Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie 

If you could only see my face right now, it is really SAD.  I had a huge post typed on this post and it got corrupted somehow and decided to break.  I tried restoring it and it only gave me the option to have the one with no writing.  Oh well life goes on.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Oh and one more thing, I got an email that some awesome fan nominated me for the annual Saveur Best Food blog awards.  I am so honored and humbled.  I will be honest though, it would be AMAZING if you go nominate me.  Click this link.

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  1. Combine all of the above ingredients in order into your blendtec, food processor, or any other blender that can make smoothies
  2. Run until your smoothie is of a smooth consistency
  3. Transfer to your serving glass and sprinkle with crushed pecans
  4. Enjoy

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  1. Hi George

    I’m really new to paleo. Is apple juice paleo? I didn’t think it was. I just wanted to check with you before I introduced it. Maybe it’s OK in moderation?


  2. I bought a carton of coconut milk. I didn’t see the recommendation to use canned until after returning from the grocery store. Would you recommend using 1/2 a cup of coconut milk instead of half to avoid the watery texture?

  3. First time I made these, i forgot the banana and they tasted pretty awful. Second time around, I added in a banana (frozen) and left out the ice cubes (first time it was too watery) and it was a hit! added a little bit of honey for added sweetness.

    I used unsweetened coconut milk, but i think next time i will try vanilla coconut milk and see how it affects the sweetness. I made it for some guys friends though and they loved it so don’t think it needs any tweaking!

    1. Hi Madi,

      Did you use the carton of coconut milk the second time around? I didn’t see the recommendation to use canned until returning from the grocery store. I am wondering if this will be too watery??

  4. This is delicious! My hubby made this today for us and Jack, our seven month old, loved it most of all! Happy Fall from Arizona, Melanie, Kirk and Baby Jack

  5. Really Great. Followed the recipe exactly and wouldn’t change a thing. I normally don’t count calories but I couldn’t get myself to drink the whole thing (coconut milk!). I wanted to because it was so good but 1/2 was more than enough to fill me up for hours.

  6. I just made this smoothie. It’s great, although, I needed it to be a little sweeter, so, I added a teaspoon or so of honey. Awesome!! Thank you for this and all of your other awesome recipes!!

  7. I’m new to paleo so I was wondering how many calories and far are in a smoothie like that. I started doing crossfit in the morning and I’m always at loss as what to have for breakfast besides eggs.

  8. My breakfast every week day is either a pumpkin smoothie or sweet potato smoothie. It goes like this: 8 ounces egg whites (I used to consume protein powder but not anymore); 4 ounces coconut milk; chunk of baked sweet potato or half-can of pumpkin; apple pie or pumpkin pie spice. Whiz everything in the blender. I sometimes add a banana but the sweet potato really doesn’t need it. I usually eat some bacon or pistachios on the side. This is a NUTRITIOUS and EASY breakfast and I recommend it to everyone who has trouble putting bacon and eggs together in the morning.

    1. Raw egg whites are a bad idea, not because of salmonella (you have more of a shot at falling down the stairs than catching salmonella) but because they contain a substance that keeps you from absorbing biotin. If you do something like this, make sure you get enough biotin in your diet elsewhere to make up for it. Egg yolks are a good source, google to find others.

  9. Hey, I was at that seminar too. And ate that yummy food. It was a very informative and good day. My kids asked for a smoothie for breakfast tomorrow and when I logged on to your site there it was! Thanks. Can’t wait to give it a go. Think I’ll have to make a few batches as I will probably drink the first batch myself. It’s that whole take care of yourself first so you can take better care of your kids thing!

  10. Not bad. I hate squash of any kind so that is a compliment. :-) I made mine with 1/2 cup of butternut squash (since I didn’t have any pumpkin), added freshly juiced apple and carrot juice (liked the previous suggestion to add carrots), and was liberal with the spices. It was just a little off so I added two tablespoons of raw honey. That made it all work. It was like the liquid version of one of my sweet potato pies. Yummies. I can see having this as a dessert every once in a while. Thanks!

  11. This sounds so good if i wasn’t at work I’d be heading to the grocery store to get the stuff to make this. Thanks for sharing the pic its awesome! I love you and juli. I think you should post a day of what you ate and did like she does only cause I’m curious. But one question did YOU have this smoothie for breakfast, lunch, as a snack?? Just wondering. And I nominated you at that site your the bomb!! Thanks.

  12. I made this with sweet potato (didn’t have any pumpkin on hand) and used orange juice instead of apple juice. Very good!

  13. OMG! Both you and Juli doing a demo together! I would love to be there. You both manage to put your whole personality to words so effectively that I feel like I know you both. What a scream you two will be together! 9I am 40 years old, but when I grow up, I want to be just like the two of you! LOL) Anyway, George, I had to let you know. My family and I were in Disney’s Animal Kingdom on a safari, prior to our breakfast reservations and I thought of you. We were driving through the “savannah” and the guide was telling us all about the animals. All I could think about was how delicious they would be for breakfast! IF at its best!!!

  14. Amazing goodness. I used a handful of sliced carrots & 1/2 c. water in place of the apple juice (because I didn’t have any on hand & wanted a pumpkin pie smoothie NOW!). Delicious!

    Enjoy your visit to Austin — we’ve got some awesome food & fit folks here — plus it’s just a lovely, fun city!

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