Quick & Easy Dessert Recipes with Video

5 Quick and Easy Dessert recipes in the oven in 5 minutes or less from www.civilizedcaveman.com
Welcome to the second Hugs & Bacon TV Show post on the website where we dive right in and cover quick and easy dessert recipes with Primal Bake Shop. On the daily show (Monday-Friday), I will be covering topics ranging from Paleo Cooking, Fitness, Mindset, Life, Marriage, Pit Bulls and anything else you ask me for. If you have any topics, questions or suggestions leave it in the comments below.

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Information for all Products and Discounts

Here are all the links to all the products we talked about on the quick and easy dessert episode of the Hugs and Bacon show. For this episode only and the next 48 hours, you can get 20% off everything linked below. The code is: CAVEMAN (click on the links below to shop)

Recipes Mentioned in the Show

5 Quick and Easy Dessert Recipes

If you don’t know by now, I am a food blogger so you would think I make all of my food from scratch or I should at least. One lesson I learned in life, is that if there is someone that specializes in something and does it better than you, support them. It’s less stressful, less messy in this case and leads to much more happiness. I make some amazing dessert recipes, and my best creation ever is number 5 on this list. For the other 4, our friend Dana from Primal Bake Shop has mastered her baking mixes. I have tried to make my own, they come nowhere close and my wife and daughter have both told me to stick with only the Primal Bake Shop Salted Caramel.

  • Pumpkin Muffin Mix – Nothing better for the season than spiced pumpkin bread.
  • Salted Caramel Cookie – Sweet and Salty goodness.
  • Chocolate Brownie Cookie – Super rich and dark, bake these cookies long enough so they are gooey in the middle!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie – The classic cookie, crisp on the edges and soft in the middle, dark chocolate chips in every bite.  They are seriously better than your childhood favorites, plus eating the dough will change your life.
  • World Famous Banana Bread – This recipe was created by mistake and has been viewed over 15 million times on my website. It is our most popular recipe, responsible for successful marriages and has probably led to some children. You can use it for Bread, muffins, pancakes, or even waffles. Enjoy  

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  1. Hi George, Loving your periscopes! You have great energy! You mentioned in your 10 tips for gluten free baking scope that you plan to change the game of periscoping, and I have to say I love what you’re doing so far. I have a quick Q I’m hoping you could answer… do you use a specific piece of software to capture your scopes so you can upload them to Youtube? And if so, would you be willing to share?

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