Chocolate Protein Smoothie

chocolate protein smoothie

With me writing this post, I have realized I have been pursuing the healthiest lifestyle possible for the last 14 years. That is a lot of time and I have learned a lot of lessons. Recently, probably after turning 30 and realizing I don’t need to become a professional athlete I shifted my focus to wellness and well-being. I want to be physically active, physically fit and have a happy and healthy mind, body, and soul. That is where this delicious chocolate protein smoothie comes into play.

Paleo Chocolate Protein Smoothie

I used to listen to all the advice of every trainer, nutritionist, or so-called expert to determine the best course of action for my fitness and food. It was overwhelming, exhausting, and didn’t work because it wasn’t for my body. Things like:

  • You should eat every 3 hours
  • You shouldn’t eat after 6pm at night
  • You should eat before your workout and a big meal afterward
  • You should count all of your calories
  • You need to weigh and measure your food
  • And the list goes on……..

Well in case you don’t remember, I was bulimic for 12 years and all that advice did not support a healthy mind and body. It exacerbated my eating disorder. After trying all that advice, listening to everyone else, and finally overcoming my battle with eating disorders I learned two of the most important lessons of my life.

  1. Everybody is different and your life’s purpose is to figure out what works best for YOU!

  2. The recipe for success is simple. Have a plan, execute the plan, and have accountability and support!

That is 33 years of knowledge crammed into two sentences that have changed my life. Of course on a daily basis, there will be challenges, obstacles, or self-sabotaging behaviors that arise. That is why accountability and support is extremely important.

That is why I started the Hugs & Bacon Tribe.

A community of liked minded, supportive, and loving people who care about you and your goals just as much as their own. In order to win, it takes a team. Just like the best athletes, singers, and chefs that all have mentors and coaches.

So the Tribe is simple. We are there to support you in finding what works best for you, developing the plan, supporting you in executing the plan, and being there for accountability and support so you can start living a life that you Love and Deserve. We want to help you and have you help others so we can all win. To join the tribe:

  1. Use the code “caveman” to get the first month for $5 and then $47 a month after
  2. Check out and apply the code on this website
  3. Come join the Tribe and get started on your goals

The Healthiest Protein Sources I use

So post workout nutrition is important to me and I have finally found an array of products that support me. I use these interchangeably, sometimes together and always try new combinations.

This chocolate protein smoothie is designed for you to play with. Leave out the dates or add more. Try a frozen banana instead of water. You can even add coffee. All I ask is that you leave a comment letting me know what amazing creations you develop.

You have goals to accomplish so get moving and then enjoy this smoothie.

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Chocolate Protein Smoothie
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1-2
  1. Add all the above ingredients to your blendtec or blender in order
  2. It is important to add the liquids first for blenders to work correctly
  3. Blend until smooth and if you want a thicker smoothie, add more ice and blend again
  4. You can drink the whole thing (males) or split into two (females)
  5. Enjoy


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  1. Sound good – the only problem I see is the banana.

    Keep us posted


    PS Went from 243 to 221 in 8 weeks – no sugar – no grains – no dairy, except cottage cheese and yogurt. Ten minutes excessive a week done times 2.

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