Carrot Parsnip Puree

So this post may be a little different than most of mine, basically because it is not my recipe but it was provided to me by two people I care about quite much.  Numero Uno would be my good friend Chad Potteiger.  I have yet to meet this man, but his unselfishness makes me look like a greedy miser.  Since day 1 of our online relationship (that sounds so cheesy. Not that kind of relationship. I think he has been happily married for 22 years haha) he has been nothing but overwhelmingly supportive of everything I say or do. He has commented on my recipes, shared my recipes with his family, always offers encouraging words and lately has been instrumental in getting me back into working out shape and demolishing my adrenal fatigue.  There actually aren’t enough words of gratitude I can express for him selflessly doing what he has from me but just so everyone knows, I am indebted to his kindness and promise to pay it forward.  We need more people like him in this world.  But anyways, the reason I am thanking him is because he told me about this recipe and how instrumental it would be incorporating into my post workout nutrition for my recovery.  He is a Gastroenterologist which pretty much means he is boat loads smarter than me, so when he speaks I listen.  On his recommendation and in following how he handles post workout nutrition, I just made sure to have this as well as starchy carbs and lots of veggies post workout. Thanks Chad for everything.  Oh yea, and Chad is organizing a Primal/Paleo retreat in the Smokey Mountains if its something you are interested in so head on and check it out HERE.

Numero Two, cause I really don’t know how to speak Spanish, is the amazing Nom Nom Paleo (Michelle) who is pictured above with her two O’s.  I have been a fan as long as I can remember, and have never been anything short of amazed with her and her family.  She makes multitasking look like a hobby and does it with ease.  Truth it, she is just an all around amazing mother, wife, person, worker, blogger, and most of all, (the most important one to me) is FRIEND.  We had the pleasure of meeting at PaleoFX in March and sharing a house together (well I just stole the floor or couch in their place but who needs those details haha).  But yea, she did nothing but exceed all my expectations which I didn’t think possible and I am blessed to have her and her awesome husband FitBomb in my life.

So without continuing to rant on for no apparent reason and tease you any longer.  This recipe has always existed on the inter webs but we just need to resurrect its deliciousness.  So if you want it, its real easy, click on the picture 1/2 inch above this line or click HERE.  And in case you haven’t heard of Nom Nom Paleo… first climb out from under your rock, then head over and check her out HERE.  If you aren’t big on cooking off the computer screen, she also has the Best App ever loaded with mouthwatering pictures and equally delicious recipes.  You can watch everything about the App below:

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  1. This is a fav of mine…. but I usually eat it for breakfast with bacon and eggs…. I always have left overs in the fridge so in the morning I just pull out my large griddle cook my bacon and eggs and heat this up in the bacon fat to make it a little browner. DELISH!

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