Chocolate Bacon Almond Butter Bananas



So it is almost the end of January, which means people are finishing their Whole 30’s, strict regiments, or already done with their 21 Day Sugar Detox.  Great news for you, this recipe will knock your socks off you can have it now.  Now, I am not saying you should eat this everyday, but I made it to celebrate the end of my detox before I started again the next day and this hit the spot.  There are just so many amazing ingredients by themselves that all paired together I am left speechless because no adjectives exist in the english language to accurately describe this.  I even had trouble naming this because I just wanted to use expletives but I don’t think people would be searching on google for F#&K!#G Amazing.  But honestly, I have seen weirder searches.

Bacon Almond Butter Banana

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Before you get to the recipe, just know there are so many different ways that you can make this recipe so please get creative.  You can hollow out the bananas, then dip in chocolate and roll in bacon bits or even use macadamia nut pumpkin butter or pumpkin pecan butter.  When you stumble upon any new varieties, please post them in the comments so we can all help each other experience truly amazing new flavors.  I love reading every comment and trying what you all recommend.

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  1. Peel your bananas
  2. Cut each banana into thirds, and then cut each third in half lengthwise to make banana slices
  3. Lay out your banana slices, add almond butter to both slices and then lay a slice of bacon on each slice
  4. Put the two banana halves together to make a sandwich and set on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet to freeze
  5. Continue this until all of your bananas are made into sandwiches with almond butter and bacon in the middle
  6. Transfer to a freezer and let sit for at least 30 minutes
  7. When you're ready, place your enjoy life chocolate chips or dark chocolate in a double boiler and temper your chocolate until it is melted
  8. Remove your bananas from the freezer and dip each one in your melted chocolate and return them to your cookie sheet
  9. Sprinkle them all with cinnamon and then return to the freezer
  10. Keep frozen until ready to serve

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  1. I made this last night. My mind was blown! Simply amazing and I’m bringing this with me this weekend to a dinner I’m going to. Thanks for the AMAZING recipe(s)!! Now that I’m thinking about these again, I should have had one for breakfast. :)

  2. Why didn’t I think of this?! I always do chocolate covered sliced banana but everything is better with bacon. GENIUS. George- it’s great to see another Paleo dude so passionate about cooking. Your recipes are awesome. My girl and I always use your site as a go-to for recipes!

  3. I just made a small batch with 2 bananas, some sunflower seed butter (I’m allergic to almond) and 1/2 cup of melted enjoy life chips, I still cooked 4 slices of bacon and ate the extra piece. I doubt I waited long enough to eat one, but it doesn’t even matter. Holy f-bomb, I’m in love. This is better than cake and ice cream. This meets my mother’s standard “Sell my clothes, I’ve died and gone to heaven,” good. I am so happy right now. You are amazing!

  4. I’m new to paleo, but what about using cashew butter? I love cashews!!! But either way, these are on my “to try” list!!!

  5. Made these today minus bacon & added coconut oil to the chocolate chips..yum! Thanks! Next time bacon will be added!

  6. Has anyone tried putting a popsicle stick in the middle?
    OR maybe I’ll halve the banana longways, spread halves with almond butter,
    put a stick in then freeze. Dip the frozen thingy in chocolate then roll it in bacon crumbles.
    Guess I’ll have to experiment. Thanks for the inspiration, Caveman!

  7. Made this last night and am currently eating it now for a little birthday breakfast treat. Holy mother of god. This is one of the best things to ever come in contact with my taste buds. Thanks for sharing your mad scientist-esque creation.

  8. Just made my first batch of these, and did them ‘open faced’ style! Added a Tbsp of grass fed butter to the chocolate too, to give it a little extra saltiness and for smoother melting. Delicious! They are a birthday treat for another paleo buddy… If they make it to tomorrow morning!

  9. I totally get the expletives, as I cannot tell you what came to my mind when I saw bacon combined with melted chocolate and almond butter. It just wouldn’t be ladylike. I will tell you, though, I was awake at 3:30 a.m. thinking about it and it was enough to make this Sunday School teacher repent. Told ya you were keeping me up at night. I look forward to trying and reviewing more of your recipes, and I’ll try to keep the reviews PG rated, ok? Haha.

  10. This is the first thing I found of yours and we tried it immediately!!!!! Oh my goodness, the very best. It was dinner for that night. so good, so very good. I was hooked and then joined the website and ordered your cookbook and on and on and on…..Your recipes are great!!!!! Love it! I am a foodie anyway but this just adds to it.

  11. Definitely trying this! I’m not sure who wouldn’t love it, thank goodness all those things are in my kitchen! I’m new to this paleo thing but so far my son and I LOVE it…he’s 2 good thing he doesn’t get much a say, haha

  12. OMG, you just blew my mind….all of my favorite things in one bite…I haven’t even read the recipe yet…THANK YOU!

  13. Okay, this is so awesome because I made this the other day only reversed. For Super bowl I made these vanilla wafers that had the banana in the middle and dipped in chocolate. They were a hit but I wanted to make them something I could actually eat- so I replaced the wafers with bacon and “glued” them w/ coconut butter, then did the choc. dip. AMAZING!! I guess your version might be slightly “healthier”?? Anyhow- kudos again for all the awesomeness you put forth, sir!

  14. This look amazing, I just started my kids on Paleo in order to work on behavioral issues, and they’ve been “complaining” about treats :) This will be perfect! Thank you!!

  15. First time experiencing chocolate and bacon together. Oh, how much I have been missing! :)

    Made these for myself & my husband for vday yesterday. We couldn’t wait to freeze them again once dipped in chocolate – they definitely DID get messy like the first post promised. :) Highly enjoyable, however.

    Love the sweet & salty, smooth & crispy. We’ll definitely be making these again in the near future. Thank you!

  16. Made these tonight, but w/ peanut butter. Delicious. Messy, but delicious. Definitely going to be trying with almond butter next.

    1. These look amazing.. bACOn and chocolate are the 2 best things together.. They sell a chocolate dark.. And bacon bar..

  17. I made these for our SuperBowl dessert – absolutely awesome!! Because I am not much of a cook, I followed your directions exactly, so I can’t post any interesting diversions. Never mind though as these were so wonderful, I was very happy! We even have a few left over, which makes me even happier!! Truth be told, I even preferred these to the ice cream offered, and that is saying something. Thank you so much!

  18. Thank you for this recipe! My daughter and her bff are in love with bacon, when they get together I normally go through at least 2lbs of it before the weekend is over:) I will make these for them next time for sure!

  19. F#&K!#G Amazing is right!!! I was dying to make these all week, then I made them and I think I died and went to paleo treat heaven.

  20. Damn! Wish I liked bananas. Maybe with the almond butter, chocolate and bacon I might be able to eat the bananas…these look sooooo good!!!

  21. These are pure bliss! You rock my world, George!

    Btw, apples are an excellent substitute for bananas. I made some with pink lady apples for my boyfriend since he’s allergic to bananas and they were just as incredible.

  22. So. wow… I made these with homemade nutella instead of almond butter, because I was having a chocolate craving… and.. uhm. Wow.

    Thank you for the inspiration everyday with your recipes, posts and thoughts. You’re wonderful.

  23. Sweet Jesus, they are beautiful. I wonder how far in advance these can be made. I want to take them to a carry-in. If I make them the night before, keep them in the freezer and carry them in in a cooler with ice, will they brown?

      1. They commuted just fine and were amazing!! Shared with friends and all enjoyed. Who would of thought that this crazy combination would be so delicious ?!?! Thank you!

  24. Hey George! Thank you so much for this amazing recipe. I made these tonight and they are awesome. I will also be making them for my cross fit girls and they will totally love them!!!!!! Paleo On!

  25. If my bacon wasn’t frozen solid(raw) in the freezer right now, I would have already made (and devoured) these!! Freaking amazing, you are paleo culinary genius!!

  26. George, my friend,
    You are a genius! Truely! I wish I had some bananas in the house…I’d be eating these all day long (day off from our paleo coffee shop). Thank you for giving me some inspiration to do some shopping today!

  27. Oh lord! I looooooooove bacon! I can’t live without it. My girlfriend and I can’t wait to try these! You my good sir have brought out the chef I once was! You even made think of why im in nursing school and not in culinary school like I was supposed to do after highschool lol thanks! !!

  28. The triplets in my belly think this sounds DIVINE. Too bad I didn’t buy bacon at the grokery last night. . . maybe I’ll sneak over and make it for snack this afternoon.

  29. I didn’t incorporate the chocolate. Guess what still super super tasty. I feel like a human again in the kitchen. I get to create great tasting food AND I don’t just have to sit there and watch others eat! I don’t know you but your recipes are such a blessing to our house!

  30. Ok. Green apples I can have, bananas I can’t have. Sounds really good. I love that the fat and fiber slow down the carbs from turning to glucose. This just may pass the 15 carbs per meal restrictions. I’m trying this for breakfast, yes chocolate for breakfast. Love you!

  31. are you effn kidding me?? i almost licked my computer screen right now!! i’ll be making these for the fam one night this week!! THANK YOU for such wonderful recipes and beautiful photography!! we <3 your website:)

  32. As soon as I saw this recipe, I immediately went to the store and bought what I needed to create these. My husband probably ate half as soon as they were done. He was astounded by your food-genious, as am I. BRAVO!

  33. George, I adore the fact that you have no food rules beyond: it must be REAL food.
    Banana, bacon, almond, chocolate bites. Seriously – who but you would have come up with such a genius combination? You are my son’s hero. “George puts bacon on dessert mama. He is the BEST”
    Never stop being your awesomely creative self!

  34.!! I’ve been on an almond butter+apples kick lately. These look AMAZING! I’m definitely making these today! Thanks George for all your delicious recipes, beautiful photos, thoughtful giveaways, and sharing words (parts of yourself) on your blog/Facebook. You are appreciated :)

  35. WOW, I have been wondering what I will eat Feb 1 when I finish my Whole 30.. I decided to ax fruit as an added challenge and this looks right up my alley. Genius, pure genius!

    Excited for Friday! :)

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