Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake Cookies

Holy moly what a week it has been.  I walked into work on Friday having no idea when my last day of work as a United States Marine would be, and I left Friday afternoon knowing I would never have to wear the uniform again.  From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and everyone of you who have responded to my Facebook posts, emails, and Instagram posts about my separation for all your kind words of encouragement and support.  It is really a tough pill to swallow changing cold turkey from a career and lifestyle you have lived for 12 years to the exact opposite, but I can tell you I am saving a boat load of money on razors.  I haven’t shaved once since I left work and operation caveman is in full effect.  I will post some status pictures for you soon, but unfortunately I do have to shave one more time on May 20th to go pick up my DD-214 which will prove my end of service.  Oh well, we can get a nice 30 day caveman preview before then.  So anyways, I added the contribute button back to my site on the right sidebar in case anyone is feeling thankful for anything my site has provided you (and I received a few emails telling me I need to put it back up since people appreciate me and want to show me by supporting me).  So once again thank you.  I feel like I could write thank you out thousands of times and it would never show my true level of appreciation for all you awesome readers.


So I am sure you are sick of my blabbing and sappiness by now so we can get to the recipe.  Truth is, most of you already scrolled down anyways so I hope you love this recipe.  I purposely made this to have a cake like consistency because I am experimenting with making whoopee pies out of them.  Is your interest peaked?  If you want me to continue to work on those and get a recipe, just leave me a comment letting me know and I will see what I can do.  Oh and I am sure I am going to get 15 comments or so asking if anyone can sub the coconut flour in this one, and the answer is no.  You need it in this recipe to absorb all the moisture and give it the consistency I achieved.



No more talking, just recipe time.  I just didn’t feel like leaving two pictures in a row without something breaking them up.  So that is the point of this pointless section of words.  Haha, no for real go make this and enjoy.  Have an awesome day.



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Pumpkin Cake Cookies with Chocolate Chips
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 20
  1. Preheat oven to 375 Degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Combine your pumpkin, coconut oil, eggs, vanilla and honey in a stand mixer or large mixing bowl and mix well
  3. Sift the coconut flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and baking powder together
  4. Add the sifted flour and spices to the pumpkin puree and mix well until all clumps are gone
  5. Fold in your chocolate chips and ensure an even distribution of all the ingredients
  6. Scoop out your cookies in a large tablespoon onto a parchment lined baking sheet
  7. Bake for 10-12 minutes until the bottoms are done
  8. These cookies are supposed to be cake like so they won't cook like normal cookies
  9. Serve warm or store in an airtight container for 3 days
If you can not buy gluten free baking powder, you can make it yourself. You just combine 1 teaspoon baking soda to 2 teaspoons cream of tartar. You have to use it right away as it won't store without the cornstarch.

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  1. These are Heaven! We are stationed in Guam right now and I have been searching high and low for a good pumpkin recipe to get us in the Fall “mood” since the weather here doesn’t do that for us. So hot and humid- always! Ha. Anyway, this was a hit with all of my little ones and I even brought in some to the guys on the ship. They appreciated them and devoured them! Love that they were clueless about them being paleo! #winning ;) Thank you!

  2. I made these last weekend for my brother and myself as we recently started eating Paleo, and they were absolutely delicious. My brother wanted me to start making another batch before they were even gone and my mum was impressed too. Great recipe, thanks for sharing, will definitely be making these again!

  3. Thank you for the recipe. These are delicious! The texture is very good – moist, soft, and not overly sweet. I doubled the recipe, decreased the honey by half, added a ripe banana, and baked the batter in two 9×9 pans for 25-30 minutes to make bars. My daughter loved them as much as I did. She’s been trying to sneak more all evening.

  4. I made these without the chocolate chips and less baking powder and mine turned out so good! I also didn’t have a cookie sheet(broke college student) so I used a brownie pan and they turned out delicious. Mine came out tasting more like pumpkin pie than it did cookies which is what I was originally planning to bake. You should post a recipe for pumpkin pie!

  5. As a poor college student… may I substitute pumpkin pie spice for the spices listed? If so, how much would you recommend using?


  6. Hello there! A little behind the actual blog-time, but just wanted to let you know that I made these for a slew of “ew, paleo?!?” college students and they absolutely GOBBLED them up. So popular that I’m make another batch tonight instead of studying, and saving half for myself (shhhh). Thank you for this!!

  7. Thank you for your service, George! My girls (4,2 and 7 months) are making these cookies right now to celebrate our military man. Can’t wait to see how they taste and from our veteran family to yours-Happy Veteran’s Day!

  8. hi, i made a double batch, and as i was about to mix it all up, i realized i forgot to the double the eggs. so i waited until i mixed it all up, then added one more egg so in total their was 7 eggs. i also used white chocolate chips, and didn’t add the gluten free because i did not have it, or the stuff to make it. and they still turned out perfect! thanks so much :) definitely making them again soon

  9. The batter was very runny, but they worked like a charm…. my kids devoured the first batch, second batch in the oven now! mmmmm!!!!!!!!! They kinda remind me of pancakes, maybe we’ll have the rest for breakfast? :)

  10. I can’t eat honey, so I used Coconut Secret’s Coconut Nectar, same amount you did with the honey. I also can eat dairy, but not sugar, so, I used sugar free choc chips. THESE COOKIES TURNED OUT AMAZING!!!!!! THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!!! Even the kids upstairs LOVED THEM!!! :) ….and had a ball making them with me!!! :)

  11. I made these into muffins and added chopped pecans aswell….so amazing! Saved this pregnant woman from an unhealthy craving. You are a paleo genius George, thank you :)

  12. My first George recipe that I really screwed up. Taste was way off but my fault though! I had already poured most of the ingredients in the bowl when I opened my coconut flour tub and saw that it was bone dry. Sooo ( I really wanted to make these) I subbed the rest of my almond flour and I made some macademia nut flour really quick. The macademia was just too nutty….overpowered the pumpkin. Plus I couldn’t get the right consistency-really runny even with 3 cups of “flour” later. I tried a few cookies but I kind of slopped them on the cookie sheet. They still cooked into a cookie though. Then I poured the rest into muffin pans and a donut pan. They are barely edible-not tasty. Can’t wait to retry with the coconut flour. And maybe a different pumpkin puree or the sweet potato-I think what I was using was a little off- it had a metallicy taste to it. (5 stars because George’s recipes are always epic wins!)

  13. I made these last week and did half with choc chips, half without because I only had 1/2 C of them left, added chopped walnuts to the whole batch, and possibly dipped the non chocolate chips ones in pumpkin butter as I was eating them….delicious! I will be making these again soon. Thank you for the recipes!

  14. I just made these and had two and they were extremely delicious! I subbed the honey with light agave since I am a diabetic but they were still just as tasty. I am recommended to my friends and this gave me the nice sweet tooth I needed today. Thanks!

  15. So excited to make these pumpkin and chocolate is the ultimate satisfying dessert! I gave been dreaming about them but I can’t have paleo goodies for another two weeks!

  16. Absolutely love these! Added maybe 1/4 tsp of salt to them but didn’t change anything else. Thank you :) Def need to try to make whoopie pies with these at some point!

  17. Finally made these babies. Absolutely delish. I ended up with way more than 20, so yay for more cookies! I made whoopie pies out of a few, with a coconut butter/cinnamon/honey filling. omg! ridiculous! :) Thanks for another reliably delicious recipe! AND 1000 thank yous for your service in the USMC. xo

  18. Help! :p

    I made these, and the cookie batter seems to be really soup like and runny. I followed the recipe exactly, and triple checked to be sure. Are they supposed to be that runny?

      1. I wonder what I did wrong then. It seems like half a cup of coconut flour isn’t very much for all those wet ingredients.

        I ended up putting in two cups instead of a 1/2 cup of coconut flour, and then made it better, but still kind of runny, so I made muffins.

        BUT, THEY ARE SO FREAKING GOOD. So thanks :)

        I’ll try to figure out what the hell I did wrong…

        1. Just thought I’d ask you because this happened to me in another recipe…
          The coconut oil. How did you measure it?
          It’s a solid measurement. Not a liquid measurement.
          Take 1/2 c. of solid coconut oil, then melt it. Don’t measure melted coconut oil into a liquid measurement.
          I learned this the hard way in another recipe. haha
          Correct me if I’m wrong, George ;)

  19. Divine. I love them. My 6-year-old daughter, who is one of the toughest customers out there, loves them. These would most definitely make good whoopie pies. Or ice cream sandwiches.

  20. Just made these tonight and brought them to a going away WOD and they were devoured in minutes! I fiddled with the spices but that was it.

  21. Looking forward to making these, George. Forgot to tell you that the bacon avocado deviled eggs were totally AWESOME. I treated them like delicacies and ate them over 3 days. I was sad when they were gone. Thanks a million for the recipe. You rock.

  22. Just made these the other day, brought in to work, and they disappeared. So delicious! They’re definitely more cake-like than cookie-like…maybe call them “cakies”..? Haha. Anyway, thanks for this recipe – another amazing one! (Also, I don’t even like pumpkin, but I love these.)

      1. HAHA like you said someone is gunna ask that :) looking forward to making these soon! thanks for the recipe

      2. Damnnnn, I just tried to make this with almond flour (no coconut flour in the house) and noticed it was was too runny. Read through the comments and saw this one a little too late. Grabbed the pans out of the oven and scooped the batter into a cake pan… Hope I can salvage this pumpkin yummyness!

  23. Hi I am very new to the paleo lifestyle and I have found your website my saviour! I made the
    Choc chip pumpkin cake cookies today and they are lovely. I substituted the chocolate chips for walnuts and dates as I couldn’t find paleo friendly chic chips. I think the dates and walnuts add a great crunch to the cake texture.


    I cannot wait to cook my next treat.
    Keep up the good work xx

  24. I made these at my school with one of my clients! These are amazing and I try not to eat a bunch of sweets. Thank you for all the amazing recipes you make…I am off to make your banana bread!

  25. Yes, please on the whoopie pies! Used to be my favorite indulgence before giving up grains. Can still see them in all their glory lined up at the Amish Market in PA. That being said these cookies look amazing as is. Good luck with your transition to a new career. Can be an exciting and scary time.

  26. My fiance and I just ate the first batch right now while the second one is baking… because they are THAT GOOD.

    I hate pumpkin. My fiance loves it and his a self proclaimed cookie monster. I begrudgingly made these for him knowing I would not eat many of them..

    …too bad these are so good I ate more than half of the first batch.

    Thank you. For sharing your life with us readers, and the recipes too.

    Chin up, we are all cheering for you. :)

  27. Loved these! First time baking anything and boy did they come out good…Dangerously good! Ended eating 5 within the first 30 minutes. Thanks for the great recipe!

  28. I’m super excited about this recipe! One of our fav treats (before we stopped eating wheat-about a month ago) was choc chip pumpkin bars! I am going to have to pick up a can of pumpkin ASAP and give these a try. Thanks!

  29. “knowing I would never have to wear the uniform again”. Gee, when I served I thought it was a privilege to wear the uniform. Boo.

    1. Yes Cindy, everyone has different experiences but after 11 years of honorable service which I loved, the last year was made hell going through a medical separation where I no longer mattered. It is very hard to be honored to do something you are being kicked out of for being injured in the line of your duties. People do not look proudly upon injured service members at all, we are considered more of a thorn than anything

      1. That simply isn’t true. I care and respect all service men and women. I am not the only one that feels this way…. You all have sacrificed so that I and my family can live free. You should be honored. I am sad that you aren’t. Maybe those around you don’t care, honor or appreciate you, but don’t generalize. There are plenty of us that do. (HUGS)

    2. If it is such an honor perhaps you should treat fellow service members with more respect instead of splitting hairs over an offhand comment on a freakin’ food blog. Enjoy your cookies and the fact that you’re not injured. I think the correct response is “thank you for your service and the free recipes.”

      Delish btw:)

  30. A-maz-ing! Made these last night with baked yam instead of pumpkin, slightly less coconut flour since I live above 6000 ft. and then put them into a muffin tin with liners instead of making cookies. My non-paleo BF and I absolutely LOVE them! Also, they firmed up real nice and didn’t stick too much to the muffin liners like some paleo muffins do. THANK YOU!

  31. These look amazing, just like you! Joe said you were in your element at Paleo F(x) – I’m so excited to see what magic you’re going to bring now that you can devote all your energy your blog & beyond. I’d wish you luck if I thought you needed it ;)

  32. Just made these, they are DELICIOUS!!! Can’t wait for my husband to try for a pre-run snack tonight! Thanks George! Love these!!!!

  33. Has anyone tried this recipe using bananas? I LOVE baking with bananas so I’m tempted to try it that way, but I like pumpkin a lot, too. Looks delicious – can’t wait to try!! Thank you!

  34. Just took these out of the oven and they are fabulous. My only mod was to add a pinch of salt to heighten the flavor of the spices. Any recommendations for what to do with the rest of the can of pumpkin?

  35. These cookies are so delicious!!! Mine stayed pretty soft in the middle so next time I make them I will try flattening them a bit first so the middles will be more cake. I would love it if you figure out a good pale whoopie pie filling!!!

  36. These just came out of the oven and are phenomenal! Cakey bites of heaven!! I made mine a bit larger/taller and cooked them 5 min longer for a cakier effect. Thank you!

  37. I wonder if these will freeze well??? I have a large can of pumpkin that I could make a double batch. An Whoopie Pies….I think so!!!

  38. Help–I made these with a little less coconut oil to cut some fat and increased the pumpkin slightly to compensate for high altitude baking (8500 ft), and they never flattened out and I baked them for 30 minutes and they are still soft. They look delicious, like everything else I make from you, and was planning to bring them to CrossFit tonight.

  39. Made these yesterday – halved the recipe because I didn’t have 6 eggs. Subbed raisins and walnuts for the chocolate chips and sprinkled pumpkin seeds on top before baking. Really nice! Will make them again. Thanks for all you do, George! And your banana bread is a weekly staple. I’ve been adding a half an organic lemon, whole, to the food processor, as I mix up the batter. The lemony tang is delicious in the bread. :-)

  40. Funny thing, I came up with the same recipe but with almond flour. The nutty flavor from the almond flour is wicked good in the pumpkin.

  41. I had my doubts about this recipe as they were cooking. They took a little longer to cook and I think it’s because I used frozen pumpkin that I had to drain. But they came out great and the true test is that my bread and sugar loving son who doesn’t eat veggies or fruit loved them!! I’m slowly working on converting him by the way but he’s just not one to taste things if he thinks he won’t like it. Anyway, thanks for sharing another great recipe!

  42. I have loved all of your recipes that I have tried! I was wondering if you think date syrup would work in place of the honey?

  43. I love your recipes, but have yet to try any of them. My concern is the coconut flour. My daughter’s boyfriend is very allergic to all nuts, coconuts and some seeds. Is there anything I can use instead of the coconut flour?

  44. Just made these tonight and they are sooooo dam good its unreal! Im going to make these for my mother in law birthday on monday. anyway thanks love you and your recipes!!

  45. Hi George!
    Thank you for your AWESOME recipes and for your service! You have made my paleo experience so much more enjoyable. Question for you – I’m not a honey girl – it’s just the way I am… will this taste ok with maple syrup instead?

          1. Yum! Had to will myself to stop eating too many last night as they came out of the oven :) One more question for you (I’m not the most savvy baker) – my cookies didn’t really flatten out during baking – did I over-mix?

  46. Thank you for this wonderful looking recipe. I have a tremendous number of food allergies and cannot eat most of the great recipes you post. This is one I will try! I’m so excited.

  47. Thank you for your service in the military! My husband separated from the Marines last year. We both had a difficult time while he was serving but I understand what a sacrifice you and your family have made and for that I thank you. This recipe looks delicious. Pumpkin season is my absolute favorite. There is no reason for it to be reserved for a couple months out of the year. I plan on making this for my family as soon as possible.

  48. Both kids gave this two big thumbs up. Much different than the other “cave” cookies I’ve made (with nuts/seeds). These are cake-like, have just the right amount of sweet, yum!

  49. Thanks for the gluten free baking soda part, I did not know that and I have both ingredients on hand. I will be making these very soon! They look delicious and even though it’s not fall, I still want to eat some pumpkin! :)

  50. OMG, these are amazing!! The cakey texture makes it so damn tasty!! I’m not a fan of a lot of nutmeg/allspice so I subbed 1/2 tsp of both for 1 tsp of pumpkin pie spice. It probably should taste about the same…these were pretty cinnamon-y tasting!! Perfection!! Have fun becoming a hairy beast!! Thanks again for the recipe!!

  51. Thank you!!!! I have been struggling with using coconut flour and this is the first recipe that actually tasted good using it! My kids think they are amazing as well. Thanks George and good luck!

  52. Unfortunately he says no. He knew there would be questions about subbing the coconut flour, so he made reference to it a few paragraphs before the recipe.

  53. I will have to save this recipe for the fall…my husband is strictly a “pumpkin = fall/winter” person. Mayyyyyybe I can squeeze it into August. But they will definitely be made, and they look perfect!

  54. These look great! I can’t wait to try them. Coconut flour is so cheap compared to almond flour so I love using it.

    Also, congrats on the career change! It’s not the easiest thing to do (and I imagine even more difficult for those in the military), but good for you for making a change! I hope great things come your way!

  55. Hi there!
    First of all, these look amazing and can hardly wait to try them. (or is it Can’t hardly wait?? I always get that wording mixed up, not the best with grammar.. lol. ) anyway…back to the point, haha.

    I was wondering if you think this recipe would work with Almond Flour? And if so, would it need any other adjustments??? I am still new to the Paleo baking and have only made a few things, usually under the guidance of my friend, Angie, who got me started on the Paleo life style.
    I ask because, my 15 y.o daughter has HATED, absolutely hated everything I have made that calls for coconut flour. She doesn’t like the texture. So I am hesitant to make something with Coconut flour and have food go to waste. (It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine.)

    PS. I always look forward to seeing what new recipe you will put up next. And congrats on starting a new chapter of your life.
    (I was married to a Submariner for 10 years, it is definitely a change, even as a spouse, to not have the military lifestyle after all those years.)

  56. I love that you used pumpkin! It’s not just for fall recipes! I can’t wait to listen to your podcast with Stacy!

  57. Ah, you are amazing. Thanks so much. Love your recipes but i also really enjoy reading your blog. :D PS – LOVE the plate!!

  58. I’m confused about the gluten free baking powder. The tip on making your own says to use baking powder. Is gluten free baking powder different than regular baking powder?

  59. Is the baking powder DIY using baking soda and cream of tartar? I think I’ll have to make my own and want to confirm.

  60. These look delicious! And once again, George, thank you for everything you do…especially serving our country. You’re an amazing person!

  61. Whoopie Pies!!! Yes please!! I used to love love love love Wicked Whoopies ( for all the flavors they had. Their pumpkin was one of my favorites! I’d love to have a recipe to recreate my whoopie pie love…..congrats on starting a new life. A huge change I’m sure, but change is good, right?

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