Chocolate Avocado Fruit Parfait

So I can’t take much credit for this recipe except for the fruit that’s in it and a few added spices.  The Chocolate Avocado Pudding was all the mastermind of my Best Friend Jessi over at PaleoFriggenDelish.  Do me a favor and head over and like her page.  She has some amazing creations on her website you can find HERE.  Oh and by amazing I mean it, this girl got me to eat cabbage that I had previously thought I disliked and now I crave this recipe she made.  Go check out here Delish Asian Slaw and when you are done making, please deliver or send me some cause that stuff is like Paleo Crack for me.  K end of that story haha.  I am going to keep this short cause I am tired, have studying to do, sleep to be had and just am not feeling rants today.

Just one quick reminder cause I remembered before I hit post, I was at the amazing SoCal Regionals for Crossfit this past weekend and it was absolutely amazing.  I took some awesome photos too so you can check them out HERE and make sure you let me know what you think of them.  But that’s not why I started this paragraph either, I just wanted to remind you that you can get your C4 Tshirts, tanks, and hoodies by clicking HERE or clicking on the picture on the right side of my page over there and down a bit —————————->  I saw some walking around Regionals and it made my day.  Thank you all for everything.

Prep time
Total time
  1. Cut your avocados in half, throw the seed out, and scrape the avocado into a mixing bowl.
  2. Add your cocoa powder, honey, cinnamon, sea salt, and cloves and mix and mash well with a fork or potato masher
  3. Now get out a parfait dish, ramekin, bowl, plate or whatever you are going to use. Or just save dishes and add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl and eat it straight from there :)
  4. Slice your banana up and start making layers of banana, then blueberries, then avocado pudding. Top with your sliced almonds and serve.
  5. Enjoy


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  1. I made this for a dinner party of 1/2 paleo and have carnivore guests on Saturday and it was a big hit!! I will say, my avo’s were rather large, so I ended up using 2.5 TBSPN of honey, two pinces of salt and ground cloves, and two bananas.

    1. Um…apparently I’m multi-tasking. That would be 1/2 carnivore guests, not have. Oh, and two pinches of salt, not pinces. :)

  2. This is totally amazing. My wife made this for us all today and WOW!!!!!! Brother you are amazing. Everyone enjoyed it even me, for I do not like avocado’s. Thanks so much and appreciate all the hard work.

  3. Looks totally heavenly, and contains both chocolate AND avocado! Two major food groups in one dish! All’s I need to do is buy the blueberries and I’m ready to go! (I will, however, pass on the nuts.)

  4. Oh an I just looked through your photos… incredible you have such an eye! Do you do photography as a side job or just for fun? What lens were you using for those shots? I’m heading to the north east regionals in a couple weekends and want to take some good shots but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get as close as you were here.

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