Chocolate Ice Cream

So this recipe completely replaced any soft serve chocolate ice cream I used to eat, THIS IS AMAZING.  Really no other way to describe this but pure heaven in a bowl and it is super simple.  This will be an amazing tool out there for those parents whose kids have sweet teeth, if they are gonna eat it might as well be Paleo and Crap free.  Hope you enjoy.

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Chocolate Ice Cream
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Serves: 3
  1. Place your cold coconut milk, honey, vanilla, and cacao powder in a blender and mix well
  2. Place your frozen bowl for your ice cream maker in the machine and start it, immediately pour your coconut milk in and let the process begin
  3. It will take anywhere from 10-20 minutes, keeping your ingredients cold helps it set faster
  4. Once done, transfer your ice cream to another bowl and place in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour to help set it more
  5. Enjoy

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  1. Hey, I made mine Chocolate, Chocolate chip ice cream, of course with healthier fair trade chips!! It does have a coconut taste even though I used half Raw Cream and half Coconut Milk.

    Great recipe, Thanks a bunch!!

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…..I can live with this Paleo diet as long as I can make this awesome ice cream…I absolutely love it, best recipe I have tried yet.

  3. This is awesome!!! Made it since I am trying to get off diary and more onto the paleo scene :-) baby steps! Easy and not a lot of ingredients. We added some coconut flakes and some dairy free chocolate sace…yummmmm! Thank for this recipe!

  4. This recipe looks really yum (and easy) I would love to try it but I don’t have an ice cream maker is there a way I can make it without? Maybe freezing an stirrin often?

    1. Yes you can make it without an ice cream machine! Just stir it every 30 mins till it set, then leave it out for 5-10 mins before serving! I’m like you I don’t have an ice cream machine, but I want one!

  5. It was a hit at our household. Wifey loves it even more than Talenti, which has been off limits to us since we started this journey. Next up we will try to use xylitol instead of honey. And after that we will try strawberries instead of cocoa. And after that we will try pineapple and coconut flakes. The possibility are ripe!

  6. I’ve got this in the ice cream maker even as we speak and cannot wait until it’s done! :-) Dutch chocolate ice cream is my very favorite, and this is definitely what I needed! I’ll pop back in with the final results once it’s done. BTW: I tasted the mixture before I put it in the ice cream maker, and YUM!

  7. Wow, just made this…’s amazing! Sooooo easy to make and absolutely delicious, my 4 year old daughter LOVES it.
    Thank you for creating so many awesome recipes.
    Feel like a trip to Australia?? Free room in exchange for a few meals

  8. It’s been ten years (TEN YEARS!!) since I used my ice cream maker, but the bowl has been living in my freezer all that time. This recipe looked so easy and so yummy, and I had all the ingredients, so I pulled out the ice cream maker, looked up the user manual online (ha ha), rinsed out the bowl, and gave it a whirl. I was not disappointed! This stuff really is seriously easy and yummy!

    I followed another reviewer’s advice and reduced the honey to 3 tablespoons to reduce the carbs a little. It was plenty sweet enough for me.

    Thank you for a healthy alternative that satisfies my ice cream addiction.

  9. This is my go-to recipe for chocolate ice cream now. My brothers adore it – and are the farthest thing away from Paleo eating. Now I use it as a base and add stuff to it – my favorite is caramelized bananas. You’re pretty much awesome.

  10. I love ice cream and when I tried this recipe it made me sooo happy! I love the flavor of this, I would say it’s more like Italian ice w/ the consistency but I love it all the same. I have made this 3 times already!

  11. Tomorrow is my birthday. :) And do you know what I’m having with my cake? Mmmhmm, this fabulous ice cream. I’ve already made it exactly according to your recipe and I loved it. Too much. It really is ice cream ecstacy. This time I want plain vanilla so I’ll leave out the cocoa and add more vanilla extract. Have a great weekend, Caveman!! (I just love calling you that ;P)

  12. It’s nineties here this week and just made this recipe! Next time I’ll halve the honey, it’s very sweet! I also used cacao powder, because I wasn’t sure which you were using. It’s delish! The hardest part will be actually making it last three servings instead of scarfing it all down…im going to eat it with a spoonful of unsweetened shredded coconut. I also see future possibilities with peppermint extract and enjoy life chocolate chips….thank you so much!

  13. Just recently got an ice cream maker and made this last night. I guarantee it will be gone today!!! It tasted sooo good and was easy to make! Thanks for the recipe!

  14. Caveman, you just changed my LIFE. This ice cream almost didn’t even make it to the freezer, one taste and I was gone. Ice Cream Ecstasy. Oh, wow. I would write more, but I must go back for one more spoonful…….yeah, maybe two. ;)

  15. I want to try this because my husband loves chocolate and is missing ice cream, but was wondering does the coconut milk give it a coconut flavor? If yes, how strong is it in your opinion? Thanks PS: Thanks for your service. My brother is a Marine (23 years and counting) and my 19yr old son is as well and he is currently in Afghanistan.

  16. This was a great surprise for my girlfriend after a very long day at work…thanks for the great idea. And top it off with pecans, yes please.

  17. Ive been following your page on facebook for a while now. Making some of the recipes I’ve found on there, and incorporating them into my diet. Its only the last six months Ive been able to seriously take time to work on myself properly, (I am pleased with myself though for losing over 57 kg in the previous 2 1/2 years even with my hit and miss methods, though I still have a way to go,) life doesnt always make things easy.

    With recipes like this ice cream i am able to help change my childrens diets as well which makes it easier all round. Not only because im not having to make two seperate meals, theirs & mine, but also because gradually changing them onto a more paleo based diet helps with my boys disabilities as well. So thank you for taking the time to do the things you do, and Im off to make another batch of cohocolate blueberry icecream :)

  18. Seriously?!?? SERIOUSLY?!!?!? Made this last night….oh. my. gosh!!!! I wish I would have found this/made this recipe YEARS ago! I figured it would be great, b/c you created it and everything I’ve made from this website has been delicious, but holy CRAP is that good!!! lol. I may have found a new addiction. Added bonus: It’s SOOO stinkin’ easy to make!

    All I can say is….thank you. so much! :)

  19. Made this yesterday and it was AWESOME!! And it doesn’t get any easier than this. I topped mine with some fresh raspberries. What a great Paleo treat.

  20. We are eating Keto rather than Paleo, and so I made this but subbed the honey with truvia and a splash of sugar free hazelnut DaVinci Syrup. Simply AMAZING. Thank you for sharing

  21. I modified this a little this morning (BTW, the chocolate is awesome… just not as awesome when you use orange blossom honey instead of plain raw honey…) Anyhoo… used the coconut milk, vanilla and the raw orange blossom honey (it worked GREAT in my modification)… then added crushed pineapple, chopped macadamia nuts, and finely shredded unsweetened coconut. O… M… G… Hawaii in a bowl. I think I have died and gone to heaven.

  22. I modified this a bit this morning… used the coconut milk, raw honey (locally produced orange blossom honey was great for what I did this morning… but not so great in chocolate) and vanilla. Added pureed pineapple, chopped macadamia nuts and finely shredded unsweetened coconut. O… M… G… it was Hawaii in a bowl!!!

  23. This ice cream is AMAZING!!! I’ve been making it almost every night with full-fat coconut milk and pecans. Reminds me of my favorite chocolate ice cream from when I was a kid but better! Seriously fabulous! :)

  24. HOLY MOLEY!!! I just made ice cream for the first time ever this morning, and this ROCKS!!! I added a little bit of unsweetened shredded coconut and some sliced almonds at the end to blend in… it’s in the freezer now, but couldn’t help but take a little taste before it went in… O… M… G!!!! I thought I liked So Delicious, but this is awesome!! Next recipe for me is gonna be a coconut ice cream with bits of pineapple and chopped macadamias… oh, you’ve created a monster here!!

  25. I bet you could freeze your 14 ounces of coconut milk in ice cube trays, and then toss the cubes in the vitamix with the other ingredients. :)

      1. If you change your recipe, and find it to be better, please edit it! Not everyone reads through all the comments. I was puzzled about the light coconut milk, so I read the comments to find out why you used it, and only then discovered that you changed to full-fat coconut milk. Thanks!

  26. Many moons ago my kids learned how to make icecream by using two nesting coffee cans with tite fitting plastic lids. Ice between the two cans. Rolling the nested, lidded cans back&forth for 10-20 mins and voila icecream! Would this recipe work w/that method?

  27. Puleeze tell me there's an alternative to the honey, George? I never liked honey before lowcarbing/paleo… I sooo want to make this though.

  28. I don't have an ice cream maker so I followed the instructions then put it in the blender with ice. Add ice to the consistency you like and it's done! Ours was like a thick milkshake. My kids and I topped with finely sliced almonds. So good!

  29. After a $20 fiasco when I tried making 2 quarts of a Nourishing Traditions ice cream recipe, I was happy to find one so inexpensive to try. We just had it as our Sunday Dinner treat and it was fabulous! I used the full fat kind of coconut milk (I do better if my fat grams are way up there), but followed your recipe in every other way to the letter. I am thrilled with it! I think spooning the mixture into my popsicle molds will also make wonderful chocolate popsicles. Thanks for a great tasting and easy to make treat, George!

  30. Psyched I found this. I walked around the supermarket with an empty bucket of Steve's in the hopes I would find a recipe! It just came out of the oven. Can't wait to try it!

  31. Kim was your coconut milk completely refrigerated and was your ice cream maker fully frozen. The bowl has to be frozen at least 24 hours and the coconut milk should be the same.

  32. I'm making this recipe, but it's been in the ice cream maker for 30 minutes and is still almost pure liquid. Any suggestions?

  33. This was AMAZING!!! We just bought an ice cream maker Sunday & this was the first recipe we tried. My kids absolutely loved it. What a perfect Paleo treat!

  34. Oh geez…a second excellent ice cream recipe and the maker isn't frozen yet…now I have to decide fruit or chocolate first?

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