Paleo Banana Bread

Paleo Banana Bread
With the amount I make this banana bread, it is no secret it is the most popular recipe on my website EVER!!! Quite humbling and I just love that people have a delicious HEALTHY go to.  This recipe has been turned into quite a few different dishes and I love hearing all of your variations.  Comment and let me know how you spiced it up.

Paleo Banana Bread

So far, I have used this banana bread and variations to make my own variations a few times.  Here are my favorites:

Now here is confession time, this recipe was a delicious mistake.  I was perfecting a paleo pancake recipe that is now in The Paleo Kitchen (page 95) and asked myself why not Banana bread.  Every recipe I have seen for Paleo Banana Bread has been loaded with nut flours and only 1 banana at that.

Newsflash, it is banana bread so I wanted to make it about bananas.  And there was no better way then to throw 4 of them in here. So with that, I give you what I am naming my Perfect Paleo Bread. Oh yea, the bananas don’t even need to be overly ripe.

You can have this recipe from ingredients to banana bread batter and in the oven in 5 minutes, or less. I timed it :) When you are finished baking, slather this in some grass-fed butter and drizzle with raw honey.  Maybe add some cinnamon, some chocolate chips, some candied walnuts, oh my.

Just typing this post makes my mouth water again.  Time to get creative with some more flavor combinations to keep this recipe evolving perfectly.  Hey, maybe I can even put together a free e-book on all the different ways you can enjoy this banana bread.  Leave me a comment if that is something you would like to see, I will see what I can do.  Go get your banana bread on now!!!

Paleo Banana Bread

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Paleo Banana Bread
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 8
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit
  2. Combine your bananas, eggs, and nut butter, and grass-fed butter in a blendtec, blender, food processor, or mixing bowl and mix well (if using a mixing bowl you need a good hand-mixer)
  3. Once all of your ingredients are blended, add in your coconut flour, cinnamon, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, and sea salt and mix well
  4. Pour your batter in a silicon pan and spread it evenly (you can use a loaf pan as well, just grease it well)
  5. Place in your preheated oven and bake for 55-60 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean
  6. Remove from oven and flip your bread out onto a cooling rack
  7. Slice and serve
  1. Cranberry Orange - Only use 3 tablespoons of butter. Add zest of one whole orange diced, juice of one whole orange, and1 cup dried cranberries or fresh if you want
  2. Chocolate Blueberry - Add 1 cup of fresh blueberries and 1/2 cup of cocoa powder
  3. Pumpkin Pecan - Reduce the almond butter to 1/4 cup and add 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree and 1 cup of roughly chopped pecan pieces
If you want to make these into muffins, use the same recipe and for mini muffins bake approximately 25 mins and normal size muffins 30-35 minutes.

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  1. I found this recipe to be very bland unfortunately :( next time I’ll add something sweet like chocolate chips or cocoa. I am only new to paleo so maybe my pallet was expecting the sugar filled mainstream flavour but never the less it was an unappealing taste I hope to correct in the future

  2. Made these as muffins today with the coconut oil and a 1/2 cup choc chips and baked for 25 min – they were perfect. I will try the cocoa powder next time for the chocolate version – thanks so much!

  3. I have made this several times and feel compelled to share a few things….

    I have made this with almond butter, but usually I omit the nut butter due to allergies in the house and find that it works just fine! I think the texture ends up slightly different, but nobody seems to notice.

    Second, today I forgot the fat and I don’t think that mattered either! Usually I do half and half coconut oil and butter. As they were baking I felt like I was forgetting something but couldn’t remember what (I suppose that’s what I get for not referring to the recipe!) BUT it came out great! It might hold together slightly better with the fat, but this time around I added the fat in the form of butter as the topping :)

    Lastly, I attempted a pumpkin version of this where I used 2 bananas and 1 c pumpkin puree. I enjoyed them BUT I am now of the opinion that anything that uses bananas as a base will taste at least a little bit like banana. This goes for some banana-based brownie recipes I have made too…..not necessarily a bad thing, but if you are not expecting it then it might disappoint you!

    In conclusion….definitely most forgiving recipe ever!

  4. I ve tried this recipe many times and it worked well :) just curious if i make it in muffin pans how long do i have to bake it ?

  5. this sounds really good (especially the drizzle with raw ‘money’ part. :) LOL) Seems as though we often have too many bananas … I’ll have to give this a try, I’ll probably drizzle with the honey though. :)

  6. Fresh out of the oven. I had such high hopes, as it had risen so well over the 60-minute bake. The taste is fine, not as banana-y (even with using very ripe bananas) as I’d hope with a slightly eggy texture. Definitely a good base to toy around with.

  7. I’ve been saving this recipe for a long time and have finally made it. It’s just awesome and plan on baking regularly. Haven’t looked through every comment but I’m wondering has anyone tried to freeze a loaf?

    Thanks very much, George!!

    1. I bake one weekly and cut it up into individual servings to freeze and it works perfectly. I’ve never frozen a whole loaf though.

  8. Hi!!

    After making this a few times and always having trouble with the bottom sticking now matter how much oil I used, I tried using a cut-to-size piece of parchment paper on the bottom of the pan. I still greased the sides and it still stuck, but I was able to loosen it with a spatula/flipper and it slid out no problem.

    I also made an adjustment for our high altitude here in Calgary, AB. I increased the coconut flour to 3/4 cup and it solved the ‘gooey’ issue I had before.

    Thanks! Great recipe!! I always add dark chocolate and sometimes walnuts.

    1. I have been looking for a good recipe … I have been training hard. I have been seeking a healthier lifestyle. This recipe was good, but I found that it came out a but eggy ( I know that is not a proper word). I used almond flour in mine, perhaps I need to add more much like how you did.

  9. This is the first time making a paleo banana bread and it was simple and very delicious. I did not make any alterations to the original recipe.

    However the most upsetting thing is that it did not keep for long and let’s just say that throwing away my HALF loaf was heart breaking considering how expensive the ingredients are (I live in an area where these ingredients are hard to come by). It was only 4 days.

    My advice would be to put it in the fridge straight away if you live in a humid area like myself. Asia is not the best place to leave a banana bread on the counter for 2 days. It just tasted very funky unfortunately.

    @CookingCaveman – please make this a note at the end of the recipe to warn others.

  10. I’ve made this so many times and absolutely love it! I got distracted today and added almond flour instead of almond butter…but then a threw some in once I realized my mistake. I’m hoping it turns out okay…crossing my fingers while it bakes.

  11. Just tried the Banana Paleo bread and its just beautiful.. I love this guilt free delicious way of cooking so thank you for sharing your recipes with us!!

  12. I want to try the pumpkin version. Do I omit the bananas or reduce the bananas? If leaving the bananas in, does it taste like banana pumpkin? I don’t really want to taste the bananas in the pumpkin version. Thanks.

  13. Oh my goodness! This was the best ever! We have been slowly making the transition to eating paleo/ real food and this delicious bread gives me hope for the future! Thank you so much!!

    1. I was cleaning the batter in the bowl before baking. It tasted so sweet and good, cannot wait to taste the end result. Love the simple recipe!

  14. Best banana bread I have made. Have just gone paleo and really surprised how much flavour this recipe has. I made this last week but didn’t watch my oven temperature and bread was slightly burnt on outside, though inside was lovely and moist, still very delicious. Have just made this again. Turned oven temperature down (as I have a fan forced oven) and cooked for 50mins. I would definitely recommend this. I will be trying some variations as well. Even my husband who is rather sceptical about my new way of eating, was impressed. Thank you.

    1. YES It works with Oat Flour- I use 1/2 C Oats ground in the food processor and 1/2 C Coconut Flour or You can use 1- 1 1/4 C Oat Flour.. I also subbed the Almond butter w/ Almond meal one time too !!

  15. So, quick question: What loaf pan do you recommend to get a reasonably similar conventional bread size? Would a 9×5 work fine? Or would it be too thin? And obviously, I CANNOT wait to do this! It’s messing with my will in unknown ways!

  16. Hi!
    Tried this out a while back and love it! I store it in the fridge to keep and also because my house is REALLY warm in the spring/summer and some of fall since I live in the valley. I used a glass loaf pan because my luck in the past with the non stick has been awful! I also put down a small sheet of parchment to make the loaf pop right out of the pan because I hate losing half of the loaf to it sticking! haha! But very yummy and MOIST!

  17. I was looking for a recipe that uses lots of bananas, because I had lots of bananas getting ready to go bad. I did not have almond butter so instead i put 1/2 cup of cashew meal and I put 1/4 cup cocoa. It came out moist, light and delicious. (I used coconut oil, no butter). And it’s so simple to make! Thanks for sharing

    1. Anne-Sylvie I was wondering where did you buy your cashew meal. I came across a recipe yesterday that called for cashew meal. Thanks

  18. BEST Paleo Banana Bread recipe! I followed it exactly and it turned out moist and delicious. Even my hard to please MIL, hubby, and picky kids gobbled it up!

    1. Has anyone ever tried to make it in a bread machine? I am looking for a good paleo banana bread that I can make in a bread machine.

  19. Hi, George,

    I tried this recipe using sunflower butter instead of almond butter and I noticed that within a day (or less!) the bread starts turning blue/green. It’s happened twice now, once when I left the loaf out of the fridge, and once when I had the loaf in the fridge. Could it be the sunflower butter? Or maybe it’s normal when using coconut flour (I’ve never used it before).

    That all said, it TASTES amazing.

    Thanks for your insight!

      1. If you add lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, this can counter the green reaction of the sunflower seeds and baking soda :)

  20. Really good, best grain-free baked treat I have had. It may have been covered somewhere else in the lengthy thread of comments, but I found the toothpick test is not a good determination with this recipe. Toothpick came out clean as a whistle but it was still gummy in the center of the cake. The flavor and texture of the cooked parts are fantastic!! Double thumbs up.

  21. amazing banana bread I make it weekly for my kids and myself, no need to sweeten it the bananas doo the job and a little grass fed butter on top makes its my most favourite desert! by far the best banana bread I have made,

  22. George, I have a serious question! I am on the quest for the PERFECT GF/DF banana bread and I really thought this would be it. My bread came out SUPER dry and with not enough flavor or sweetness. Comparing to other recipes, it doesn’t have any honey or coconut milk (things that would make it sweet and moist). I also think the bananas I used weren’t ripe enough. But any other suggestions for me??! I am desperate!

      1. I just made this recipe and had the opposite problem! I followed the recipe, cooked for 60 minutes in a silicone pan – and it was still watery! It hadn’t cooked at all. I know my oven works because everything else I make works. This is the second GF banana bread recipe I have tried, and the last one turned out exactly the same. These recipes without regular flour don’t seem to work. I also notice you don’t use any xanthan gum, which other GF recipes use – although it didn’t seem to help the other recipe either. Any suggestions?

        1. Did you by chance use almond flour instead of coconut flour? That could explain your problem. This recipe is great if you use coconut flour, but contrary to what the recipe says above, almond flour and other nut flours CANNOT be substituted directly for coconut flour–they behave completely differently in recipes. Coconut flour absorbs a ton of moisture, whereas the other flours do not. So if you use almond flour, it will turn out a watery mess.

          1. I used almond flour(Bob’s) and this recipe turned out perfectly, moist, tender, delicious. Toasting it adds another tasty dimension.
            Thanks for a great recipe!!

        2. After you add the coconut flour, continue blending the ingredients (this works best with a hand blender) for a couple extra minutes until you notice the batter start to thicken up. It is impossible to over mix this batter, so mix until you are satisfied that the coconut flour has absorbed a lot of the liquid before baking. That should help with the wateriness.

    1. I made this and I didn’t have enough banana. 300 g. I sustituted dates ( mashed up of course) until I gad 575. Baked in an 8 by 8 for 40 min or so. Absolutely delish and super moist!

  23. Seriously the best banana bread ever. I was getting so pissed because every banana bread recipe had added sweetners… hello, banana is SO sweet already! What were these people thinking?! Thanks for your creativity. DELISH.

  24. Just made your recipe (Banana Bread). I doubled it!! I had to be careful because I ran out of room in the food processor. Mixed dry ingredients in a separate, bigger, bowl then combined the two. Made my own Almond butter. It turned out awesome!! I made two sets of muffins and one loaf. Plan on freezing the muffins and use as needed. Thank you very much for providing such great healthy recipes!!

    1. Isela, how much Almonds did you use for your butter? I either make too much or too little. Also, what kind of Almonds do you use? I standardly get raw Almonds.

      Thank you for your help!

  25. Holy smokes, this is an amazing recipe. I just finished my first Whole30 and opted to stay away from Gluten but was really looking to try out something bread-y. I was nervous my first GF baking was going to be a flop, but this turned out perfectly! It was so easy that I plan to keep this one in my reserves to serve for friends or to take as a dessert to pass. The texture is truly perfect, dense and moist without being heavy and the flavor is very similar to traditional banana bread without being quite as sweet (which I love!).

  26. Hi there,
    First I have to say thanks for such an awesome recipe, I don’t usually bake but steps were easy to follow and turned out amazing. Just a few questions, I doubled up the ingredients to make a double batch, is there any change to the instructions? Also, I noticed after a couple days the bread (stored in tupperwear) became very very moist and had a very bad after taste. The day before it was great, not sure if there is a certain way I should be storing this?

    1. Store it in the fridge, and freeze any amount that you won’t be eating within a few days. I’ve made this several times as muffins, and I find that I can just pull a frozen muffin out of the freezer, microwave for 30-40 seconds and it is warm and delicious!

  27. I’ve never commente on a recipe before, but this one was just too great! Ive made this a couple times now, each time splittig the batter into two variations. Ir made plain, with golden raisins, with tons of fresh blueberries mixed in, with dark chocolate on top, in a loaf pan, a silicone muffin pan, and a small square pyrex. each time turned out great (even the batch where forgot the coconut oil!) I always have over ripe bananas in my freezer, and this is by far the best use for them I have found. My husband also loves it, and now he thinks I’m an amazing paleo baker!

    1. Hi Libby, I was wondering with variations I always thought you switch out different foods. But this recipe I was confused. If you add the blueberries do you still leave in the bananas. Thanks Diane :)

  28. i made this today using the pumpkin variation. The bread was not sweet at all and dry. Not sure what went wrong but will not make this recipe again. Most of the reviews were for the banana bread original recipe so I thought the pumpkin variation would be great as well. I will keep searching for a great paleo pumpkin bread recipe.

  29. OUTSTANDING. I still can’t believe that there is absolutely no sweetener in this recipe. It has such a great grain like texture, one of the BEST paleo recipes I’ve ever tasted. Thank you!

  30. I’m about to make this recipe! I’ll be doing the blueberry variation but with chocolate chips. Making this for a “before the club” party which I’ll be providing paleo food for my girlfriends!

  31. Made this and added 1/4 cocoa nibs for added texture. In a silicone loaf pan baked for 60 min at 350F – awesome! My husband just ate 1/2 loaf. Also made it a 2nd time using 1/4 gluten free baking mix for my kids and this looked almost identical to my regular banana bread loaf. Thanks for the great recipe!

  32. As I was preparing the batter (only substitute was 1/4 cup of clarified butter since I was down to 1/4 cup of Almond butter in the pantry)I was doubtful this was going to be as tasty as “Nana’s” Banana Bread recipe that had a bit of sweetner in it. I Baked it for 45 mins in a 9×9 pan. Golden brown on the outside and just a touch mushy on the inside. Turned the oven off and placed it back in the warm oven..went visiting for an hour or so and when I returned…perfection! Sweet is not the problem. I think the problem is the loaf pan..too deep for this recipe leaving uncooked interior. Use a shallow pan. Light, Fluffy and DELICIOUS!

    1. Loaf pan isn’t problem…ensure you use the convection (fan) setting if you have one and use a high quality silicone pan…no need to grease pan and totally consistent baking times. Loafs, no matter what the ingredients, usually take from 55-65 minutes if filled 3/4 full or more. I have been making all sorts (even flourless) for many years.

      1. What if you don’t have a convection fan? I had the same problem, cooked it for 60mins, brown on the outside and mushy in the middle. :(

        1. Hmmmm….your oven may not be heating to true temperature. try 75 min and check for burning (maybe lower one shelf level down so slightly lower in oven as heat will come from bottom for baking). Let me know if this solves problem. I’m curious and may try on a non-convection setting too. Thanks!

        2. I have the same problem with a lot of my banana breads but find if I cover with foil for the last 15-20 minutes of baking it cooks thru perfectly.

  33. Made these today and they were amazing. My kids said they were even better than my “regular” ones (and they are hard to please). Opted for muffins after reading the “black on the outside/raw inside” comments regarding the loaf. They were perfect- brown and moist, not spongy. Cooked for 30 minutes. Also added 1/4c of shredded coconut and 3/4c of dark chocolate chips. Can’t wait to make again.

  34. For healthy it was pretty good and guilt-free. I just added some jam for added sweetness. I used the coconut oil instead of the butter and it was moist and fine. Thanks!

  35. This is an unbelievable banana bread. I loved it had no added sweetener- let the bananas do that! I added some semi-crushed walnuts on top and also broiled it for a few minutes after it was finished baking to crisp up the top!


  36. Well, that’s four bananas and a heck of a lot good ingredients gone to waste…

    I followed the exact recipe and it all just came out wet and not at all cooked, even though the top was almost burnt. Like a very wet sponge that tastes like raw eggs.

    Flipped it and put it back in the oven, not expecting really much of it…

    1. Did you by chance use almond flour instead of coconut? That’s the one thing I would say about this recipe… almond flour and other nut flours CANNOT be substituted directly for coconut flour. They perform completely differently in recipes. Coconut flour absorbs a lot of moisture, whereas almond flour not only does not absorb moisture but actually adds moisture to the recipe. So if you use almond flour for this, it will be a watery mess.

  37. I need to clarify my previous response. I was cooking several things this morning when I decided to try this recipe since I had very ripe bananas. As I was cleaning up I saw my measured out coconut oil that I forgot to add to the mix. That being said the bread was very crusty on the outside but mushy on the inside. It probably would have still been a fail. I cooked it for 50 minutes trying to get it to dry out. I used Bobs Coconut Flour that I had on hand. The texture seems like baking powder not flour. Any suggestions on another type of coconut flour to use ?

  38. FAIL: This was looking beautiful as I removed from oven, inserted knife that came out clean, flipped onto a cooling rack expecting it to slide right out but it would not be coaxed out of the greased glass loaf pan. I banged the loaf pan with large spoon, then went around the edge with a knife, and finally it came out with a dry blob and all the crusty goodness still stuck on loaf pan.

  39. Absolutely wonderful! I followed the recipe exactly (but had to make my own almond butter)and it worked out perfectly. The fact that it has no sweetener is huge along with the fact that no one will know. Can’t wait to make the orange cranberry and pumpkin ones. Thank-you!

  40. I melted 1 T butter and about 3 oz. dark chocolate and swirled that in which came out the oven looking beautiful and tasted great. However, a couple minutes out of the oven and it sunk in the middle. Any idea how to prevent that? Did I take it out of the oven too soon?

  41. Just chiming in here to say that the bread can be made without the almond butter, just add an extra banana!!
    It worked great, thanks for the recipe!

  42. Freaking amazing banana bread!! I’ve been wanting to make this recipe for a looong time and finally got around to it. Funnily enough I’m doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox (from Diane Sanfilippo) and since there’s no added sugar in the bread (thank you!!) I can have it! yay!1

  43. Just made this bread.. I love how simple & quick it is to prepare! It has a very good flavor, but mine came out very “spongy”, so I’m trying to figure out what I did that can be adjusted next time.

    I used almond flour, sun butter, 5 bananas instead of 4 because they were small bananas. Everything else I did according to recipe. I used a glass pan & baked for 50 mins… so possibly undercooked? The knife/toothpick came out completely clean when I tested it & the outside def looked done. Any suggestions?

    1. Do a little research on the egg to coconut flour ratio (I’m sorry I don’t know it off hand). But coconut flour absorbs so much more than almond flour, so it requires more eggs in a recipe. You probably had too many eggs for the amount of almond flour, I learned this by doing some research about coconut and almond flour substitutes recently. Hope that helps! :-)

  44. Hello from the paleo baking community, please: I followed the recipe, and used homemade baking powder & sunflower seed butter from Trader Joe’s. My “test” loaf came out black on top, and green underneath that. The taste is fine, but I bought a lot of bananas to make several mini loaves for gifts… and I’m not sure what I need to do to avoid that, as it is not very appealing. Thanks for tips! Oh, there is an almond shortage, so I could not buy any almond butter.

      1. Haha, thanks George. Today is round 2, and I’m prepared to try again. TJ’s got a shipment of almond butter, & I am stocked now. So hopefully this time it won’t be green & black. Has anyone tried the pumpkin pecan version? How did it turn out?

  45. Really good! I used coconut butter and aded some bittersweet chocolate chips. First time I’ve baked something without adding sugar or a sweetener of some sort and it came out great! Highly recommend.

    1. Love it and feeling healthy too!! Didn’t have almond butter, used peanut butter instead. Turned out great. Glad to see a receipe with no sugar added.

  46. AMAZING! I never comment on recipes I find online but this is a different story. When I make banana bread I always want to use more bananas than the recipe calls for and when I saw this one uses four bananas I wanted to try it. So glad I did! Best banana bread I’ve ever had. Yes, better than the stuff my mom made with regular flour and shortening. My fiancé has so many dietary restrictions and we could both eat this together. Love the low sweetness level. Perfect as is but I might try adding more spices next time just to experiment. I’ll definitely add ground clove, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice when I bake the pumpkin version. Can’t wait! Thanks a million for creating this gem.

  47. Very good! Surprisingly light and moist. I freeze overripe bananas, so I used five small frozen bananas. For a topping, I mixed cinnamon, granulated maple sugar and chia seeds and added the mix to the top and swirled a bit throughout (I used a bundt pan).

  48. I made this without almond butter, but subbed 1/4 c coconut oil in its place. Absolutely perfect! Though I’d like to add that I used a metal pan and it STILL took 55 minutes to bake until the middle was set, so I was a bit confused by the 35-40 minute calculation. Will definitely make again – maybe muffins next time!

  49. This is the best banana bread I’ve ever made, paleo or no! I didn’t have really ripe bananas, so I added a tablespoon of molasses and one and a half tablespoons of xylitol to make sure it would be somewhat sweet, since my kids would be eating it. I also didn’t have enough sunflower seed butter- it amounted to about 1/4-1/3 cup I think, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. It was very moist and delicious. I will be keeping this recipe, with my modifications- I’m not changing a good thing! I also followed another commenter’s suggestion to avoid it being mushy- they used 8″ square baking dish, which I don’t have, so I used a small rectangular (about 10×7 I think).
    Thanks for this recipe!! So delicious that even non-paleo’s would love it I’m sure!!

  50. The texture of the bread is the absolute best of any paleo recipe I have tried. Based on comments about mushiness and firmness, I baked it in an 8 inch square dish, reducing the cook time to 45 minutes. Turned out perfectly! It is not sweet, which is great because it allows for a little versatility by spreading on a little fruit or honey. LOVE it!

      1. Made these into muffins today – totally forgot the almond butter but consistency is awesome and taste is wonderful! So easy, thanks!

  51. I don’t think I was paying enough attention to how much mashed bananas I added (mashing bananas is FUN). As a result it never firmed up enough. Still, it was very delicious.

    1. I had coconut flour and bananas to use up but am vegan. Substituted coconut oil for the butter as the option and flax seed eggs with a little extra baking powder and it was so delicious. The texture and flavor are awesome! You are right so quick too! They were more flavorful when they coolled though.

  52. After working out, & getting ready for work in the morning it took no time to combine ingredients & bake this easy delicious banana bread for breakfast. i threw in some chopped pecans to give it some texture & crunch. My teenage daughter in culinary high school that wants to be a pastry chef some day raved about the banana bread it’s delicious hot or toasted.
    Many thanks

  53. This recipe is GREAT! I drizzled with honey right out of the oven! I made them into mini muffins; cooked 19 minutes at 350 degrees (probably should have pulled at 18 or so, but still amazing). It makes me feel like I’m eating a normal banana bread, but no guilt! Great job!

  54. I have tried many other recipes but THIS recipe is by far the best!! So delicious! The texture, the flavor are on point! I’m so excited about this recipe!

  55. This is gold! We have tried so many recipes of banana bread and this one is one the best ones. Especially because there is so little flour and it makes a big batch. Some of the recipes we tried called for at least 2 cups of almond flour plus some coconut flour as well – that is just way too much. The only thing I wanted to ask – I can taste the baking soda and powder in it.. would it affect it a lot if I have put half of what you are suggesting? Thank you for this!!

  56. Thanks for this wonderful recipe! I have made it four times in the past week as my family love it and it disappears within a day! For the last two loaves, I have added 4 Medjool dates and a teaspoon of ginger which I think is a lovely variation.

  57. I just made the pumpkin version and it is a nice flavor but I could only really eat the outside edge, the rest is mushy :( I used almond meal, and a bit of coconut flour. I also used 5 black slightly firm refrigerated only bananas, should I have done something to reduce the water here? Or maybe lose an egg? I guess back off a banana? it only came to 2 cups when my immersion blender got done with them.
    Anyway, very excited about the flavor, kinda bummed about the texture I created. It should be known I am no hand in the kitchen, so any tips will be very appreciated.

    1. Coconut flour absorb more water than almond, thats why she used only 1/2 cup of flour here. If you want to use almond meal instead, I would increase the flour. Ex) a cup almond flour plus 1/4cup.. coconut floue

  58. Made this last night and loved it. Though I added an extra banana, choppedd up, to give it little bursts of moist banana flavor.

  59. Made the banana bread 3 times now. It is delicious straight out of the oven. It is delicious when cooled down. It never lasts long in our house.
    5 stars (It won’t let me rate it).

  60. I made the Pumpkin Pecan version of this recipe and it was honestly the best Paleo desert I have found! Even my non-Paleo friends loved it!

  61. Has anyone ever tried using frozen bananas? I want to make this recipe but don’t have enough bananas. But I do have a bunch of frozen slices I save for smoothies. Any thoughts on if this would work?

    1. I used 1 fresh banana and 3 previously frozen and thawed, and it turned out great! I drained about 1/2 of the liquid that had accumulated with thawing. Used 1/4c coconut flour and 1/4 c almond flour (to equal the required 1/2c, not extra) and a good handful of pecan pieces.

  62. Love, love, love… Making a second loaf tonight, after my kids inhaled the first one over the weekend! Fantastic. :) Added a smidge of honey and soy butter on top while it was still hot. I’m going to take this loaf to work tomorrow. Thank you!

  63. Thanks for the recipe. I added 1/2 cup of flaxseeds and substituted the baking powder with 1/4 tsp. baking soda and 1/2 cup grass-fed whole buttermilk (could use yogurt). It came out great! A good dose of fiber too! With my substitution 1 serving of this recipe has: 15 grams of carbs, 9 grams of fiber, 10 grams of protein, and 21 grams of fat. (8 servings, although that was a lot of bread for me so I would make the servings smaller). And a little too carby. I was thinking of substituting the banana with zucchini and sweetening with a dash of honey next time to see if I can get those carbs down. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration.

  64. I love this spread I made it just as instructed and added walnuts spread a little honey on top. My only question is about how many carbs there is in it and the calories :0)

  65. George I know you do not calculate carbs for your recipes. But could someone tell me how many carbs are in this recipe? I cook for a diabetic that has to keep to a certain limit on his carb intake daily.

    1. I calculated about 15 grams of carbs (I only used 2 cups of banana instead of 2.5). I added flaxseeds so that brought the fiber up to 9 grams. That is in 8 servings. Total carbs were about 150 grams, fiber 70 g, protein 80, and fat 172 for the whole loaf (rounding up a little). Again, that is with 1/2 cup flaxseeds, 1/2 cup buttermilk, and 2 cups of bananas…everything else the same.

  66. This is fabulous! My kids are not fans of our new paleo-style diet but they actually loved this bread :) I was geeked! It came out fluffy & moist for us. I baked in a cake for about 20 minutes.

  67. Yum! Ok, so I admit it has been a very LONG time since I have had “real” banana bread so if you are comparing it to the real thing, then you might be a little disappointed. However, if you are like me and have grown accustomed to the texture of coconut flour and egg in baked goods, then you will love this recipe. I used grass-fed butter, really ripe bananas, high quality organic coconut flour, as well as cashew butter. I thought it was plenty sweet with just the ripe bananas but once again, I haven’t eaten sugary snacks in a long time. I also upped the vanilla to a tablespoon and added some nutmeg and all-spice just b/c I love how they add a warmness to baked goods. Once baked, I topped it with a little extra cinnamon and butter upon slicing right out of the oven. Delish!

  68. I have tried making paleo banana bread before and it always comes out spongey. I am tempted to try this recipe but dont want to waste good ingredients. Is there something I can do to ensure it will not turn out like a sponge?

    1. I would have to agree. I’m a little new to Paleo cooking and will have to get used to that texture, I guess. Flavor was a bit bland, too. I’m not sure I understand how this is a 5 star recipe. Are all Paleo baked goods spongy?

  69. Hi I just made this last night and it was yummy . But how do I store this bread ? Can I freeze it . Does it need to be in the refrigerator

  70. I made the Palo banana bread. It was awesome. My husband said it would be too sweet but he loves it! The only thing that I changed was that I added 1/4 tapioca flour. This made the bread fluffier. I love it! Thnks

  71. I have all the ingredients ready to make the recipe… (I’ve got a tonne of bananas that need using) but I can’t find anywhere to buy any nut butter around here… currently in a very small town in the north of italy. Is it possible to replace the nut butter with another ingredient? maybe oil or tahini?


      1. My husband isn’t a fan of nut butter so as a substitute I used dates. I heated the dates in a saucepan with a little bit of water than added the baking soda to it. The soda breaks down the dates so that they are like a paste. I used the equivalent of dates instead of the nut butter and it worked (and tasted) great!

  72. I just made the paleo banana bread. Actually I am having a piece now for dessert. For me it needed some honey in the batter. But when I put honey on the warm cake it was just delicious. What would you recommend for next time, honey or coconut sugar? Everything I have made from the cookbook has been wonderful. I am so glad I purchased it!

  73. I am so ashamed. I just made a pig out of myself. Daughter brought me a muffin made from this banana bread recipe last night. It is gone, secretly scarfed down by yours truly, and I have never tasted better, including my own family favorite(a wonderfully moist recipe that is non-Paleo and also completely non-diabetic friendly). I do not bake it anymore for that reason. She admitted to one adjustment, adding some stevia to the recipe. We are now planning a Paleo Banana Bread and Pumpkin Pecan bake-off at my house. Hopefully by then I will be able to practice more restraint. For now, I am excited to view your other recipe adaptations. My blood sugar thanks you George!

  74. Love this recipe, thanks! I made as muffins and used egg replacer instead of eggs. I put a few frozen rasperries in the top of each muffin before baking and they turned out great!

  75. Mine was nice but a little too moist and eggy. Can you use 2 or 3 eggs instead of 4? It didn’t taste eggy but texture was a but like an omelette. I used half coconut half almond flour in mine.

  76. Just made this recipe today, and it was wonderful! Coming from someone who made/ate banana bread regularly, my picky hubby and I thought it tasted just like traditional banana bread. We are new to paleo, and we intend to make it a lifestyle, it’s recipes like this that help curb that occasional craving for bread or deserts. Can’t wait to share some with my diabetic mom, I think she’ll appreciate the high fiber and low carb content!

  77. My family LOVES these muffins! They are the best, and I chose to try them because you focused so much on the banana, which is a MUST. Thank you!! **note – your recipe rating starts won’t let me choose a 5 .. not sure why

  78. Wow! I made this banana bread a cpl of hours ago and just had a piece. It was so yummy. I am new to Paleo so finding recipes that I actually like is reassuring.

    Thank you for this and other great options.

  79. Hello, I tried this recipe yesterday for the first time. Lovely flavors, looking forward to trying the other variations.

  80. Hi! Just a question. Is it possible to sub the nut butter with PB2 powder? If so, can I use the powder alone or does it have to be rehydrated to 1/2 cup with water?

  81. This banana bread is utterly amazing! I’ve made it 4 times so far, without having to do any of the adjustments I usually have to do for other recipes! So moist, sweet and simply delicious

  82. They didn’t come out as sweet as I had expected it to be, perhaps because I used thawed frozen bananas, but hey I’m not complaining because they were still so moist and yum!

  83. Such an easy and delicious recipe!! Thank you for sharing!! It came out perfectly (followed the exact recipe)! I will definitely be making this again (probably weekly) and I am super excited to try the other variations. Thanks again and congrats on this Paleo triumph :)

    1. most paleo “bread” recipes are very moist. more like wet sponges. I made these as muffins and had a much better experience than with other pale recipes. I think when made as a loaf, the texture would be different. try the muffins :)

  84. This recipe plus 1/2 cup more almond flour (other half being coconut flour), and almost 1/2 cup of honey made twelve perfect muffins after 15-18 minutes & the tops are nicely risen and cracked to paleo perfection. Thanks so much for such an awesome recipe – you can truly tell the quality of a recipe if it still goes well after a couple adjustments!

  85. So I don’t know what went wrong but my banana bread was very oily I followed the recipe but I used coconut oil, maybe that’s why :( … Still pretty tasty!

  86. Just made these, absolutely delicious! So happy to have discovered a grain free bread that I can bake at home so easily. Thanks for the great recipe. My version was to throw everything into the food processor out of order, (also used half coconut and half almond flour) and then bake in a mini muffin pan. They turned out amazing in spite of my haste. I also forgot the vanilla but can’t tell. No need for any sweetener either. This recipe is a win all around!
    Five stars but the rating won’t let me :/ !

  87. Hi! Made the bread this morning – – delicious except when I turned it over to get out of the bread pan, a 1/4 of the loaf broke and didn’t turn out of the pan. What is the trick? Let it cool longer (I had it cooling for about 20 min)? I did prepare the pan with coconut oil first.


      1. As much as I wanted to love the recipe, I was disappointed. The flavor is good but I had to cook it for 1 hour 20 minutes and it was still moist. I want to try it again. Would using overly ripe bananas be my issue? Should I only use ripe bananas?Should I add more flour? Help :-).

        1. Yes, that can be dependent on a few things. If you used almond flour and the bananas were too ripe than there is nothing to absorb that excess moisture which is my guess on what happened. I always recommend using coconut flour first in this recipe because it turns out perfect every time. If you use coconut flour and your bananas are overly moist you can adjust from 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup at the most.

  88. Absolutely LOVE this recipe! Made them into muffins and ‘mini loaves’ in a square brownie pan. My fiancé can always tell (and dislikes) when I use coconut flour but he approved and even requested another batch. Thanks again!!


    I’ve made this recipe 4x in the last month. Can’t get enough of it. My 3 YO loves it!!

    Can’t wait to make again. Thank you for accidentally making it

  90. Just made this with Justin’s vanilla almond butter. Holy moly SO good! Did I mention I saw this recipe on Pinterest and got up at midnight to make it ;)

  91. Just made this into muffins! Tastes soo yummy! Only thing was I used sunflower seed butter since I was out of almond butter and it makes the muffins come out super dark and they almost look burnt( still tasty! Great recipe! Next time I’ll use almond butter!

  92. Just got done devouring this. Made it with crunchy Almond Butter because that’s all I had. Amazing, moist and delicious!

  93. Made this for the first time today! Tastes yummy and I think I’ll add some almond flour in addition to the coconut flour next time… a little too moist this time around. Thanks for sharing such deliciousness :)

  94. I had a serious banana bread craving, hadn’t had any since going paleo about 2 yrs ago, and these did the trick. We added blueberries and walnuts to make it extra super yummy. Tasted like the best banana bread ever in my book. And my 3 yr old who has never had banana bread (and LOVES bananas and blueberries) thought they were the best ever too and would have gobbled up the whole loaf if I let him. We didn’t have almond butter, so just put in a 1/2 cup almond flour and a 1/4 cup organic white rice flour (yes, not exactly paleo, but great resistant starch!) and skipped the coconut flour, it never sits well with me and is kind of tricky to work with. Turned out great! Almost too sweet, with 4 ripe bananas, maybe I’ll try 3 next time. Have to make it for the hubby when he is home from a work trip, cause this one isn’t gonna last! What a treat.

  95. I made this a few days ago and it was wonderful, will certainly be making again! I used sunbutter and it turned green LOL! Luckily I was expecting it or it would have been quite a shock! Thanks for a great recipe, I’m looking forward to trying more :-)

  96. This is great! Whipped it up before heading to work last night, so quick and it worked really well. I had no almond butter so used peanut butter. This is going to be a regular item from now on! Thanks :-). I took a big piece to work and it was a great guilt free meal.

  97. I make this bread often, and it is delicious! When I make it with sunflower butter, the top turns very dark and doesn’t look appetizing, but it tastes good. For this reason, I prefer almond butter. I really like the cinnamon and sometimes add walnuts. My toddler loves it as well. Thank you!

  98. I love this recipe! Quick and easy and my girls love it. I confess I put chocolate chips in though, but that’s because I have a thing for chocolate. And sometimes I add coconut, sunflower seeds, and raisins. I’m waiting for them to bake right now, because that’s supper tonight.

  99. Just had a go at making the Banana Bread. Disaster! The oven was far too hot so the bread was burnt on top, yet the mixture spattered out everywhere when I tried to turn it out. Very expensive, very messy and I’m very sad!

  100. Hi

    just made a loaf using 1 banana (all I had) and 1 egg plus 1 tblspn of chia seeds with water (so not technically fully paleo) didnt use the additional butter just the coconut butter and added in mixed spice, chopped dates,coconut syrup instead of honey and some vanilla extract. Tasted truly amazing. Great recipe!


  101. I LOVE this recipe, easy and delish! I was wondering though could I sub 1 banana for some fresh pineapple for hummingbird cake/bread version?

    1. You wouldn’t want to sub Pineapple for the Banana. The Pineapple is watery, without the banana in there it will not hold together well at all. Adding in some fresh pineapple might be the way to go. Let me know how it comes out when you try it!

  102. I just made this recipe this morning, and baked in regular-sized muffins. Like many other posters, I also used half coconut flour, half almond flour. For the bananas, I used them from the freezer (we peel and freeze bananas that are getting too ripe). I added a cup of frozen blueberries and 1 tsp almond extract, plus an extra tablespoon each of coconut and almond flour to compensate for the added moisture. I also added half a cup of sliced almonds and used an additional half cup to top the muffins. We ate them with honey butter, because I was unsure if they would be sweet enough without any sugar in the recipe; they were delicious, but I think they would have been fine without the honey butter.

  103. This is SO delicious. I took a loaf to my construction site and it was gone in 5 minutes – no one even realised it was grain free!! And so thrifty to make too.

    Do you think this would work with pumpkin in lieu if bananas? It would need some sweetness, but want to be able to make something when bananas are unavailable (or have too large a carbon footprint to justify).

    Thank you!

  104. I’ve never tried to cook anything from any website but I was craving banana bread but I didn’t want all the added sugars. I made this bread yesterday and it was so simple to make! It came out delicious ! I added raw walnuts and it’s taste amazing. I was so happy with the end result. I added raw organic honey on top for some added sweetness. But I’m so happy that my first stab at baking was this recipe ! Can’t wait to try more. Thank you ! :)

  105. Made as described but too moist/spongy!
    Taste was spot on though – used almond flour and ghee butter – not sure why so moist


    1. In my experience coconut flour is much more absorbent than almond flour, so that might have something to do with it. I made the recipe with Bob’s Red Mill coconut flour and it is very tasty. Added a bit of nutmeg, because I like nutmeg in my banana bread.

      Thanks, George – I’ve been looking for a good grain-free banana muffin recipe that doesn’t use sweeteners. Am going to have a delighted husband when he gets home!

  106. Hi, George! Thank you for this really great recipe! I just have one question. When you talk about variations, for example, the orange/cranberry, do you then need to leave out the banana completely? Maybe this is a silly question :) thanks!

  107. I made this banana bread loaf and my family loved it. My kids can be really picky but this was a hit!. I’ve even made muffins using this recipe and they came out great as well. This is the banana bread recipe for us! Thanks you for sharing.

  108. Just made this, AWESOME!
    I used half coconut half almond flour and put some cacao nibs. Ran out of almond butter so i put about 1/8 cup of peanut butter (I know not paleo but that’s all I had)Delicious! Next time I will make as is.
    Thank you for posting the recipe.

      1. Do you have any suggestions on how to store this? I am baking it tonight to be served for brunch tomorrow and I want to ensure that it doesn’t get too soggy in the fridge. Any advice?

  109. Made this yesterday & I love it. This is the most delicious paleo banana bread recipe! I can’t stop eating it & will definitely be making it my go to recipe.

  110. This was really good. I ran out of butter so used half butter, half coconut oil. I also added fresh small chunks of pineapple, so increased the flour to 1/2 (used 1/2 tapioca and 1/2 coconut flour). I had a little batter left so decided to make a muffin and it is delish, too. Thanks for sharing. This is a keeper.

  111. 2 1/2 cups bananas is a ton for only 1/2 cup flour. It did come out toooo mushy. I will use less banana or more flour next time. Taste is one that new Paleos will have to adjust to, for sure.

  112. Made this today for the second time, but I forgot the coconut oil, I only remembered when it was almost time to come our of the oven and was afraid I might have to bin it, but it was still awesome, used cashew butter so maybe it had enough fat/oil in it, think I preferred it to my first bake

  113. I have made this bread far too many times to count and it is fabulous as is. Today I made half the recipe and added a scoop of vanilla grass-fed whey protein and reduced the coconut flour by one tbsp and folded some chocolate chips into the batter. I poured it into my bar pan and got six finger-licking protein bars! Can’t wait to share this one with friends.

  114. You are right. Life changing! I have been on a quest for the perfect banana bread recipe for years. The fact that it’s Paleo makes it even better!
    Sorry Mark Bittman- I’m breaking up with your banana bread.

  115. We have made this bread so many times we have lost count and love it! I especially love there are no added sweeteners, it just doesn’t need it.

  116. I’m not Paleo, but I have been gluten free for 6 weeks- this is the third banana bread recipe I’ve tried and by far the best!

    Made the original recipe, but used peanut butter and added half a cup of chocolate chips. Baked as mini muffins, they were done by 15 minutes. My kids and I loved them fresh out if the oven, and I suspect they’ll be even better tomorrow. We’ll definitely be trying the variations!

  117. Quick – can strawberries be added to the bread? I have a lot on hand and no idea what to do with them and I happen to be making this tonight. I am assuming I would need to blend them with the banana mixture but I’m not sure if I need to do anything else different, or if it would even work. Any advice would be appreciated.

    I tried to find anything about strawberries in the comments but there are so many it is tough.

    1. There is a great Australian site,, that you can put all the ingredients in, nominate portions sizes ie 12 slices in a loaf, and it will tell you. You have to sign up, it’s a function of the Daily Food Log, but it is a great site to have on hand. It would be of benefit if entering whole foods, not American branded stuff, as it only has things available in Australia.

      It never seizes to amaze me how many US recipes list specific branded items. When we cook from scratch, that’s what it is, from scratch. Rarely do you see things like tinned pumpkin or packaged pie filling. We only just got Betty Crocker icing in a can relatively recently. Tomato passata would be the exception. That’s why I’m loving these paleo sites – whole foods!!

  118. I have tried a few paleo banana breads- always with success but I love that this recipe doenst contain ANY sweeteners- Mashed up my bananas to find I didn’t have enough! yikes! filled the gap with pumpkin- just came out of the oven- its so moist and tasty I do think that the sweetness would have been just a little better with all banana but oh well! baked in a metal loaf pan for 45 min and topped with slivered almonds
    Cant wait to make this again AND try some of the variations! thanks :0

  119. This was pretty great, although I agree it is a bit too soft/mushy. Has an airy texture like white cake. I used half coconut butter and half almond butter, and topped with walnuts.

    I didn’t have a glass loaf pan though, just a crappy old nonstick (gross, I know). Next time I will make them into muffins so they bake up better. Also I might add more flour or use less fat or nut butter to give it a chewier texture.

    1. Just a thought – you might have had issues with texture because of the coconut butter sub. Coconut butter has very different properties than almond butter, and will behave differently in baked goods. Try it again with all almond butter and see if that helps!

  120. All the way from Australia……OMG!!! I’ve just made this, and I’ve already had two slices!!! I’ve been using a different paleo banana bread recipe for the past year. Looks like I won’t be using that one again. It tastes DELICIOUS!!! I have your app as well. Thanks again for another awesome recipe.

  121. THANK you so much for this recipe! I have been searching for a wheat free AND sugar free recipe that my husband and I can both enjoy (we’re both wheat free, but our doctor has taken him totally off sugar, where I can have a wee bit of honey now and then)..

    this tastes the closest to the wheat-filled versions of banana bread that I have tried making (and I’ve been wheat free for over 2 years, so I’ve tried MANY recipes, all of which only created disappointed taste buds)

    this is going to the front of my “make again” recipe collection!

    thanks again!!

  122. This was amazing!!! Just made it in my Thermomix and it was the best banana paleo bread I have ever made and I’ve made a few! Thanks!!!

  123. I’m beyond impressed by this cake. I’m not a big fan of banana cake but I’m slowly trying to incorporate more paleo into my lifestyle. This was a delicious breakfast!

  124. I figure that if you’re new to paleo and spend a lot of time browsing the Internet for recipes that if pretty well EVERY single blogger out there directs you to one recipe you should give it a go. I’m thinking it will be tough to beat mom’s recipe but as I’m gluten free now for autoimmune purposes I’m hoping this is a fantastic replacement. I guess I’ll find out soon. So excited!

  125. Ok, so I accidentally doubled the amount of coconut flour (well, I only had two bananas so I halved the recipe but forgot to halve the flour…) and I couldn’t find any baking powder, and I have no idea what a cup is and couldn’t find the scales so I estimated with tablespoons, and I make everything in cup cake cases because I have silicon ones and they are so very convenient.

    So I massacred your recipe, unintentionally, and ended up with banana rock cakes. But they were still absolutely delicious! I’m particularly impressed with the lack of any other sweetener than bananas. This page has been bookmarked for the many occasions when the children miss the twenty minutes when they consider bananas edible and leave them to go black on the stand…

  126. OMG OMG OMG!
    I just came across your recipe by chance as I did a search on google and OMG I made it and it tastes absolutely delicious. So moist! I am going to feature this receipe in my monthly bulletin – June edition. Hopefully more people will make it and sign up to your stuff. Awesome.!!!!
    This is 5 stars!!!

  127. Excellent recipe. Even my family liked it. It ‘s going to be my go to recipe for banana bread. Thank you for making it sugar free .

  128. I made this recipe today and added a handful of walnuts and chocolate chips. It turned out great and even my husband enjoyed it. Thanks for this great recipe. This is the first gluten free bread recipe that has actually worked out well. I am more motivated to try another Paleo recipe.

  129. Thank you for posting this awesome recipe! Due to nut allergies, I subbed the almond butter for sunflower seed butter instead and it was deelish! Topped it off with a paleo friendly strawberry jelly and bye bye to my PBJ cravings! Keep em coming George!

      1. Is that why mine is green?! I made it earlier today and didn’t have much almond butter, so I used the sunflower. The consistency is kind of wet-more so than usual banana bread and the color is green. I came back to read comments to see if I had done something wrong. I pulled it out at about 58 minutes because the top was so dark, but I think the inside could have cooked a little more.

  130. I made this yesterday and can’t stop eating it!! I subbed the eggs for my own tapioca starch egg replacement and it worked great! Thank you :)

  131. How would plantains work out in this recipe? I was looking for something with a bit more starch in it to pair with meals as a carb source. Would the taste still be desirable?

      1. The plantain bread turned out kind of amazing. I used two yellow plantains with black spots. Ripe, but not too ripe. I used coconut butter instead of almond butter, and palm shortening in place of the grass fed butter. I also added nutmeg and doubled the vanilla extract because I am a vanilla fiend. Great recipe as a basis for adaptations, George. As a homage to all the great concoctions Julie and you are able to come up with, I will definitely buy the book to show my support. I love both of your websites and will continue to visit for years to come. Please keep ’em coming!

  132. OMG! This “bread” is like the real deal (texture and taste), but better bc it’s grain & sugar free….what?!!? You deserve an award for making this possible. I’m a Type I Diabetic, paleo works for me and it is sooo nice to enjoy banana bread again! Thank you so much! I added walnuts to the batter, sprinkled some on top, along w/ a few Enjoy Life mini chips. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  133. Made these this morning! What a hit. I made 2 tweaks (pecan meal instead of almond butter + a bit of almond milk, and only had 2 eggs) for missing ingredients, and 1 by accident, (doubled the coconut oil, oops). My kids gobbled them up and begged for more.

  134. Great recipe. I substituted an alternative for the coconut flour, made my own almond butter and added 1tbsp coconut sugar as a treat. Fantastic light moist texture and beautiful strong flavour. Thanks for the inspiration!

  135. Amazing. I cut sugar and grains out of my diet about 7 months ago and was looking for a sweet treat without using sweeteners! This was perfectly sweet using yellow bananas and cranberries!! Thank you.

  136. Oh my! I have made 4 of these since I found your site last week! This is amazing! I couldn’t believe the texture was actually like bread! It is DELICIOUS! The last time I added one scoop of vanilla protein powder to it. I baked 40 minutes in a metal pan. PERFECT every time! Thank you! Keep Em coming!

  137. This is sooooo yummy! I’ve made it several times, and it’s to die for!

    I am having one problem with it… I can’t seem to get it to bake all the way through without burning the bottom and sides. It’s not as bad using a glass pan, but still.

      1. Yep, center, and I have a secondary thermometer in my oven for accuracy. Maybe parchment paper would help?

  138. I didn’t really care for this. It was too mushy in the middle, just couldn’t get over the texture. I’m also not a huge fan of coconut flour (that dry, choking taste in the back of my throat when I eat it) so perhaps this just wasn’t the best recipe for me.

  139. Can you post nutrition info: calories, fat, particularly protein & carbs? Can’t wait to make this. Thanks!

    1. It won’t let me post a website URL, but if you google “recipe analyzer”, you’ll find the Calorie Count page (second result)

      278 calories, 160 calories from fat
      Total fat – 17.8 g
      Saturated fat – 6.2 g
      Cholesterol – 97 mg
      Sodium – 265 mg
      Potassium – 429 mg
      Total carbohydrates – 21.4 g
      Dietary fiber – 5.3 g
      Sugars – 7.8 g
      Protein – 8.2 g

  140. These tasted great and I love that there isn’t any added sugar! I made them in muffin cups. BUT what on earth would have caused them to turn dark green on top after baking??? I used sunbutter and followed the recipe to a T. I wish I could post a photo; they’re spinach-green! Anyone have a chemistry background and some insight?! Going to try these again to see.

  141. Can I substitute Organic peanut butter for almond butter. I grind my own and always have it on hand. Almond butter is getting way too expensive

  142. I tried this recipe today, the original (with walnuts) and the Orange, cranberry version and both were absolutely delicious! This is definitely the recipe I will be using the next time I’m craving banana bread or need to get rid of some extra bananas!! Love it!

  143. I love this recipe and make it all the time. The other day I had some Nikki’s Vanilla Cake Batter Coconut Butter that was nearing its use by date so I used that as my nut butter. It was WONDERFUL! I felt like I was wasting my Nikki’s but then I tasted the finished result and it was well worth it. Thanks for all your great recipes and for sharing with us.

  144. I accidentally forgot to add the 4 tablespoons of butter the 3rd time i made this and it turned out SO much better. less moist and more bread like!

  145. I haven’t tried this yet, but it sounds really yum. I have a banana bread recipe I always loved until I developed a problem with gluten and dairy. That receipe called for 1/2 cup of oil, and I always substituted unsweetened (home made, of course) applesauce for the oil. Can I substitute applesauce for any of these ingredients? Maybe for the nut butter? IDK. Thanks!

  146. I love this! Most of it has disappeared within an hour… So quick to make as well. Looking forward to trying out some of your other recipes.

  147. YUM! I also stumbled upon this site while looking for gluten free. I ALWAYS change a recipe. This one I only added a few mini chocolate chips so my boys would like it….it came out perfect!! OK, now the sad part…I covered up the loaf and forgot to put it in the fridge before I went to bed and it got moldy the next morning so no one else got to try it…I will make more! Thank you!

      1. Ok…I made it again…put it in the fridge.. It was even greener. Obviously not mold. I used sunflower seed butter the first 2 times..(I don’t give up until something is right). So I switched over to almond butter…perfect…I didn’t know sunflower seed butter made food green, counterintuitive to me…apparently is does. St.Pattys day special! My family LOVE the bread!
        Thank you.

  148. Holy God… the BEST banana bread I have EVER had. EVER!! I didn’t read your commentary before making the bread and stumbled upon your recipe in a google search for gluten free… As I was midway into measuring ingredients, I started looking for the sugar amount…I think I scanned the recipe like 10 times looking for sugar, I even went and fetched my glasses.. I couldn’t believe there was no sugar called for. Well, I was absolutely elated about the no sugar actually and HOLY GOD!! The BEST banana bread EVER!! Did I say that already??? Jeez… seriously delicious. I’ll be back..

  149. Banana bread tasted great ! only it didn’t rise at all and i followed the recipe. Any thing i should maybe try differently?

      1. I had the same problem as Ryan. Tasted great but no rise. I followed the recipe exactly with the baking soda and powder. Tried it once in a loaf pan and once as muffins. No rise, but still tasty!

          1. Could it be that the baking powder and/or baking soda was too old? If those ingredients are old/expired then the bread won’t rise.

  150. George, this recipe rocks! Just made a dozen muffins and a small loaf. It is so light and has a great banana flavor through and through. It’ll be a nice breakfast accompaniment! I’m psyched I found your site. Keep those recipes coming!

  151. I substituted avocado in place of the nut butter, since any paleo nut butter options around here are really expensive, and since I had some large Hass avocados that were ripe and needed using. It turned out so rich and yummy! I also sweetened with 1tbsp raw honey + 1/2 cup of coconut palm sugar. My husband finally approves of my grain free banana bread ;)

  152. Absolutely delish!
    Recently started a modified version of paleo diet to help my body deal with MS… I’ve been searching for recipes that I can use and stumbled across this banana bread
    Nothing is missing…the flavor, consistency, moistness I cannot tell that it’s paleo!
    I’ve signed up for your emails…if your other recipes are similar I won’t be searching around anymore
    Thanks for sharing

  153. Since banana acts as a binding agent, could this be made without the eggs ? My daughter has a sensitivity to eggs. Thanks !

    1. I used tapioca starch as an egg replacer – 2 1/2 tsp of tapioca starch in 1 cup of water, whisk. Bring to the boil. Whisk again for about 30 sec and you should then have a clear consistency. Let it cool and it will become very gel like. 3 1/4 tbs = 1 large egg. Discard any unused portion as it doesn’t keep it’s usefulness after a few hours. I also added a little more baking powder to compensate for leavening.

  154. I am new to learning to cook and bake Paleo style. I made the Paleo Bananna bread today. Is very good. Very moist. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe.

  155. I baked this for 45mins in a metal loaf pan. I added 1/4 cup raw honey to sweeten it up a little bit and it was delicious. It tastes healthy, in that it’s not as sweet as the banana bread you’d get at the coffee shop BUT it’s not loaded with artificial junk either.

    I found that it was a bit spongey, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’m still getting used to baking with almond and coconut flours vs. regular all purpose. Definitely a different texture.

    I opted for coconut oil over butter and found that the load didn’t pop out of the pan as well. Some bits got left behind. I recommend lining the bottom with parchment paper and taking the butter route.

  156. Added chopped walnuts and 1/4 cup honey. Used the coconut oil in recipe, but served with generous amounts of butter. Made 12 regular muffins and 12 mini muffins. Incredible, can’t believe these are paleo. The only problem is that I can’t stop eating them!

  157. Making this tonight! So excited that I can use my yellow bananas and not wait a a few days to have “RIPE” ones.. they never have ripe enough ones in store!

  158. I just made this recipe, I only had 1/4 cup almond butter left so I cut recipe in half and made muffins…They are delicious…Just ate one…still warm…Thanks

  159. I was really excited to make this recipe, but I didn’t have coconut flour, so I used almond flour/meal instead.. I also didn’t have the full amount of almond butter, so I just put in what I had and put it in a muffin pan to make banana muffins, it turned out alright, but kind of really moist and not bread-like on the inside. I also made a meringue frosting to put on it.. It was all still good and a great treat for my journey in the Paleo lifestyle. Any suggestions to help me make it better in the future would be wonderful :-)

      1. If this turns out better with coconut flour, why offer the substitutions? Now I’m anxious to try other recipes w coconut flour. Love the way it absorbs compared to the nut flours.

        I’ve made three loaves over the past couple weeks! Absolutely love it. I added 1/2 c chopped pecans, but otherwise followed exactly. I don’t slather w butter, love it plain. Love the fine, velvety texture of it.
        Thanks so much George. Xoxo

    1. I tried a recipe for banana bread from a different book that called for almond meal and (have to agree with these guys) not enough bananas! It just didn’t bake right, the timing for the oven was way off, and it tasted more nutty than banana-y. Altogether disappointed. I tried this one because the use of the coconut flour gave me hope that there was a better recipe. So glad I did. I have continued hope for re-introducing some baked goods in my life. I love my baked goods. That’s how I got fat. lol

  160. Not my favorite recipe…just not sweet enough and the guys didn’t like the texture from the coconut flour. I’m going to try making the french toast with the remaining loaf as I hate to throw it away…there’s almond butter in there! On the flipside, it did smell wonderful as it was baking and it rose beautifully. But as my non-Paleo husband put it, banana bread isn’t supposed to be healthy….lol

    1. I just made it. Used as described, except used coconut oil instead of butter and the almond butter I had on hand was already sweetened with maple so that’s what I used. It came out delicious and as sweet as any banana bread I’ve ever had. I am thrilled with it. First bake good that has been allowed back in my life. :)

  161. So. I absolutely love this recipe! I use homemade cashew butter and stevia for sweetner. Sometimes I add raw sunflower seeds for crunch. I bake it small loaf pans, works beautifully.

  162. does this really require the nut butter? i really would love to make this but i don’t have any nut butter :(

  163. This bread sounds really yummy! Do you think the eggs could be substituted with flax eggs and still come out good?

  164. Thank you for such an awesome recipe. My banana bread came out so moist and smells wonderful. I added chia seeds and walnuts to it for some crunch. I did not find it sweet enough and will probably add 1/4 to 1/3 cup maple syrup or chocolate chips in the future. I made them in muffin and mini muffin pans and as another reviewer noted – did not take that long to bake. I probably took them out 5-10 minutes earlier and they were perfect. This recipe is a keeper!

  165. This is the best banana bread ever! I love it because it’s insanely easy to make AND delicious! I made it for my non paleo friends and family and they had no idea there was no grains or sweeteners in it! Will definitely make again soon! Thanks!

  166. This was my first attempt at paleo banana bread.
    I used almond meal instead of almond butter (I realise they are completely different ingredients) and coconut oil. It turned out fantastic! My husband was expecting to taste another weird / experimental recipe but he loved it too! I highly recommend this recipe.

  167. I don’t like bananas. My husband does, but he doesn’t like them when they get too ripe, so I’ve made banana bread out of the too-ripe ones. The other recipes I’ve tried for banana bread get a “meh” out of him… but this recipe really rocks! Even *I* like it! The only “change” I made was that I used half almond butter and half coconut butter because I ran out of almond butter. Now… on to French toast! Thanks, George, for this terrific recipe!

  168. Super fabulous! Mad them tonight. Must not eat to many. I used coconut oil instead of butter and pecan butter. So happy to have found your recipe. The first baked thing I’ve had in over a month. Delicious and so far seems very digestible. Want to try the variations. Also raisins :-) Thank you.

  169. great recipe and fairly easy to put together. i will make this again. however, it turned green. came out of the oven dark and golden. went back for some this morning after leaving it out of the fridge overnight. and it had turned green. i still ate it, though (don’t judge me internet message board bullies). i decided that some natural chemical interaction between specific ingredients that otherwise are rarely put together lead to the color change. just wondering if there were similar outcomes out there…

    again, otherwise great recipe.

  170. I made the chocolate blueberry muffins version with my children in mind, however I think the chocolate was way too intense for young children (aged3 and 1). My husband and I loved them but next time I will make a different version for the children. Beautiful recipe. Thank you fur sharing. Also I mDe cupcake size and they were a little overdone after 20 mins. I think 15 mins would be best next time.

  171. I am a pretty new paleo eater. I haven’t had much success with the baking aspect of paleo, as I find everything falls short of my usual sweet tooth expectations. However, this banana bread has given me great relief because I now have something that is SO satisfying and guilt-free…FINALLY!

    For reference–I used all the ingredients as listed: almond butter, grass-fed butter, and coconut flour (not any of their substitutes). I also did the orange cranberry variation, although I didn’t add any orange juice, just the zest. The cranberries and hint of orange made the bread sooo good!

    My only complaint would be that the bread was too moist, although if that’s your biggest complaint I’d say the recipe is pretty darn great. I used very ripe bananas because it’s what I had around, and that might have added to the problem. I baked about an extra 10 minutes and that helped a bit. Once you let it cool the moist middle really isn’t an issue except that it falls apart. But the taste is still fantastic! I made this last night and it’s already nearly gone…my boyfriend insisted that I leave 1/2 of it at his house :( Can’t wait to make more! Thanks for the great recipe!

      1. Oh, it’s so worth it! And the texture was probably more of a user error than anything. Going to play around with the recipe and see what works best for my oven! Thank you thank you thank you!

  172. Excellent banana bread! One time while making it, I was short a banana and added a pear instead and it was great, too! I love forgiving recipes! It is always a 5-star recipe in my book when non-paleo eaters ask for the recipe.

  173. This was a great recipe. Even my non-paleo (read: anti-paleo) husbaned likes it. It’s a great recover snack for him after cycling too!

  174. Just wondering what type of flour every body has used for their successful loaves ! There is no way coconut flour and almond flour can be used interchangeably and produce the same outcome, as coconut flour soaks up a lot of liquid. This recipe sounds great but I don’t want to waste my time or ingredients. Thanks in advance !

  175. Mine was an ugly color- I used sunbutter. Next time will use almond butter. These rose and were very moist, taste was pretty good, I just don’t like nut butter and banana flavor mixed. Could I use almond flour instead of almond butter?

  176. Hi, Just made this but had to use Tahini paste instead of nut butter. I also used coconut oil in place of the butter and……’s great, sweet enough (I’m trying to cut sugars down because of diabetes) and lovely texture.

  177. This is so GOOD !! Satisfies my need for sweet breads!! Can;t wait to try other variations.. used the glass pan and greased it with coconut oil but must not have used enough still had some sticking issues..
    SO GOOD !! YUM !! Thanks

  178. Baked this bread today with almond flour. Absolutely gorgeous banana bread. Thanks for sharing this recipe as it by far the best Paleo banana bread I’ve ever made!

  179. I measured my ingredients by the gram measurements and mine was so wet. You could of wrung it out. It would if tasted good if it wasn’t so moist. It was a weird consistency. Had to throw it out . I loved the idea though :)

  180. Just came out of the oven and it’s phenomenal. I used two yellowish-brown bananas and two yellowish-green bananas. Threw all my ingredients in my food processor and it worked wonders. Used coconut oil in place of butter to keep the bread a little sweeter. Also threw in some “enjoy life” chocolate chips (soy-, gluten-, dairy-, and nut- free) to play up this bread as more of a dessert. Great recipe!

  181. This is in the oven right now and smells amazingggggg. Used 5 really ripe bananas and three eggs- because thats what I had on hand. Great recipe!

  182. This is seriously the best paleo bread recipe I have ever made. I followed your recipe, but I added 1/4 cup organic coconut sugar (prob. didn’t need that, since the bananas were pretty sweet), 1/2 tsp. sea salt instead of a pinch, and 3/4 cup chopped walnuts. I think some chopped dates would be pretty good in there, too…maybe next time :-)

  183. Wow! Mine turned out great. I added a little coconut sugar and used coconut oil to grease the pan. No problems. I can’t wait to try some of the alternatives you listed.

  184. I just made this. I love banana bread but I did not like this one. My kids wouldn’t even eat it. I followed the directions exactly. I’m really surprised everyone said they loved it so much.

  185. Just came out of the oven. Mmmm mmmm good – couldn’t wait for it to cool so I tasted it hot. I used butter, Himalayan sea salt (2 grinds), and added about 1/8 c of coconut palm sugar and my banana skins were about half black so they were pretty sweet. And, I cut parchment paper to fit the bottom of my metal pan and baked for 40 minutes on convection bake at 325.

    I’ve tried other Paleo recipes, but this is the best!

  186. Mine lacked sweetness and I’m wondering why? Very very bland. I even added honey. Wondering what I could use to sweeten this up

  187. Your recipe says you can use various flours instead of coconut flour… is this correct? My understanding is that coconut flour is a different type of baking and uses a LOT more moisture than other flours. Thanks for your recipe!

  188. Just made this. Had tough time getting it out as it stuck and it fell apart. It tastes good though. Didn’t have rip bananas so I used baby food bananas instead. Definitely helped with keeping it moist. May let it cool in pan on wire rack for a bit next time instead of trying to flip it out immediately.

    1. This happened to me and I just used parchment paper in the loaf pan. It’s a little challenging to get in there, but it works great. In my oven, it actually cooks better all around with the parchment.

  189. This is mind numbingly delicious. Better than conventional banana bread. My 2 year old is a WAP child, and he LOVES this. I think he gets up extra early just to be able to have this bread with butter. It doesn’t even need the honey! And the recipe turned out perfect – I also used coconut butter, coconut oil, and made it in the food processor.

  190. Love the taste! I used coconut oil and not butter. I think next time I will go a little heavy on the coconut oil. Mine turned out a little dry. It still tasted yummy!. I added walnuts for extra crunch, in my 2nd batch. Yummy!

  191. Thanks for the recipe! I tried to make this recipe as muffins and they turned out quite dry… What’s the key to the moisture in this recipe? Bananas? I used coconut oil instead of butter (I’m very dairy intolerant, butter never works for me)

  192. Mine didn’t rise like in the picture. It was dense and flat despite adding backing soda/ powder. Any suggestions next time?

  193. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’ve been battling with cravings as I re engage with the paleo diet…This was perfect! I had two slices right out of the oven, I couldn’t help myself!

  194. Excellent recipe and proportions. I’m non-Paleo and ran out of flour and the kids wanted banana bread so tried this recipe. I did add sweetner but, you’re right it really doesn’t need it so I will reduce from 1/2 cup to 1/4. I used pea butter in mine plus for the binder I used about a tablespoon of flax seed, some non Paleo stuff I think a cup of oatmeal and some chocolate chips for the kids. I cooked it in a metal loaf pan first for 35 minutes but had to extend to 45 minutes like my other loaf recipes plus it makes for a big batch so extra cooking time is good. Also I didn’t use a blender, mashed the bananas with a potato masher and mixed by hand. This gives you a chunkier but rustic loaf seeing the banana pieces throughout. Everybody loved it and so filling. Thank you!

  195. Excellent recipe and proportions. I’m non-Paleo and ran out of flour and the kids wanted banana bread so tried this recipe. I did add sweetner but, you’re right it really doesn’t need it so I will reduce from 1/2 cup to 1/4. I cooked it in a metal loaf pan first for 35 minutes but had to extend to 45 minutes like my other loaf recipes plus it makes for a big batch so extra cooking time is good. Also I didn’t
    use a blender, mashed the bananas with a potato masher and mixed by hand. This gives you a chunkier but rustic loaf seeing the banana pieces throughout. Everybody loved it and so filling. Thank you!

  196. Just pulled mine out of the oven a half hour ago. It didn’t look as smooth as yours, but it was sure tasty! My kids loved it too. I used pecan butter. Not so bad for one of my first attempts at gluten free and paleo baking.

  197. Kathie, did you use coconut butter or coconut oil in yours? I thought about trying coconut butter in place of the almond butter in one of my batches, but haven’t yet. And what flour did you use? I’m thinking using coconut butter might necessitate using coconut flour to help it “dry out” some.

  198. I’ve made several variations of this recipe. Love the pumpkin. I have a ton of spotted bananas on my counter right now and plan to bake a couple loaves and a batch of muffins, and freeze some.
    As for the muffins, I usually bake them about 20-25 minutes. When I see them starting to pull away from the sides of the muffin pan (I don’t use papers – I just grease them with coconut oil), they’re done. =)

  199. I just tried this and used coconut instead of almond butter and I ended up with oil muffins. Just dumped them in the garbage. At least my hands feel soft now..LOL

  200. Thanks, so nice to find alternative flours and measures in grams. Have always cooked by weight and can’t get used to cup measures, just can’t visualise it. Also can’t use shredded coconut or coconut flour or chocolate as I react to sulfites so have fun trying to sub things.

  201. This was my first attempt at Paleo-baking and I thought this was a great one to start with.

    When it came out GREEN I got a bit worried even though it still tasted fine.

    Luckily reading some earlier comments I see it is due to me using sunflower seed butter instead of almonds – I thought it may have something to do with the potassium in the bananas?

    Anyway thanks for the recipe and I’ll trot it out again on St.Patrick’s Day!

  202. Soooo good! What a great recipe for paleos that crave a little treat! Maybe someone’s already said this, but subbing in some plain applesauce for some of the banana really helps to add a bit of sweetness too! and if the sweet tooth is hitting especially hard, pure maple syrup drizzled on top when it’s fresh out of the oven is amazing. Thanks George!

  203. Made these as muffins last night and they are amazing! They are very moist and fluffy. I also like how besides the banana no other sugar is needed! The sweetness was perfect! Thanks for creating such a great recipe!

  204. I just made a 1/2 batch of this recipe in a metal loaf pan (it took 36 minutes to bake, btw) and am happy to now have a coconut flour banana bread recipe that actually works! : )

    FYI, I found it needed a little *umph* in terms of flavour, so next time I will bulk up on the vanilla and add more salt. In my half batch, a pinch simply did not do it. To balance the sweetness of the banana, next time I’d use a generous 1/4 tsp of salt (1/2 tsp for the whole recipe).


  205. OK seriously you just saved my life!! AMAZING!! Everyone is asking for the recipe and my kids even loved it! You truly are a genius and officially my paleo guru LOL… now on to Beef Bourguinon :) Bon Apetit!! Thank you thank you thank you!

  206. I literally just pulled this bread out of the oven, and oh my goodness.. I bow to you sir, lol. I have been making homemade banana bread for ages, and a few weeks ago me and my DH went paleo and no bread since. Last night he said something about how he felt he needed something different for breakfast. I’ve always made different types of traditional breads (pumpkin blueberry etc) for him and just did a search for paleo banana bread and found yours. This is definitely a keeper!!! You cannot tell there isn’t a stitch of flour so will please ANYONE’S taste buds.

    I made my own nut butter (50% almond 50% cashew), used fine Almond meal as it’s what I had on hand and fresh eggs from our own backyard flock (that alone will make a huge difference in anything). There are 2 tiny things I did different. Added an additional tablespoon of butter (whoops) and added extra extra cinnamon and nutmeg. We like spice. Cooked in a metal mini loaf pan and baked for 20 minutes. O.M.G. They are moist and buttery and the most delicious little loaves of heaven!!!!! We’ve never been one for real sweet bread and this is just.. perfect. Thank you a million times over for this recipe. I printed it out and will now be super gluing it to my fridge!! Oh and did I say PERFECT??!! Thanks again

    1. Amanda, did you use almond meal or blanched almond flour? Exact same amount as coconut flour?? Coconut flour being so fibrous I thought that it would be needed to add way more almond flour/meal. Thank you for letting me know.
      The recipe looks indeed fabulous, a must try. George, you are awesome!

      1. I just used Fine Almond meal from Trader Joes and used the 1/2 cup. I have made this recipe 4 times now and once I added almost a full cup and it made a really nice dense bread and stayed moist. Which we love for the mornings. But I stick with half a cup and the bread is nice and fluffy!

  207. Hi George. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you! I was diagnosed with MS almost a year ago. Since that time, I have switched to a paleo diet, and your recipes have helped me figure out what to eat, so thanks! And now I am in remission (thanking the diet and God…and you)!!!!! I just made the hazelnut spread for the first time today, and the bread is in the oven…I can’t wait to try it on the bread!

  208. Hey George…this mix is also extremely awesome in a waffle maker. I use this recipe (slightly adapted) to make a week’s worth of waffles, and sling a couple in the toaster for breakfast. My husband says the army should have had these in the cookhouse ;-)

  209. I’ve made this bread so many times; it really is the best paleo banana bread recipe out there, and I can’t believe it only has 1/2 c coconut flour! Everyone loves this, whether they’re paleo or not.

    Some of my observations:

    I found that if I whip the batter up on high speed, it makes it a bit airier and more bread-like. I also let it cool down slowly with the oven door ajar.. this keeps it from sinking too much and getting too dense.

    I like to fold in chopped walnuts and dark chocolate chips after I mix the batter… seriously takes this to the next level.

    I bake mine in a metal loaf pan and find that it takes about 40-60 mins.. I start checking around the 45min mark.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  210. My wife has a lot of bad reactions to foods, so she has adopted a paleo diet. I love baking, so when I noticed she had 4 brown bananas, I looked up this recipe. I hate bananas and coconut, but even the scent of it baking hung deliciously in the air. I’m glad to be able to support her diet and even more glad for you sharing this recipe so I can do just that!

  211. Yet another Caveman win. This is my first paleo goodie and I don’t know if I ever need to make anything else!

    I even forgot the butter (oops!) and they are still delicious.

    Thanks George. You make it so easy to eat good, healthy food.

  212. Hi George, just wanted to say I’ve made this bread many many times and it never fails to be amazing! I do have a question though… Have you ever tried using protein powder in place of all or most of the coconut flour, in this or any other recipe? They seem very similar in properties, and I really wanted to try to make this bread as muffins for some friends who always complain they can taste coconut flour in stuff I make, even though that doesn’t stop them from eating it! Just curious as to your experience…

  213. Hands down the best paleo banana bread recipe that I’ve come across- thanks! When others taste it, they’re often surprised that it’s not “conventional” bread…but we think it’s way better than a wheat and sugar-based recipe! My hubby and I enjoy adding chopped pecans and currants, and love that there are no additional sweeteners.

  214. Hey George, in my 2 years of paleo this is by far THE best banana bread recipe I’ve ever found, so this is now my go-to recipe for banana bread :) . I even baked one to take with me to the hospital tomorrow, I’m going in for surgery (having a big cyste removed from my ovary) and am most of all preoccupied of the food they serve there :p . So in order to have a decent option for breakfast (instead of the chemical loaden gluten free bread) I’m taking your banana bread with me :p .

    Keep up the good work!


  215. Thank you for this recipe! Best paleo banana bread. Seriously. I made muffins, and put raw cacao nibs in the center of each. Subbed in ghee for the butter (because I always have ghee), and used the coconut flour. Loved the almond butter — great texture and flavor. Between the almond butter and ripe bananas I didn’t even miss a sweetener. (But a warm muffin with butter and raw honey is kinda decadent ;) These muffins are moist and flavorful, and they keep very well in the freezer. Great portable snack.

  216. This was honestly the best paleo item that I’ve ever baked! I’ve never been a huge fan of the paleo baking because every time I make something I fee like it’s a terrible substitute for whatever it’s trying to replicate. However, these bread is AMAZING. I made it into muffins the first time and my room mates who don’t want anything to do with health were chowing down. I’m making a loaf today, so I’m really excited to see how that comes out. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  217. Good recipe! I made it today exactly how you said and it came out perfect! I can’t believe it doesn’t have any white flour or sugar. My 16 year old liked it, too.

  218. Has anyone made this with Bob’s Red Mill almond flour? I have tried baking other items with it and they have come out too moist and soggy. I was told it’s because this flour is not ground fine enough. It’s the only kind I am able to purchase. Amazon does not ship the Canada.

  219. Another winner, George! I followed the recipe exactly but made 12 full muffins. WOW. Delicious!!! Even my husband who’s not that crazy with my new way of eating thought they were the bomb. He couldn’t believe there was no sugar or sweetener. And they made the house smell amazing. Bonus :) I’m so excited for breakfast tomorrow morning.

  220. I’m following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and baking powder is not allowed. Do you know if this would come out just as well if I increased the baking soda or changed something else? I would hate to waste all those ingredients. Wasn’t sure if anyone else has asked this? Thanks! Love your site!

      1. Baking powder is basically just a 2:1 mix of cream of tartar and baking soda, sometimes with a little salt added in. Use about 1/3 tsp of baking soda to replace 1tsp of baking powder.

  221. I tried making this and it never cooked in the middle, after 90 minutes I finally gave up it was all dry and crusty on the outside but doughy in the middle, any help?

    1. That happened to me today, and the only thing I forgot was salt :p my husband was helping me and he put the baking soda and baking powder but was a little bit more than the mesure George recommends. This is the fifth time I bake this bread, and never had a problem. I was so sad that my hubby is baking another one, we are waiting. Twenty five more minutes and I let you know.

      PS, my kids 11 and 4 love it. Once I used sunflower butter instead of almond butter, so my kids can take some for school.

      Love your blog George <3

        1. I can’t tell if it is green, because I used cacao and they look brown, next time i will pay attention to that.

          PS we discovered why it wasn’t cooking in the middle, it is for not following instructions LOL I have baked this bred before, but this time my hubby was helping, so he started to put all the ingredient in the bowl and then mix. First we should blend all the wet ingredients and then add the dry ingredients. I’m happy we discovered what happened because we love this bread.

    2. That happened to me today, and the only thing I forgot was salt :p my husband was helping me and he put the baking soda and baking powder but was a little bit more than the mesure George recommends. This is the fifth time I bake this bread, and never had a problem. I was so sad that my hubby is baking another one, we are waiting. Twenty five more minutes and I let you know.

      PS, my kids 11 and 4 love it. Once I used sunflower butter instead of almond butter, so my kids can take some for school.

      Love your blog George <3

      Already 25 min, it did not come well :( i will buy new baking soda and see :'(

  222. Hi, I watched the clip of you with Christa today. My kids, 3 and 5, overheard and demanded we make it tonight. We are a Paleo family so as as soon as they heard “Paleo banana bread”, they were like—oh oh we can have that!
    They noticed you omitted the honey in this recipe but used it on the show. Since they are raw honey lovers and our bananas were not taht ripe, we added 2 T and a handful of Enjoy Life chips. It was perfect!


  223. Thanks so much for this awesome recipe. I made a batch to supplement my zoned breakfasts, and it came out perfectly! I also may or may not have slathered the final product in cranberry-apple butter :o

    Thank you for the inspiration in and out of the kitchen.

  224. This recipe is super delicious! I made two batches tonight. The first batch I made in a loaf pan. I don’t think the oven was hot enough because it didn’t cook in the very center. I didn’t make the proper temper conversion between F and C. The second batch was perfect. I used 1 1/3 cups of almond flour in place of the coconut flour, 3 bananas (all I had left) and baked it at 180c in an 8×8 pan. Super yummy!!! Thank you so much for this recipe :)

  225. kinda new to this paleo thing, have tried a few baking recipes all came out mediocre, these were awesome. Added a few unsweetened carob chips and chocolate chips and used jungle peanut butter instead of almond since i am allergic. both of my kids loved the bread too. SO happy! was craving some bread!

  226. Some muffins are in the oven right now! The batter was finger (and spoon, and spatula) lickin’ good so I can only imagine how good they’re going to taste baked! The best part? Easy clean up! Only having to use the blender is perfect. Next best thing? I had all the ingredients in my cupboard! Seldom for me when I decide to be spontaneous and bake something.

    Thanks for this!

  227. Hve made this a couple times while on 21DSD. So thankful for this “sweet” breakfast. My toddlers love them, they are delicious. It makes me wonder why many quick breads use so much sugar now. I prefer these to the other banana bread options that are non-primal.

  228. I made this last night and it’s amazing! I LOVE that it’s so simple and no sweetener needed! Thanks for the recipe –it will definitely be a future go-to when I’m craving baked goods : )

  229. This is great! I made some substitutions because I didn’t have everything, but I look forward to making it as written next time. I also found out some information about coconut flour that might explain why this is an awesome recipe as is, and explain the different results some people have gotten with cooking time and texture. (Some have cooked it for 2 hours and had it gloppy, etc.) My guess is that they might have tried the alternate almond flour suggested in the recipe (you might want to edit that out!), or subbing any other non-wheat flour for the coconut flour, that will totally not work with the same ratios as in the original recipe.

    IF you use anything but coconut flour, you also need to adjust the eggs and maybe the oil — basically, the liquids — and also the cooking time. From what I read, coconut flour is highly unusual — very full of fiber, light and fluffy, and extremely absorbent, and it cooks in about half the time. Kind of the “spidersilk” of flours — light and tensile. It is 4x more absorbent than wheat flour, and oat flour is 2x more absorbent than wheat flour. So to make the texture less dry, you have to add a lot of liquid (eggs help to give it structure), and cook it a shorter time with coconut flour. The example I saw was that when you substitute coconut flour INTO a recipe that calls for a cup of wheat flour, you’d use less flour and use 6 eggs instead of 2 eggs so it doesn’t turn out too dry.

    Working backward from that info (!), I decided that only having 3 bananas and 2 eggs in my house was a GOOD thing, because it reduced the liquids from the higher amount that works for coconut flour. I used gluten-free oat flour — not paleo, but gluten-free. If you used nut flour, it would fall apart because there’s too much liquid and nut flour is heavy and doesn’t absorb anything.

    For the flour, bananas, and egg, I used a little less than 1 cup of oat flour, 3 bananas, 2 eggs. I just added flour until the texture was pasty instead of liquidy. I cooked it for about 50 min in a dark metal loaf pan, and the texture was PERFECT, except a little crust formed around the whole loaf — not sure why. I wish I’d had another banana, because the banana taste was faint and it didn’t taste sweet enough for me.

  230. Wow! My life is definitely better thanks to this recipe! Lol. Thank you!! This is going to be my go-to recipe for bringing a dessert to family/friend get togethers. My 16 month old daughter lovvvvves it.

  231. This is great! I made some substitutions because I didn’t have everything, but I look forward to making it as written next time. I also found out some information about coconut flour that might explain why this is an awesome recipe as is, and explain the different results some people have gotten with cooking time and texture. (Some have cooked it for 2 hours and had it gloppy, etc.) My guess is that they might have tried the alternate almond flour suggested in the recipe (you might want to edit that out!), or subbing any other non-wheat flour for the coconut flour, that will totally not work with the same ratios as in the original recipe.

    IF you use anything but coconut flour, you also need to adjust the eggs and maybe the oil — basically, the liquids — and also the cooking time. From what I read, coconut flour is highly unusual — very full of fiber, light and fluffy, and extremely absorbent, and it cooks in about half the time. Kind of the “spidersilk” of flours — light and tensile. It is 4x more absorbent than wheat flour, and oat flour is 2x more absorbent than wheat flour. So to make the texture less dry, you have to add a lot of liquid (eggs help to give it structure), and cook it a shorter time with coconut flour. The example I saw was that when you substitute coconut flour INTO a recipe that calls for a cup of wheat flour, you’d use less flour and use 6 eggs instead of 2 eggs so it doesn’t turn out too dry.

    Working backward from that info (!), I decided that only having 3 bananas and 2 eggs in my house was a GOOD thing, because it reduced the liquids from the higher amount that works for coconut flour. I used gluten-free oat flour — not paleo, but gluten-free. If you used nut flour, it would fall apart because there’s too much liquid and nut flour is heavy and doesn’t absorb anything.

    For the flour, bananas, and egg, I used a little less than 1 cup of oat flour, 3 bananas, 2 eggs. I just added flour until the texture was pasty instead of liquidy. I cooked it for about 50 min in a dark metal loaf pan, and the texture was PERFECT, except a little crust formed around the whole loaf — not sure why. I wish I’d had another banana, because the banana taste was faint and it didn’t taste sweet enough for me.

    I only gave this 4 stars because I haven’t actually tried THIS recipe, but it looks like it will be great — uses the qualities of coconut flour (where you don’t need much of it, and it has fiber and is absorbent) to pack in lots of yummy bananas and egg without adding sugar.

  232. I made this recipe for breakfast today with chopped walnuts and Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips and baked it as muffins. Wow! Delicious! Oh, I also used cashew butter because I had no almond butter. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  233. If substituting almond flour, is the amount (1/2 cup) the same(?), because coconut flour is much more drying than almond. Would it be best to increase the almond flour a bit? “Anna”, you posted on Feb. 1st that you made it with almond flour. Did you change the amount?

  234. Just made this and it was delicious! So moist and tasty, no need to add any sweetener.
    Was wondering the best way to store the bread. Thanks.

  235. Love love love this. Even my very picky kids like it. I use 1/4 cup of coconut sugar. Today I have some plantains that I need to use, so I am going to try that.

  236. Hi, I tried this recipe. It’s AMAZING. This was my first paleo bake. I’ve been eating paleo (with some exceptions) for several months but I’d never tried paleo baking. Thank you. Can’t wait for the pancake recipe.

  237. I just make this and it was delicious (so was the batter). I used a metal pan, almond flour, almond butter and ghee and it came out moist and fluffy after 35 minutes. I should have left it in the pan a little longer, because when I turned it over, it came out in large pieces. Still tasted great though!

    Thank you for the great recipe!

  238. Echoing all the other comments on here – this is amazing. I’m on the 21DSD so I made it with green bananas and am somehow managing to hold myself to one banana’s worth per day. Today I sliced it thinly and fried the slices in butter – tasted like french toast! Incredible!

  239. I just started eating paleo and this is my first attempt at baking anything paleo and it was awesome! And my kids loved it too!!! Thanks for a great and easy recipe.

  240. On the TV show, you used honey…I don’t see it here in this version? Do we need it? Looks delicious and can’t wait to try!

  241. I just saw you recipe and it looks delicious. I wonder if the almond butter gives it too much of a peanut taste.
    My wife uses cottage cheese and wheat flour – which might make it “not so much Paleo” – but it’s pretty darn good. We tried Almond flour and it came out too hard.

    We will try your recipe next.



  242. My daughter made this and I loved it (didn’t think I’d like it). Wow – was I surprised. Really good. Thanks for the recipe – :)

  243. Absolutely AWESOME – made them exactly as written – used the muffin variation – put in paper holders baked for 30 minutes – taste and felt just like real bread – yummy

    would love to see the macronutrient breakdowns on recipes. FYI I figured it out:
    Whole recipe Cal 1889, Fat 152, Carb 91.7, Prot 58.2 (Fiber 31.8 net carb 59.9)
    12 muffins – 1 each Cal 157.4, Fat 12.7, Carb 7.6, Protein 4.9 (Fiber 5.0 net carb 2.6)

  244. I am new to Paleo baking…I have tried a few things that others have made and honestly was not that impressed with their outcomes. But I decided to give this a try. I made it in muffins and added a few mini chocolate chips. It was really good. My 18 month old grandson who has been a bit of a picky eater today, absolutely loved his muffin and was asking for more. Thanks for sharing.

  245. I made this using the pumpkin version in a dark pan, sooo good! But it took way longer to cook than the 35-40 min, I used the toothpick after 40 min, took it out to cool, flipped it out onto a cooling rack and it just fell apart and was mushy in the middle… Oh we’ll still delicious!

    1. Yeah, different ovens will yield different temperatures… I’m sorry it didn’t turn out. Do make it again and leave it in for longer so you can get the full experience, of course ;)

  246. Awesome recipe, mine come really moist, I will tweak the recipe to get my desired texture.

    Really appreciate the weight measurements, as cup measurements can be difficult to cook correctly with, shows you really know what you are doing whit the cooking and instructions.

    I did 1 1/2 the recipe and only 120 grams of nuttelex butter cause i like the lower fat idea, that may be why it was really moist.

    I have eaten 1/2 of one loaf within the hour after cooking it, maybe it is too good.

  247. My daughter and I made the banana bread and it was awesome! It did not last a full day! However, I tried the pumpkin variation and it was awful. Had to throw it out. I assumed I was to substitute the bananas for the pumpkin puree. Should I use both? Would love to try again. Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

  248. Hi,
    I love your blog. I wish I had read all of the comments before making the bread. I substituted almond flour and after two hours the bread was still not cooked in the middle. My husband just happened to be at the er with our daughter and was surprised the bread was still not cooked through when he arrived home. Great Flavor will try with coconut flour next time….

  249. Absolutely fantastic! Finally, a paleo baked good that is sinfully delicious, moist and tastes exactly like real deal. I love that the bulk of this recipe is bananas… as it should be. Prior to changing to a paleo lifestyle, I used to make a wonderful banana bread that contained, yes, 4 bananas. I wonder why so many other paleo recipes use so few? Anyway, kudos to you for actually using bananas, not adding in coconut sugar or stevia and keeping the coconut (nut) flour to a minimum. I made this recipe as written and without any substitutions. I did add in a few dark choclate morsels. I baked it in a dark, non-stick loaf pan for 45 minutes. I can’t wait to try some of variations listed above. They are all sure to be incredible considering how wonderful this base recipe is. Bravo!

  250. Great recipe! I made muffins for portability, using sunflower butter and soy flour (I’m cheap and I liked the high protein). Very tasty and filling too! Does it keep better in the refrigerator or room temperature? Thanks!

  251. Wow! I made this bread last night, and it was so delicious! We ate most of it last night and finished it off this morning. Everyone is requesting another loaf tonight. It will make a great lunch snack, especially in muffins!

  252. IVE MADE THIS THREE TIMES – never disappointed but last time I made it with only 2 naners and fresh cooked butternut squash so good and a little less on carbs. Also another time made with 2 naners and 1 large sweet potato UNREAL !!!! Also added walnuts
    George thank you for this healthy recipe. I think I’ll go and have a piece right now with a tasty glass of organic raw kefir!!

  253. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious this was! VERY moist and enough sweetness. I didn’t even need to add butter on top. This was my first paleo baking experience, and I’m very happy with it. I used a dark pan, and i really had to watch it. I think I ended up bake it for about 45 min.

  254. Funny question here as this is a staple that I make frequently. Its actually in the oven now too but only had 2 bananas in house so I added the difference in weight in pears!

    Ok for my question, when you make the pumpkin version, do you sub out the banana for pumpkin or is it in addition?

    1. You reduce the almond butter and add the pumpkin-banana stays the same. This is the only way I’ve made it so far and it is SOOOO GOOD. I don’t really taste the pumpkin, just delicious bread.

  255. Holy moly this was sooooooooooooooooooo good!!! This bananary-coconutty-cinnamony moist slab of heaven will be in my cake tin every week now! I will be honest and say that I didn’t expect much from it, but it blew my mind! Am totally adding a handful of walnuts next time, can’t wait. Thanks for the quality recipe :-)

  256. Hi George!
    First of all, before I forget, I wanted to tell you that I listened to your podcast/interview and I loved it. You really are an inspiration! Thank you for everything you say and believe in!
    Second- I made this recipe this morning (I live in Belgium, Europe, so it’s almost 10pm here) and well… it’s DELICIOUS!!! Best banana bread EVER! I think I almost ate half of it already (talk about moderation huh…)!! :D
    Thank you again and can’t WAIT for you and Juli’s new book, by the way!!!

  257. This is the most amazing banana bread! Finally a recipe with more bananas than eggs, no nut flour or nuts! I made it this morning with a food processor, very quick prep. Baked it while I got ready for work. It is light in texture, flavorful and sweet although there are no sweeteners except banana. I used coconut butter. All I can say is yum. Had it with butter and a side of bacon for breakfast. I have already sent the link to a friend!

  258. Hi George,

    I made it yesterday and even my paleo-resistant teenage son loved it.

    Do you think I could substitue the almond butter with tahini? Would make life easier and cheaper.

    Thank you so much.

      1. Hi George,

        I made this yesterday and it came out almost the same. I’m not the biggest tahini fan because for me it leaves a bitter aftertaste which I could just make out in the bread.
        The consistency and moisture stayed the same.
        All in all, it’s a good alternative, but for me, it tastes better with almond butter. I guess I’ll just have to stop being lazy and make my own almond butter.


  259. I just made this, and my family loved it…!!!
    I substituted hazelnut meal for the flour and put a bit extra in… making it up to about 3/4 of a cup…
    It was so good… we ate it warm and the kids put a bit of butter on… it is just great…
    Thanks so much for the recipe…

  260. I was just wondering if there was a way to do this without eggs. A family member is allergic to them. Maybe adding more bananas? I’m lost. Any advice would help!

  261. I discovered this recipe about a year ago and the whole family loves it. I now make it weekly most of time. My kids take it to school for lunch once a week as the main item, and we’ll have it for dessert sometimes with honey drizzled on it. The ONLY problem I have is this… I have found that no matter what I do to grease the glass loaf dish, it always, always sticks and breaks the loaf up. Months back I started using parchment paper and not only does it plop right out, it also seems to bake even better. Putting parchment paper in a loaf pan is not the easiest thing to do, but it’s definitely worth it. I tried it again today without, and have decided I’m just not going to make it without parchment paper. Thanks so much for this awesome recipe that I will continue to bake for myself and family for years to come!

  262. I tried this warm out of the oven and hated it. I always eat what I make though so tried it again cold and loved it. Warm it was way too unsweet to work for me, but something happened when it cooled. Pretty weird, but worked out awesome.

  263. My 4 year old daughter and I made this recipe into muffins last night. I thought that would help with portion control. Negative! Holy moly, this recipe is unbelievably moist and delicious! I did not have any nut butter so I made my own using walnuts. I also added some mini enjoy life chocolate chips to half the batter for the chocolate lovers in our house… my daughter thinks these muffins are the best! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! It is a definite keeper!

  264. im trying to make it nut free, can I completely take out the almond butter? I saw the pumpkin version, which i’d like to try; but still wanted to cut it out of the recipe.

        1. I used Sunbutter(sunflower seed butter) in mine and it did turn green. After momentarily panicking and some internet research I learned that this was normal. Immediately after realizing it wasn’t green from rotting I dug in to this delicious banana bread, YUM!

  265. Is this 21dsd approved? it looks like it to me but starting my first one on the 6th so want to make sure! It looks really yummy!

    1. Kim:

      I’m starting on the 6th as well. I believe we should be ok with this one for the 21dsd. I just double checked the ‘no’ list, and even for my Level3, looks ok. Limit serving size due to the bananas.

      I’ve made a bunch of these and the glass bread pan is really important to the outcome in my opinion, but I follow the recipe exactly.

  266. The best banana bread ever. I make mine in muffin tins and sometimes add a handful of enjoy life Choco chips. They never last long! My 4 & 2 yr olds love them!! Seriously everyone needs to make this recipe at least once, you will be addicted forever. Plus its SO easy to make.

  267. Holy yum! This is incredible. I love that it’s not super sweet and it’s soo easy to make! Heads up that if you use sunbutter, it turns scarily dark green the second day — something to do with the chlorophyl from the sunflower seeds interacting with baking soda/powder (thanks Google!). Next time I’ll probably use almond butter…. I said next time, because yes, I will be making this over & over again!! It’s awesome with walnuts & chocolate chips too.

    1. I wish I would have known this sooner. A few other people will experiencing the green color but had not let me know they used a different type of nut butter. That makes so much sense! Thank you!

  268. I made this recipe this morning and my kids and I ate half of it immediately, it was delicious! One strange thing though – my husband just tasted it and said he loved it, but mentioned that is was green. He thought there was spinach in it. I looked and it is completely green now! Has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Someone else did mention their bread was green in the middle as well. I haven’t experienced this though, so I am not sure what is causing that?! So strange, but I am glad you all liked it!

  269. Love this recipe!! Just made it tonight and I ended up eating 2 pieces and called that dinner! So easy to mix in a blender. I used disposable tin loaf pans and it filled 2 and I baked for 40 minutes. They are great!

  270. Do you have a recipe for paleo bread for french toast without banana? My husband hates bananas but he wants french toast so I am trying to find a recipe for it that’s not too complicated. Any info is appreciated! BTW, I heard you on the Fat Cutting Man podcast today :D

  271. This banana bread is AH-MAZING! I made it two days ago and it didn’t last long, so I’m making another load tonight! My ten year old loves it too! I can’t wait to try the chocolate balls with the banana bread center! Thanks for all the great recipes!

  272. I rarely ever comment but this time I just had to. I made this recipe yesterday and my 21 month old son just LOVED it (and so did we). I used almond flour because I didn’t have any coconut flour and it turned out fantastic.

    If anyone cares, here’s what the nutrition facts look like for the whole recipe.
    Calories: 2327
    Fat: 172g
    Carbs: 152g
    Fiber: 31g
    Sugars: 75g
    Protein: 77g

  273. I made these into muffins and I’m doing it again. A highly delicious and successful recipe. My non-paleo friends enjoyed them too. I chopped up some raw pecans and added them to the top of my muffins before baking. Thank you!

  274. I made this the other day and it was awesome! It was so awesome I am making another loaf today. It has a great texture and great taste! It will be a regular recipe now! Thanks! ~Laurie

  275. Hi,
    Do you have a flour substitute option that is not coconut and not a nut-flour? I need to experiment with tapioca/arrowroot, etc but don’t think they are equal exchanges…..any advice?Thanks!

  276. That was so easy! It was also very delicious and the best paleo banana bread recipe I’ve done so far. Some turn out eggy, but not this one. Thanks!

  277. Hi,
    I made the banana bread today and I love the flavor. I had one problem – the bread was a too moist in the middle even after leaving it the oven for another 15minutes. Any advice. I am planning to make more especially the pumpkin with pecan version.
    Thank you!

  278. As I posted on FB, I’m not paleo, but I eat healthy, made-from-scratch foods and had all the ingredients at home. I made this loaf just as written and it turned out fabulous! Even my kids loved it, who are used to the more traditional banana loaf loaded with sweetener. Rather than tasting sugar, I enjoyed the flavour of the bananas and cinnamon. I plan to try many more of your recipes. Keep em coming…

  279. This bread is AWESOME!!! I love your blog and can’t wait for the new cookbook. I have switched to Paleo for health reasons, so I am all on board with it, my family is a little skeptical though. Your recipes are definitely helping me sell them on it. Thanks for all you do.

  280. I started eating Paleo about two and a half months ago. My family has hated just about every recipe I’ve made that was a paleo version of something they would eat. Until this recipe. I made this last night and fortunately I ate a piece while it was still warm because by the time I got home from work today- it was gone. Apparently they all had it for breakfast (twice) and then a snack after school. Gone. Can’t give it a much more positive review than my paleo hating kids eating it. (Now I’ve got to get started on some other yummy recipes on your site and maybe I’ll convert them)

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Please do keep me informed once everyone has officially been converted… it shouldn’t be too difficult, especially with all of the new recipes soon to come in my new cookbook with Juli of PaleOMG ;)

  281. Okay, thanks! I was thrown off by the ingredient list that you provided. You had almond flour listed right next to the coconut flour so I had thought I could substitute. I will try it again with just coconut flour. Sorry for the multiple comments that I posted, my mistake..I didn’t think they were being posted :) Thank you!

    1. Hey George,

      I can see why Sarah was confused given your ingredient list above…

      “1/2 cup coconut flour (75 grams)(or almond flour, macadamia nut meal, etc)”

      Nut flours could be substituted but the amount would be quite different given how absorbent coconut flour is… I learned that the hard way but not everybody knows this while learning to bake with alternative flours. You might want to adjust the ingredient list and/or clarify things.

      BTW… This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Paleo Banana bread and I’ve tried a lot of different recipes :)

      1. YUP, this was my confusion as well if I knew the flours could not be directly substituted I wouldn’t have used my almond flour. : ( : ( : (

      2. So how much almond flour should I use? I live overseas and I can’t get either very easily. Almond flour is easier to make so I was just going to use that…

  282. I am planning on using homemade almond flour for my first attempt at this recipe. Do I still use four eggs if using almond flour and not coconut flour?

  283. Thank you for this this recipe!!!!! I just made these for the first time…am doing the 21DSD and just needed a little something to keep me going for the last week. I made the recipe as muffins and they are fabulous! My 11 year old son took one bite and said, “Mom, are you sure these have no sweetener in them?” – that with using 3 green tipped banana (and 1 that was slightly spotted b/c it was all I had!) I will definitely be making these again!

      1. I just attempted to make this. I used 1/2 cup of almond meal instead of coconut flour and followed all of the directions. It turned out so soggy. How many eggs do we use if not using coconut flour? 4 sounded like a lot and I was afraid it was going to be soggy and it was.

        1. I’m sorry Sarah. You cannot substitute the two, like I mentioned previously… coconut flour is very strong and absorbs liquid differently than almond meal does. I would look for a substitution for coconut flour on Google…?

  284. This recipe makes my life complete!!! I baked it as muffins and I got 17 regular-sized muffins out of it. I’m glad you put down the measurement on the bananas because I had a bunch of (apparently quite small!) overripe bananas. I mushed up all 6 of them and barely got 2 cups, so I debated adding 1/2 c pumpkin or applesauce to make it up to 2.5 cups, but decided to wait until everything was mixed in to see the consistency. Once it was all incorporated, it didn’t appear dry so I didn’t add anything else in, I just cooked it as is. The muffins too about 20 minutes and they are perfectly done! Moral of the story is…#1 will you marry me and cook for me every day?? and #2 the amount of bananas is ok at 2 cups. ;)

      1. Made batch #2 today, added 1/2 c chopped walnuts this time… even better (if that is possible). Still used 2 c mashed bananas instead of 2.5. Perfect again! Can’t wait to try other recipes from your site. I already pre-ordered your joint cookbook with Juli. :)

  285. I haven’t made this yet but it is on my recipe to do list for this weekend. We love banana bread so I may make two loafs so I can freeze one.

    My favorite photo is the one in the middle.

  286. I have made this a few times – Excellent !
    Thank You
    My banana bread is always underdone in the center – regardless of the recipe – so now I bake in a 8×8 square pan – more evenly distributed – less time in oven – works great
    I also researched this issue – it helps to whip the eggs first – I use Vitamix for all wet ingredients
    and also make sure the cracks in the top of loaf are not shiny – this indicates not done – you want then to be dull –
    Does not need the added sugar – just right

  287. A fellow paleo-er, I’ve been wanting bread for a while and now I’m lowering my sugar intake, so this is perfect with no added sugars and just the right amount of carbs! Too bad I could eat this all in one sitting. Thanks for being awesome!

  288. This bread is already magical, and I’ve made it many times. But I’m on day 2 of the 21dsd and randomly thought of this recipe… now this detox will be easier than I thought. You are a genius. Thank you.

    1. Yeah, this bread is definitely not sugar-detox friendly. Sorry. Bananas are very high in sugar, so even though this recipe has no “added” sugar, it is still very sugary. I believe Diane only permits one green-tipped banana per day during the sugar detox. If you want sugar-detox friendly desserts, though, Diane does have some. I would check out her site and 21dsd resources.

      1. Actually, I got to this site from the Official 21DSD pinterest page for treats. As long as you make it with green-tipped bananas and don’t eat more than a quarter of the loaf per day (admittedly challenging), you should be good to go.

  289. I’m also doing the 21dsd and I had friends coming for brunch and three
    very ripe bananas. I made the recipe and ate a little bit:
    It came out fluffy and so tasty maybe not too kosher for the 21dsd but guests loved it!
    Great recipe! I’m out of almond butter

  290. This has become my go-to potluck contribution… as well as my one of my favorite overall baking recipes. I have always used coconut oil instead of butter and I think it gives a nice flavor with the banana. Dark chocolate chips make it simply divine. Thanks for the kick-ass recipe.

  291. Went to flip onto cooling rack and the whole thing fell apart. The middle crumbled onto the rack and the sides stuck to the dish. I used glass and greased it with butter. It’s not really a bread-like consistency but more mush. What did I do wrong????


    I make this twice a week (unless we eat too much when it comes out of the oven and then I have to make it 3 times a week.) I make all kinds of additions – add cranberries and walnuts a lot of the time but one of my favorites is to add lemon (or lemon extract) and chia seeds and make it like a lemon poppyseed bread. The chia gives it a nice extra crunch and the lemon makes a nice flavor.

    Thanks George – you really are my hero. You have really helped make my celiac diagnosis a lot more fun!!

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    That is the first time I frequented your web page and thus far?
    I amazed with the research you made to create this particular submit incredible.
    Excellent process!

  294. Just made a loaf! It is pretty freaking delicious. I’m totally down for converting some people to more natural foods with this baby. Good idea might be to throw some chopped up nuts in for the classic banana walnut bread texture. I ended up cooking mine in a metal pan with convection at 350degF for about 40 minutes for the knife to come out clean.

  295. Tastes greatbut can’t figure out what went wrong. Used coconut butter and coconut oil. Outside looked normal but inside is mush. Tastes so good I am still going to eat it somehow. Will try one more time and hope for the best.

    1. Where in the oven are you baking the bread? Also, not all ovens are the same unfortunately. Next time, leave it in a little longer (until that toothpick comes out clean from the middle!)

      1. The rack was in the middle so I will try again with it higher and leave it to bake a ittle longer. I toasted the bread and it was perfect!

  296. I made this tonight for the 5th or 6th time, the only difference was this time I used coconut flour instead of almond flour. When substituting is it really a 1:1 ratio? I always thought you used far less coconut flour to get the same result. Thanks in advance.

    1. Coconut flour has very different absorbency than any other flour. I’m not exactly sure what the ratio would be, but I would not recommend using it as a substitute for almond flour.

  297. Alright, I’ll admit it. I made this recipe once before but I faffed about with it; I decreased the amount of banana to make it lower carb, subbed out some of the almond butter etc. It was good, but it wasn’t great. I’m pleased to say that I just remade this following the ACTUAL recipe this time (no faffing!) and it was RIDICULOUSLY GOOD! George, I did you wrong but I have seen the light! I’m gonna have more of this for breakfast in its french toast form!

  298. This was wonderful. I didn’t have any nut butter (or nuts to make my own), so I substituted the same amount of sweet potato puree and added a Tbsp of butter to make up for the missing fat. It was probably a little softer texture than with the nut butter (but don’t know for sure since it was first time making the recipe). I loved that it was just sweet enough from the bananas and no sweetener was added. It was a lovely conduit for Kerrygold butter. :)

      1. Nut flours/butters bother my stomach, so I substitute coconut butter/manna for the almond butter in the banana bread. It is delish!
        George: Have you heard of Karmuffins or Karmaffins? They are muffins in the freezer section in the bakery at Whole Foods. (Not strictly Paleo because of the soy preservative in the milk they use.) The base for the muffins is sweet potato. I was hoping to gently encourage(and/or beg) you to experiment with a sweet potato base for breads/muffins. I am way too lazy (and inexperienced) to do this myself. Also thinking a non-sweet bread (with PUMPKIN instead of banana) with bacon and chives would be killer! You are the culinary genius. Take that idea and run with it!