Chocolate Cherry Pie

Chocolate Cherry Pie

The other day I had someone on the website request a cherry pie and I did my best.  This was my first attempt and it came out amazing.  Some people might not like it so feel free to tweak it to your taste buds.  The chocolate after taste from the crust is heaven to me […]

Sweet Potato Pecan Pie


Perfect Thanksgiving Paleo Pie is the only thing I really need to say about this.  This pie turned out absolutely amazing and rivals most traditional sweet potato pies I used to love to eat.  This will be accompanying me to a non Paleo Retirement party today so let the mission begin of showing people what […]

Strawberry Peach Cobbler


The Cavegirl had a special request, so you are now blessed with a super easy and delicious Paleo Cobbler.  We didn’t know what flavor we were going to do, so when in doubt, we headed to the farmers market and just started tasting all the yummy goodness and settled on Strawberries and Peaches.  What a […]