Labor Day Giveaway – ($899) Grass-fed Beef and a Smoker


I will keep this brief so you can just get on to where you want to go enter the giveaway. I just want to say thank you, to each and every one of you amazing people that takes the time to read my blog, comment on it, show me some love on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and anywhere else you can find me.  I hope these awesome prizes just slightly show my gratitude for how much you all support me.

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Some important notes about this giveaway:

  • After this contest ends, I may take up to 48 hours to verify that all steps were legitimately completed before selecting and announcing a winner. If you don’t follow all of the steps, you WILL NOT be selected as a winner.
  • The prizes are open to all residents of the United States and at least 18 years of age
  • A winner will be selected at random
  • Once notified, the winner will have 24 hours to respond to collect the prize before another winner is chosen
  • At no point was I coerced or convinced to give a positive review of any of these products or sponsor a giveaway with any of them, all my actions in this giveaway are of my own free will
  • Prizes may take 4-6 weeks to be delivered after winner is selected
  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook

TX Bar Organics:

  • Tx Bar Organics is located in Northern California 120 miles north of Sacramento. The beef they sell you has spent much, if not all of their lives on a local ranch in Northern California. Their passion is to raise the best beef you’ve ever had, and do it in a way that benefits all of the parts of an agricultural system. That agricultural system includes you, the land, the animal and the community. All of their cattle are part of the global animal protection program in which these animals are raised in a calm low stress environment and treated with the utmost humane care. This care funnels down to you in the form of taste, quality and peace of mind that your meat came from a naturally healthy peaceful environment.

Royal Tailgater Wood Pellet Grill

  • I can honestly say that the Royall Line of Wood Pellet Grills has changed my life. I have always loved BBQ but was always intimidated by the thought of building/buying a smoker and having the time or know how to make it work and get the food to come out right. Between wood to use, placement, smoke, temperature etc, I was scared to even try. Well thank god I got introduced to this thing. I can not tell you how amazing it is to know you just plug it in, set the temp and leave it. It regulates itself and you can let it run all night, all day, or sit out and just smell the deliciousness smoking in front of you. All Royall Grills are handmade in the USA and these things are built to last, I have never been happier with such a versatile tool. There really are no limits as to what you can cook on here.

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  1. By George, oh George I am just not able to enter this contest with my E-mail, what a disappointment. It just does not work. I have no Facebook account.

  2. Oh, my Birthday is this weekend and this would really make my whole year. Plus, I’d pay it forward by sharing all of the wonderful great eats that this would add to the world! It’s pretty much the best giveaway. Thanks!

  3. We are starting our second week on the 21 day detox so far and both we really haven’t eaten this healthy since we were kids, We are both 69 years young. Each meal is a new thrill and enjoyment for us. Last night, I fixed baked spaghetti squash and chorizo meat balls with adding onion and celery and 2 eggs to the meat balls and we both found it really hard to believe this meal was the best we had eaten in many years. Thank You

    1. Jim, I am trying to convince my dad to do this. Is it helping you feel better? Did you have any inflammation that seems to be getting better?

  4. I love your recipes and am trying to get my sister to convert. I have her hooked on your Chocolate Chip cookies! Monday we tried choclate covered bacon! Yahoo! Everything is better with bacon.

  5. I’m just getting started with the paleo lifestyle, and you are a wealth of information and full of inspiration! Thank you!

  6. thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous smoker.
    I entered be E-mail and I fear it did not work, I tried over and over and I think it worked only twice! I am upset, oh well !

  7. I followed all the steps – except the Twitter ones, as I don’t have a twitter account. With 3 small kids and a deployed husband, I’m lucky to get on Facebook occasionally! Hope I still have a chance! This is a terrific giveaway!

  8. Yes, PLEASE! Fingers are so totally crossed. We smoke our own bacon in a little chief. For the amount of bacon we eat {cough daily cough}, it is just too time consuming and I cannot keep up with the demand. This would be such a blessing.

    Thank you for the chance! {Erin Journey on FB, Erin_Journey on Twitter, Enjoying this Journey on Pinterest}

  9. Awesome giveaway!

    Can you clarify the fine print though? You say all steps must be completed…so does that mean if you only earn 5 entries you’re not eligible to win since you didn’t earn all 7 entries?

  10. This has to be the best giveaway EVER! How fitting it comes from the best Paleo blog EVER! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all, your tips and recipes are life changing, helping me to drop those last unwanted pounds and live a healthy and fit lifestyle! Keep up the GREAT work!

  11. Ahhhhhh! George, you’re just too much all around. I would love to win this smoker for my Paleo-eating family of seven. We’ve had to tighten the budget so bacon has slipped off the menu….but if I could make my own = very happy kiddos.

    Thanks for being so amazing.

  12. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about charcoal grilling and wondering if we should be using wood instead. But neither my husband nor I am into the starter chimneys, etc. But this look incredible. AND your prizes include grassfed beef, which always feels better in my tummy. Thanks for do this giveaway!

  13. I have always wanted a smoker this would be great to win. i love grassfed beef just cannot always afford to buy it for a family of six. Thank you for a chance to win this.

    Have a great weekend!

    Lisa V.

  14. Today is your wedding day, my birthday and I’ve been using my gas grill with wine soaked wood chunks in foil to smoke pork, beef and fish! I NEEEEED this! :) pretty please with sugar on top, xoxo and Congratulations you two!!!

  15. I’m trying really hard to get my family healthy, especially my three year old who can’t digest food, it would be amazing to win this!!

  16. With all the convenience of a gas grilling and charcoal grilling, this would be a wonderful gift. I might even purchase one myself if I don’t win it. To all: Have a great holiday!

  17. I just came across your blog not too long ago, and just started using pinterest as a way to aggregate all of the fabulous things I see online these days, especially when it comes to healthy eating. I’m not quite up to paleo yet, but whenever I cook dinner, I try to make lean meats and vegetables, and skip the grains…today was pork chops with mustard leek sauce and garlic spinach!

  18. Thanks for all your great posts, send some love up to the great white North (Ottawa, Canada to be exact) after all we love are bacon too!! Regular and pemeal (you folks call it Canadian bacon)

  19. I would love to win this for our family especially the hubby we love to have grass fed organic meat and the grill to boot we love to smoke our food and have many friends over

  20. I raise my own grass-fed beef (lowline angus), but would love to have a smoker to prepare it on. Besides our bbq is about ready to give it up.

  21. Oh goodness…to have something like this…just the meat would be wonderful. It would help so much this fall/winter. Money has gotten so tight.

  22. I love your giveaways! I’ve wanted a grill for so long! I was so jealous of everyone who got to grill their food this summer!

  23. I would love to give the smoker to my brother for his birthday tomorrow, but he can buy his own meat, I’d keep that! (Baby sister’s rules, I don’t write them, I just follow them! LOL)

  24. DONE!

    My husband would LOVE that grill and I would love for him to cook some of that grass fed beef on it! As always, thank you for all of your great recipes :)

  25. great giveaway! i could not get to a url on pinterest… but i pinned it! so i checked it and left you a note instead of a url. hope that works.

  26. Considering my cruddy little smoker kicked the bucket & that I am hard pressed to find humane farmers nearby, this prize could be a dream come true for me! :D

  27. I don’t think I copy/pasted the twitter and pintrest url correctly and it won’t let me do it again. However, it says I got the entry. I copy/pasted the giveaway url instead of my pin and tweet url.

  28. Love following you and your insights and great recipes. I hope I win. I have a 22 year old son who is developmentally 2 years old and blind. He was 1.5 pounds at birth! We found out he has Crohn’s, and are doing paleo to help him heal. Plus, paleo will help us all.

    I would love to win this giveaway!

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!


  29. Love the new contest tracker, so easy to follow how many entries I have and count down to when there will be a lucky winner!

  30. So – in order to qualify we have to be on Pinterest and Twitter?
    I wasn’t clear on the steps you’ll be checking… and I don’t have an account on either of those.

      1. Roger that!
        growing up, my dad always made smoked fish… and I haven’t had it since those days. When I saw this giveaway that was the first thing I thought of; making smoked fish! And it made me giddy!

        Hope you have a great labor day weekend! Thanks George

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