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The list of shows is at the bottom of this page. Here are all the basics you will need no matter what:

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  • Cast Iron Skillet – If you have never cooked in a cast iron skillet, I am sorry. Now is the time to start and this one is already pre-seasoned and ready to go. I will be doing a video on care and usage soon. This is the only pan you need in your kitchen.

10/28/16 – Friday Feature – Interviewing @PrimalBakeShop

10/27/16 – Thirsty Thursday developing a brand new recipe!

10/26/16 – The Hugs and Bacon Show

10/25/16 – Baby Branson Update!

10/21/16 – Friday Feature – Interviewing @PaleoBakeHouse

10/20/16 – Announcing 2 Babies

10/19/16 – Baby Branson Is Still Not Ready

10/18/16 – Baby Branson is Due Today, Update

10/17/16 – It’s Baby Time

10/16/16 – Please help me try and cook this baby out quickly!

10/14/16 – Drew Manning from Fit2Fat2Fit

10/13/16 – Batch Cooking 101

10/12/16 – 5 Minute Motivation – The Truth About Results

10/11/16 – No Recipes- Just Hanging Out With You

10/10/16 – Batch Cooking, Baby on the Way and our Anniversary

10/7/16 – I am STARVING! – New Smoothie

10/6/16 – Plans Changed

10/5/16 – Post Workout Smoothie – Recipe

10/5/16 – Make the Perfect Steak Every Time

10/4/16 – FREE MEAT and a Surprise!

9/30/16 – You’re Environment and Weight Gain/Loss

9/29/16 – 2 Ingredient Egg Salad and Instant Pot Winner!

9/28/16 – Instant Pot Hard-Boiled Eggs in 5 Minutes

9/27/16 – Apple Bacon Date Jam

9/23/16 – The Hugs & Bacon Show!

9/22/16 – Raw Dog Food 101

9/21/16 – Sad News, Someone Stole My New iPhone 7 Plus

9/20/16 – Brand new book GIVEAWAY from Against All Grain 

9/19/16 – It’s  Monday, Let us Help you WIN!

9/16/16 – Hugs and Bacon Show – Episode 5

9/15/16 – Against All Grain – Celebrations

9/14/16 – Happy the Be BACK!

9/10/16 – Catamaran on the NaPali coast of Kauai for a wedding!

9/7/16 – A Quick Hello from a Volcano

9/7/16 – Checking in from the Juice Bar

9/3/16 – Kahlua Pulled Pork, Mango Salsa, and Plantain Guacamole

9/2/16 – Quick Grocery Store Trip to Roots

9/1/16 – Thirsty Thursday with REBBL Tonic

8/31/16 – Hugs and Bacon Show

8/30/16 – Mocha Coffee Roast with Sweet Balsamic Sauce

8/29/16 – Making Your Life Better

8/27/16 – Drunk and Craving Sweets

8/26/16 – Fast Friday – New Recipe and Mail Time

8/25/16 – Advice from an 11 Year Old that Changed Everything

8/24/16 – Do More Than Talk

8/23/16 – Mindset Shift

8/22/16 – Why I Have Been Quiet

8/21/16 – Educating My Bonus Daughter

8/20/16 – We Want Pancakes

8/20/16 – Bonus Dad & Daughter Ice Cream Trip

8/19/16 – Fast Friday & Chocolate Brownies

8/18/16 – Quick Donut Smoothie

8/17/16 – Kitchen Sink Pasta and Donut Recipe?

8/16/16 – Mail Time, Coffee Smoothies and Sour Milk

8/13/16 – InstantPot Spaghetti Squash

8/12/16 – 5 Minute Friday

8/11/16 – Thirsty Thursday – Dry Farms Wine

8/10/16 – We Hijacked the OAMM Page!

8/9/16 – Making Cold Brew, Eating Meatballs and Paleo Goodies

8/8/16 – Meatballs on the Fly!

8/8/16 – Peek into my Mind Monday

8/6/16 – I’ve Lost 28 lbs in 31 Days Without Focusing on Food!

8/5/16 – New Live Stream Format – Fast Friday

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8/4/16 – Does Paleo Wine Exist?

8/3/16 – Should I Live Stream Every Day?

8/2/16 – Tricia from OAMM Hijacked my Page!

8/1/16 – Burpees and Kettlebells 

7/30/16 – Batch Cooking for Our Baby Shower

7/29/16 – Post Workout Chicken Salad

7/28/16 – Are You Tired or Sluggish?

7/27/16 – Q&A: Mindset, Nutrition and Motivation

7/26/16 – How to Cook the Perfect Steak!

7/25/16 – Taste Testing Donuts

7/22/16 – Mail Time: Free Bison Burgers!

7/21/16 – Surprise Company? Let’s Make Dinner!

 7/20/16 – Surprise Company? Let’s Make Dinner!

7/19/16 – Come Cook with Me: Hangar Steak

7/18/16 – Behind the Scenes of a Recipe Shoot

7/17/16 – Buffalo Bacon Squash

7/16/16 – Squash, Beets, & Brussel Sprouts

7/15/16 – Avocado Ahi Poke

7/14/16 – 15 Lbs down in 10 Days!

7/13/16 – How to Overcome “Failure”

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7/12/16 – Mail Time with Primal Kitchens

7/11/16 – The 4 A’s to Achieving Your Goals

7/8/16 – Stop Self Sabotage

7/7/16 – I’ll Help You Win

7/6/16 – Do You Need Accountability

7/5/16 – Accomplishing Your Goals

7/4/16 – Happy Independence Day

7/1/16 – Paleo Banana Bread

6/30/16 – Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

6/29/16 – Perfect Spaghetti Squash

6/28/16 – Cold Brew & Non-Dairy Creamer

6/23/16 – A Rant of Inspiration

6/22/16 – Cold Brew & Non-Dairy Creamer

6/20/16 – Sous Vide & Cold Brew

6/20/16 – All About The Paleo Spectrum

6/16/16 – Today Needed A Little Authenticity

6/15/16 – Sampling Cold Brew Flavors

6/14/16 – Testing Cold Brew Flavors

6/13/16 – Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew

6/9/16 – Hug in a Mug Mugs & Coffee

6/8/16 – Hug in a Mug Coffee Got an Upgrade

6/6/16 – Why do People Think It’s Easy

6/2/16 – Crockpot Pulled Pork & Buffalo Chicken

5/31/16 – Perfect Burgers and Grilled Beets

5/19/16 – Perfect Coffee Everytime

5/17/16 – Bacon Chili with Hug in a Mug Coffee

5/10/16 – Custom Coffee and Q&A

5/4/16 – Salted Caramel Cookies

5/4/16 – Repurposing Recipes, Bacon, Mohawks and Lots of Life adviceFacebook Thumbnails for Notes and Livestreams (1)

5/3/16 – The Only 5 Kitchen Tools you need to Succeed

5/2/16 – Batch Cooking, Meal Planning and Free Bacon

4/26/16 – Coffee 101 & Butterscotch CoffeeFacebook Thumbnails for Notes and Livestreams

4/25/16 – Homemade Natural Remedies

4/25/16 – Homemade Paleo Chicken Soup

4/22/16 – How to Make Homemade Whipped Cream

4/21/16 – Easy Hard Boiled Eggs 2 wayseasyhardboiledeggs

4/20/16 – Cupcake eating contest

4/19/16 – Homemade Mayo in under 1 minute

4/18/16 – My favorite products and how to use them

4/14/16 – How to Inspiralize Everything

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4/14/16 – Come Grocery Shopping with me

4/13/16 – Easy Chicken Dinner and secret announcement

4/13/16 – How to Break Down a Chicken and Make Easy Bone Broth

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4/12/16 – How to make Perfect Poached Eggs in 5 minutes

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4/11/16 – Everything you need to know about Knives

4/10/16 – Perfect Baked Chicken Thighs with a Delicious Salad

4/10/16 -Chocolate swirl banana bread

4/10/16 – Orange Rosemary Infused Water

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  • Orange Rosemary Infused Water

4/7/16 – Orange Creamsicle Smoothie in under 2 minutes


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