10 tips for Gluten Free Baking with Video

10 tips for gluten free baking

Welcome to the first Hugs & Bacon TV Show post on the website where we dive right in and cover 10 tips for gluten free baking. On the daily show (Monday-Friday), I will be covering topics ranging from Paleo Cooking, Fitness, Mindset, Life, Marriage, Pit Bulls and anything else you ask me for. If you have any topics, questions or suggestions leave it in the comments below.

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Information for all Products and Discounts

Here are all of my tips for gluten free baking and as requested, all the links where we source all of our ingredients with the discounts and specials.

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  • Otto’s Cassava Flour – The best gluten free and grain free baking flour in the world
  • Vital Proteins – The only collagen we use and add Collagen Peptides to everything

Recipes Mentioned in the Show

Articles Mentioned in the Show

10 Tips for Gluten Free Baking

  1. Forget everything you know about traditional baking. Most, if not all of it will not apply.
  2. Coconut Flour is not a 1:1 substitution with traditional flours or pretty much any other flour. It needs to be treated as it’s own special ingredient because if used incorrectly, it will ruin your baked goods. The most important tip: Never let your batter with coconut flour in it sit for any period of time. It will continue to absorb moisture and ruin your batter. The best way to use coconut flour in baking is to start with a recipe you already know works.
  3. For those of you with nut allergies, Sunbutter is a great nut-free alternative in all baking. For a fun tip, add baking soda to the batter and it will turn the Sunbutter green. Don’t get scared, it’s just the chlorophyll reacting but you can use this to make St. Patty’s day treats for your kids.
  4. There IS A difference between almond flour and almond meal. Almond flour is finer and the skins are removed. Almond meal is best used for cookies or less delicate baking needs
  5. You can use REAL FOOD for color in your gluten or grain free baking. Here are the colors I have used:
    • Pink – beet powder or freeze dried raspberries
    • Orange – goji berries
    • Red – freeze dried strawberries
    • Blue – freeze dried blueberries
  6. If you are allergic to eggs or just don’t like them, you can substitute organic unsweetened applesauce. It acts as a binder in baking and also provides moistness.
  7. Most gluten free baking recipes call for coconut oil. When coconut oil is added to cooler substances, such as eggs, the oil can solidify which makes it harder to distribute evenly. Make sure you melt it before adding it to your batter.
  8. Different brands of the same ingredient may taste and react very differently. If your recipe doesn’t result in exactly what you were shooting for, don’t give up, try another brand. In all of my recipes, I specify a brand where it matters. The biggest culprit for this tip is coconut flour.
  9. If there are fruits in your recipes that are out of season, head for the arctic section of the store. Organic frozen fruits can go straight from the frozen bag, into your batter and then into the oven. I have only tested this with raspberries and blueberries, but I hear others work too.
  10. If you don’t have access to gluten free baking ingredients (almond flour, coconut flour, collagen, arrowroot flour, raw honey, organic maple syrup), sign up for Thrive Market and get shopping. You will typically save around 50% compared to stores and it’s delivered right to your door. Normally in 1-2 days for free (orders over $49).


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  1. You mentioned a link for more information on peanuts and alfatoxins on the periscope. Could you still provide that? Didn’t see it in the show notes.

  2. I caught yesterday’s scope today and had plenty of well-deserved, heart-shaped currency to say thank you for all you do! You work tirelessly to get the #hugsandbacon message out, and I’m only too happy to spread the word as best I can!

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