Lemon Garlic Crockpot Chicken

Here is another absolutely amazing and simple crock pot chicken recipe.  You can legitimately make this amazing chicken in under 5 minutes if you are prepared, great for a during the week meal.  After you shred the chicken and put back in the broth, it just absorbs all the flavors of the garlic and onions and melts in your mouth.  The garlic is not strong at all, it has a nice rich nutty taste you will love so eat away, its good for you.  I got my garlic at Trader Joe’s and it was already peeled for $1.19, you can’t go wrong.  Enjoy

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Lemon Garlic Crockpot Chicken
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4
  • 1 whole chicken
  • 30-40 cloves of garlic, peeled
  • 1 whole lemon
  • 1 white onion, sliced
  • salt and pepper
  • homemade italian seasoning blend - Equal Parts of: marjoram, thyme, rosemary, savory, sage, oregano, basil
  1. Line the bottom of your crock pot with your sliced onions and all of your peeled garlic
  2. Wash your chicken under cold water and then pat dry
  3. Place your chicken on top of your onions and garlic
  4. Cut your lemon in half and squeeze the juice all over the chicken
  5. Season the inside and outside of your bird generously with salt, pepper, and italian blend
  6. Place the lemon halves inside the cavity of your chicken
  7. Put the lid on your crock pot and cook on low for 6 hours
  8. Once your chicken is cooked, remove the chicken and place on a plate, shred all chicken away from the bone and place back in the broth with the onions and garlic
  9. Throw away the carcass and enjoy the garlicy, oniony, and lemony chicken :)

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  1. This is awesome. I bruised 20 cloves of garlic and then just peeled 10 more. It was really good but as a garlic lover next time I would bruise all 30 cloves (and maybe go to 40). I served mine over cauliflower rice that I had roasted and was one happy camper! My skin did not get crispy to I took it off and crisped in in a frying pan … LOL!! Thank YOU.

  2. This is my go-to recipe when I need to make food in a pinch and realize I don’t have lunch prepped for the next day. Less than 5 minutes of prep time and the chicken always comes out moist and delicious. The best part is you can change the spices up each time to give it a slightly different twist – Mexican, Italian, French…you name it! Thanks George!

  3. Just made this today and LOVED it! What’s especially beautiful about this is its simplicity, very few basic ingredients. I did scale back the garlic a bit because 30-40 cloves just seemed a bit much. This recipe will quickly work itself into my regular crockpot rotation along with pot roast and jambalaya. Thanks for sharing!

  4. wait! Don’t throw away the carcass. use it to make bone broth. you can even freeze the bones until you are ready to make your bone broth. yum!

    1. I do that! I save 2 carcass’ in the freezer and when I will be home all morning I will put on a big pot to cook them down for broth. usually 4-5 hrs so I get all the little bits of meat of the bones and any marrow too for extra nutrition and flavor. My hubby loves it. Especially when I use it to cook veggies or rice (I know, no rice).

  5. Thanks for helpful tips, here is one to try-if you need to peel a ton of garlic (without smashing), take most of the paper off the head and shake the whole head in a jar for 1-2 minutes, almost all the peels will come off without damaging the cloves :)

  6. I think that this would have been better if I had a better sense of spices and salt quantities. Also, I used fresh garlic (not pre-peeled) and to peel it quickly, I smash the clove, which may make it more intense. I love garlic, but felt like this had a little too much. I would use two heads instead of three next time, and it needed more salt. The skin was not crispy on mine like another commenter, but the meat did fall right off the bone. Overall, it is quite tasty and very easy to make. But I think it will be better next time!

  7. This is crocking as we speak! I can’t wait to get home from work and smell this meal from the front door… one of my favorite things about crocking dinners!
    Of course… I’m eager to taste this too. I have no doubts it will be amaze-balls!

  8. I’m VERY new to Paleo, and only first heard of it a few months ago at my gym. After months of research and recipe stockpiling, I feel like I’m ready to take on this new lifestyle! And after reading through most of the comments here, I have come to the conclusion that this recipe will be my first ever Paleo meal, and I am excited!
    Thanks George, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this!

  9. This looks yummy! Will make soon. I would keep the carcass and make some stock too! :) thanks for recipe!

  10. I made this last night and it was probably the best thing I’ve made in the slow cooker to date (although I haven’t had it long!). So easy, and so hearty. The chicken skin on top was delicious and crispy.

    I only had one whole garlic, so I bruised each clove a bit as I think it helps to release the garlic flavour. I think there were only about 15 cloves, but it still had a fantastic flavour. I’m looking forward to trying it with more!

    I cooked it on slow for 6 hours, and then it sat for over 5 hours on the “keep warm” setting until I got home from work. A super rich, dark, flavourful broth had formed by then, and the chicken was melting off the bones.

    Also, I put the chicken breast-side down in the slow cooker, as breast meat can be dry and tasteless. This allowed it to absorb more of the flavours from the broth, and prevented it drying out (especially as I knew I’d be leaving it for quite a long time).

    Can’t wait to go home and eat the left overs tonight. Thank you George!

  11. I’m making this tomorrow. Just a quick question. How big was your chicken? I have an 8 lb and was going to adjust accordingly. Also what did you have with it? Just curious

  12. I just got a new slow cooker (my old one started getting cracks in it) and it says that I must always cover the food with enough water or stock so as not to cause the slow cooker to crack, I am guessing that slow cooker and crock pot are the same thing, did anyone find that not using any liquid caused problems or shortens the life of the slow cooker?

    1. You don’t need to add liquid, I have been using my same crock pot for 3 years almost daily and very rarely add liquid to most dishes. This dish produces enough of its own liquid once the cooking starts

    2. I have never had any problems with cracks in my crock pot from not using enough liquid. I just made this recipe for dinner, and the juices from the lemon and the chicken almost cover the chicken when it is done cooking.

  13. Made this for the lady for Valentine’s dinner a few days ago. Used 4 chicken breasts totaling 4 pounds rather than a whole chicken, also see 80 cloves of garlic instead of 40. It was perfect! The chicken just fell off the bone and melted in our mouths! Thanks for the great recipe! I’ll definitely check out your other recipes.

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