Peach BBQ Short Ribs

So I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July yesterday. Not only do I hope you had some amazing food from amazing BBQ’s with amazing friends, but I also hope you took a few moments to appreciate what the day is and what it means. As you all know the holidays like these hit close to home with me given my current profession so I decided not to post yesterday. I instead decided to just spend some time reflecting on things in my life that I have an love thanks to the sacrifices of others that have come before me. With that being said, we can get back to the recipe at hand and I highly recommend you get on this bandwagon immediately. I recently received some samples from Steve’s Original of their Paleo Chef line and I am in love. It is always nice for me to make everything from scratch but its heavenly when I’m in a rush to have a sealed up bottle of awesomeness to use with my food and not have to worry. I recommend you try all of his new flavors and start getting creative. On top of it, I ask you all to buy anything from Steve’s Original, since 15% of ALL of his proceeds go to the amazing Steve’s Club.

Short Ribs


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Peach BBQ Short Ribs
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Serves: 4
  1. Line the bottom of your crockpot with your sliced onions and orange halves
  2. Place your grass fed short ribs on top of your vegetable lining
  3. Pour over an entire bottle of Paleo Peach BBQ Sauce
  4. Set your crockpot on low for 8 hours and wait to enjoy that amazingness

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  1. Tried this recipe, (with homemade Peach BBQ sauce), in a pressure cooker. It came out perfect, (in only 35 minutes of cooking time).

  2. I made these last night and ate them for breakfast this morning. Yummy. Instead of buying a bottle of the peach BBQ sauce, I just added all the ingredients from the label on the jar of sauce to my Vitamix blender:

    a peach/a tomato/some tomato paste/3 cloves garlic/honey/apple cider vinegar (Will use less next time)/ground peppercorns on top. I didn’t have ground clove so I used ground cumin, maybe some allspice,a little ancho chili.

    Will cook less than 8 hours next time, maybe 6 hours. I made 3.3 lb in an extra large oval crock pot, cooked on low setting.

    Not a bad recipe, nice to wake up to! Flavor was mild, I will add more spice next time. I missed the orange slices too, but that would be a nice addition.

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