Flourless Brownies

flourless brownies
Flourless brownies, flourless chocolate cake, flourless anything just sounds fancy. When I hear it, I envision paying $20 for a dessert at a fancy restaurant that is the size of a quarter. You will not have that problem with these flourless brownies. With my instructions below on how to make your own homemade coconut butter, you can make these brownies in your pajamas and save yourself the $20. Just to clarify, I am not knocking any fancy restaurant especially since they always wash the dishes and that is worth whatever price they charge me since I don’t like dishes.

I just realized I am blabbing and when it comes to reading my blabbing or making brownies, I know I will always lose. Especially since I have my own brownie addiction, given the fact it is the recipe I have the most of on my entire site. Seriously, click here to see.

Flourless Brownies

I love these flourless brownies because they are simple. One of the biggest aha moments I have experienced with living a paleo lifestyle has been realizing that delicious comes from simplicity. So many amazing foods exist and by getting creative we can create amazing flavors without all the junk. The base of these flourless brownies is coconut, and coconut is pretty much a superfood on steroids. So stock up on coconut, get to baking and enjoy these tasty morsels.

I also want to share a money saving tip on how to make homemade coconut butter that you can use in these flourless brownies.

How to make Coconut Butter

I have a lot of recipes on my website that use coconut butter, including these flourless brownies and I truly believe anything you can make on your own you should. The recipe for homemade coconut butter is so simple that it could almost make itself. Here is what you will need:

And here is how you make homemade coconut butter:

  1. Pulse the shredded coconut in food processor for 10 minutes until smooth. Scrape down sides when needed and pause occasionally to prevent food processor from overheating.
  2. Be patient, it will look like nothing is happening and then all of a sudden, boom, you have homemade coconut butter.
  3. Store in an airtight container, there is no reason to refrigerate. I will get this added to my master storage guide.

Just to clear up confusion, coconut butter and coconut cream concentrate is the same thing. This post is like a 2 for 1 so have fun making your homemade coconut butter and flourless brownies.

If you could create the ultimate dessert, what would you pair these brownies with? Leave me a comment below (I would pair them with maple bacon ice cream).

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Apricot Brownies, Flourless
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 20
  1. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees fahrenheit
  2. Place all of your ingredients together in a mixing bowl except your apricots
  3. Use your hand mixer and form your batter
  4. Once mixed well, fold in your apricots by hand and ensure an even distribution
  5. Pour your batter into a greased 8x8 baking dish (grease with coconut oil)
  6. Place in the oven and bake for 30-35 minutes or until your brownies pass the toothpick test
  7. Remove from oven, let cool
  8. Cut and Enjoy

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  1. I live in a location where I can source coconut milk, fresh coconut cream as well as fresh coconut ‘meat’. Can I use the coconut cream that sits in the separate layer in a jug of coconut milk or do I need to use the shredded coconut. Also, could I use dried apricots instead of fresh or tinned?

  2. Hey George! These look amazing, after hours of searching for the perfect treat for my graduation potluck party.. I finally found these!! They look amazing and loo SO EASY TO MAKE :D I was just wondering if instead of th coconut butter, I could use but butter like from almonds or cashews? Thanks!!

    1. Get a piece of software called Living Cookbook. It’s a cookbook/recipe collection app (far as I know, computers only, not phones) and it connects with the USDA nutrition database so if the ingredients you type in are in that database, it can calculate your nutrition for you. I like it because I don’t just look at macros.

  3. I was wondering if you think these would work with some kind of egg substitute. Like a powdered egg replacer or mashed banana, or flax meal + water?

  4. Just made these with prunes and walnuts (love that combo) They are so amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Next time will try with dries apricots, since fresh ones are not in season right now.

  5. OK… I don’t know what happened when I made these because they turned out dry (even though I only cooked them for about 20 minutes & yes on 325). I have been on The Whole30 and decided to make something special for day 31 but didn’t want to eat gluten so these sounded (and looked perfect). I used the coconut butter and everything else according to the recipe with the exceptions of using raw agave instead of honey and I soaked dates and chopped them instead of apricots (which I didn’t think would make a difference in the moisture). Maybe it was the agave? Would that make such a big difference? I was so looking forward to the deliciousness of this brownie and I was disappointed. I made a mixture of coconut butter and agave and put it on top which helped but still it was not great. :(

      1. George – I want to make these tonight and happen to have Nutiva coconut manna/butter on hand. It’s hard in the jar, but I was going to let it sit in warm water to loosen up. Do you recommend using that brand or would I be better off waiting to get some Tropical Traditions?

    1. Watch that agave. It’s almost all fructose, worse for you than HFCS. The honey would have been a better choice. If you’re vegan (and how on earth did you do the Whole 30–rhetorical question), maple syrup works too. I understand the grade B tastes more neutral than the grade A, though I get the A because I like the flavor and, ironically enough, it costs less where I live.

  6. These “brownies” are amazing!! My husband and I made them together today!
    We used the fresh apricots and wow, is that tasty :)
    We think we did something wrong, even though we followed this to the tee…
    Our brownies came out very light in color, even though I prompted my husband to add more organic cocoa.. When the baking was complete and it was time for the taste test, the dessert was more like an VERY AMAZING bread pudding or Custard .. Hmmm, not certain what happened there, but nevertheless, it was soooooo yummy and the house smells great!! LOL
    PS.. we used Coconut Cream “Heavy” from Clarks Nutrition Center n Rancho Mirage, CA. Was this the wrong coconut??

  7. These brownies are insanely good! I’m no stranger to paleo brownies, I’ve tried lots of recipes and you’re right – these are the best, by far! Fudgy, sweet and chocolatey. I made my own coconut cream concentrate (although I know it as coconut butter) and I resorted to using tinned apricots (they’re not in season in Australia right now). Oh and I substituted half of the honey for erythritol to make it slight more carb-friendly. I’ll be making these again, and again, and again! Thanks!

  8. I made these last weekend and they totally flopped. I’m not sure what went wrong, but I think it was the coconut cream. I used the coconut cream from Trader Joe’s. Should I have used coconut manna instead?

  9. Hi George,
    These sound amazing. My Paleo husband is always asking me to make new treats. I have Coconut Butter. Is that the same as Coconut Cream Concentrate? Thanks!!!

  10. how do you make/ What ratio would you use to make the CCC from the little green package from Let’s Do Organic?

  11. I really wanna try making these, but being from the UK I don’t understand cup measures or the conversions at all! Does anyone know the recipe in grams?

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