Coffee Chocolate Frosting – Paleo Frosting

I have been waiting 3 years for a perfect Paleo chocolate frosting and this one was an amazing mistake.  I feel like the planets aligned because when I added the coffee flavoring to this, the chocolate seized and created this recipe.  I knew coffee was the nectar of the gods and this recipe proves it. I used to buy tubs of crappy store bought frosting and now I realize what I was missing.  Homemade chocolate frosting for the win :)  Now for the serious note, I was going to save this recipe for a membership site I am building but decided it was too good not to share.  With that being said, I need you to help spread the love of this recipe by sharing every where you can.  Use this handy bar I installed above this paragraph and spread the chocolate frosting love.  Now the teasing begins, don’t you just want to lick that spatula?

Paleo Chocolate Frosting

So I wrote it in the notes, but I want to make sure that you read it as many places as possible to ensure success.  I have only made this recipe twice, and that was because I messed up the first recipe I was trying to make twice.  I have only tried it with coffee extract so I am unaware if vanilla or peppermint extract will work.  Chocolate seizes when liquids of different temperatures are added to the chocolate  but this one worked warm as well.  I also haven’t tried this recipe with anything but enjoy life chocolate chips so if you do, I can’t guarantee your success.

Paleo Chocolate frosting

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Coffee Chocolate Frosting - Paleo Frosting
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2 cups
  1. Place coconut oil and coffee extract in a double boiler over low heat
  2. Once warm, add your enjoy life chocolate chips and stir constantly until the chips have melted and your chocolate is thick
  3. Remove from the heat, add a pinch of sea salt and stir until smooth
  4. Keep warm to spread and as it comes to room temperature it will harden like frosting
  5. Refrigerate the leftovers and when you want to use it again, warm it in the microwave or over warm water
It has to be coffee extract, it caused the chocolate to seize and I have not tried it with any other extracts like vanilla. Someone commented and said they had success using Peppermint Extract as well. Go ahead and try.

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  1. Lor-Ann Oils makes highly concentrated flavoring extracts specifically for chocolate that won’t make it seize up. Otherwise extracts often do that, but oils don’t (ie peppermint oil).

  2. This was perfect! I used ENJOY LIFE chips, and real vanilla I brought home from Mexico. :) Loved getting the right consistency the first time-THANK YOU!

  3. Hi there! I genuinely want to make this succulence but quick question: will the frosting melt after some time at room temperature? I mean, if I want to make this for some cupcakes for a birthday party, will they start to melt if not kept on the fridge until served? I just don’t want a melted surprise, you know? Thanks, in advance :)

  4. I finally got around to making this and it’s amazing! Inused Vanilla and it worked great. You’re a genius!

  5. I made this for my daughter’s cake. It is great. I forgot the salt though so not sure how much better that would have made it. One of my daughter’s is allergic to sugar but she doesn’t have a reaction to the evaporated cane juice so this is an absolute perfect alternative, and tastes just like the real thing, if not better. I get your emails and follow you on facebook but am a silent fan… until now. I really want to say that I love you! I’m married with 5 children (ages 6 to 2 weeks), so it’s in context. :) Thanks for being so awesome and impacting people’s lives the way you do, without even knowing the magnitude of your impact.

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