Blackberry Banana Muffins

30 Minute Paleo Breakfast muffins that will leave you craving more.  So the baking creative juices have been flowing and here is a Wonderful Blackberry Banana muffin that I guarantee you will love.  These came out absolutely amazing and the flavor combination is incredible.  Enjoy


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Blackberry Banana Muffins
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 11
  1. Preheat oven to 400 Degrees F
  2. Mix together your eggs, honey, coconut oil, coconut milk, salt and vanilla
  3. Sift together your baking powder and coconut flour and combine with your wet ingredients
  4. Mix your batter well and then fold in your banana and blackberries and mix well until the blackberries continue to get broken into smaller pieces and are spread well throughout
  5. Divide your batter into 11 muffin tins and bake for 20 minutes
  6. Enjoy

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  1. i doubled the recipe, used half the amount of honey, it made 16 cupcake size muffins, sprayed baking paper cups with any spray oil (I used canola for high heat) and filled batter almost to the top. Honestly they are amazing! Moist and filling and so delicious! I’m shocked!

  2. I want to make this recipe in an 8×8 loaf pan. Any suggestions on how long to bake? Not sure if all the batter will fit but if not I will make 2!

  3. Hi George
    These look fab but what are the conversions in grams or ounces, I don’t want to muck them up and conversion sites seem to give different answers?

      1. Hey George

        No worries, I googled everything and converted it and it all seemed to work out fine for me! I think I will probably cut down on the honey as they were a wee bit sweet for me, but still loved ’em and so did my friends

  4. These were excellent. I doubled the recipe and made 12. Filled the muffin cup to the top and still baked the same amount of time. These are extremely moist.

  5. I have make them and I have used bio cow milk 3.8% fat because the only coconut milk I have was powder one and they are very good was thinking not a big difference only 2 table spoon so next time I will use coconut milk to see the difference

  6. I have make them yesterday it give me 6 of them they are delicious mext time I will double the recipe and try to freeze some .It was my breakfast this morning what a way to start a day thank you

  7. do you think i can substitute almond milk for the coconut milk without much of a difference? these sound delish… =) i’ve been adding lots of your recipes to my paleo board on pinterest =)

  8. These are fantastic! I had to replace the blackberries with blueberries because that’s what I had. The only problem I had (wasn’t really a problem) was it needed to be cooked for 27 min, not 20 in my oven.

    Were these mini muffins? I made regular muffins and it only made about 6. That’s probably related to my issue with the cooking time.

    Anyway, I’ve made these twice in the last two weeks and my friends and family love them too!

  9. Hi, I can’t find coconut flour in my country. Amazon wouldn’t ship either. Is there a substitute for coconut flour? I am skipping many recipes because I can’t get my hands on coconut flour :(

  10. These are really good! One of my favorite paleo breakfasts yet! I used strawberries instead of blackberries… So good!

  11. I just made these for the first time and they are absolutely the best paleo muffin I’ve made to date! I subbed raspberries for the blackberries and they’re sooooo good! My kids keep asking for more. Thanks for the great recipe

  12. It’s a snow day for us in the DC area so I made these for breakfast at 8am… It’s now 1:30 & they’re all gone… Thank you for not only a delicious but also a healthy treat!

  13. Two bananas sitting on my counter this morning but what to do with them?? Of course I come to your site (where else would I go to look for a recipe?) and find this glorious combination. How convenient that I also had a cup of summer blackberries in my freezer!!! I made two batches and added a generous dollup of cinnamon to both just because I love cinnamon. The first batch I made into muffins….perfect and decadent!! The second batch I put into two mini loaf pans and added dark chocolate chips because…well, why not??? OMG!!!! You’ve done it again. Thanks for being amazing in the kitchen!!!

  14. I just made these and they are good but they stuck to the muffin tins :-( I buttered the tins before I cooked them. Do you know what I did wrong? I’m new to baking.

  15. Hello,

    I just made these. I used 1/4 of almond flower too and instead of berries I used walnuts. I also added cinnamon and nutmeg. Hoping this works out. Also do you have a list of carbs and calories for these?


    1. Elizabeth I don’t count calories or anything on the Paleo diet. If you want the nutrition the easiest thing to do is plug the recipe into like fit or How did they then out with your modifications

  16. I made these twice with blueberries and banana, but every time I pull them out of the oven they go from looking perfectly risen and delicious, to being sunken and more like a pudding or a patty. I think this recipe has too much moisture in it to rise and be fluffy. has anyone else had this problem? Are there any tips to gain fluffiness like a real muffin?

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