel Sprouts
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 1 pound brussel sprouts, cleaned and sliced, or use a mandoline
  • 1-2 lemons, depends on your taste buds, I used 2 small ones
  • 1 red onion, diced
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh thyme, diced
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Bacon grease or coconut oil for your pan
  1. Preheat a large saute pan over medium heat and start by sautéing your red onions in the cooking oil of your choice. I prefer bacon fat.
  2. While they are sautéing, zest both of your lemons, dice the lemon zest and set aside
  3. Once your onions are translucent, add all of your sliced brussel sprouts to the pan as well as juice of one or two of your lemons and mix well continuing to stir while your brussel sprouts cook
  4. Saute for about 5-10 minutes depending on how you like your texture in your sprouts, I like eating mine raw so I keep them a little on the under cooked side.
  5. Once they are too your liking, stir in your thyme and salt and pepper and mix well
  6. Remove from the pan and plate, sprinkle with your lemon zest and enjoy
  7. I have also made this recipe with bacon, apples, and rosemary so feel free to experiment, they are all delicious

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  1. Hi George! Would love some idiot-proof instructions on using apple and rosemary in this recipe?? I have a feeling I’d do the opposite of what you’re suggesting if left to my own devices! :P

  2. My husband was watching me prep for this recipe and told me that he didn’t like Brussels sprouts even though he never had them. Neither had I. I told him they were just mini cabbages. I followed the recipe exactly except for starting with cooking up cut up pieces of bacon. We both Loved it. When we first started the 30 day challenge it was just that very challenging. Now every day I’m looking for new recipes such has lead us to trying a lot of new things. Even before the challenge I was bored with the same old standings Thanks for all the Great recipes!

  3. Well, I had to have some kinda veggie dish to go with my pulled pork last night, and so I made this. There is just something magical about bacon fat and brussels sprouts!! The addition of the thyme and lemon juice/zest was absolutely divine. This actually trumps brussels sprouts roasted in bacon fat for me now, and I didn’t think that was possible!! This one’s DEFINITELY a keeper!! =)

  4. Cooked this one up with sliced bacon (well, we had to get the bacon grease somewhere, right?) and it was delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  5. I’ve never tried shredding brussels, but I do love them whole. I usually keep them simply stir fried in butter, but gotta try switching it up.

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