Chocolate Avocado Cake

I know I promised to post this recipe yesterday, but instead I decided to take a personal day with some great friends and stay off of the computer and cell phone.  It was a very much needed break from technology and I feel refreshed.  Especially after 4 hours of a Wine Festival followed by a 3 hour dining experience at the Brazilian Steak House Rei Do Gado in San Diego.  I do have a recommendation for a steakhouse like that though, they need to have a digital scale on your table during your dining experience so you can track how much meat you consume.  I am really curious because I was eating non stop for over two hours and would love to brag about the damage I made to their food costs haha.  And before I share the recipe with you, gotta show you some funny things I saw at the Del Mar Fair.  Lets start with a groomed Llama competing in a show:

Followed By a pretty hilarious woman who happened to be on my website 2 days earlier getting ideas to cater for a Paleo Party visiting her winery.  How awesome is that? So I decided to take a picture of her taking a picture of me, original right haha:

And apparently the whole theme of this fair is Out of this World so there were aliens everywhere.  There was one driving a car, some hidden in gardens in wheelchairs, and this this Astronaut alien whose feet were made of cucumbers and hands were made of tomatoes.  Oh yeah, and its head was a melon:

So thanks for reading my recap here and before I get you to the recipe, here is a toast for you.  Enjoy the recipe:

So this recipe was made because I had too many avocados and didn’t want them to go to waste.  I was pleasantly surprised as to how it came out.  It was no where near as good as some of my other brownies or treats but everyone I fed this too absolutely loved it so I blamed myself for being too critical.  But what I did find was that these tasted way better cold to me.  The consistency is that of an angel food cake with a little added moisture.  You can call it brownies, cake, or whatever you want.  I just call it good.  But either way, I love it and hope you will too.


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Chocolate Avocado Cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 16
  1. Preheat oven to 350 Degrees F
  2. Place all of your avocados in a food processor, and blend until smooth. (Chunks are good in guacamole, not cake or brownies haha)
  3. Transfer your avocado to a mixing bowl or mixer and combine with the rest of your ingredients including all of your coconut cream concentrate. (You can use extra to drizzle on the end if you want.)
  4. Mix well ensuring an even distribution of all ingredients.
  5. Grease a 13x9 baking dish with the method of your choice. I use
  6. grass fed butter.
  7. Place in your preheated oven and bake for 40-50 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.
  8. Let cool, drizzle with coconut cream concentrate, cut and serve.

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  1. Hi, want to try this recipe but think there is an ingredient missing…flour of some sort maybe? Says it serves 16 but without some almond and or coconut flour, don’t see how. Otherwise, it looks awesome.


    1. I don’t know how you can make this statement when you never even made the recipe. I made the recipe with all the ingredients it says except I used coconut cream instead of the coconut cream concentrate. It filled the 13×9 pan about 1/3 of the height. Plenty to serve 16. However, no one ate it. I don’t know if the concentrate would change the flavor that much, but even my mom who isn’t picky said it had a bitter after taste. My husband said too much baking soda (what he tasted) and my 9 and 14 year old boys spit it out. I thought the raw batter tasted better than the cooked mess. The raw batter tasted how the chocolate boxed cake tastes before you cook it. I was very disappointed. I forced myself to eat it with some chocolate chips because I didn’t want to waste it. Still didn’t taste good. Definitely not sweet enough or chocolaty. There are sooo many recipes for gluten free chocolate cake. I just want one to taste like the gluten free chocolate desert my husband and I had at CTCA in Chicago. Anyone know of a delicious (not health food tasteless) GF rich chocolatey cake recipe?

  2. Hello George,
    silly question that my friend google couldnt answer.
    What is the equivalent in grams( or OZ) and ml of the cup you use? :-/ *blusing*
    thank you

  3. Quick question. I’m maing these for our Bake Sale at our first competition at our box this weekend and want them to come out as good as yours look. :) I know this is probably being super anal about specific directions, but what size avocados did you use. I know there are small-ish ones and then the big Has Avocados, so if we use the smaller ones do we need 4 avocados? Anyway, I love all you do and have tried numerous recipes that have come out amazing and I am greatful for your blog (during my 6 week paleo challenge, especially). Have a good one, George! :)

  4. I made this last night and it turned out super moist. I was missing a few ingredients so I substituted. For example, I didn’t have coconut cream so I used Greek yogurt and I didn’t have cocoa powder so I used banana protein powder. It was really good. I was a “Sweet Genius” for my boyfriend as he discoverd the secret ingredient after he ate half of the piece I gave him

  5. It’s in the oven and it is smelling DIVINELY. I had no strawberries, but I used some frozen blueberries that saved my behind! Can’t wait to leave it for the hubby before I pack it up for my potluck dessert. Looks like a winner. Thanks!!

  6. Can’t wait to attempt your recipes. However, why is it so hard to get the actual recipe to print. My printer will print everything else, but somehow skips the list of ingredients in your recipes.

  7. What is the point in cooking with raw honey? You might as well use pasteurised honey because you will pasteurised it when cooking.

  8. I made these tonight for a dinner out with friends and in minutes they were gone! Everyone was a little skeptical at first with the avocado, but one bite and they were hooked. Just found your site and am loving it! Thanks for the recipes and ideas!

  9. I just found your blog and wanted to say how much I appreciate that your baking isn’t ALL based on almond flour!!!! I have some really food-sensitive kids and we try to take it easy on the almonds–but they seem to be the base of every grain-free baking recipe. I’m excited to try have some new ideas to try! Thanks!!

  10. I’m baking up one of these for an office potluck this Friday. Should be a nice surprise when they find out it is both tasty AND healthy. :0)

  11. Just tried these.

    Basically doubled everything up ingredient wise and looked amazing when I took them out the oven. Once cooled they are really, really moist, almost too much so, but still extremely tasty. Going to keep experimenting with ratios etc. Thinking maybe the strawberries were too wet?

    Anyway love the site and respect from Scotland :D

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. It cuold be too much moisture from the strawberries but I haven’t expiremented with any other fruit, I hope you keep enjoying my recipes and thanks for the over the ocean love

  12. Not a baking Diva, or in the kitchen much; but such an interesting combo That I have got to try it. I am allergic to coconut; any help with a sub…{ regular butter} I know I bit my tongue just saying it.

  13. This looks delicious! I’m going to try this tonight. I will have to settle for using my regular blender though since I don’t have a Kitchen Aid. I’ll leave some feedback tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas and creations =)

  14. I have coconut manna that I bought from amazon, but it definitely is too thick and dry to drizzle. Will it work in the cake recipe do you think, or is your coconut cream concentrate very liquidy?

    1. You have to reconstitute it and make it liquidy, I either leave it in the sun when its over 80 degrees or follow the directions on tropical traditions website for melting it to liquid

  15. These look fantastic – chocolate and avocado play very well together. Any thoughts on subs for the 3 eggs? I’m guessing this recipe depends on them for structure, but I am allergic.

    1. Caia, I am so sorry you are allergic. I am not 100% sure on what could be subbed and dont want to lead you in the wrong direction. I think you may be able to try this without the eggs with the coconut cream. Or I know some people substitute flax and water for eggs

      1. Trying these w/o the eggs, added a couple teaspoons of psyllium husk instead. Also, because I’m bad at following directions, I used blueberries instead of strawberries, and added a smidge of cinnamon and a little lemon juice and blitzed it all in the food processor. The batter tasted pretty fantastic – hoping the finished product does, too. Consistency looks good – I am hopeful. Baking w/o eggs, dairy and gluten always involves some trial and error. Thanks again for this and all your other fantastic recipes!!

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