Paleo Donuts with Chocolate Ganache

Well, they did it again and I have no idea how.  The Paleo power couple behind The Food Lover’s Kitchen managed to write two stunning cookbooks and plan a wedding in the same year.  I need to know what they are putting in their bulletproof coffee and get my hands on some of it.  I suspect it is some sort of rocket fuel that gives them the energy for their bodies to keep up with their beautifully creative minds.  I am honestly in awe of their talent and their newest book The 30 Day Guide to Paleo is no exception.  So today, you get two amazing things for one.  Want to see the first?  Here you go, Paleo Donuts with Chocolate Ganache.

Paleo Donuts

Photo taken by The Food Lover’s Kitchen

Yes, do you see those bad boys?  That is what I am talking about and now that I have your attention I will talk about the book.  I will keep it short, cause honestly, the quicker you go BUY IT, the better off you will be.

What’s in the new book?

  • Part 1 covers the basics of the Paleo diet. They have tailored the information in this section to include some of the many topics they have been asked to discuss over the last few years; the questions people actually need answers for. How do I build a meal? How do I go grocery shopping? What can I eat and drink? What sort of ingredients do I need to stock my kitchen?
  • Part 2 provides the actual meal plan, which guides the reader through their first 30 days of Paleo. This isn’t meant to be trial by fire in the kitchen. Rather, the meal plan is geared towards busy people who need to find the balance between creating delicious AND easy meals. This section contains easy-to-follow weekly meal plans accompanied by handy shopping lists, all of which are available as tear-outs in the back of the book.
  • Part 3 of the book is a presentation of 75 of their best new recipes, which are squeaky-clean Paleo. You won’t find any desserts or sweet treats in this book. The recipes are tasty, easy to execute, and won’t put a strain on your wallet either. We’ve put a lot of thought into the recipes, and hope it shows.

I think this book not only has the ability to benefit anyone that cooks, but even change lives!

Whether you are new to Paleo or have been doing it a while. The recipe ideas are fresh and creative, so I think long time Paleo folks will appreciate the new meal ideas too. If you have loved ones or friends in your life you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, this book is the perfect guide to get them started.


Photo Taken by The Food Lover’s Kitchen

How is this book different from their other two books?

  • 75 ALL NEW RECIPES. That means you wont find overlap between the recipes in Make it Paleo and Gather. There are a few very basic recipes that are necessary to repeat (like mayonnaise), but the real food recipes are all different, and they think you guys are going to love them.
  • The recipes are the most straightforward and “cleanest” out of their three books. The recipes are about as easy as those in Make it Paleo, but you won’t find any desserts in this book. (The closest we get to an indulgence is a lone recipe for almond flour pancakes.)
  • 30 Day Meal Plan with Weekly Shopping Lists and tear-out guides. This book lays out a full month long meal plan, which makes adopting a Paleo lifestyle easy and fun.
  • Accessible, easy to understand info on the Paleo diet. While the basic stuff hasn’t really changed, we’ve added a ton of information to this section to make things plain and simple.
  • Tear-out Guides. Take the meal plans and shopping lists with you to the grocery store!
  • 24 bonus “Express Eats” recipes in the back of the book to help you build additional meals on your own.
  • Meal building tips and shopping tips
  • Success Stories (will yours be in the next printing!?)
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about topics such as Cholesterol, Gluten, Carbohydrates, Soy, Fats, Calcium, and much more!

So no more reading, time to go buy the book, and then read down for the delicious Paleo Donut with Chocolate Ganache recipe.  Just click on the image below and enjoy

30 Day Guide - New Cover

And just in case while reading that amazing review on the book, you forgot what you were about to venture towards, let me remind you with this mouthwatering photograph.


Photo Taken by The Food Lover’s Kitchen

4.7 from 103 reviews
Paleo Donuts with Chocolate Ganache
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 12
  1. For the full donut instructions, go check out the recipe at The Food Lover's kitchen HERE.
Chocolate Ganache
  1. For the full ganache instructions, go check out the recipe at The Food Lover's kitchen HERE.
This recipe comes to us courtesy of the amazing Food Lover's Kitchen

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  1. i just wanted to tell you how much we love these!! i am also egg free and substitute with the “chia egg” the middles are a little more moist that way but the outsides are crispy and they are absolutely delicious!!!

  2. Hey George, I have heard of arrowroot powder and also have a recipe that calls for tapioca flour instead of arrowroot flour (I think they are both used to give a better texture). Do you know if one can be substituted for another? Thanks and can’t wait to try these!

  3. So just made these again, but used it as a base for fall flavors-total success!
    Apple cider donuts-boiled 1 cup of apple cider down to just under 1/4 cup, added with wet ingredients. Added cinnamon to dry ingredients, and used grass fed butter instead of coconut oil. And added a little extra arrowroot powder due to the extra liquid.
    Pumpkin spice- swapped out coconut milk for pumpkin (1:1 ratio), added cinnamon and nutmeg, and used butter instead of coconut oil.
    Maple bacon- did these before, but successful again, added some crumbled bacon to the base, used bacon fat instead of coconut oil. Frosted with maple cream, and topped with crumbled bacon.

    This recipe is so versatile, it’s a lot of fun to play with!!

  4. First batch I made on Monday- perfection! The batch I made last night, not so much. The flavor is there but I used what I had: NOW Almond Flour on the first batch and Bob’s Almond Meal on the 2nd. Once combined the batter was very watery and pouring uncontrollably out of the little ziplock bag. I think it needed a heartier flour. The meal made the dry ingredients looks powdery. I had to watch the timer on the first two (both tries yielded exactly 18 full size donuts-made in batches of 6 each) and pretty much took them out of the oven at 11 minutes and immediately took them out of the pan. The taste/texture was delicate and cakey (not doughnut like firmness from the other day) but the flavor was still there and kind of incredible. My 3rd batch didn’t look burned but once I took them out of the oven this consistency would not allow me to shovel them out easily like the other 12. I needed something to mop up the chocolate bowl and double boiler though so not a total waste. :)

    Anyway, great recipe! Thank you for sharing George!

  5. Would these work in a donut maker? I have a problem with paleo waffles always sticking to my waffle maker. Thanks!!!!

  6. Made these this weekend- phenomenal!

    I swapped out the coconut oil for bacon fat (had some fresh from breakfast!), and topped half with the chocolate glaze, and the other half with a maple cream I made from maple syrup, then topped the maple cream glaze with crumbled bacon. Heaven! My non-paleo friends at work are inhaling them this morning. Looking forward to trying some new variations- the batter is so neutral and yummy there are lots of possibilities. Might try cinnamon, blueberry, cocoa powder… could even add some lemon zest to it to make it lemony without having the sugar glaze!

  7. These donuts look way better than anything I could buy in the store. Great article on the new cookbook. If all of the recipes are like this, it will be a great addition to my collection of cook books.

  8. Hi Caveman,
    I live in Southern CA, too-I’ll just wait until you make these donuts and come over and eat them with you! They do look great. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe and for all of the fun things you do for us.

  9. These look so good! I wonder if its possible to make a maple syrup glaze (in place of the chocolate ganache) and then sprinkle with bacon bits the way Voodoo Doughnuts does for their maple bacon doughnut.


    I may need to go to the store for more supplies now.

  10. I love how you combined almond flour and arrowroot! I can’t use too much almonds in cooking or I get a bit of a stomach ache, so these will definitely be on my to-cook list :) The fact that 30 Day Guide to Paleo is ultra clean. If I get anywhere near off track, my face swells up with eczema and I have to eat ultra cleanly. Recipes that are really good like that are just what I like :)

  11. This looks great! Yesterday I made the Dark Chocolate cake from Haley and Bill’s Make it Paleo cookbook. Absolutely divine!!!

  12. I love bacon but these donuts look divine! Can’t wait to make them!
    You’re friend,
    Paleo Army Chic

  13. Paleo is definitely the way to go! It has positively impacted my life and that of several of my friends. What could be better than bacon? Paleo doughnuts!

  14. I love bacon!
    I love your recipes and website blogs!
    What’s great gift to win!
    Thank you for a chance to win, good luck to all of us!
    Sprinkled bacon would be a good topping for this,lol!

  15. Hi from Australia! Yes I love bacon, no I do not love such delicious looking photos when I’m half way through the 21 day sugar detox!
    I guess I’ll just add the paleo donuts to my recipe list for when the detox is over :) thanks for all the healthy inspiration Caveman :)

  16. Donuts! Glazed Donuts! Glazed Donuts with ingredients I like and can pronounce! Glazed donuts and bacon! {Drooling now!}

  17. Hello to you, hello to donuts, and hello to tropical traditions. :) I also shared. Still cannot see my reviews once I post them, so I sure hope you can!

  18. I can’t wait to try this donut recipe. Thanks for always having an uplifting story or recipe to brighten my day. You are so generous!

  19. You said to say “hi” or “I love bacon” in the comments. If I say both, does that give me a double entry? Lol, just kidding. ;o) Thank you for the awesome giveaways, but also, thank you for the wonderful recipes that keep my sweet tooth in check, when needed. You’re awesome George, keep up the good work!

    P.s. My phone is acting up so I can’t rate the recipe correctly. It’s wanting to give only two or three stars. This is definitely a five star recipe!

  20. Oh doughnuts, how I’ve missed you!!! And bacon, we’ve been close friends so long. It’s about time these two got together! And Healthy, too!!

  21. When I told my husband about this recipe his only response was “two dozen”. He has a true love for donuts but hasn’t had any since going paleo 2 years ago so he is oober excited to try these out. Thanks for always sharing and providing the BEST information

  22. Thanks George for making Paleo easier in our fast fried culture. You are an inspiration. I love donuts and LOVE bacon!

  23. I love bacon, too! Shared your picture on FB! Can’t wait to try these donuts! What do you think about sprinkling some crispy bacon on top of the ganache? :)

  24. Thanks to this recipe I have been able to convince my husband to try Paleo, for the simple fact he can continue his donut addiction!!!! Oh and I’m sure you could probably guess we both love bacon!!!

  25. Ordering some arrowroot powder tonight so I can make these bad boys. Frankly I think the NOTella would be amazing on these, with bacon of course. I do love bacon!

  26. Thank you for the recipes and all you share! I really like the sharing and friendliness across the paleo/primal community’s various blogs and sites!

  27. Do I love George’s recipes and site – yes.
    Do these donuts look great -Yes.
    Do they use paleo ingredients – Yes, for the most part

    However, I’m going to say something that has already been said but deserves to be said again. I have a good friend who is attempting paleo, but he’s ultimately attracted to these paleo cheats- because they emulate the standard American diet. I’m doing the best I can to steer him towards whole foods more in line with Whole 30, but so many sites are glorifying these treats that its challenging him and those who want to eat better.

  28. these look sooooo good that I am afraid to make them because I might eat too many. Guess I’ll just stick to my bacon smoothies for breakfast.

  29. I’m gonna make these, sans the chocolate glaze, and use them to make donut sandwiches. Hey, paleo peeps can be cutting edge, too!

  30. Transitioning to a Paleo diet has been difficult for me. I like sweet things and baked goods. It’s nice to find alternatives.

  31. I L-O-V-E bacon, but I don’t eat pork, sad isn’t it? I came here via FB, I shared the photo on FB, and I love Tropical Traditions! Great company!

  32. Um……HI!!!!! This looks divine!!! I have been craving carbs…and sugar…..I also happen to be on an anti-candida nutrition plan so I think I’m goin a lil CRAZY!!!!

  33. Those donuts look amazing and I will now enter to win their free cookbook contest – Thanks for the entry

  34. I love bacon! LOL
    I am so excited to try this recipe…not that I need donuts, but sometimes you NEED donuts! Thanks for posting!

  35. Geez, it’s official now! Between you, the food lovers, paleOMG, against all grain, and The Urban Poser, I have no choice BUT to purchase a donut maker this weekend! These look great, George! Looking forward to recreating them in my kitchen :).

  36. Geez, it’s official now! Between you, the food lovers, paleOMG, against all grain, and The Urban Poser, I have no choice BUT to purchase a donut maker this weekend! These look great, George! Looking forward to recreating them in my kitchen :).

  37. Last night’s dinner was a lovely cool salad/bacon. Tonight is bacon wrapped veggie kababs. The dogs love bacon nights, it means extra special dinner with bacon drippings on top.

  38. I wish I had had this for national donut day! In yo face Krispy Kreme! (Singing) Nom nom nom- I love bacon! I love donuts! Yum yum yum yum yum!

  39. Hi any suggestions what I can use instead of arrowroot flour/powder?
    Can’t find it in stores here in Iceland. Know I could order it from your link and I might do that just don’t want to wait. :)
    I’ve been following you for a few months now and I’ve loved everything that I’ve tried so far.

  40. These cookbooks look amazing! Thanks for all of the hard work! I am going to make the doughnuts and so is my best friend, and we will compare notes!

  41. I love bacon! Mmmmmmm. donuts! Just went to a seminar last night about what foods we put into our bodies. Homemade it always best… I’m going to give these a try!

  42. OMGosh, it all looks so amazing, and I think we are soul mates, because I absolutely adore bacon and my think my obsession with bacon is a bit over the top. LOL

  43. WE LOVE BACON!!! Absolutely critical to our diets….not just ANY BACON, but BACON from pigs that are respected and raised right, treated humanely and fed Non-GMO, nothing like Bacon fed with acorns either!!!! My son is cooking some RIGHT NOW!!!

  44. I really do love all your posts and recipes. My kids and husband fight me on Paleo eating a lot and with your food I don’t get as much kickback!!

  45. Hm, could we make these with Bacon??? This almost make me think of buying a donut maker!
    Love your blog :)

  46. I haven’t missed donuts at all since eating only real food for the past 8 months. But, these beautiful gems look really tempting!

  47. I will be making these soon! They look so delish! Since i love bacon so much, I just might sprinkle some on top. Even more Paleo than before. Yum! And thanks for all your do! I love your recipes and tips.

  48. These look like a incredible option to make for my daughter who is allergic to corn! At 5, it is difficult to understand why you can’t eat stuff everyone else does

  49. Hey there. I am going to be trying this recipe really soon. My husband would really appreciate these cakey donuts as a healthier alternative. We will probably be eating them plain with no ganache.

  50. Yummo. I ordered this cookbook on Amazon…I know the converted sweets aren’t so good for you, but they help my husband stick keep up with the cleaner/healthier eating!

  51. I get so many emails bombarding several different email addresses each day but I always take a moment to read yours because I know there is going to be something wonderful you’ve got to share with us! Thanks for the continued goodies and opportunities :) I’ve shared your site with many others who love it as well! And these look like the PERFECT paleo treat to make this weekend for Father’s Day! :)

  52. Seriously love donuts… And my 10 month old twin boys love your banana bread. Guess I will have to make them these without chocolate.

  53. MMMM Bacon, donuts and chocolate…yum! I must find a suitable paleo (and def. Gluten free sine i’m eliac) subsitution for almond flour which I am allergic too. Any ideas??

  54. Made your banana bread recipe this past weekend & it was AMAZING!! Kid approved as well!! Thanks for all the really great recipes! ;)

  55. Favorite food of my 2 yr old – bacon! Every morning when I ask what she wants for breakfast she says bacon :) yupp this family loves Bacon!

  56. These look awesome! I might try making them in my ebelskiver pan… I’m thinking bacon fat or butter to use as the oil in the wells. Worth the experiment!

  57. I adore this blog beyond comprehension! Thank you for being such an invaluable contribution to the paleo community!!

  58. Our family loves bacon. Of course our dog, is not happy that he never seems to get any bacon. Then there are bacon doughnuts and add a bit of maple syrup in the ganache… ahhhhhhh. I feel a baking day coming on!

  59. I love bacon. and paleo donuts. and everything you blog about. I guess you could say i just love you? Is that being to forward?? ;-) Anyway, I can’t wait to try these! I’m sure they will be AMAZING!

  60. Amazing stuff my son would love! He’s been eating Paleo for 3 months now & Crossfit for 9. Amazing transformation! !

  61. Looks delicious!! Can’t wait to try. Though I must say some crumbled bacon on tip would be delicious. Have you tried a ganache with bacon fat instead of oil? It’s how I’ve done mine and its so tasty!

  62. Hi!! I grew up in a donut shop so this recipe brought back tons of memories:). My entire family loves bacon, by the way….even my poochrs Popeye and jasper!

  63. These donuts look delicious! Thank you for all the tips and recipes that you post. I really enjoy reading them.

  64. Hi…I LOVE BACON!!! For years my husband tried to convince me that turkey bacon was better; I never fell for it :-P Now with the help of recipes like yours, I’m convincing him REAL BACON is better tasting and better for you!!! Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to get your new book!!!

  65. I shared the pic on Facebook and I am super excited about this recipe since I just bought a donut maker on clearance. Instead of cookies was going to do donuts for party :)

  66. Love your blog and recipes and that you share others successes and recipes also. Truly a stand up guy George! Oh, and, I love bacon! ;-)

  67. I LOVE BACON! The doughnuts look amazing, can’t wait to show these to my teenager and her friends to try. Thanks

  68. Now this is torture, I woke up starving, and here are donuts. That I don’t have everything to make right now. Drat, they look amazing :)

  69. I love your site! My four kids and husband demand bacon everyday :-) Maybe I can surprise the kids with these too.

  70. I love bacon!! And I can’t remember the last time I had a donut. These will definitely be my next splurge…. Come to me…….

  71. Hi! Just wanted to say you have had an awesome impact on how my family and I eat now. Thank you for doing what you do!!!!! Oh yea, I LOVE BACON!!!!! :)

  72. What’s the difference between Grade A and Grade B syrup? Is it just a quality/price point thing or a sugar/paleo thing?

    1. Grade B has been processed less. Has more of the trace minerals and such, is darker colored, and tastes better, so for us at least, means needing less.

  73. I love bacon. LOVE. BACON. and donuts. I also love donuts. Bacon donuts! We need bacon donuts! Great. Now I’m starving and I don’t have donuts OR bacon.
    Thank you for having amazing recipes :)

  74. I LOVE BACON. You are helping to make Paleo doable to the masses…even the weak. :) Also, thank you for your service to our country. I work with the wounded warriors for my job and all who have served are heroic in equal measure.

  75. Hi, I love bacon! So excited to try this recipe! Okay, funny story. My son is allergic to all mammalian meat, I am allergic to gluten and dairy! This is a recently known allergy for both of us! So, I LOVE doughnuts, but can’t have them anymore…my son LOVES bacon, but can no longer eat it. So now whenever I make bacon, I buy him doughnuts!

  76. Hi! I I love Bacon! And this donut recipe might be just the thing to get my great niece to finally eat after her 10 day hunger strike! I know the TT gift certificate would help ME! :-) xoxoxo!

  77. Thank you so much for sharing! I have missed donuts since starting my Paleo lifestyle 1 1/2 months ago. I would take my boys to eat donuts but I would bring my own breakfast to eat. Thank you!

  78. Well, I do love bacon…but I made these donuts for National Donut Day last Friday and they were incredible. I couldn’t do the lemon glaze or the chocolate ganache though because I’m afraid they would’ve been too sweet for me. So plain ended up being perfect :-)

  79. “Hi, I Do Love Bacon” :).
    Can not wait to try this recipe..
    Recently made Mother’sDay bread in muffin form.. AmAaaazing! Husband & Toddler approved too! They were in the oven, 3.5yo comes up from his playroom, walks past the oven & goes “Mmmm. Sometin’ smells goooood in here, what IS that?!?”

  80. Hi! I love bacon too, but I think I’m REALLY going to love these donuts! I’m actually thinking of putting some crumbled bacon in mine when I make them! :-)

  81. Wow! These look amazing, and it looks like just the thing we need for the kids!! I love bacon! These would go great with bacon!!
    Cheers! Keep up the great work / recipes!
    I tried to give this 5 stars, but my phone is being a PITA.

  82. Love sharing my paleo life transition with people. They always ask me can you eat donuts. I say yes here is a recipe! I love eating healthy and love feeding my fur-kids healthy and helping others find the right path for their fur-kids!

  83. I am super excited to make these!! (PS – These would be infinitely better with bacon in them! Maybe I’ll add crumbled bacon like sprinkles on top.)

  84. I have been wanting to try doughnuts for a while now! Can’t wait to make these! They look delish! :-)

  85. Hi! I told you on facebook but just in case you missed it, I love bacon! And your blog! These look amazing I’m not sure if I’m even allowed to make them because I live alone and might enjoy all of them too many, hah! Going to check out the book now. Have a wonderful day!

  86. Paleo Donuts with Chocolate Ganache. Nom nom nom. Would it be overkill to sprinkle them with tiny Chocolate Espresso Pork Belly bits?

  87. I love bacon so much my butcher cuts me a deal when I buy in bulk! I will fight my kids for it and not feel bad about it. ;)

  88. I love bacon! (And all of your posts, since obviously they usually include bacon.) Thanks for all the great work!

  89. I love bacon so much my butcher cuts me a deal when I buy in bulk! I will fight my kids for it and not feel bad about it. ;)

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