Apple Cinnamon Scones


I have been getting a ton of questions lately about what I eat for breakfast, or what people can prepare in advance to grab for breakfast.  I already have a few awesome recipes that can be used.  Make my Paleo Banana Bread in muffin form and grab them and go.  Make my Paleo Pancakes and freeze them in advance.  Or make my other varieties of scones I already have posted; cranberry orange and blueberry chocolate chip.  If none of those tickle your fancy, I am here to save the day again with this delicious new recipe I created. It has been tested and approved at one of the amazing local establishments in Temecula.  Thank you to the amazing Leah who owns E.A.T. Marketplace and is making waves in the real food and slow food movement.  She took these and sold them in her marketplace, people loved them and no one knew they were Paleo, awesome.

Apple Cinnamon Scones

From start to finish, these delicious treats took me maybe 20 minutes including cooking time so these are a great night time snack to bake up and keep on hand.  Of course, you can always modify these to your liking.  You can add fruit, you can add chocolate, or any other flavors that make your mouth water.  If you do though, please leave me a comment and share your culinary creations with me.  I love reading about all your creativity and trying to incorporate it into my cooking.

Apple Cinnamon Scones1

One thing you may notice, is I started using grams in the recipes.  It is a little more effort but if it can help just one of you I will make it happen as often as I can.  Do you find it helpful or is there something else you would like to see?  Let me clarify, in the formatting of the recipe.  Not to be blunt, well actually yes to be blunt, I am not going to start calculating nutritional information on my recipes.  I share with you all the food I make myself and that is not something I track.  There are some awesome sites like Fit Day and My Fitness Pal that make it easy if you are interested.  I will not steal anymore of your time, as always thank you for the support and if you love my recipes, please share them.  It helps me deliver more awesome content.

Apple Cinnamon Scones2

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Apple Cinnamon Scones
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 16
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 Celsius)
  2. In a large bowl, combine almond flour, apple, shredded coconut, cinnamon, baking soda, and sea salt
  3. In a smaller bowl, mix the egg and honey until well blended
  4. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix well
  5. Knead the dough with your hands if necessary to ensure an even distribution of ingredients
  6. Form dough into 2 circles approximately ½ inch thick
  7. Cut each circle like a pizza into 6 or 8 slices depending on the size you want your scones
  8. Transfer to a parchment lined baking sheet
  9. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through
  10. Enjoy

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  1. Hi George,

    Thanks for the apple scone recipe. I didn’t have fresh apples or egg, so I used 1/2 cup of apple butter and use it as a base for a 1 Tbl. Each flax/ chia seed gel to sub out for the egg. I only had 1 3/4 cup of almond flour, so I ground up some walnuts and added it to the almond flour to make 2 cups. I also added 1 Tbl. of vanilla, 1/2 tsp each of almond extract and cinnamon, 1/4 tsp, of coriander, ginger and mace. To make sure it held together, I added 1/3 cup of golden raisins, 1 Tbl. Of shredded coconut, and 1/2 tsp each of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and coconut flour. I increased the baking soda to 11/2 Tsps. I also added another Tbl. Of honey.
    It held together pretty well, but it needed a little more acidic flavor, like the apple cider vinegar and a Tbl. Of maybe arrow root starch to take up the moisture in the center. But it has a nice flavor and it rose well. As you can see, I like to add plenty of spice and flavor to my baked goods. Thank you for inspiring me with your recipe. Maybe you can tweek mine and tell me what you think. I have your’s and Juli’s Paleo cookbook. I use it frequently and like it.

    Thanks again,
    Jen Tussing

  2. Do you think I could do a half recipe and be okay? I’m thinking of just halving everything, but I’m not certain about the egg. Half an egg is challenging. Do you think it would be better to do the full egg and just bake a little longer, or should I up the almond flour by 1/4 cup?

  3. Made these today – so delicious!!! Made them exactly as the recipe says but just cooked longer to get them more crisp and golden. Served with cream and the family devoured them :) Thank you for the great recipe!!!

  4. Great recipe. Thank you George. I did make a few changes. It works well with pumpkin puree as a sub for the apple, I just added an additional egg and 1/4 cup more of the almond flour. Swapped out the cinnamon for pumpkin pie spice and added 1/2 cup of cranberries and slivered almonds.

  5. These are so good my family gobbled up the first batch so fast, I’m making another. Thanks for a killer scone recipe!

  6. yum, have made these twice now. this time i was out of coconut (BOO!!!) but they still turned out delish. i would emphasize the mincing of the apple – big chunks are ok (yum) but tiny bits of apple is really better. otherwise they fall apart easier. (taste is still amazing no matter what) :) thank you!

  7. Made these tonight…added some vanilla, a few raisins, omitted coconut (hubbie is not a fan, lol) and tossed in pecans. They smell delicious and even the little ones are excited to eat them as a snack!! Thanks for a great recipe!!

    1. If you get the my fitness pal app, you can input your own recipes and it gives you the complete nutritional breakdown.

  8. Great recipe!! Only thing I did differently was add about a tsp. of vanilla extract to the honey/egg mix and thru in a few golden raisins, delicious!! Keep the great recipes coming :)

  9. I made these tonight and am quite happy! I did have to find a substitute for the egg & almond flour due to food sensitivities. I used an applesauce/baking powder combo for the egg, and did an equivalent substitution of buckwheat flour for the almond flour. The taste is fantastic, but they are a little dry! I didn’t look up what the proportion should have been for the flours, so I’m sure that’s my fault :)

  10. You bring joy to my tastebuds! These are delicious. My husbands comment, “Make more!”. :)
    I didn’t have raw apples, so I used half a cup of no sugar applesauce and another half a cup of the moist kind of dried apples. I had to bake them for 20 minutes because of the extra moisture, but they are soooo good.

  11. It says 6-8 slices, I followed every step and used every single ingredient yet it was only enough dough to make 4 very small round scones, about the diameter or a regular cookie but twice the thickness. What did I do wrong why does it seem to be so very little dough? Thanks!

  12. Thanks for creating and posting this!
    I had substituted some of the almond flour for sweet potato and potato starch, it was poofy, but still real good. I loathe coconut, so I left it out, and next time I make it, I think I’ll add more apple. Made a fantastic breakfast sandwich!

  13. Awesome stuff !! Just made these tonight snapped some pics and through them on FB with a link to your site !! Love your site !!

  14. Just made these. My son and husband LOVED them! Thanks for the great recipe. We have been brain storming what kind of fruit we can use next time. I’m thinking strawberries! I was wondering how these will keep and if I should refrigerate them?

  15. I add about 1/4C craisens (dried cranberries), then, I added somewhere between 1/2 -1/3 C fat-free sour cream. Yes, I know that messed up the dairy, but that isn’t a problem for me, so I did it. They are awesome! I love that there’s only fruit & honey for sweetener. It has been pretty difficult for me to find “sweets” that I like, I mean Like. This did it! Thank you so much!

  16. Oh. My. Goodness. Well. These are fabulous! Easy, quick and the house smells sooooo good! (The smell actually got my husband up from a nap!! That is HIGH praise!!!) I had a sad little apple that I found at the back of the food drawer—it was perfect for this recipe.

    This recipe would be so easy to adapt to other fruits. Thank you for a great Sunday treat!

  17. Oh my goodness!!!! I made these tonight – was a bit skeptical when the dough was nothing like anything I’ve ever worked with before, but these puppies are freakin’ awesome sauce! I can’t stop eating them. :) I used organic raw agave nectar instead of honey. The coconut gives the scone some interesting texture. Tomorrow I’m gonna try with some other fruits. :)

  18. Another great recipe. Thanks for making paleo easy!
    btw if I am running low on the almond flour do you think they will taste just as good with coconut flour?

  19. I made these tonight for dinner for my boys along with some scrambled duck eggs with spinach. They were flip flappin fabulous! I have to say that I have a difficult relationship with grain free baked goods. I usually hate them but these have totally changed my mind. The boys loved them too! Thank you soooo much.

  20. I just made these, but with homemade sesame flour. Also added a simple cinnamon/maple glaze. As usual, a delicious recipe!

    I also love that you take the time to reply to all the posts on your site, it really shows that you care. I don’t know how you do it though, it must be a full time job.

    Thanks for this recipe, and this great site. Keep on keepin on!

    1. Katie thank you for leaving a comment. That sounds amazing and interesting with the sesame flour.

      Honestly I don’t know how I do it, it is more than a full time job since I don’t ever get time off lol.

  21. Oh delish! I was going to make only half the recipe until I tasted the batter. I miss having scones in my life! Mine were too sticky to cut apart before baking (but I am not the most accurate at measuring!) and still came out great! I’m thinking a little maple butter on top. I like to eat small amounts of fabulous food, and this one fits!

  22. Geroge, add me to the list of folks who want to make these scones right away! Btw,I’ve featured your recipe over at All Gluten-Free Desserts … All the Time. :-) I love that so many of your readers have successfully made this recipe using all different ingredients. The hardest part might be deciding which variation to try first. ;-)


  23. I like your consideration.
    I’ve had a lot of trouble with your cups and Fahrenheit.. Tried to make a list of it, but it got lost..
    So it wasn’t always easy to try your recipes, but now it’ll be much easier. THANKS :-)
    Looking forward to making some of your paleostuff

  24. Had to try these. I didn’t have any almond flour on hand so I used some pecan meal I had and used maple syrup instead of honey. Still very yummy! I put mine in mini-muffin pans. When cool I drizzeled them with some paleo caramel sauce. My husband and little one have almost eaten all of them.

  25. I made this today! Absolutely delicious! I did cut back the cinnamon to 2 teas. That was enough for my taste. I will make more and freeze them for future use…that is until I replenish my almond flour. I would like to buy it in bulk, on line, but not sure what site has the cheapest price. Maybe someone, or you, might know. Another excellent recipe, George!

  26. Delicious! Made these this morning with the following modifications: 1 cup almond flour and 1 cup sunflower seed flour (homemade), 1 cup frozen cherries (thawed and chopped), maple syrup instead of honey, added a little vanilla and instead of egg used 1T chia seed plus a small amount of applesauce. They had to cook a bit longer because of all the extra moisture but still turned out great, esp with a little grass fed butter on top! Thx!

  27. Fantastic!!! I wanted scones so badly for breakfast this morning but neglected to pick up some apples while shopping yesterday. So, I used bananas! Smashed a super ripe one in with the eggs/honey mixture, finely diced a not-so-ripe one and added it along with about 1/4 c each chopped pecans and chocolate chips to the dry ingredients. Had to bake for an extra 8 minutes but they were worth the wait! Ended up tasting like banana bread in a scone form :) can’t wait for your ginger/lemon version!

  28. Hi George. I made these today, but made them in a mini muffin pan. I baked at 350 so they would be more moist than scones. It took a good 18 minutes for them, but that may be because I’m at high altitude. I put 4 mini Enjoy Life chips on top of each one to try to entice my 5 and 3 yr old boys to eat. They refused to even LOOK at them because they were too busy building forts. Sigh. But, let me tell you, they’re freaking delish. Tiny little moist bites. I thought 2 TB of honey would make them too sweet but they’re perfect. I used bulk almond flour from whole foods so I bet they’d be even better with better flour. Thanks for the recipe. Now I have to resist eating all 24 bites.

  29. I only had a pear; out of apples… But I went for it. Turned out great! Had to bake slightly longer with the added moisture from the pear. Yum!

  30. I was so inspired by your beautiful apple scones (and your blueberry ones, and your cranberry ones) that I had to try my hand at making up some flavors of my own. I came up with fig & chocolate chip and bacon & green onion…..YUMMM!! Your blog is awesome, one of my top shelf resources for both excellent recipes and down-to-earth thoughts on living a paleo lifestyle out in the big wide world. :) Thank you for all your hard work!!

  31. These look amazingly delicious! You can’t go wrong with the classic apple flavor! I’m on a peach kick right now, do you think I could use peaches instad of apple and get the same texture? Thanks for sharing George!

    p.s. I’ve been a fan of your site for a long time, I always look forward to your take on “baked” goods

  32. Thanks for using grammes in your recipes. I just have one tiny little suggestion: could you also mention the oven temperature in Celsius? I think you will be doing all fans on the othe side of the ocean a big favor! I’m saving this recipe for after my Whole30 ( almost halfway), it looks so delicious I can hardly wait…

  33. I have to say…I NEVER comment on any site,but this…I just can not shut my big mouth! ;) these are absolutely fabulous! made so fast and eaten too :D good job george ;)

  34. This recipe looks delicious!! I love scones, but usually only have time to make them on the weekends. But these have such a short ingredient list and look like they would come together super fast! Yeah for possible “weekday” scones! Thanks for sharing!

          1. For those that use cups,like me, please use both measurements like the above recipe. Thanks!

  35. These sound AWESOME! I am always looking for something to feed the kiddos in the morning that is quick and delicious. Question though…one of my wee-ones is allergic to egg…is there a way around it with this recipe…or will he just have to miss out on this one?

    Thanks for the awesome recipes! You rock!

  36. I will make these this weekend. They are always wanting tea and scones for a tea party.
    Olny I will use navy bean flour in place of the coconut( I don’t need a trip the ER).

  37. These sound great! And feedback, let me say that I appreciate your giving measurements in grams. As a transplanted California now living in England, I can move pretty comfortably with either set of measurements, but I know lots of people over here who find US measurements confusing and vague. And personally, I don’t need you to give me a nutritional breakdown, so I’m happy and support your decision not to go down that road. Thanks for your hard work and great blogging!

  38. Amazing!! I used half apple pie spice and half cinnamon. My picky husband said – I didn’t know healthy stuff could be good! Lol even my 18 month old is devouring them. I will be making this every week!!

  39. These look so good, I can smell the apples and cinnamon coming through my computer screen. For once, I have every ingredient necessary to make these. I’ve been slowly building my pantry with everything necessary to whip up yummy paleo treats and I LOVE scones.

    My question is do you think I could get away with using “Coconut Nectar” in place of honey? I’m trying sooo hard to stay away from sugar in ANY form (I routinely follow the 21DSD) as it just packs on the weight for me. I have found that the Nectar is lower glycemic and twice as sweet, so I could probably use less…. Any thoughts?

  40. DELICIOUS! 2 Weeks ago i was told that i can no longer eat any wheat products, as well as no sugar, grains, starches,citrus, oh gosh you name it. I will eventually be able to add those back in but not the wheat, thats for life. I have been struggling with what I CAN have. A friend of mine just came by with a bunch of goodies for me to try and this was one of them. It was absolutely wonderful! So flavorful, sweet, healthy and i could have all the ingredients! Its a perfect treat for me to have at night when im craving SOMETHING. Or healthy enough for me to have for breakfast with some tea :) Thank you to Abbie for bringing it by and Thank you to you for the recipe!

  41. I haven’t made these yet, but I just wanted to say thanks for putting the grams in your recipes! (I am in Europe, and giving a German a link to recipes without grams is a a no-go. :) ) Woohoo!

  42. Seriously?
    This website is like mouth-gasmic!
    I appreciate you creativity and sharing!
    Can’t wait to make these!

    P.S. Your bacon banana chocolate dreams? They are being made as dessert for my best friend’s wedding.. I showed her the recipe and she just about jumped out of her house (let alone her seat). So excited!!

  43. I saw this recipe posted this morning and it became my first to do thing. It’s really tasty and super easy. I made your delicious banana bread recipe yesterday….. best ever !! and my husband was sad that my daughter and I polished it off last night and there was none left for him to take to work for his morning coffee. Oh well there just might be a scone when he gets home…… Maybe ! Btw new I’m new to your web site….. Love it !!!!!

  44. I had all the ingredients, and a little time, and voila! Awesomeness! The house smells so yummy with cinnamon, and the coconut added the little bit of chewiness that I love! A cup of tea and a scone and I feel so pampered! Thanks for posting this, and many other, wonderful recipes. When a recipe is as successful as this, it will be worth repeating. Thanks!! I might add a chopped medjool date to this for some variety…but it is yummy as posted.

  45. These look awesome, and I actually have all the ingredients on hand! My only question: with the dehydrated coconut, do you measure it dry, or do you re-hydrate it first?

    BTW, I found you through Pinterest and will be back!

  46. Oh snap. I used to be a huge scone lover. I really missed them after becoming Paleo. I cannot wait to make these. The flavors sound lovely. I sure do miss my lemon ginger scones. Thanks for your hard work and yummy recipes. I just love your caveman crunch….so addictive.

      1. Just made these without honey and cooked the apples first to bump up natural sweetness…amazing! Between these and your banana bread, i feel like I am cheating on my 21 DSD! Thanks for the awesome recipes both on your site and your cookbook!

  47. I’m still learning how to use different flours but how would coconut flour work instead? Would I need to use a different amount?

  48. I made these this morning and they are outstanding! My family tore these up. Needless to say, they are all gone. Thank you for sharing these. So good!

  49. Slap your mama, these are DELISH!!!! I didn’t have shredded coconut so I just added 1/4 more of almond flour and the texture and flavor were great. I’m excited to try it with all of the ingredients! I added a bit of almond butter on top to garnish, and a glass of almond milk. My 7 yr old loves them….which is the ultimate test when it comes recipes I try..Well done George, they are phenomenal!!!!

  50. hey, it’s me again =P is it absolutely necessary to use raw honey? that’s the last thing we haven’t fully converted to, still using regular honey… which brand/kind do you recommend? maybe we’ll look for some at the farmer’s market tomorrow!

    thank you so much!!! you’re so awesome, can’t tell you enough!

      1. ok. they just came out of the oven and they are DELICIOUS!!!

        didn’t find any raw honey at the farmer’s market, but got some from trader joe’s and made these as soon as we got home with blueberries and peaches. tasted just like the peach-blueberry cobbler i used to make back in my pre-paleo days =) yum yum yum yum yum. thank you!

  51. Absolutely gorgeous recipe George. And a totally classic one at that! And I totally agree, grain free scones are totally the best treat at night. Thanks for the awesome recipe and beautiful pictures.

    1. These are sooooooo good!!! I burned my myself a bit in my excitement of shoving the scone in my mouth!! could not wait for them to cool, even slightly!! And it was worth it!!! ah-mazing!! I’m taking some to my personal trainer & will try my best to save some for the hubby…. or… maybe I’ll just make more!!!! :)

        1. can’t wait to try these new apple scones. Question: I thought you are not suppose to melt raw honey. I thought heating is not good.

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