50/50 Burgers with Sweet Potato Mash


So this burger has been waiting to happen for a long time.  It all start with the best channel in the world, Food Network obviously and they showed this restaurant called Slaters 50/50 tossing down a half bacon/half beef burger.  Well thats all it took for me to love.  Last week, I finally got time to visit one and lets just say it was nothing short of life changing.  I ate 1.5lbs of meat and would have done more if I didn’t run out.  That was all of my plate and my friends whose I stole.  Needless to say though, I don’t like paying people to make my food when I know I can do it better and cheaper.  More food for less money = WINNING.  That concept right there gets you this simple recipe, I hope you enjoy.

I realize not everyone if you is going to have a meat grinder like I was so fortunate to receive as a Christmas present, but do not fret this is still possible.  You are just going to have to do some fine dicing of bacon into lardons which probably is way easier to clean up then my meat grinder after bacon haha.


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Bacon Beef (50/50) Burgers with Sweet Potato Mash
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Serves: 4
Sweet Potato Mash
  1. If you do not have a meat grinder, hand slice your bacon into the smallest lardons that you can to help incorporate it into the meat
  2. If you have a meat grinder, have your bacon thawed out but chilled in the freezer for 20-30 mins prior to grinding to help it grind easier
  3. Put you ground beef in a mixing bowl and grind your bacon into the bowl or hand mix it in if you had to slice it
  4. Using your hands mix the beef and bacon together until everything is evenly incorporated
  5. Now add all of your remaining burger ingredients and mix well with your hands and them form into four ½ lb patties. They will shrink so this is perfect size
  6. Once formed, let them sit at room temperature for 20-30 minutes which is a perfect time to knock out your sweet potatoes
  7. Once ready, preheat your grill and go to town. Cook the burgers to an internal temp of 165 degrees which at 400-450 should take 20-25 minutes
Sweet Potato Mash
  1. Boil your sweet potatoes in a pot of water until fork tender
  2. Drain from water and add them to a mixing bowl or stand mixer
  3. Add your grassfed butter and bury it in the potatoes to let it start melting and then all the rest of your remaining ingredients
  4. Mix well with a hand mixer or hand mash them or go to town with your stand mixer and let it do all the work
  5. Once everything is mixed, serve
***VERY IMPORTANT, YOU MUST COOK THESE BURGERS TO AN INTERNAL TEMPERATURE OF 165 DEGRESS FARENHEIT BECAUSE OF THE BACON. Trust me if you eat your stuff rare or whatever it will not bother you with these, don't get sick*** ***You need to stay close to your grill, with all the bacon fat dripping it can easily cause some large flareups and that will burn your burgers and have them raw in the middle. These will take 20-25 minutes to cook and you need to be close the whole time***

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  1. I’ve made the 50/50. I cook the ground bacon and drain the fat before I add it to my ground chuck. I also use an english muffin for my bun with roasted garlic olive oil. I top off the burger with cheddar cheese. Cuts out a lot of fat. :)

  2. Hi this is SGT Zelko’s mom! We made your beef/bacon burgers with mashed sweet potatoes for dinner the other night! Amazing!!so good the next day too! We are starting the paleo due to my celiac. Usually when I gave up gluten I would lose weight. This time I didn’t. Probably do to being undiagnosed for most my life I screwed up my thyroid. I’m looking forward to following you recipes!!!! I give this 5 stars but my phone won’t let me!! Lol

  3. This is very similar to my meatloaf recipe. I use 1 lb grass fed beef, 1 lb pork sausage, 1 egg, 1/4 cup almond flour (opt) and then top with 4-5 bacon slices! SO good!

  4. Crazy! I was just home for the holidays and saw the 50/50 episode with my dad. For Christmas I got the meat grinder attachment and was determined to make some! So, I started browsing the Internet for tips on grinding bacon and your site was the first suggestion. Must be meant to be because you are my favorite paleo go to for recipes and ideas! Can’t wait to try. I’m going to mix in some jalapeños for some kick :)

  5. Super yummy sounding! We just started going Paleo 2 weeks ago and I’m soooo glad I found your site with amazing recipes. And you look amazing, by the way!

  6. I know I just met you, but I think that I love you after this post. I work right next to Slater’s and fight eating their daily.

      1. Not going to lie… When there’s ground beef and bacon in the fride theres a 99.99% chance that the 50/50 burgers are gonna be on the plate! Thanks again good sir!

  7. Okay – what is a resonable amount to pay for a lb of grass fed beef? I’ve been seeing around $7-8, is that too much? Should I look elsewhere?

  8. If you ever need a cheat and want to indulge, Slaters Bacon Milkshake is what I interpret as what a hug would feel like if I could drink it. Uhmayzing! Also Manhattan Meats in Manhattan beach has a fantastic bacon burger that you can pick up if one is low on time. I love your blog, keep it up.

  9. I made this tonight, it was amazing!! Thank you for posting all these fantastic recipes, also for introducing me to paleomg’s blog, you guys are awesome! :)

  10. I’ll be making this tomorrow night for dinner, using coconut oil in place of the butter. Thank you, once again, for an amazing tasting recipe. You are awesomesauce.

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