Food Processor Giveaway – Paleo Con for Free

In celebration of the amazing PaleoCon summit, Magimix provided this outstanding 16 Cup Food Processor to giveaway.  So what is PaleoCon?

They have gathered over 25 renowned experts—including best-selling authors, ME, nutritionists, doctors, ME, sought-after chefs, olympic athletes, and more to guide you through the most effective and practical implementation of the Paleo diet & Paleo lifestyle… so that THIS is the year you are finally able to use the Paleo Diet to change your life, forever.


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  • The Top 3 Paleo Myths – and why at least one of them is sabotaging your success right now…
  • How to use The Paleo Diet as an “experiment” that allows you to fine tune and optimize your results, and never plateau…
  • Simple secrets to creating healthy, delicious Paleo meals for your kids & family
  • How to replace old, unhealthy habits with powerfully-healthy, Paleo-friendly new ones!
  • Essential “must have!” Paleo kitchen items to get you cooking like a gourmet chef in no time flat
  • Paleo For Women – how to deal with hormones, infertility, birth control, PMS, menopause, and more



Now onto the giveaway.  The awesome folks over at Magimix by Robot-Coupe have offered up this AMAZING piece of machinery for one of you lucky people. That is right, we teamed up to offer you this gorgeous 5200XL 16-Cup Food Processor in Brushed Chrome. YES, you read that right, 16 CUPS!!!! Happy New Year to someone special :)


Well to be honest, this Ferrari of Food Processors has been the only one used in my kitchen. One of the things I don’t like about most food processors is the fact that I always have to stop and wash the bowl to use it again. Well Magimix created a nested bowls feature and it allows me to use three different bowls for different foods without skipping a beat. Best feature ever created in my opinion. There is an extensive list of all the features but here a few important ones:

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  • A motor strong enough to fly an airplane (just my unscientific opinion)
  • A 30 year warranty on that motor (a real fact, not one I made up)
  • The BlenderMix attachment makes delicious smoothies and soups (It’s currently cold out, make soup)
  • Citrus Press if you would love to make fresh Mimosas and deliver one to me :)
  • It comes with the Juice Extractor & SmoothieMix which is exclusive to Chef’s Catalog

[/list] I just realized with the amount I use this machine, I could talk for hours.  I know you are here to win one after watching PaleoCon, so enter using the widget below. All rules and regulations are listed in the widget and this giveaway is only open to US Residents that are 18 years of age or older.

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  1. I would love to win this. I am new to Paleo and want to learn all that I can. George, do you ever do classes in or around Temecula???
    Good Luck Everyone :)

  2. I just liked and shared. I love the idea of your give away. I would be very excited to win a new food processor…mine is over 30 years old!!! I love your recipes, too.

  3. Recently made aware of your site from the news clip that is making the rounds. I’m excited to jump into some of your recipes, and entered the contest.

  4. Hi George, I entered! The Kitchen Aid food processor I bought to replace the Cuisinart I had for TWENTY YEARS just died on me, a mere two years after I purchased it, and only two weeks beyond the warrent expiration. I NEED one of these–they’re essential for paleo cooking! Wish me luck!

  5. Yes!!!! I’m so entering for this- I am in need of a processor soooooo bad! Liked and entered – will share of course too!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  6. I liked your post. I love all your posts. I shared the contest and would absolutely love to win that good processor. (Mine just died. )

  7. I’d given up on food processors long ago as they seemed to difficult – perhaps I just didn’t have the right one! Like, shared and entered to win! (I hope). thank you for all that you do!

  8. I WANT!!!! I’ve been dying to get my hands on a food processor for the house. I would make so So many more things from scratch!

  9. I clicked some of the buttons thinking it would follow if you weren’t already following, but it doesn’t seem to have done that. Now I’m trying to fix it manually because I don’t wanna be a cheater – but I thought you should know that doesn’t work. (The form says it should – I think????)

  10. I would LOVE to have this machine! I also noticed you have the Honey Muffins and the Blackberry Banana Muffins pictured. I’ve made them both and they are De-licious!!

  11. I’ve NEVER owned a food processor, and i started trying to eat better (paleo-ish) last year. A food processor would seriously improve my efforts in the kitchen but my husband won’t let me spend $ on one :(

  12. I am new to Paleo and am trying my hardest to stick with it. I was doing awesome and was down 30lbs, but recently I have been back sliding..I need something this wonderful to get me back into the proper mind set…so pick me and help me find my way back to a better lifestyle.

  13. Awesomest give away ever!!!!!!!! Well if it was a car it’d be more awesomer…but for a kitchen appliance its the bestest!!! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!!! :)

  14. Definitely need this. My old blender was my food processor and it’s making “death-of-bearings” noises. Thanks for the chance!

  15. Thanks for the giveaway! I need this mega tool in my kitchen. I only have a mini chopper. It works great for salsa… but not much else. haha. My fingers are crossed. :)

  16. I am in such a need for this…..glad to healing daily thru Paleo Con, and Civilized Caveman.
    Being a celiac child, and growing into Hypothyroidism and now Hashimoto’s!

  17. I’m totally pitching my vitamins! I have done a water only 36 hour fast and feel good. Am hoping to duplicate the Chicken Parm cool cashew cream, what a dream :-) Loved Day One! Thank you!

  18. I have to say, PALEO and some if your recipes changed/saved this FORMER insomniac and asthmatic’s life. Thank you!

      1. Hi George, I know facebook is dampening your spirits but just wanted to let you know I am so glad you are on there, as I may never have found your wonderful recipes and help otherwise! Here in Scotland, the land of carbs and sugar (porridge, scones, Irn Bru, tatties, butteries, tablet, Tunnocks caramel wafers and snowballs etc – google them if you’ve never heard of our “delicacies”!) I sometimes feel like a very lonely wee soul trying the benefits of low carb and clean eating. (We do also have fabulous beef, seafood, vegetables, so all is not lost! I live in the home of Aberdeen Angus steak – jealous? ) Your site is wonderful, and your emails are great, and always bring a smile to my face, even in the depths of a cold Scottish winter. It’s a shame this competition isn’t open beyond the US, but wanted to tell you that you have support from all over the world and I will keep sharing your page and info. “Lang may yer lum reek” as we say!

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