Sexy Back Summit: Free Online event featuring 24 leading hormone and health experts

Hey everyone!  I’m super excited to announce that my friend Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness is hosting what looks to be an amazing FREE online event called The Sexy Back Summit. From what Sean told me himself, a handful of his presenters — including Hungry Hottie Cookbook author Cynthia Pasquella, bio-hacker Dave Asprey, and real food nutritionists Kim Schuette and Yuri Elkaim — are dishing out their BEST tips on which mouth-watering foods you can add to your Paleo cooking arsenal.


We’ve brought together 24 functional medicine doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, trainers, and sexperts whose mission it is to bring your sexy back naturally — without pills, potions, and risky prescription drugs!


Topics and Presenters:


50 Shades of Better Sex: Secrets of a Harvard Gynecologist (Not for Women Only)

with Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD, Harvard-trained Medical Doctor & Author, The Hormone Cure

Embracing And Communicating Your Sexuality with Integrity and Without Shame

with Adam Gilad, Executive Dating Coach

How to Cross Train Your Menstrual Cycle for a Better Sex Life

with Alisa Vitti, Integrative Nutrionist & Author, Woman Code

Exercise & Sex: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 

with Brett Klika, CSCS, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Restoring Sexual Vitality: A 4-Doctor Approach

with Paul Chek, Founder, C.H.E.K Institute & Author, How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy

              Natural Birth Control Alternatives

    with Jane Bennett, Co-author, The Pill: Are you Sure it’s for You?

Super Foods for Super Sex with

with Yuri Elkaim, Founder, Super Nutrition Academy

What’s So Sexy About Vulnerability?

with Matthew Sanders, Psychological Consultant

Chasing the Big O: Overcoming the Inability to Orgasm

with Cynthia Pasquella, Clinical Nutritionist & Author, The Hungry Hottie Cookbook

How Male and Female Sex Energy Is Magnified Through Deep Breathing

with Elliott Hulse, Strength Coach & Video Blogger

Why We Get UTIs, Yeast Infections, and Candida…and How to Knock Them Out for Good!

with Christa Orecchio, CN, Clinical & Holistic Nutritionist

The Painful Pelvis, the Paleo Pelvis, and Sex.

with Katy Bowman, MS,Biomechanical Scientist & Pelvic Floor Specialist

Low T: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

with Reed Davis, Founder, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Let Them Eat Fat! The Big Fat Truth about Low Libido, Low T, & ED

with Kim Schuette, Clinical Nutritionist & Certified GAPS Practitioner

Female Phase Training: Using the Natural Hormonal Fluctuations of the Menstrual Cycle to Accelerate Fat Loss

with Dr. Jade Teta, ND, Naturopathic Doctor & Co-author, The Metabolic Effect Diet

The Pre-Menstrual Myth: Causing, Overcoming, & Debunking PMS

with Stefani Ruper, Women’s Health Expert & Author, PCOS Unlocked: The Manual

Get in the Mood, Stay in the Mood: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Her Libido

with Dr. Daniel Kalish, DC, Functional Medicine Practitioner & Founder,The Kalish Method

Bulletproof Sex: Upgrade Your Orgasm

with Dave Asprey, Biohacker & Host, The Bulletproof Exec Podcast

Rejuvenate Your Vagina

with Dr. Anna Cabeca, MD, Medical Doctor & Creator, Sexual CPR

Rewire Your Desire: Bring Your Sexy Back and Change Your Life Forever

with Dr. Jen Landa, MD, Medical Doctor & Author, The Sex Drive Solution for Women

The Ovarian-Adrenal-Thyroid Axis: How Adrenal Stress and Poor Thyroid Function are Stealing Your Mojo

with Chris Kresser, Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist

Let’s Make a Baby!

with Dr. Carrie Jones, ND with Naturopathic Doctor

How to Make Super Sperm

with Bridgit Danner – Fertility Expert & Blogger/Podcaster

Beyond Bad Breath: How Poor Oral Health Leads to Sexual Dysfunction

with Will Revak, Founder, OraWellness



The Summit starts Sunday, May 19th and runs through Saturday, May 25th.


  • Each day, 2 presentations will be posted on The SexyBack Summit website. These presentations are FREE, streaming for 24 hours (from midnight to midnight Pacific time).
  • At the end of the 24 hour period, 2 new presentations will be posted and this will continue each day until the summit ends.
  • On the final day, the summit will feature the TOP FOUR fan favorites to be re-aired in case you miss them.

How to Participate:

Just register HERE for free.  You will receive a confirmation email which includes how you can watch the free videos.



If you register for the Sexy Back Summit now, you will get access to some cool free videos that cover great information including the top 5 ways to supercharge your sex drive. There’s a video for men (with functional medicine expert Reed Davis), and another for women (with celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella). To watch the videos and register (for free) for the Summit, just CLICK HERE.

****Disclosure: If you purchase any of the products linked in this post or products through the links on the right side of my page, I receive a small percentage from the respected affiliate programs****

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  1. i can’t believe i’m looking at this!

    honestly, balancing hormones is so helpful though, especially in this culture.

    i have five children and my youngest is only 3 months old, so it’s obviously a subject i’m always interested in learning more about.

    will certainly want to follow on this!

  2. What a great line up and I can’t believe it’s all free. I’m very interested in the female phase training. Thanks for the info and sign up link!

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