KitchenAid Giveaway ($999.00 Value) – 7 Quart Bowl Lift Stand Mixer

Do you see this beautiful KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series 7-Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer in Candy Apple Red?  Do you want it?  Great news, you’re in the right place.  KitchenAid is a sponsor of the Senior PGA Championship every year, which is being held at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, MO this year. I spoke to them last year and we decided that we would work together this year and offer you guys the opportunity to win this amazing Stand Mixer.  I was going to make BBQ baked goods but I decided to do something a little more fun.  On top of this amazing mixer, someone who emails me a delicious recipe utilizing a KitchenAid Stand mixer will be sent a $300 prize pack of gift certificates I assemble after picking a winner.  Details are in the giveaway widget below.


As always, I made this giveaway as simple as possible for you.  Everything is encased in the widget below and you can come back EVERYDAY for additional entries.  Word on the street is, if we get a good response on this one there may be some additional KitchenAid products to come as giveaways (hint, hint, cough, cough, share share share) I won’t keep you reading any longer, go ahead and enter to win this amazing mixer and start emailing those recipes.


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I absolutely love my mixer and will be a KitchenAid customer for life.  The versatility with all the attachments, not to mention just the bowl alone is revolutionary for everything in the kitchen.  You can use your mixer to make my Paleo Banana Bread, Perfect Paleo Pancakes, Sweet Potato Ginger Brownies, or Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chip cookies to name a few.



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  1. Thank you for the giveaway and the opportunity to win. You are very gracious. Love your posts. Thank you for your service.

  2. Thank you for all that you do and all that you provide… virtually free for all of us!! Your recipes and advice are so gratefully appreciated! It takes so much time and effort, and it doesn’t go unnoticed!! :)

  3. I am inspired by paleo baking and love to experiment. This would be a great start to possibly start a new career one day…. And it matches my kitchen. :)))))

  4. Good luck to everyone that has entered this sweep stake! I know I have wanted one of these mixers for years & years!! It’s da BOMB!!! Made the lemony pound cake this weekend & of course it’s GONE!! Gotta make it again very soon. I have shared the recipe on other FB paleo sites in the hope of others enjoying the deliciousness of it! Looking forward to many more delicious creation from our “CIVILIZED CAVEMAN!” ;)

  5. I would LOVE a 7qt mixer!! So e of the things I make now are just too much for my little mixer to handle. The bigger one wold be amazing!

  6. Never owned one…always wanted one….reds my fav colour….it was just Mother’s Day and this would make a wonderful present!!!! :-)

  7. I’ve always wanted one of these but have never been able to afford one. It would be amazing if I won this. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest!

  8. I’ve always wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer, but it’s never made it into the budget. Thank you for the chance to win this one!

  9. I am in the process on starting my own baking/catering company and a new beautiful mixer would be so very helpful. You can imagine how costs add up quickly! The name of my company is Flaming Ginger for my love of candied ginger as well as my fiery red hair, so the color is just perfect!

  10. my mother in law gave me a red Kitchen-Aid 25 years ago. i was baking professionally at the time and after about 12 years i had to have the motor rebuilt. my husband started making artisanal bread (pretty hardcore) and once again, the motor became very unhappy. i’m sure it was just poor maintenance. we moved across country and i left it behind. very, very sad day. we moved to a small town in southern utah that has a really small thrift store. one day i scored an ancient golden yellow one with an old style plug (not 3 prongs) for $5. it’s got a couple of issues but i am so thrilled to have it.
    you better believe a new one would make this girl very happy.

  11. Just what I have always wanted but it just never fit into my buget. Red is my first choice, I have the red Kitchen aid hand mixer. Good luck to all. What a wonderful gift give-away!!!

  12. With severe food allergies requiring that I prep my own food, I miss the KitchenAid I had to leave behind when I fled an abusive marriage. Thanks for the opportunity to win a replacement!

  13. When my son… an excellent cook and chef-to-be… moved, I gave him his dad’s 1970’s Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. You know… the mustard colored one. Then I realized, I needed a mixer! Bought a 9 speed hand mixer (another brand) and though it works, I sure do miss the Kitchen Aid! Time for this mom to upgrade!

  14. Hello! Thank you for the giveaway!! I would LOVE this! I am a wannabe cook, baker, inventor! This would be amazing to have in my kitchen! =)

  15. Winning this would be the best present ever!!! We have nine kiddos and we both work opposite shifts to feed/raise our family…this would simplify lots and replace a couple of our cheap-o kitchen tools. I’ve always wanted one!

  16. I would love to win this! I have dreamt of a kitchen aid mixer and this would allow me to create all my aspired paleo creations! And to make all of your caveman creations! <3

  17. I would love to win this! Our Daughter’s Kitchen Aid just died and she used it daily. She’d be thrilled if I surprised her with this!

    I am also signing up for your emails, too! You are highly recommended over at Nom Nom Paleo and Michelle really knows her stuff!

  18. The things I could do with that mixer. Ill start with that lemon pound cake recipe, my little one turned three and hates cake (yes you read that correct) and I’m willing to bet she will love a good gluten free lemon cake.. well I hope. what weirdo doesn’t like cake?

  19. Me, me, me! Please?! I’ve been eyeballing one of these for years. Just haven’t taken the leap. I’m an avid cook and follow your blog and recipes everywhere (twitter, FB, email, etc). Thank you for the opportunity!

  20. Love the lemon pound cake recipe. Would love to use this B E A U T I F U L ❤ RED ❤ mixer to make it with. Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Please…..

  21. I have a lovely gunmetal grey 6 quart mixer now, I’d love to upgrade, though – I’d give my existing one to my niece, who is a great cook too! :)

  22. I love these mixer’s! :-) Would love to win this. Thank you for the oppurtunity.

    Cathi G.
    Ventura, CA

  23. My mixer is on it’s way out! My kids
    Would miss their paleo cookies and cakes-
    I must win this beautiful machine!

  24. I would love an extra large Kitchenaid like this one, would be perfect for my sister in law and my business! And its Candy Apple Red, which matches my Starbucks Barista Espresso Machine :)

  25. My 19.5 year old rice cooker, food processor, and microwave all died this year. My 17 year old Kitchenaid is showing it’s age, and I can’t live without this awesome tool. I’ll give it lots of love.

  26. Every week when I prep my paleo meals on Sunday, I say… “Wow I wish I had a mixer to make this 100 times easier!!” Couldn’t imagine actually having one!:):)

  27. A KitchenAid has always been on my wishlist. I love to bake and cook and this would be a dream to have in my kitchen!

  28. It might just be coincidence, but I’m making a beastly bbq sauce tonight to go overtop your awesome pulled pork recipe. One of my faves. I’m starting another Whole 30 nutrition challenge next Monday. Got off the wagon after the last one ended and I’m feeling icky. Need to focus more on food that is healthy and not just satisfying emotional needs. Would love to have this mixer!!!

  29. I would love love love to win this….not only is red my favorite color, but I have wanted one of these mixers for over a year now, to help me make all of my families yummy paleo recipes!

  30. Thank you for the opportunity to win this great gift. I’m sure there are hundreds of us “baconistas” out there that could put this to good use.

  31. I’ve had the basic bare-bones Kitchen Aid for sixteen years now, and we use it often. Now that my family has grown, sometimes it’s not quite big enough. It would be so helpful to have a mixer with a bowl big enough to do things in one batch!

    Plus my birthday is this week, so winning one would be like an extra-special birthday gift.

  32. This is such a beautiful machine! I would love using this to get my kids interested in healthy, paleo eating by making yummy treats (like your recipes, they are a lifesaver). Thank you for the giveaway!

  33. My current stand mixer is an old one my hubby found at the dump. It sure would be nice to have a shiny new one. Would be great to make my yummy paleo treats that I make and sell at the Local Farm market. PICK ME..PLEASE……

  34. I would love to have this in my kitchen! My daughter (4 1/2 years old) is a cancer survivor and keeping a clean healthy diet is a big goal of mine.

  35. I absolutely love to bake and cook but recently it has become more difficult. I have severe Fibromyalgia and have a hard time stirring things that are thick or difficult to stir. I would LOVE to have one of these so I could continue doing the things I love to do! This is the BEST product ever created!!!!!!!!

  36. I have a very special friend who’s limited to what she can do. She can do a lot in the kitchen. This for her would be the gift of a lifetime.

    It would mean the world to me to be able to give it to her.

  37. I would LOVE this! I received a smaller one as a wedding gift a few months ago and it turned out to be not only be slightly broken, but is an older model that couldn’t be replaced! :(

  38. Just breath taking. I would give this to my Mom since hers is old and her ex gave her a brand new one and then wouldn’t let her take it with her when she left him. I would take her old one and give her this one. Whoever wins this is one lucky person :)

  39. I’m missing out on so many great paleo recipes and this would be so helpful! It certainly would go to great use!!!! Happy paleo cooking everyone:)

  40. I love this gorgeous machine! I have small one, but would love the Cadillac sized one. I bake regularly, Paleo of course, and this would be used daily!

  41. I promise if I win, I will make the most yummy paleo treats (and maybe an occasional cheat treat too). I have a baby kitchen-aid but this would be a great replacement and I could “pay it forward” and give someone my smaller one…it’s a win-win…I need to be the new owner!!!


  42. I was in the food & beverage industry as a cook for over 25 years and always wanted a KitchenAid mixer but could never afford one! Hope I get the luck of the draw. Thanks for the opportunity, George!

  43. Wow, this is a fantastic prize. I love the red. It matches my Fiesta red pieces and it goes well with BACON!!! I have my fingers crossed.

  44. A larger kitchen aid mixer would be great to help my business grow. I have a small one and a hand mixer, but those are not ideal for making large batches at once, not to mention this has a lot more power!

  45. Ooooh, I have goosebumps looking at this beauty! The treats I could make in one batch that I now have to do in two or three separate batches with my smaller version of this mixer! The three boys that run around my house & bring their buddies around to run around my house would love to indulge in said treats.

    Did I mention the hot candy apple red matches the hot red pepper red in my little round kitchen rug? IT DOES, perfectly.

    I love to cook & bake for people – my personal random acts of kindness are actually quite self-serving: I sleep better at night knowing I fed people. This gorgeous mixer literally will help me live my dreams.

    Thank you for creating such a generous giveaway – I can’t wait to win!!

  46. I would absolutely love to win this I have wanted one for a long, long time. I use to watch my mom makes birthday cakes with hers. I need this to make cupcakes for my sisters reception!!

  47. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and I’ve had one since I’ve been married, 36yrs.! I love it and would never use another mixer. My first one lasted me well over 15yrs, even after it fell off the back of a moving pick-up truck while we were in the process of moving from one home to another! It was banged up but it still worked like a charm! My husband bought me a newer (refurbished) Kitchen Aid on Ebay a few years ago for Christmas and of course, I love it, but this newer, bigger one, would be the ultimate gift to receive! I plan on passing it down to my daughters and granddaughters after I’m dead and gone. They’ll be fighting over that one!

  48. O-M-G…I MUST win this or my life will suck big time. Help make my day…no, my year by winning this beautiful mixer. Sigh…the beauties I could make with this. Thanks!

  49. A hands-free standup mixer is the only way to go and KitchenAid tops the list. The size of my current mixing bowl is not sufficient to handle all of the ingredients. It’s a struggle to keep it all contained. A 7-quart bowl would do the trick. The candy apple KitchenAid mixer would definitely be the focal point of my kitchen.

  50. You must’ve heard that I gave my mom my KitchenAid stand mixer for Mother’s Day! She’s wanted one for FOREVER, but she and Dad were both forced in to ‘retirement’ and don’t have the extra cash for it.

    This is exactly the one that we will replace mine with, once we move and I can start cooking again!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  51. Since moving towards the Paleo lifestyle, my poor off brand stand mixer just doesn’t have the muscles to mix up the recipes I want it to! Please let him retire so that I can have someone ready to do the job!

  52. WOW you must have picked the red one for me!! My kitchen is Red with a Campbell Soup Theme ( used to love their soup ) Still love their little faces and logo. I now have a red Hamilton Beach mixer but it is made of plastic and needs a lot of TLC. Hope I get picked so I can continue on this healthy Paleo journey. You are the bomb George!!

  53. I asked for a new mixer for Christmas because my 25 yr old hand mixer was shot. My mother in law bought me one of these. I would love to have one but I made her return it and get an inexpensive hand mixer. I told her I didn’t have the room for it. She has a VERY limited income ( we already give her $300.00 a month to supplement her income) so she can stay in her house and eat.

    It would be lovely to win one instead.

    Laura Lewars

  54. George, I have never been able to afford one of these mixers but I have admired them from afar…
    With 5 kids at home, I can think of a million ways this mixer would make my life easier :-)
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win this beauty… Keeping my fingers crossed…

  55. Just redid my kitchen in red! This would be perfect accent piece! Makes it easy to cook good, wholesome meals for my family!

  56. It’s shared twice on my wall, public. hope i did everything right. Nice giveaway. thanks for the chance

  57. Wow,love the red. My daughter has a mixer like this and loves it. I sure would be willing to part with my hand mixer for this. thanks Joan

  58. Oh, how I would give vital organs for this!!! I’ve never had a stand mixer (and I’ve been wanting one for a long time!) What a fabulous giveaway… and oh, the things I could do with this (and do faster and easier than I currently do!) Thanks for doing this George!!

  59. This would be great for all the Paleo meals I make. Cooking for 3 teenage boys , hubby and myself, this would help BIG TIME! Thanks for the give-away!

  60. Hi,
    I have shared all over :) Just wanted to ask is it ok that I`m outside USA – in Europe – Sofia, Bulgaria :) I will be very happy if its ok :)

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