Honey Muffins

honey muffins

A Paleo breakfast can mean so much more than bacon, eggs, and fruit!  While I will be the first to say that bacon and eggs can make me happy pretty much all day long, I will admit that sometimes I enjoy a change of pace.  Enter these honey muffins!  Loaded with the benefits of honey, these muffins are a fantastic side to your regular breakfast lineup.  They also pair wonderfully as a bread to go with one of my chili recipes!

Honey Muffins are simple to make, and they go with so many different recipes. Of course, you can simply take one with you as you leave the house for a quick, clean snack.  As you can see, Paleo means more than just meat and vegetables!  Paleo means you are able to enjoy clean, inflammatory-free alternatives to traditional baked goods.  Bake a batch of these and enjoy the benefits of honey in a yummy, versatile muffin!

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Honey Muffins
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6
  1. Preheat oven to 400 Degrees F
  2. Mix together your eggs, honey, coconut oil, coconut milk, salt and vanilla
  3. Sift together your baking powder and coconut flour and then combine with your wet ingredients
  4. Mix your batter well and then fold in your chopped pecans if you are using them
  5. If not, divide your batter into 6 muffin tins and bake for 15 minutes
  6. Enjoy

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  1. I substituted 1 tbsp Almond Milk for canned coconut milk and am happy to report they turned out just fine. Also for fun I used almond extract instead of vanilla. Very good, would make again.

  2. Question about the coconut milk. Are you using coconut milk from a can which is pure and thick or the beverage coconut milk which would be very watery?

  3. I made these last night after seeing the Instagram post. They are sofa king tasty! They remind of the Pecan Sandie Cookies (which I love by the way!) I brought some into the office and everybody loved them as well. Next time I make a batch of chili, I will add this to the mix!

  4. These are simply amazing! Both of my kiddos devoured them (even the one that declares he hates all things coconut flour). They’re the perfect amount of sweet, and ridiculously simple to make. The perfect lazy day off breakfast.

  5. These look and read as incredibly delicious. Seems like they would be a fabulous and healthy substitute for corn bread! If I eat dairy, what do you think about subbing the coconut milk with some combo of sour cream, creme fraiche or greek yogurt and milk, or buttermilk? I’ve always loved them in cornbread.

  6. While the batter was incredibly wet I thought these were going to be a fail but man was I wrong. Glad I found a new easy muffin staple for my weekend prep.

  7. These are the best Paleo muffins I’ve ever had! I put cinnamon and blueberries in mine. Perfect! Even my non-Paleo, gluten-loving husband stuffed two of these muffins in his mouth while they were still warm from the oven.
    These are definitely becoming a staple. :)

  8. Are these freezer friendly? I made these for my daughters class but accidentally made them a week too soon. I was hoping to freeze them and saving them for next week.

  9. I made these this morning. They came out more soufflé looking not too fluffy. Any tips?

    We still ate them. Great for breakfast; my toddler had at least 2 ☺️

  10. I made these for the first time last night, threw in a handful of fresh blueberries and OMG they were perfect! I’ve been looking for a good “basic” coconut flour muffin recipe to build on and this is definitely it. I’m looking forward to trying all the different suggestions from other commenters; but tonight I think I’ll make a batch with some fresh cherries and almond extract. Thanks so much!

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