Pumpkin Brownies with Pumpkin Pie Frosting

Now onto this recipe.  I honestly have not been able to make these fast enough for all the people that keep eating them from me.  I am not going to complain though since I would devour an entire batch by myself so they are all doing me a favor.  My roommate is the funniest though, she works some odd hours between skydive instruction and tunnel coaching and she is a perfect way for me to tell if my recipes are good.  When I wake up and I check my goods on the counter I set aside to take to friends or coworkers, and half of them are gone, I know it was A GREAT RECIPE.  Problem is I find myself making it again just to get them to everyone I promised a taste test haha.  Well I would keep blabbing but you want to cook and I need to clean so without further adieu, ENJOY.    

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Pumpkin Brownies with Pumpkin Pie Frosting
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 20
  1. Preheat your oven to 325 Degrees F
  2. Place all of your ingredients for the brownies together in a mixing bowl
  3. Use your hand mixer and form your batter
  4. Pour your batter into a greased 8x8 baking dish (grease with coconut oil) or into greased individual mini muffin pans like I did
  5. Place in the oven and bake for 30-35 minutes if in the pyrex dish or 20 minutes in the mini muffin pan or until your brownies pass the toothpick test
  6. Remove from oven, let cool
  7. Cut and Enjoy
  1. Put all of your ingredients in a mixing bowl
  2. Whisk until your frosting is combined
  3. Use and serve at room temperature and ensure your brownies are cool before putting it on or it will melt

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  1. OMG….one of the best Paleo “treats” I’ve made in over 4 years of living this life! Any thoughts on doing them without eggs?

  2. These are delicious and so moist. I appreciate that you don’t use almond flour like most paleo bakers. I made cupcakes! Thank you!

  3. Made these yesterday and again today -brought them to the New Years Eve party -everyone loved them -little kids, adults, the GF kids … So dlish. Thank you!

  4. Best brownies ever, hands down. Not just best “paleo brownies”, best brownies. My non-paleo coworkers scarfed these down in a day.

  5. I was torn between this recipe and another pumpkin brownie recipe. I couldn’t decide so I just made both. Yours were sooo much better. Best brownies ever!

  6. Hi. this sounds yummy but I don’t understand how it is paleo. I thought paleo wall all about eating meats, fruit, veg, eggs, nuts in their natural form. How does this include anything processed or concentrated such a cocoa powder, vanilla extract, coconut cream concentrate, baking soda, vegetable shortening, grass fed butter etc or is it just a no grain and no cane sugar/corn syrup diet?

  7. Holy cow! This was the first time I have used my coconut cream concentrate, and I admit I used a few choice words when trying to stir it together. But this was so worth it! Mine appear darker in coloration (maybe I accidentally used 1/2 cup cocoa powder!) but my kids love it! And I will no longer be apprehensive about using the coconut cream concentrate :) Thank you for all that you do!

  8. These were great! Just wondering what they are served atop in the photo. I had to make my own pumpkin puree as it’s apparently not an Australian thing and had tons leftover.

  9. I am new to Paleo, so I still am unsure of a few things. Why is palm shortening an ok vegetable shortening to use? Is it because of the type of fat that it is?

  10. I would like to make these for an upcoming party but have a friend with coconut allergies. What could I use to replace the coconut concentrate?

  11. I’m serving these to someone who can’t eat chocolate (oh the horror!). Do you think I can just omit the cocoa powder, or will it affect the texture?

    Also, just made your Caveman Crunch last night — it should be called Caveman Crack! That stuff is addicting and deeeelish!

  12. Stupid question, but Is “cream of coconut” the same as “coconut cream concentrate”? Its all I could find in the grocery store (I don’t have access to whole foods-type stores).

  13. They turned out amazing! Do you have any suggestions on how to get the coconut manna out of the jar easier though? Took 10 minutes to scrape out 1 c. :(

      1. Hi! I got a box of organic creamed coconut instead of a jar. will this still work if I follow the directions (1 part cream, 2 parts hot water, stir till creamy) or will this not produce the same results as that concentrate?

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