Pink Velvet Cupcakes with Maple Vanilla Frosting


So, I have a confession to make. I have been trying to make a delicious red velvet cake or cupcake for a long time now.  By long, I’m talking nearly two years at this point. The topic first came up when my best friend requested a recipe upon our return from Afghanistan. It’s safe to say that I am still trying. Why? Well, simply because these did not turn out red, but they did turn out DELICIOUS.  Since Ombre is the trend now, we can call these Ombre Cupcakes or Pink Velvet; well, whatever makes you happy. I think that Ombre trend may be over, but I am not hip on the current hairstyles. A point I need to make is I do have hair now. It definitely requires me showering more, grr guy problems.

Paleo Red Velvet Cupcakes

What has been going on in your life?  Let me fill you in on mine.  I am actually going to make a bulleted list because it’s easier for me:

  • I started a YouTube Channel, where my face will become more prominent, and I will share useless thoughts and knowledge :)
  • Just in case you didn’t know, I post random parts of my life all over my Instagram :)
  • I love Life, I love you and I love sharing recipes with everyone.  Expect a lot more :)

Paleo Red Velvet Cupcakes

Besides my bulleted points above, life is pretty amazing.  I am flying home to Boston for Thanksgiving. I will be able to spend time with friends and family that I haven’t seen in almost three years.  I know I am going to freeze my ass off, but I just used that as a purpose for going to buy more Lululemon, in order to keep me warm.  Yes, you read that right. I am ADDICTED to Lululemon, and I now get the obsession. The clothes are the most comfortable things I have ever worn, and they seem to last a long time.  Confession over.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, this will be a perfect recipe to have on your tables for dessert. Oh, I also have a Lemon Poppy Seed Cake Pop recipe coming soon.  Keep your eyes peeled.  Bye :)

Paleo Red Velvet Cupcakes

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Pink Velvet Cupcakes with Maple Vanilla Frosting
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 10
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. In a stand mixer or large bowl, mix together coconut oil, maple syrup, eggs and vanilla extract with a mixer or whisk
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk tapioca flour, coconut flour, baking powder, beet powder and salt together
  4. Slowly mix the dry mixture in with the wet mixture, adding ¼ cup at a time until well mixed
  5. Scoop your batter into muffin liners in a muffin pan. Fill each well ⅔ of the way and you should get 10 cupcakes
  6. Place in oven and bake for 18-20 minutes or until cooked through. Use a toothpick to poke through a muffin to make sure the toothpick comes out clean
  1. Combine the palm shortening, maple syrup, vanilla, tapioca flour and coconut flour in the bowl of a stand mixer with a whisk attachment or a large mixing bowl
  2. Using the stand mixer or a hand mixer, beat until smooth
  3. Add your chilled coconut milk and beat until well combined. Do not over mix or your frosting might seperate
  4. Once your cupcakes are completely cool, use immediately by placing in a piping bag or ziploc bag with a corner cut off to frost your cupcakes
This frosting recipe is from The Urban Poser. I only made one modification but the rest is hers, make sure you check out the Original recipe and her amazing website.

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  1. I’ve been training again, back to my old regiment to shakes and lean proteins. Hwr, I do have a sweet tooth and this looks AHmazing! Thanks for this! :) You are awesome and I’m sure your family thinks so too!

  2. I really liked the cupcake, I used 2 tbsp. beet root juice instead of powder and added it with the wet ingredients. My cupcakes look just like the picture! The texture was perfect. I don’t however like the frosting, something about the flavor of shortening just isn’t for me so I’ll be experimenting with other frostings in the future. Still worthy of 4 stars though because that cupcake texture really can’t be beat.

  3. Thanks for the recipe! I am going to try the frosting, but I have a question. I am not a (good) baker haha, so do I need to chill the frosting? Will it melt off if not or is that what the arrowroot flour is for?

  4. I have a question for you. This was my first attempt at making a paleo cupcake and while they were good they were dense and slightly dry. Did I do something or is that how paleo baked goods taste? Thanks!

    1. Sometimes they can turn out that way. Depends on how well you mix it and how hot your oven gets. Make sure they get mixed well before going in the oven. And maybe lower your temp or shorten the baking time. Sometimes fluffing up egg whites and mixing that into the batch at the end helps lighten them up as well.

  5. I substituted coconut oil for the palm oil (to lazy to go to the store) and it was honestly the BEST frosting (Paleo or otherwise) ever! Thanks for the treat :)

  6. I made this frosting today for some paleo chocolate zucchini bread muffins for my son’s 7th birthday. The frosting was awesome and complimented the not so sweet muffin!

  7. I loved these as well as my husband, daughter, her husband. They were a hit…one question though about palm shortening, is it normal for it to have little solid lumps throughout? Even though this was sooo good, there were little lumps of solid palm shortening. I use tropical traditions. Thank you ;)

      1. No, it wasn’t chilly. I live near Corona, Ca (Lake Mathews). Shortening was semi soft. They’re really small hard pieces. Maybe cuz it’s getting to the bottom of bucket, I’ve had it for awhile, but doesn’t expire til Sept. My friend says hers is the same way. Looks like you use TT as well, may I ask if you store it in a special way? I’m gonna make them again this morning, they’re that good!…lumps and all…I’m a buttercream junky, have always made my own, but since going primal I can’t or I eat it all!! Thank you :-)

    My husband and I have a special love for red velvet cupcakes since we used them in our wedding so I must try these with your new frosting soon

  9. First of oorah, I know lots of Marines that can grill and even cook, but baking? I’m impressed! Was wondering if powdered hibiscus flowers would work as well, I I keep it on hand for tea and it makes a very deep colored tea and might add a hit of vitamin c?

  10. Excellent instructions and recipe. My 11 year old just made these by herself! She did sub coconut oil for palm shortening in the frosting, which worked fine. She also used a mini muffin tin–she baked for 12 minutes and it made 21. Thanks, George!!!

  11. These look so delish!! Do you have a substitute for palm shortening? I don’t have any and not sure if be able to get some. Hope you have fun in Boston!

      1. Thanks for sharing this frosting recipe! Do you think coconut butter (not oil) will work in place of palm shortening? I appreciate your suggestion of butter, but I am going for dairy-free. I couldn’t find palm shortening but was able to find coconut butter…although I’ve never used it, it appears to be thicker than coconut oil, so I thought it might work. Any thoughts? I’m hoping to bake cupcakes with this frosting for an Oscar party tomorrow (nothing like the last minute!).


          1. Thanks…the coconut butter version actually turned out pretty good! All the party guests (who aren’t even Paleo) said they really liked it. I had some technical difficulties with my chilled coconut milk (for some reason it didn’t separate this time), but I made it work. I added a bit more of the coconut milk fat and the maple syrup to get the flavor where I wanted it and the texture still held up. I obviously can’t compare it to your shortening version (which I’m sure is fabulous) but the coconut butter worked well enough and my cupcakes were a hit! Thank you again!

  12. These look amazing! I always shy away from coconut anything, just don’t care for the flavor. :( Do they have a coconuty flavor? Love your website George and your app! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

      1. I feel the same way about coconut overpowering everything. This is the coconut oil that I use and there is absolutely NO coconut flavor at all!!! Love it! I get it from this webiste. It’s the Ultra Clean Supreme – Expeller Pressed I will definitely use it when I try this recipe! :)

  13. Maple syrup(sugar) and tapioca starch will keep me from enjoying this recipe! I am surprised that you use the latter!

  14. These look delicious! but…. do you know that red velvet is technically devil’s food cake? Have you been trying to make red velvet using cocoa powder at all? Because that would help deepen the color a bit (and make it closer in taste to red velvet!)

    Regardless, I love that these are ombre, so beautiful aesthetically! And, I’m so freakin syked for you and Juli’s book, you guys were honestly two of the people who most inspired me to start my own blog. I just wish I didn’t have to wait until July for The Paleo Kitchen to come out!! Everything you guys are working on looks incredible! I want it now!

  15. Woot! Cannot wait to try these! O.O anddd wooo BOSTON! You will be close to me sorta haha..I am in NH. It has been cooooooold lately so bundle up :p

  16. Have fun in Beantown! I’m on the Cape and you’re right, you’re going to freeze! lol This recipe looks amazing! I will have to try it soon.

  17. These look amazing!! I know that the traditional Red Velvet cake has cocoa… What about adding a tablespoon or 2 to the cake mix, along with the beet powder would be more red-velvety?

      1. Hmmm… Why do you think the cocoa/cacao didn’t work? What about some melted Enjoy Life chocolate chips? I think I have a slight chocolate obsession… lol!!

    1. The red color for red velvet usually comes from the chemical reaction between good Dutch cocoa powder and an acid, usually vinegar or buttermilk. Beets were also used years ago but the amount needed may throw off the sugar content.

  18. I was going to make paleo choc cupcakes with choc frosting for my partner’s birthday next weekend but you’ve totally changed my mind and I’m gunna make these!!!

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