PaleoFX RoundUp

So I was totally going to try and blog everyday while I was at PaleoFX but that was not going to happen after I got there.  I have never slept so little in my life while enjoying it soooo much.  This recap is going to jump all over the place, no chronological order whatsoever well honestly because I can’t remember everything and I want the most important things first.  Easily the most memorable moment for me was all the new friends I made and the old friends I connected with.  You honestly could have stuck us all in the middle of nowhere together and we would have had the greatest time, these memories are going to stay with me forever.  Here goes with the photo collages to recap my journey:

Here you have the amazing people most of us refer to on the inter webs as Nom Nom Paleo, FitBomb, Balanced Bites, The Food Lovers Primal-Palate, Radiance Nutrition, and UltraGrassFed (the guy who you only see his torso, this is ok since he only likes wearing underwear and nothing else) and of course the back of my bald head while I was online talking to all of you

Top left we have myself and Michelle talking it up with Robb Wolf, Actually it was Michelle serving in an official capacity while Robb was whipping out some all natural sleep aids since this guy never stops.  Top right we have two of the most amazing people I have ever known and now met.  Hayley and Bill from The Food Lovers Primal-Palate have been an amazing online friend to me and now we truly are a family, I was humbled to be in their presence.  Bottom let, Dr. Noms and myself posing with some awesome fans.  Bottom right, the amazing Woman behind Paleo Parents posing with me and Dr. Noms. Stacy is an absolute sweetheart and it was my pleasure to meet her, I know she was her book is so amazing.  Go get your copy of Eat Like a Dinosaur.

Ok so here is the rockstar session.  I got the pleasure of meeting, talking to, hanging out, and living with these people and I was so taken back by the whole experience.  I can’t believe that I was blessed to be allowed in the company of all these amazing people since 1 year ago I was all googly eyed over all of them and stalking their pages with the best of them.  I pinched myself a few times this past week to make sure we were totally IRL (in real life friends now) haha.  Top Left you have the genius Chris Kresser who never ceases to amaze me with his always level headed and professional approach.  Top middle you have NomNomPaleo showing us how a master cooks and then top right we got Robb Wolf hanging out with Mark Sisson.  Bottom left are two of the most badass women I have ever met, they are the beauty and the brains behind Balanced Bites and Cave Girl Eats. I am one of their biggest fans and I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of their podcasts you can listen to HERE.  Bottom right was my favorite Panel of the whole time, I finally got to meet the amazing couple Julie and Charles Mayfield behind the book Paleo Comfort Foods and they were nothing short of amazing.  Also watching the soft spoken Michelle flick the finger to the audience as well as the awesome Melissa from The Clothes Make the Girl.  On that note, if you haven’t checked out her amazing book Well-Fed then your missing out.

I got the chance to spend two days hanging out and bull crapping with the awesome Shannon Ford, Mrs. United States 2011 and she is the sweetest and most down to earth person ever.  Great friend I made and convinced her to buy a [amazon_link id=”B001AO2PXK” target=”_blank” ]crock pot[/amazon_link] haha.

Here is just a statue that was at the stadium another great friend I made, Spence who is the other half of the awesome Liz from CaveGirlEats and he did an awesome job representing one of my favorite companies Steve’s Original.  On the bottom I got caught mid tweet during a panel while the amazing photographer FitBomb was chilling behind me.  Oh and how could I ever not talk about Laura from Ancetralize Me and Diana Rogers from Radiance Nutrition.  It was my pleasure to meet and hang out with both, they are both geniuses and make my head feel small haha.  Can’t wait to see them again.

And of course I can never miss a chance to workout.  I got bored at 2am and decided to do a pistol at the dinner table haha.  My first day in Austin I went and tracked down my awesome friend Adrien who owns Crossfit Round Rock and let me come beat my own ass in horrible humidity I am not used to haha.  Next workout session, myself, Fitbomb, Cavegirleats, The Food Lovers Primal Palate, Balanced Bites and Ultragrassfed all dawned our awesome NomNomPaleo socks and went to Crossfit Austin for another but whooping session.

Next of course is the food.  I got to meet Dave Asprey who is the man behind Upgraded Coffee which I can not stop drinking, it is the most delicious coffee I have ever had without a bite and no typical side effects from other caffeinated coffee.

And this is what happens when a bunch of food bloggers go out to lunch together, you get awesome pictures of us taking pictures of each other haha. We are a bunch of dorks but are all just trying to become master food photographers like Bill from The Food Lovers Primal-Palate and FitBomb.

I actually got to celebrate my 1 year Paleo Anniversary with all my new friends which is the best thing I could ask for.  We ate at Wink in Austin and had a 5 course meal prepared for us grain free, legume and dairy free.  It was amazing and I popped my Beef Tartare cherry as well as duck and it was all amazing.

My first day in Austin I drove around a while looking for things to take pictures of.  I didn’t find many since I was too busy stopping every where to eat haha.  My first stop was The Salt Lick where I downed about 2 lbs of brisket all by myself and then proceeded to find this pretty sweet damn and sunset over Lake Travis.  Through out the rest of the week I ate at some amazing restaurants.  If you ever visit Austin you need to check out Habanero Mexican Cafe, 24 Diner which I ate at 3 times, and find the Epic Whole Foods Headquarters in downtown Austin.

So that concludes all of I can remember in my trip through Austin.  I met so many awesome people and wish I could blog for 24 hours straight to mention them all.  Keep your eyes peeled out on the Paleo FX website since there should be video of all the presentations and you can get super smart like I did.  Glad to be back to the site and thanks for all of everyones support.

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  1. This is an awesome recaps. Thanks for sharing. It’s true that one best thing about going to this paleo event is to connect with online paleo bloggers and become a real life friends. Are you planning to go to AHS12? I’ve been stalking your blog for a while, mostly quietly and it’d be nice to meet you in person. :)

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