Paleo Not-ella (Chocolate Hazelnut Butter)

So I have to apologize because I had every intention of posting this three days ago but life got in the way.  Nothing bad but just extremely busy trying to balance all my new life roads.  I just want to make sure I find balance and travel down the road where I can help the most people.  Whether it be free recipes, cooking videos, cooking classes, etc I just want to help spread the good food word.  I don’t know if cooking classes are going to end up being the best route since I haven’t shaved or cut my hair since I got out of the Marine Corps two weeks ago.  Curious to see, you can follow my #operationcaveman journey on Instagram HERE.  Make sure you follow me as I post teasers of recipes I am working on as well.

Paleo Nutella

So I have a confession to make, I have never eaten Nutella so as far as the accuracy of this recipe, I am trusting my taste testers (friends who just want free food).  It may be spot on or it may be miles away but I do know it tastes delicious either way.  So far, my favorite thing to do with it is to take my Paleo Banana Bread and slather it with warm not-ella or taking that same recipe and making not-ella stuffed banana bread muffins.  Make sure you leave me a comment letting me know your favorite way to use this recipe.  I look forward to your responses.

Paleo Nutella


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Paleo Not-ella (Chocolate Hazelnut Butter)
Prep time
Cook time
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Serves: 8
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Roast your hazelnuts on a parchment lined baking sheet for 10 minutes
  3. If they still have the skins on, wrap them in a damp towel and remove the skins. You don't need to remove all of them
  4. Add your hazelnuts to your Blendtec twister jar or your food processor
  5. Process until smooth and creamy
  6. Add your coconut milk, cocoa powder, maple syrup, vanilla, cocoa butter and salt and process until you have a nice smooth butter
  7. Transfer to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator
  8. I like to serve this warm spread over my Paleo Banana Bread

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  1. Today I tried this recipe for a family gathering. Nobody else there does paleo, so I was curious if they would like it. Where the adults thought the chocolate flavour was maybe too strong, all the children were loving it. My daughter and I love it too. I just made too much for what we can eat in a week, so next time I’ll try to split the ingredients in half. I think I am going to use some for a filling for muffins, that should be delicious too. And of course I should try your banana bread.

  2. Is there a substitute for the cocoa butter? We are snowed/iced in here in Northwest Arkansas, and I would love to make this but cocoa butter is not available by us.

  3. First off, I cant believe youve never tried nutella. Its amazing. That being said, I made this tonight and it was delicious. It had a certain tang to it that I wouldnt typically associate with nutella but it was till yummy. My texture was smooth just like nutella too which was awesome. Thanks for the recipe, george!

  4. What is shredded coconut butter? I have never heard of it. Where would one find it? I am just starting out in the Paleo world and this sounds great.

    1. What is shredded coconut butter? I have never heard of it. Where would one find it? I am just starting out in the Paleo world and this sounds great.

      Thank you for your help and sorry for the typo.

  5. I made this yesterday and it is FABULOUS and easy! I love nutella as does my 5 year old and HE liked enough. Getting his stamp of approval on anything is HUGE…..Thank you from a former nutella addict :)

  6. Going to grab a bag of hazelnuts on my next shopping trip, but I just whipped up a batch subbing almonds and honey, and it is out of this world! Last night I made a “clean eating berry cake” recipe into muffins, and I can’t wait to surprise the kids with those topped with chocolate spread for a snack! I am all about texture in my food, so I really enjoy the “graininess!” :)

  7. Didn’t have any hazelnuts about, but I DID have some blanched almonds, so I substituted those. Oh, YUMMMMMM… they work fabulously (will be making banana bread donut holes this week, and will try injecting them with this…)

  8. I tried this recipe over the weekend and it was the divine! I put it on a whole grain waffle, but have also caught myself eating a few spoonfuls at a time straight out of the jar I put it in. I was wondering if it is supposed to be a bit grainy (for lack of a better word)? But then I saw your earlier comment. It did not take away from the deliciousness of it at all, though. LOL! Looking forward to trying more of your recipes. :)

  9. Looks amazing; time to surprise my husband! He loves Nutella but ever since we went paleo he has been a total stud about avoiding sugar so that means no Nutella. He’s in for a surprise!

  10. Has anyone tried the recipe without the coconut butter? I’m curious to know whether it makes a huge difference. I don’t have any at home right now and I just wanted to know if I should make the effort to get some!

  11. U rock! Thanks for solving a BIG problem I have with my husband and Nutella! Since eating Paleo it is the one thing he can’t shake! Thanks for shaking it! GENIUS recipe! Ur my hero : )

  12. Do most people keep blanched hazelnuts in their cupboards? That sounds like a special trip to a special store and one this working mother of 2 toddlers trying to stay paleo won’t be making. Grateful for the interesting recipes but won’t be trying this today!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      I buy bags of nuts at Trader Joe’s or Costco and keep them in my freezer. It keeps me from having to make a special 1 hour trip each way to get good quality nuts and I know that they are fresh when I do use them. This is great for the almond meal as well.

  13. You know, I just had a thought…. I’ve seen a few great looking recipes for paleo donuts lately… and I was thinking (a dangerous thing!) about using your recipe for the banana bread in donut form in one of those little donut makers… and do a not-ella filling… hmmmm… sounds like it would be a good grab-it-and-go snack idea…

  14. Omg just made this recipe! So good! Thanks so much!

    Also if you were to make not-ella stuffed banana bread muffins would you just put like a teaspoon in the centre of every muffin and cook the batter? Or stuff them after? Like would the not-ella cook okay :) Sorry just didn’t want to waste a batch of nana bread or not-ella!

    Thanks – from a Kiwi fan :)

  15. Wow George this stuff looks a little dangerous. Freaking amazing, and the texture looks absolutely gorgeous. You just had to go and stomp out my chocolate hazelnut butter. You win this for sure.

  16. No need to apologize, George ! I mean, we get FREE delicious recipes, we are grateful. It looks delicious, and even if it doesn’t taste like Nutella, this is real food so gotta love it !

  17. OMG! I have to try this! I sooooooo loved Nutella, until 6 months ago I got Paleo…
    I’m gonna make it tomorrow and report.
    Btw you look great with those hair growing everywhere around your head ;)

    1. Just made it!

      You are my HERO!
      You know I not only Love Nutella, the same company does also my Favorite Chocolates: Rocher. And your Not-ella is just like their filling. LOVE IT!

      (but I added a little more Maple syrup… ;) )

  18. This looks great. I make my own too and use similar ingredients to you but just in different measures. I also add either macadamia or hazelnut oil to mine.

    Oh and can’t believe you never had Nutella! Although the homemade stuff is just as good and no nasties :)

  19. OMG you have never eaten Nutella? Even I have, and I’m from a third world country!
    I’m sure it’ll be delicious as all your recipes, although it looks more like a mole paste or sun-dried tomato dip :)

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