$4,000 Memorial Day Giveaway

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Alright everyone, I pulled out all the stops on this one. I begged, borrowed, and sweet talked my way into getting you some awesome prizes and all to celebrate a Holiday very near and dear to my heart. As most of you know, I am still an active duty Marine of 11 years that runs this website by myself as a passion to help people (Hope its working). Well I have lost too many friends at way too young throughout my military career and would like to ask everyone to just take a moment of silence for them. I am blessed to still be here on this earth through multiple deployments and that’s why I set out everyday to try and make a difference in someones life. I hope with this giveaway we can spread the good health word and change lives. I ask all of you even after you have entered to keep sharing, even if you don’t win I know your here because you are all in search of better health for a better quality life. Let’s get the word out. Thank you and I love you all.

The Giveaway is for the below Prize. The odds of winning this prize are approximately 1:10000.

Giveaway Rules:
  • After this contest ends, I may take up to 48 hours to verify that all steps were legitimately completed before selecting and announcing a winner. If you don’t follow all of the steps, you WILL NOT be selected as a winner.
  • This contest will run until time runs out on 20 May 2012 at 5pm PST. Even if the time runs out, I will not end this giveaway until there are a minimum of 10,000 entries.
  • A winner will be selected at random
  • Once notified, the winner will have 24 hours to respond to collect the prize before another winner is chosen
  • This prize is open to all residents of the United States
  • At no point was I coerced or convinced to give a positive review of any of these products or sponsor a giveaway with any of them, all my actions in this giveaway are of my own free will
  • Prizes may take 4-6 weeks to be delivered after winner is selected
  • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.
  • Entry is Free
  • There are 7 required entries, all in bold, the rest are optional. You can re-share this giveaway on a social media outlet everyday for an additional entry everyday. Use the widget below

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Some very important notes on the products that I am giving away:

US Wellness Meats:

  • We are going to make this one simple, its a one stop shop for amazing Grass Fed and Grass Finished beef as well as pastured pork, poultry, lamb, bison, and any other amazing piece of meat you can get your hands on. Couple that with their amazing customer service and prompt safe shipping, and you have a winning combination. US Wellness meats truely never ceases to amaze me. You could not ask for a nicer company who only has the best interest of their customers in their mind. Their entire staff shows a level of dedication to providing quality products and amazing customer service that is unrivaled. By click on the above US Wellness Meats coupon, you will be purchasing meat through an affiliate program I belong to.

Royal Tailgater Wood Pellet Grill

  • I can honestly say that the Royall Line of Wood Pellet Grills has changed my life. I have always loved BBQ but was always intimidated by the thought of building/buying a smoker and having the time or know how to make it work and get the food to come out right. Between wood to use, placement, smoke, temperature etc, I was scared to even try. Well thank god I got introduced to this thing. I can not tell you how amazing it is to know you just plug it in, set the temp and leave it, it regulates itself and you can let it run all night, all day, or sit out and just smell the deliciousness smoking in front of you. All Royall Grills are handmade in the USA and these things are built to last, I have never been happier with such a versatile tool. There really are no limits as to what you can cook on here.

Le Creuset Serving Platter, Pitcher, BBQ Pot, and Basting Brush (Your color choice):

  • I almost feel like a broken record every time I talk about any product from Le Creuset because the same thing always comes out of my mouth. OMG what am amazing product, OMG I can’t believe I waited this long to use this, OMG how did I ever survive without these and it is all because their products are like no other. The quality and craftsmanship is above reproach and they never fail to amaze me. This set is sure gonna help out with my food photos so you can use it to impress your guests while serving your newly smoked recipes on the plates.  Coaction PR provided me with these Le Creuset products to review.




  1. Can’t enter as I am Canadian, but wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your website. I’ve found it very educational and has helped me adopt this way of eating to replace my old “healthy” (I used to think so!) way of life =) This has taught me to always keep an open mind and listen to research! It changes and can make our break our health. I’m glad I kept an open mind. Thanks again!

  2. Man, George, you put together the BEST giveaways!! Our 14 year old grill just totally kicked the bucket so we are in the market for a new one…plus that meat giveaway is incredible!! Thanks for the good stuff, information and inspiration!

  3. love the new way of entering giveaways! thanks for offering such great ones! oh, and thanks for the inspiration to do another 21 day sugar detox. i’m down 2 inches in the belly and i’m 10 days in!

  4. I tweeted but cannot figure out how to get the link copied from my Ipad and my laptop has crashed so I don’t know how to prove that I did it. Twitter is: Mpatricia14..

  5. Very excited about this giveaway! This lifestyle has saved my life and i’m sure all these amazing offers would only enrich mine and my new families even more so! Thank you George!

  6. My son Jeremy turned us on to the Paleo way of life (He is part of the USA Olympic Bobsled and Skeleton team) and now with your help; I can start understanding and navigating through the process of becoming more healthy. Thank you Jeremy and George

  7. Paleo is something new that my boyfriend and I are trying. It makes so much sense! Thank you for your recipes and I’m really hoping to win this giveaway!

    Also, my best friend is active duty marines and he has been on several tours overseas. I know the kind of life you guys lead. I commend you and thank you for your sacrifice and service. You are appreciated!

  8. What an amazing giveaway! :)
    Now, I’m sorry I’m so slow— but how come I can’t see what the ‘There are 7 required entries, all in bold, the rest are optional’ are?

    Thank you for serving us and this country.

  9. I am just getting started, my 15 year old and I are working together to get healthy. Sadly, we are both about 70 lbs overweight, and I have been working with doctors and nutritionists all his life, but the weight just keeps piling on. I am glad to see that there is hope!

  10. I just donated. I know it’s not much, but I hope every bit helps. Thanks for maintaining a great blog and resource for the Paleo lifestyle and thank you for serving our country. I love that you are raising awareness about this awesome lifestyle while also raising support and awareness for the armed forced and your comrades. Bravo to you! And one more thanks – Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  11. So my twitter account got suspended because I was tweeting your giveaway every day… apparently there’s a fine line between spreading the love and acting like spam. :( Will the tweets that I already entered still count if my account has been suspended? The tweets are still there but I lost all of my followers and the people I was following.

  12. I messed up the retweet and share on social media but went back and actually figured out how to do it and did it. I hope it counts!

  13. Thank you for your service George and for sharing such an abundance of healthy information! I have recently switched to the Paleo lifestyle and I am definitely enjoying your page! Much blessings to you mt friend!

    Jason Killpack

  14. Thanks. You made it super easy to enter AND forced me to work my way through the foreign lands of Social Media Sites.

  15. Oh, winning this “giveaway” would be wonderful! We have recently (past 6-8 months) stopped eating “dirty” foods and have been incorporating and eating “clean” foods. We have been amazed at the difference in taste and texture “clean” food has! Keep up the good work with these products and also, in your service to our USA!

  16. Guess I need an invite to Pinterest to be able to get an account, and enter the giveaway? Also, I have done many of these things in past give-aways for yours and other blogs, does that disqualify me since I won’t be a new subscriber or ‘liker”?
    Just curious. I have never actually won anything like this, but it’s fun to try. And I do love supporting you and all the related businesses.

    1. In the giveaway I have a spot for you to request a pinterest account. It is not a requirement but if you would like one fill out that form and I will invite you when I can. The only required steps are the ones that are in bold, I believe it is the first 7. All entries after that are OPTIONAL. Hope this helps. Also, if you already like the pages you just hit submit on the entry form and it goes through. It does not disqualify you, it just means you have to do less steps.

  17. I’ve been sharing everyday, this is such an awesome giveaway, Thanks so much for all that you do! Its all greatly appreciated!

  18. This is so exciting, keeping my fingers crossed. Love the new format for entering your contests now. You truly are an inspiration. Thanks for all the amazing recipes you share and the product that you introduce to amateur Paleos like myself. In other news, my best friend just realized that she lives near you, so don’t be shocked to find a couple of new (and I promise friendly) stalkers. :)

  19. Oorah!!
    My husband was just medically retired from the Marine Corps, 220 lbs of meat could do our family good! Similar to yourself, my husband also gained a lot of weight because of injuries sustained while in the Marine Corps. He’s gained about 100 lbs since we first met and got married 4 years ago. He never had a problem with his weight until 3.5 years ago when he was injured. Of course… it probably doesn’t help that I’m a nice southern girl who LOVES to cook! ;-) I’m willing to try just about anything to help my husband lose the weight he gained. Thank you for all the information, and of course, the chance to win this amazing giveaway! :-)

    1. Nacho thank you so much for sharing with me. I remember the feeling well. I would highly encourage you guys to go strict paleo for 30 days. If you want an easy guide there is Robb wolfs on the right side of my page. If not se time on google and paleo sites will aid you immensely

  20. Thank you so much fo the chance- to win this would be a blessing for our family! It would keep us stocked up through winter, and I know how wonderful grassfed beef is!

  21. What an incredible giveaway!!! It’s so good to know that there are so many people out there that care about there health and most importantly the health of others!!!

  22. I hadn’t heard of this blog before, but my family and I are trying to live a more Paleo lifestyle, and we recently switched over to organic, grass fed beef, and WOW, what a difference!!!!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I really hope we win :)

  23. Well I think I got everything done right, but I don’t twitter so does that count me out? Hope not, I can only manage one social network at a time! Thanks for all the great giveaways you do I hope one day to actually win! You and a few other blogs are what have helped me in my lifestyle change by giving me all the wonderful recipes to cook with and also with your stories of transformation which shows me that it can be done. I’ve been doing this since last October and I’ve had some amazing changes in my health and weight. So thanks for your inspiration!

  24. This giveaway is completely amazing!!!! I just discovered your blog through the food lover’s primal palate. I love this format for the giveaway….super easy.

  25. I always hope I win giveaways, but I REALLY want to win this one! I completed all the steps, so hopefully I do!

  26. The only reason I have both twitter and pintrest accounts are because of your giveaways… I hope you have plenty of new recipes to put out there for whoever wins 220 lbs of US Wellness Grass fed Beef! Best of luck to those who entered!!!

  27. Wow, wow, wow, what a great giveaway! I wish most of the entries did not involve Facebook. I gave it up some months ago and my life has been ever so much better…

  28. This is really an awesome giveaway!!! I would love to have all these prizes! I love reading all your posts! Thank you for all you do!

  29. The US military is near and dear to my heart as well. My family has served in every branch of service over the past 4 generations with my son currently still serving. We too are so very thankful to have him return from Iraq unharmed. Memorial Day (and Veteran’s Day) is so much more than just a day off from work to our family. God Bless you for your selfless service, your continued support and encouragement to others, and God Bless the USA! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this amazing giveaway.

  30. Completed all required steps. Thanks for a great giveaway–and for making it so darn simple to enter! Love your blog.

  31. Freakin awesome giveaway! All the best to you and (yours)! Life is short, live like tomorrow never comes!

  32. Amazing giveaway! I thank you for your generosity and the generosity of all these supportive companies that contributed to the giveaway. You recipes are awesome and your words are encouraging…speaking of that, I’m on Day 7 of the 21DSD, thanks to you!

  33. Hi George! I wanted to say thanks so much! Not only for your service to our country, but for being here and motivating others (like me!) to remember to listen to their bodies and take care of themselves. Your photographs are gorgeous and your recipes are super! I really admire your dedication to the paleo/primal community and your website has been an awesome resource for me over the past 6 months :D I look forward to many many many more great things from you. Keep up the amazing work. And mad props on this stellar giveaway.

  34. Such an amazing giveaway, yet again. I don’t know how you do it, but I love the site and your commitment to healthy lifestyles. Keep up the good work!

  35. Thanks for all you do, in both the paleo community and for our country. I am a military wife and my husband is currently on his second deployment in a year, I’m not sure how you find the time to keep up an awesome website, but thank you!! Stay safe and keep up your awesomeness :)

  36. Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity! Your story and your cooking and your photos are all inspiring!

  37. This is an awesome giveaway, thank you so much for doing it! My birthday is coming up on May 15 and this would be the best present I could ever get. Even with the 1:10000 odds, I still hope I win!! :)

  38. Thank you! You have made crossing over to paleo much less complicated—working on fighting familial diabetes and heart disease :)

  39. This giveaway is Great!!! Geoge what a truly loving & giving person you are! People including myself should strive to be a little bit more like you! Thanks for everything you do on this site & for our country.

  40. All entered and crossing my fingers to win! Thanks for serving! I was born and raised in the Air Force and married into the Navy!

  41. So excited – love US Wellness Meats and would love to try the other items too! Yes – agree – love how easy the entries were – thanks!

  42. Absolutely love how ez it was to enter, last time it was tough! Now I’m confident I got the required fields done! Thanks!

  43. Wow, that was easy, for such a big giveaway. I’m going to enjoy all these links and that super beef, lamb, .. “drool”.. Thanks so much for this. I hope to spread the word through my work with veterans, let’s get our guys and gals healthy as well.

  44. I just want to say thanks for your service above all and the giveaway is amazing. I did everything but the twitter stuff. I’ve been following your blog for a while and I really appreciate how much work you put into helping others on this paleo journey.

  45. got the first 7! having trouble loading the pinterest links so will check back and complete the rest later. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Completed all stepsss…LOVE YOUR CREATIONS btw. It’s refreshing to see someone in the military taking so much care of himself (my husband is ex navy vet and he had quite a hard time adjusting to a gluten free diet etc…) keep up the good work!

  47. Did the required and then some :) Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway! hopefully it will motivate some more people to check out paleo :)

  48. Discovered your giveaway and site via The Food Lovers Primal Palate on Facebook. Glad to have another resource and thanks for such an AWESOME giveaway!

  49. what an easy way to enter! thanks so much for finding this stuff to give away, it all sounds amazing!

  50. Thanks for such a GREAT giveaway!!! Would love to have that Royall grill and of course all the other great prizes!!

  51. First off: thank you so so so much for your generosity; you are seriously one of the coolest people ever.
    Second: I am kind of a Luddite and I don’t know how to find the link to my sharing of this post on facebook. Help? :)

  52. Thank you for all that you do Dave. My youngest is graduating next month and following in his dad’s footsteps in becoming a Marine. Maybe someday he will be lucky enough to meet you. We have so many friends in the Marines and pray for their well being every day. Keep up the good work and again, Thank You!

  53. Awesome!! although i was hoping the big announcement was that you were single and wanted to date me ;) . . . this is almost as great!! thank you and thanks for everything you do!!

  54. As we too serve our country and have lost friends and family for our great Nation, Memorial Day is a worthy cause for a great Giveaway.

  55. Hey George, I just want to say you are an inspiration to all of us. I have been typical broke college student living the Paleo lifestyle, and have loved it, for the past 3 years. I recently gradutated and moved from Michigan to Florida to pursue my dream of being a head groundskeeper at a baseball stadium.

    I follow your, along with many others, blog every day and it has really helped me make the move away from hope and keep on trucking staying paleo.

    Our appreciation of your service to our country can not be under appreciated. The fact that you commit your free time to helping even more people is a motivation to us all. You can expect a donation from me as soon as I get all moved in and set up (Im sitting on a milk crate currently) haha.

    And this giveaway…….. INSANE!

    Thanks for all you do. Keep on fighting the good fight!
    Matt D

  56. What a great giveaway! I love US Wellness, I have a mess of their flank steaks and ground beef. Sadly I can’t always afford to buy from them exclusively, this would be a pretty fierce blessing!

  57. (are the first seven the ones that are required?)
    This is AMAZING!! I am healing from a long standing fight with my body. Some red meat would be MUCH appreciated…

  58. Wow. You are really amazing. You have truly outdone yourself this time. Thank you for all you do. Love you.

  59. I did the required 7 entries, but don’t have a Pinterest account or use Twitter. Will share the link on FB when I can figure out why my computer suddenly stopped allowing me to “paste”, no matter what method I try. We REALLY need to win this! Fingers crossed… :)

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