Magimix Food Processor Giveaway – Compact 3200 XL


Magimix Food Processor


Sorry for teasing my Instagram followers with this awesome prize back in December.  I didn’t mean to take so long to get it launched, but either way here you go.  This machine is impeccable.  I would consider it the Rolls Royce of food processors and I look forward to having many more years with it.  Not to mention, I need all that time to try and use all the amazing attachments it comes with.  If you are interested in one, in case you do not win, they are sold solely through Williams Sonoma.  I won’t keep you any longer, all the requirements are below and they are easy. The first 4 steps that are required say “REQUIRED” and then you can come back and share this post everyday for an additional entry. That means you can use Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Reddit, or anything else you can think of, just give me the link in the field provided on the giveaway widget. I hope you are all excited about this and know that the more entries I receive, the easier it is for me to continue to provide huge prizes to you all. Please help spread the word.

The Giveaway is for the below Prize:

Steps to enter this giveaway:

  1. Using the widget below, complete all the steps that say REQUIRED. They are the first 4. That is all you have to do, no more, no less. If you choose to do the rest you will gain extra entries and increase your chances of winning.
  2. After the required entries are completed, complete one, two, or all of the extra entry requirements to increase your chances of winning
  3. After you are done for the day, you can COME BACK EVERYDAY and share this giveaway via the social media outlets at the bottom of this post for an additional entry.I am horrible at math but I think that totals up to like 28 total entries which will take under 2 minutes to complete and you may win $507 worth of merchandise.

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  1. This would be awesome. My food processor isn’t the best. Use it everyday and would love to have a nicer one. Plus the recipe book looks awesome!! Hope I win.

  2. What a great giveaway! Thank you for the great recipes you share. I just purchased your e-book not too long ago and I love it!

  3. Great giveaway! I’m determined to win something someday! Lol maybe entering at 3:00 in the morning is good luck. Gotta find a positive of my current nightly insomnia.

  4. “Googling” for this product brings up some very mixed reviews of the product: leaks, blades come out TOO easily with the food that has been “processed” in the bowl, difficult to get repaired, most common short-term “failings” NOT covered by the 12-year warranty NOR the 3-year parts and labor warranty, etc.

    1. Maynard, think what you will or follow the reviews if you like. This product is sitting on my counter and is amazing. Plus, you entering is free so what do you have to lose? Honestly?

  5. What a giveaway. I always enter these giveaways for years, never won but some day……Did I say, What a giveaway! Awesome.

  6. I always enter these giveaways but never win, but like everyone else I would LOVE to have this food processor, it looks amazing!

  7. Single Mom of 5 hungry heathens just desperate to win in order to try to put delicious nutritious paleo meals on the primal table in a more timely fashion. Thanks CCM!

  8. I received a Hamilton Food Processor for opening a bank account in the 80s, I think, ‘back in the day’ when banks gave you things to say “thanks for letting us use your money for a while” instead of charging you. I will save that rant for another day and just say, the food processor still works but is small and pretty basic. I would love a new fancy one. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to me.
    Get well very soon!

  9. So I just had my 41st wedding Anniversary on Tuesday and my food processor is on it’s last legs literally…this would be a nice addition to my kitchen for all my Caveman Recipes from George :)

  10. I’ve never had a food processor, so this would be totally awesome to win! Thanks for all you do! I love your recipes and look forward to buying your book as soon as I can!

  11. WOOWW!! So awesome that people like you care so much about their viewers!! Thank you for this awesome opportunity to win such a cool prize! :))

  12. It would be so wonderful to win this. Then I can really get busy with making things from your cookbook!!! Love the online book I bought from you….so much good food and all in one place.

  13. This is so great! And my food processor just broke and I use it all the time. I am so crossing my fingers to win this one!

  14. NEED a food processor! Don’t own one and never have but the light went on about 5 months ago. Loving all the great recipes on this site and many other good eating sites. After eating bad for 50+ years I would love to continue the rest of my life healthy! Thanks for all you do!

  15. Oh wow, this is just amazing. Really hoping to win. Can’t think of a better gift. this may move the Blend Tec from the top of my “saving for” list.

  16. Thanks Bunches, just entered 7/7!!! woohoo
    I love your site, recipes, ideas, motivation, and amazing story.
    Thanks! God bles you,
    Jackie-Levi Davis (name on FB)
    HealthyWitness (Twitter & Pinterest & FB page)

  17. OMGoodness! Fingers crossed for this one, I would be *THRILLED* to win this, thank you SO much for being so generous!

  18. I feel so much better since going paleo. I have been gluten free for 4 years but FINALLY am feeling better. THank you so much for all the advice and insight.

  19. I am so greatfull to have found this site. I found out I am intolerent to gluten in wheat, also in rice.
    I love this site…Thank you for sharing with all us lost souls,now we are found.

  20. So enjoying the Paleo life. Hoping to get great news from the Dr in the next few weeks. Here’s hoping you kick your illness’s butt soon. Thanks for all the great giveaways you have been offering. Fingers crossed that I win!!!

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