Broccoli Fritters


Yea so this post is gonna be short and sweet, it’s pretty much a shrine to my Paleo Almond Butter Queen Juli from PaleOMG.  Without even knowing her, the fact that she named her blog PaleOMG better make her a rock star in your book.  Couple that with her very similar addiction of almond butter to mine, her endless stories of her weekend cheats, the 27 Heads of Broccoli she consumed in one week(she thinks this is why she’s single) combined with 15 Americano’s with Heavy cream and you have yourself and recipe for an entertaining read.  And if you don’t believe me about the Almond Butter addiction, check it HERE and I can’t wait til we fall in love at one of our ABA (almond butter anonymous) meetings.  Everyone do me a favor and go say hey from me on her facebook page here, just so she knows I am stalking her, haha.
Now that I got my quick stalking rant out of the way, I legit would have never thought of this, another reason to go high five Juli.  Her broccoli obsession turned into tonight’s dinner and tomorrows lunch and I recommend you do the same thing.  These were so simple and yet so delicious.  The recipe for these can be found:
  • HERE for the fritters
And I topped them with: 
  • My Sun-Dried Tomato Broccoli soup which you can find HERE.  

The only thing I did differently, I added some red cabbage and carrots and Ninja’ed the shit out of the broccoli instead of shredding it.  Other than that, all her and all amazing :)

And just as proof that Popeye was an idiot just for eating spinach, he ain’t got shit on Juli, apparently a diet primarily made of Broccoli, Almond Butter, and Americano’s with Heavy Cream does a body good.  If you don’t believe me, look below since she Overhead Squat’s what I deadlift and whooped some serious ass at the regionals, just saying.

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