Bacon Crock Pot Roast

I have been on a huge pork kick for this weekend so this time I am using beef as my main protein but of course stuffing it with BACON, and we all love bacon so we shall see how it goes.  Hope you enjoy.


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Bacon Crock Pot Roast
Prep time
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Serves: 5
  1. Using a thin knife create about 12 holes deep into the meat about ½ inch wide, you need to be able to fit some garlic and bacon in the hole
  2. Place bacon and garlic in each hole and set aside
  3. In a small mixing bowl, mix your sea salt, paprika, parsley, oregano, thyme, garlic powder, extra virgin olive oil, and red wine vinegar and mix well
  4. Rub your spice mixture all over both sides of your roast
  5. Line the bottom of your crock pot with your sliced onions and whatever left over pieces of bacon you have
  6. Place your roast on top and cook on Low for 7-10 hours. Remember chuck roasts are tougher cuts of meat so the longer it cooks the better
  7. Enjoy

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  1. I’ve made this 3 times now. It never gets old. Seriously the best recipe I’ve found so far. People can’t believe how good it takes, and how good it is. I like eating this with pesto zoodles. SO TASTY.

  2. Omg this is heavenly. I made it with what I had, with a super thick fatty cut of organic meat. It falls apart. Its a beautiful red on the inside. The spices are spot on. I’ve sectioned it our into 6oz portions and eat it with a runny egg on top. It truly is keto heaven.

  3. Made this today, yummy but so rich! What can I do to cut the richness and follow Paleo? I thought maybe mashed sweet potatoes for a “paleo-ish” meal but hubby and I need something to by the full smokey flavor – charred broccoli just isn’t cutting it :)

  4. I turned on the crock-pot late last night and the house smelled AMAZING in the morning. It’s like the roast was converted to 3 pounds of bacon flavored beef. I simmered the drippings with some bone broth & red wine then put it in the Vitamix with some of the cooked onions for a wonderful au jus/gravy. It made for an awesome breakfast and i’m sure many more delicious meals in the days to come. BTW, i tried to give this 5 stars but it would not allow me to go that high.

  5. Thank you for this! Made it last night, not only was it amazing(!!!) but it restored my husbands faith in my ability to cook!
    (My phones not letting me put 5stars so I had to do 4 :/ )
    Thanks again!

  6. Perfect timing. I picked up a beef roast today and was looking for some sort of paleo-ish recipe and saw this on pinterest. I have everything to make it. Putting it in the crock pot before bed so we can take it for work lunches tomorrow. Woo hoo!

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