Sirloin Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

I get scorned a lot for not having salad recipes.  Honestly it is because I rarely ever eat them.  That used to be the case until I decided to get a little adventurous and started throwing all of my favorite foods in a bowl with spinach.  That pretty much means I can make anything a salad.  Hence why there is steak, bacon, goat cheese and lots of other goodies in this one. I am thinking about putting a note on all my recipes that states if you want to make a salad, just serve this over greens.  Then I can say I have 289 salad recipes including brownie salads, cookie salads, cake salads. Okay that sounds gross, back to this delicious salad that you can modify anyway you like and put together in five minutes, especially if you have delicious leftovers relaxing in the fridge.


Steak Salad

I chose to use an amazing grass-fed sirloin I picked up from Butcher Box and paired it with bacon I made myself.  That is a winning combination in any book.  There is so much winning I am actually going to go make this recipe again when I finish typing this post.  Oh wait I forgot something, I know a few people are going to ask me how I make my own bacon.  I use a mixture of recipes or I buy my bacon from Pete’s Paleo.

Steak Salad

I know you are going to be shocked, but I am actually having trouble finding words to fill up this post.  I don’t want to blame all the bacon I ate for putting me in a food coma, but it might actually be true.  I will keep this a short read for you, I just have a question.  What is your favorite homemade salad, dressing or combination of the two?  Leave me a comment and let me know so I can step up my salad game.

Steak Salad

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Sirloin Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2-4
  1. Place all of your spinach in the bottom of a large salad bowl
  2. Place your bacon in ⅙th of the bowl, then your goat cheese in ⅙th, then your almonds, cranberries, tomatoes and red onion
  3. Add your grass-fed sirloin or any meat of your choice to the middle of your salad
  4. Enjoy with the dressing of your choice or the one below
  1. Combine your balsamic vinegar, garlic, and salt and pepper in a food processor and continually run until everything is well combined
  2. Turn your processor on and let it run and slowly drizzle in your olive oil as your dressing emulsifies
  3. Once combined, serve on the side or your salad or drizzle your salad and toss
  4. Enjoy

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  1. It is12n8t often that an informative article grabs my attention and involves me in its content. Your article kept me interested from beginning to end. Yours is a very good informative article with unique content.

  2. as usual, i come late to the party.

    mmmm, salads! My 11 year old carnivore LOVES salad greens. She thinks she’s being ‘bad’ by sneaking romaine leaves….

    Anyhow, for a super quick dressing, when you are grilling that steak, grill half a lemon or lime, or orange or grapefruit, and then let cool a little. squeeze a little on the greens, sploosh some of your fave oil on top, and there you have it.

    another great and easy one? balsamic reduction drizzled on top – fast and easy and you can spritz with some of your fave oil again.

  3. I came up this this idea of making a salad out of anything in the fridge that I actually eat a month a so ago. Since I am the only one who is gluten free in the house, I hate to cook just for myself. This salad looks good!

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