Bacon Deviled Eggs

So normally I post recipes and only have the opinion of my local friends to go on if they taste good.  They are the ones who get me delivering food to try before I post it so I know I won’t steer you wrong.  I don’t know if that is the safest, as I do have nice friends and they may be biased to make me feel better.  I doubt it, but just in case, I made this recipe for some of the most highly respected names in the Paleo Community as well as Best-Selling Cookbook Authors.  So know this, before you make this that The Food Lover’s Kitchen, The Fat Burning Man, Alyson Bridge, The Free-Range Human, and Pastured Kitchen all inhaled these when I made them.  They couldn’t see it, but I was doing a happy dance on the inside as it was the ultimate compliment.  So go on and make great things, like this recipe with confidence that you will love it.

BaconDeviledEggs2 Bacon Deviled Eggs

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PaleoBundle notext Bacon Deviled Eggs


So as most of you know if you read my emails or blog, I have had some significantly life changing events happen recently.  Well today I signed on the dotted line to finalize my medical separation from the United States Marine Corps.  I have sustained many injuries over the course of 12 years and they became too much to continue my service at my once highest caliber.  This is both a scary and exciting time for me and I am ready to face the road ahead.  It is crazy for me to think that my entire adult life I have been doing the same job all over the world, but the time has come for a change.  That door closed but I will be opening many more and I appreciate all your love and support as always.  This website will be my full time passion, so get ready to see even more of me.  I look forward to only getting better for you.  All I ask of you, is to just please keep visiting, sharing my photos and recipes and telling people about the amazing Banana Bread and Pulled Pork.

BaconDeviledEggs3 Bacon Deviled Eggs


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Bacon Deviled Eggs
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6
Hard Boiled Eggs
  1. My amazing friend and mentor Nom Nom Paleo has done an amazing series on how to boil the perfect egg, so use her reference HERE
Deviled Eggs
  1. Once your eggs are cooled, evenly cut them in half the long way and using a spoon gently remove the yolks to a large mixing bowl
  2. Set your eggs aside on a plate
  3. Add your diced avocado, bacon fat, franks red hot sauce, about 2/3′s of your bacon and sea salt to the egg yolks in the bowl
  4. Mix well by hand or use a hand mixer if your lazy like me
  5. Once well blended, using a spoon, gently fill your eggs with your egg yolk avocado mixture
  6. Move to a serving plate and sprinkle with the remainder of your bacon bits and garnish with paprika
  7. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve and enjoy
You can substitute the bacon fat with duck fat, beef tallow, or any other fat of your choice.


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 Bacon Deviled Eggs  Bacon Deviled Eggs  Bacon Deviled Eggs  Bacon Deviled Eggs


  1. This was horrible. Egg leaked out leaving pockets of air in the shell. They weren’t at all easy to peel. It was pretty well a waste. I wouldn’t recommend.

  2. Made these tonight and ermahgawd…so tasty! My 11 year old and I almost ate them all before my husband got home from work. We saved him a couple ;)

  3. I did a test run of these guys last night. So good! Since I was just testing, and only using 2 eggs instead of 6, I skipped the avocado & hot sauce, used chemical-free turkey bacon (just what I had on hand), and olive oil instead of bacon fat (because turkey bacon just doesn’t make much grease). They were really tasty, & even my picky-eater husband approved highly! Going to make a full batch next time, with the avocado added in, & hot sauce on the side. (Hubby loves it, I don’t.)

  4. I just made these and holy salty…. i only used 2/3tsp salt. Any tips for next time, besides no salt?

  5. Melissa Leech says:

    These are a few of my favorite things…lala!! Thank you very much for sharing your recipes and for inspiring me to serve my family great WhOLE food!!

  6. Hrm, I’m considering making these for a potluck this weekend (you’re my secret weapon when it comes to potluck contributions), but I’m wondering how far ahead of time you can make these? Since avocados discolor so quickly, do you think the egg-yolk mixture would look brown and ugly if I made them a day ahead of time? Or is there not enough avocado for it to make a big difference?


  7. These are absolutely delicious!!!! I would probably omit the salt next time. A lil too saltywhen you eat half the batch. I think the bacon that I use(Costco) is salty enough.

  8. Well I was perusing paleo sites to find something to take to my family reunion this weekend. I’m the only Paleo-ite (??) in the family and everyone has to bring a dish to share. Naturally I wanted to bring something that I could eat (since there won’t be much there that I can) but that will also fool everyone else. Based on the drool on my chin, and all the rave reviews, I think I just found the winner!
    I may have to make a test batch tonight… you know, just to be sure they’re delicious ;)

    Thanks for everything you do! This Paleoite couldn’t survive without all of these amazing recipes!

  9. Today is the second time I’ve made these and, once again, they did not disappoint! I didn’t have frank’s this time though so I used home made sriracha (nom nom paleo). I don’t know whether I prefer the franks but I’ve even on a bit of a sriracha binge lately. Thank you for coming up with yummy, healthy food for me and my family!

  10. MelDrop says:

    Made these today as a test… my husband doesn’t like mayo (I know, right? Crazy!) so he never eats Deviled Eggs. He LOVED these. And so did my 5 year old son. And so did I. We may have a fight over who gets to eat them. :-)

  11. Just made these for our BBQ tonight and they are amazing! The best deviled eggs I’ve made and I can’t wait to serve them up. First I have to keep my husband from eating them all! Thanks for the simple, creative and delicious recipes.

  12. These are fantastic! I made them for guests last week and they loved them. I’ll make them again — and often!

  13. Michelle says:

    GEORGE! These eggs! OMG. These might be the best thing I’ve ever made from your site…but IDK. There are just too many amazing recipes.

    I made them for a party and tripled the recipe. Needless to say, they were inhaled by all of my (non-paleo) guests.

    Thank you for all of your great recipes and keep doing what you are doing. You have great talent!

  14. I have been trying all morning to order the ebooks bundle…and it is saying “out of stock”…Help please!

  15. These look great. Can’t wait to try them this weekend.

  16. Morgan C says:

    I made these recently for a paleo potluck and everyone loved them. I would have made more but only 8/12 eggs peeled right… I’ve literally tried every method and some still stick to the shell. Oh well, I ate the mistakes :)

  17. AMAZING! Served these today, everyone LOVED them! These eggs will be a regular for bringing to things for sharing! Thank you!

  18. Oooh, bacon is such an obvious thing to add to deviled eggs, I don’t know why I never thought of that. Delish!

  19. OMG. I just made a double batch (with a little garlic and onion powder and a splash of vinegar) and they are almost gone. I doubt they will last the night. Thank you! So yummy!

  20. This looks great and adding bacon to devil eggs is pure genius. Can’t wait to try them!

  21. Hi,
    I love your recipes, thank you for sharing. I made the deviled eggs… yummy. The only thing I’ll change next time is the amount of salt. Probably use 1/4 teaspoon as they were so salty.

  22. Hi George!
    I finally had time to make these last night, and I wanted you to know that they are making for fine breakfast this morning! YUM!

  23. Scott Rader says:

    Just made these with the free range eggs I got from the farm this morning and I gotta say they were eggcellent, thanks for the recipe! The wife suggested we add a little mustard next time to give it a little more zing.
    Let NomNom know that it’s definitely true, the fresh eggs were way harder to peel than the one old egg I used.

  24. You are a genius!!! I absolutely cannot stand the yolk of an egg, it makes me sick, until now!!! I made these last night and I ate all of them! They are absolutely amazing!!! This is the ONLY way I will eat an egg yolk! George you are a genius when it comes to creating recipes!

    These will be a staple at all holiday functions throughout the year!!!

  25. eema.gray says:

    You are one of my 5 year old son’s personal heroes. You cook meat, and you’re a Marine. He has been declaring he’s going to grow up to be a Marine, since he was six months old. Good luck with the next phase of your life.

  26. Stacy Sprouse says:


    Thank you for your years of service to our country as well as the commitment you have made to the paleo community. Your blog has been an inspiration for me on many a difficult day to stay the course to heal my broken body due to my lifelong poor eating habits, so thank you for making a difference in my life. Bacon has always been my favorite food and I can remember helping my grandparents butcher waiting for fresh uncured bacon to be cooked. Who knew that I loved pork belly before it became such a hot item. I love to make cabbage stuffed with bacon, cauliflower rice, tomatoes, and spices that are baked then fried in bacon fat right at the end. Also love bacon and pork rind coated fried green tomatoes. Bacon goes with everything!!! Oh made these eggs today and they were FANTASTIC!!

  27. Sarah in CA says:

    I just made these with the last of the eggs from Resurrection Sunday. Other than they were inhaled by the hungry hoards, the favorite comment was, MOM! we have green eggs and ham. Yah, there are comedians in every crowd and they are all mine. Keep us posted on your new adventures. The lesson you are teaching my kids can not be replaced.
    Hugs form Tehachapi

  28. Here’s to new beginnings! I have had many career changes! Great for learning! My favorite use of bacon is in bouef bourginon or any beef stew. Adds a great depth of flavour. Great to fry bacon first but not crispy and then brown the beef pieces in the bacon fat. Chop the bacon and add it to the stew pot (I use my crockpot) along with the browned beef. Add other ingredients. Going to make some now!

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