Pumpkin Butter Cups

Wow so I can honestly say this is the longest recipe I have ever made.  Not because it is going to take you a long time, but because I took 6 hours to come up with 4 different flavors, test them all, style them all, and then take awesome photographs of them all.  Honestly though, the photo you see below this paragraph is the proudest food photo I have ever taken.  I literally danced when I got it on my computer and my dancing is not pretty, thank god the picture is.  So honestly, just a few wickets I would like to cover before the recipe.  First, you are AWESOME.  Second, I have made some changes to the site and would just like your help.  There is a floating like and share bar on the left side of your screen, if you like anything I do, please use this.  It helps spread the good word and shares the love so thank you. I also added a Pin This button to each photo, just hover your mouse over the food photos and look, Fancy huh?  Third, I finally got my newsletter up and running efficiently.  I have added plenty of spaces for you to subscribe, so please do that to not miss a beat.  You can subscribe up top, on the right, or at the bottom of the post.  This will be important when I start doing giveaways again and for some other secret squirrel projects coming up.  Finally, in case you didn’t know, I released my first book and you can get it by clicking the banner above this paragraph.  I would love your feedback and hope you love it.

Pumpkin Butter Cups

I am actually out of things to say.  Not like that is normally a problem but as I type all I can see is these amazing Pumpkin Butter Cups staring me in the face, so I just want to go eat more.  It is really distracting after I did such a good job not eating them all when I was making them.  Honestly, I feel like someone should nominate me for some bravery and courage award, because it took intense amounts of both to share these with other people.  And just in case you are still reading and missed it in the first paragraph, you are still AWESOME.

Pumpkin Butter Cups

I really don’t have anything else to talk about, but the post just looks better with text below the picture before the recipe.  Actually I remembered something, how do you guys like my new food photos.  I have been trying to step my game up a bit, thoughts?  Please leave me a comment and let me know.  I really do love hearing about what you think or even if it sucks.  I crossed that word out because I pray it doesn’t.  Well that is all, enjoy everyone.

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Pumpkin Butter Cups
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 8
Only use One of the chocolates below
Chocolate (Homemade)
Chocolate (Store Bought)
Only use One of the chocolates below
Chocolate (Homemade)
  1. Place all of your ingredients in a bowl and whisk well until combined
Chocolate (Store Bought)
  1. Place your chocolate in a double boiler over low heat and stir until melted
  2. Keep the temperature on low so you don't burn your chocolate
Remaining Steps
  1. Once your chocolate is prepared, line a baking sheet with silicone muffin liners or paper muffin liners (these might stick, I don't know)
  2. Spoon chocolate in each muffin liner to fill the bottom
  3. Using a brush, paint chocolate around the sides and bottom of the muffin liner so there is a layer of chocolate covering all the bottoms
  4. Place in the refrigerator and let set for 30 minutes
  5. Using any of the fillings listed above in the ingredients, place small spoonfuls in the mold, ensure you don't overfill so the chocolate you pour over can bond with the cold chocolate
  6. Using your remaining melted chocolate, fill the cups until the filling is covered
  7. Place back in the refrigerator for 45-60 minutes to let set
  8. Remove from the refrigerator and if using silicone molds, you can pop them out and plate or you can leave them in paper muffin liners
  9. Store in the refrigerator in a ziploc bag or airtight container

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  1. oooooh dear lord these look fantastic and I’ll be making them today!!! Question, I have a plastic chocolate mold for peanut butter cups, will the homemade chocolate harden like melted chocolate chips? I’m wondering if they will pop out of the mold or just stick. Thank you for the awesome recipes!!! I cannot WAIT for your new cookbook with PaleOMG, you two are my absolute favorites!!

  2. O.M.G. These look both incredible and easy to make! Can not wait to try! I just dicsovered your site googling “butternut squash bacon soup recipe” and have been lost in your delectible recipeland for a good 30-min. adding many nom-worthy recipes to my *new* recipe box! Photos look very professional as well!

  3. I was just making chocolate-covered Paleo peanut butter cookies when I ran out of chocolate for coating them. And lo and behold, you have the perfect homemade solution! Actually, your coconut oil/cocoa butter coats frozen cookies so much better than the melted chocolate method, this is the only way I’m doing it from now on. Thank you, George!

  4. You are a genius George! I am so grateful to find this recipe….Thank you,thank you,thank you!!! One more treat I will add to my son’s class treats,they all look amazing but will do the coconut pumpkin butter due to a nut allergy in the class! There will some very happy grade 1er’s on Halloween day,thanks to you!

  5. im new to paleo so eating chocolate was a nice surprise ,but instead of butter in all i put squashed blueberry’s and raspberries ,very tangy just the way i liked it

  6. I haven’t read all the comments (just enough to see that at least one other person wonders about paper muffin liners) so I apologize if mine is a repeat. If you use If You Care brand chlorine free liners, they will not stick. I have not made this particular recipe yet but have made similar recipes for homemade chocolate and I’ve also been baking with that brand for years and they do not stick to ANYTHING. They are fabulous!

  7. wondering if coco powder could work. I want to use it , I have 2 cans of coco powder. btw they look absolutely scrumptious. how many is allowed /day or it is once a week? thanks for your replay.

  8. These little beauties are setting up in my fridge as I type. I had some leftover macadamia nut butter and this was the perfect way to use it up. I do feel the need to confess something, though. As I was standing in my kitchen covered in nut butter and melting chocolate, I was quietly wondering to myself if the caveman bakes with his shirt on or off. LOL. I had some pumpkin leftover and found the recipe for the sliders…made it and I’m going over to review it right now. :)

      1. I was hoping you’d say that. ;) Just when I had determined to be a behaved little baker and forget about shirtless cavemen in the kitchen, I look at my newsfeed before going to bed last night (mistake! haha) and what did I see….the tat pic. I whimpered. I do love your recipes, simple, yummy, and usually ingredients I always have around. However I have come to the conclusion that you, sir, are the most delicious thing on this blog. :D I’ll be good now, promise.

  9. OMGsh…..I never knew that such a simple blend of ingredients would combine into such an explosion of goodness in my mouth. Thank you for sharing………….

  10. Delicious and so easy!! Thank you for another great recipe. I made them with the pumpkin pecan butter, adding some vanilla and a little more spice to the Nut butter. Soooo good!

  11. These look amazingly delicious! Which one was your favorite filling? I think I will definitely have to make some for chirstmas. Awesome pictures too!

  12. George,
    I am super excited about these! I cant wait to try them and as with everything else you post im sure they are AMAZING! And your photos of your food is amazing too. You are doing a great job with everything you do here. Thanks for all you do!
    im rating this recipe 5 stars becasue I know it will be awesomesauce!

  13. Made these for thanksgiving and they were a hit! I cheated and used almond butter and added pecan’s to the coconut ones. They were super easy when I used the silicone muffin cups. This is going to be my christmas treat this year for sure!

  14. Hi George!

    I made these with pumpkin pecan butter today as dessert for Thanksgiving and my kids and my relatives loved it! Thank you so much for this recipe! Definitely going to make these again in the future :)

  15. I made these today and took them as a treat at the end of my crossfit workout. Everyone loved them the pumpkin almond butter was the perfect amount of nutty flavor to go with the dark chocolate. I definitely be trying them again with another butter (after I eat through the dozen I made…I got a little excited). Thanks for your awesome easy recipes I also made your bacon butternut squash soup and all I can say about that one is YUM!!

  16. Has anyone tried to make them with the paper muffin liners? Going to make them for a “Paleo Potluck” but don’t have the silicone… They look great George! Semper Fi (my husband is a former Marine – makes me even more happy to be reading your site)

  17. Okay, so I just had to say that my 17 month old son loved the almond ones as a special treat. Just made them yesterday and between my husband, son and myself, there is only one left. I am considering trying a fruit one, (ie. raspberries or similar?). Thanks for your creative recipies!

  18. Ordered silicon muffin cups today from Amazon to make these for Thanksgiving dessert. With the Apple Pumpkin butter. They will take a while to make, but WHO CARES! ;) EASY recipe, thank you.
    I can’t wait to devour them. I will have to remember to make extra and freeze them for treats.
    I also wished your pictures sucked. I am removing you from Instagram and Twitter. Jk buddy. And the floaty thing is annoying. But I love you.

  19. Made these today as an anniversary treat for my husband. When I first saw the post, and the amazing pictures, I seriously doubted my ability to pull these off. But it wasn’t hard at all! And delicious! I also made the quick and easy coconut candies. When you say quick and easy, you mean quick and easy!! Thank you for all the amazing recipes and for being such an awesome caveman. Love reading your posts!

  20. these are awesome!! i made mine with butternut squash puree and even my daughter who doesn’t like any sweet vegetable loved them. my son who is gluten and dairy free was able to enjoy a wonderful treat!

  21. Today is my first ever visit to your site, and I am impressed! I learned about you from the great Juli at paleOMG. Your stuff looks amazing! I’m really in need of some new crock pot ideas…so thanks! My husband and I recently opened a strictly paleo coffee shop in Denver, CO, and while I have time to cook for others, not so much for myself and family. So thanks for the new inspiration, George! Your sweets don’t look so bad either;)!

      1. Thanks, George! Please do come and see us when next you are in Denver. I would love to link you on our web site, would that be alright with you?
        By the way, some of your stuff looks so good, maybe it will show up on my menu…;)

  22. So this is my first ever visit to your site, and I thinking those photos up there are awesome! I would be pretty proud if those were my photos. I also seriously love your sense of humor… especially the part about “I’m just putting some words here because I like to have text after the photo”. I kinda get that because I just finished writing a post and trying to split up my paragraphs so I would have text between every picture. The things we do for a nice looking post! Anyway, these look seriously amazing and I’m loving the different filling choices. Yum!

  23. Lovely photos, and just do you know, I think this recipe will change the world. Forever. A couple questions: where do you have the best luck buying purple sweet potatoes? I fell in love with them in Okinawa, but haven’t seen them since. I see purple potatoes, but not the sweet ones. Second, I see that this recipe serves 8, but how many cups does it make? 64? Lol, cause I might need 8 per person. Or just 64 for myself… And finally, do you have issues with your oxo brush being too wide for your silicone cups? I am so excited to try this!

    1. The servings on this are really volatile given the size you use and how much filling you use. Purple sweet potatoes I have the best luck at Asian markets when they have them. And I have been using an Ikea round Silicon brush which works great

  24. George–for the homemade chocolate, should the coconut oil be melted or solid?? So sorry for such a silly question. I am a paleo newbie!

  25. These look amazing George, thanks!! Your photos also rock! Mine actually do suck although the food at least tastes good. One day I’ll be as awesome as you! :)

    BTW, on my laptop the share bar is over on the beige part at least an inch from the posts and you’re also quite fast to load. I’m on FF, so maybe it’s a browser thing. When I was on IE many websites were horribly slow and IE was generally glitchy!

    1. Thanks so much for the comments. I know my site is fast, cause I pay for it to be that way and its monitored every day :) Also, I use safari and IE and the share bar is perfect placement. Thank you for verifying. And it doesn’t matter what the food looks like as long as it tastes good :)

  26. The floating bar on the left makes it very hard to read things. Extremely frustrating… Please remove or place somewhere where it won’t interfere with ability to read recipes, etc.


      1. Yes. On my iPad, the bar covers the post so it’s difficult to read. Sure, you can print the recipe, but you shouldn’t have to. The post itself is difficult to read because the share bar covers the left side on a smaller screen.

        The photos are looking awesome though! What’s your favorite filling for these, George?

        1. I have the same problem when viewing on my iPad. Thanks for looking into a solution! Love the site and pictures are great!! You really have stepped it up!

          1. Thank you Rena. I will try and resolve it soon. I am waiting for a response from developers. I just don’t have the $$$ to pay for Something custom but I am looking into it

  27. I love the pictures! Especially the first one. I would love to see one or two pictures with one of the cups cut in half so that we can see the delicious filling!

  28. Dude, are you trying to kill me with this shit? Just yesterday I decided I’d had too many substitutions lately and needed to go meat and veg for a week or so. And now this! I blame you.

  29. Ooooh, I’ve been slow to get on the butter cups trail because they look like they take a little time to make them look nice. HOWEVER, you had me at pumpkin butter!
    It must have taken more courage than I can imagine to give any of these away (and makes me wish I was your neighbor).

  30. I’m a new follower and Im officialy hooked! I really like the pictures and everything looks delicious but , I have to say that the floating like and share bar is 100% annoying!!! It’s always in the middle while Im trying to read. Can you put it in another place of the screen? The other thing is: Why is this webside so slow??? It’s frustrating to be waiting to scrool down the screen =(

  31. Ditto Vita. I wish your pictures sucked because I want these RIGHT NOW. I’m 99.9% sure I’ll be making some pumpkin nut butter tonight and a batch of these bad boys. Yummo. Good thing I made a batch of your pumpkin muffins last night and threw some enjoy life chips on top to kill my chocolate cravings :).

  32. I wish your pictures sucked because now here I am sitting at work drooling all over the screen… those cups look amazingly delicious. And I haven’t even read the recipe yet. *sigh* Yeah, the pictures are great. And so are your recipes. (I am on sugar-detox hence not reading the recipe part… trying to stay away from anything sweet… now come to think what am I even doing here staring at the pics?) It must be good to be you and be able to make THAT :)

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