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Yea so by now, anyone reading my website knows that I have a severe case of accepted ADHD so as much as I intend to make this a review of Eat Like A Dinosaur from Paleo Parents, we all know that I could end up venturing off on some serious tangents.  On top of the fact that I am a normal space cadet, I have had two root canals on the same tooth in the past week so I am a highly sedated Civilized Caveman, or at the right time Uncivilized.  Funny thing is most people wouldn’t blog in this condition, but I already don’t have a filter on my mouth or in this case typing, so I have nothing to lose.  But I think thats why Stacy likes me anyways so without further adieu, here goes nothing:

So first thing, I DON’T HAVE KIDS, I just act like one everyday so therefore that qualifies me to accurately review this book.  That’s my opinion at least, and if you didn’t want it, you wouldn’t be reading this.  So on to the book, if I had to use my 5th grade terminology I would whip out some Ninja Turtle quotes since that was an awesome movie, so we are going to say that this book is Tubular (Adult translation – BOMB.COM), End of story.  Since that is all you needed to know, head over to the book on Amazon right now and buy it, HERE.  Oh and to retouch on that no kids comment, it’s not that I don’t want them one day but today is not the day.  But luckily, Stacy and Matt’s kids, the brains behind this awesome book provide enough adorable and smarts to hold me over until that day comes.  If you don’t believe me, look here:

Now I have to be honest, sometimes I do get tired of answering diet and nutrition questions day in and day out, whether it be online, via email, via text, via phone call, at the gym, or even at work.  Of course I will never turn anyone down but sometimes I wish I had a recording to just explain why I eat the way I do.  Well, once again the Paleo Parents and their Cave kids got that one covered for me too.  I swear this family is like The Incredibles, losing over 200 lbs combined in less than 15 months and having such respectful and intelligent children; this book is pretty much a guide to being Amazing Parents and raising Amazing children.  But yea, tangent right there, but back to my original thought.  I am going to get business cards printed with the Link to the video below to answer all food questions.  These adorable kids had me hook line and sinker the second the video started.  Go look for yourself:

So I think at one point I mentioned ADHD, yea as you have read so far I am sure you noticed.  Well I am going to play right into it again.  I think somewhere above I mentioned that I don’t have a filter on my mouth or fingers in this case.  Well due to the fact I know that there will be many parents, and maybe some children that are going to read this, I will keep it PG-13.  I don’t care what other Paleo, Primal, Grain Free, Carrot Rocket ship books come out to try and promote this amazing healthy lifestyle for children, they will all be the Door mat for which Eat Like a Dinosaur stands on.  Stacy and Matt’s hearts shine through on every page of this book.  It is not a pieced together recipe book to try and make a buck, you can feel the sweat, tears, and many pounds shed on every page of this book.  They truly want to share their journey with everyone to touch as many lives as possible and I can do nothing but fully support that.  So yea, I was thinking about ending this review here, but then I remembered I forgot to thank Stacy and Matt for one thing:

So somewhere above in my Percocet induced rant, I told you about the 2 separate root canals I had on the same tooth in one week!!! Yea well saying that it hurt and has sucked is an understatement.  I normally treat myself to at least 2-4 lbs of meat a day on top of tons of macadamia nuts and vegetables as part of my daily diet.  Well needless to say, I pretty much couldn’t eat any of that for about 4 days; but don’t think I didn’t think about putting a Grassfed Ribeye in my Ninja and trying to make a Paleo version of  “green smoothie” haha.  Needless to say I didn’t, I kept myself nourished off the delicious Butternut Squash Puree pictured above.  Want the recipe, Page 125 of the new book. But of course, eating the same thing when I could eat for 3 days did get a little old.  And to explain what happened next I have a few confessions to make:

  1. I don’t like feeling vulnerable, at all.  Meaning being able to barely care for myself SUCKS
  2. Apparently, percocets make me an emotional wreck, like I need a group of girlfriends to sit down in a circle with me and watch chick flicks while we cry and eat bad for you food
  3. I would never eat bad for me not Paleo food
  4. I have an awesome friend Jessi that had surgery the same week as me, so she couldn’t walk and I couldn’t eat so we compromised and made a bowl of Paleo Parents Monster Cookie Dough “dip”
  5. We also pulled the dates and macadamia nuts out of the cabinet
  6. Steps 4 and 5, accompanied me and Jessi on her couch watching reruns of Ellen
So can any of you smart people get where this is going.  Yep you got it right, I turned into an emotional girl due to pain meds causing me to be an emotional wreck in pain.  I drowned the pain in some Paleo Monster Cookie Dough stuffed in dates and chased down with many americanos while watching reruns of Ellen with my awesome friend Jessi who sat there and put up with me through it all.  So thanks Jessi.  But yea the moral of the story, The Paleo Parents ended up being caring parents for me through that amazing bowl of mouth watering, craving satisfying, “cookie” dough.  And why do you care about all that, well you probably don’t need to but if your still reading its cause you love me anyways so you got to read it.  So before I pass out drooling on my keyboard I am going to close.  Do me a favor and please go support this amazing family who have done miraculous things in such a short time.  I foresee their ginormous hearts touching many lives for many years and we should all embrace it.

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  1. LOVE the Paleo Parents and I loved this review. Thanks for reviewing the cookie dough dip as well; I’ll keep the recipe on hand for the bad days.

    Feel better!

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