Perfect Paleo Pancakes

Paleo Pancakes

Ah breakfast, the meal that seems to be defined by eggs and pancakes and one we always seem to skip. I am guilty as charged for skipping breakfast or keeping it defined to the few basics. One of my most valuable lesson since starting to eat Paleo, is knowing that I can have anything I want for breakfast and it’s ok. Today though, I choose these perfect paleo pancakes.

Paleo Pancakes

Who else thought that once you transitioned to a Paleo lifestyle, your lifetime favorite comfort food of pancakes was out the window? Have no fear, paleo pancakes are here.

The pancake has quite an illustrious history. Given this is a Paleo recipes/health website, you can make the assumption that I obviously do not stand behind traditional, gluten full junk pancakes. Instead, I create recipes that are easier to make and taste better like these paleo pancakes.

I have also made quite a few other recipes for paleo pancakes, and by far the most famous and popular one is the one on page 95 of The Paleo Kitchen. Want to see? I am going to show you anyways. Look at these amazing pancakes:

paleo pancakes

That was hands down my favorite recipe to ever photograph. Primarily because I made two batches and once I was done shooting, I ATE THEM ALL!!! Here are a few other of my favorite recipes for paleo pancakes.

Paleo Pancake Recipes

What is your favorite flavor of Pancakes. Leave me a comment below and I will see if I can create a new recipe with that flavor?

I hope you love these paleo pancakes and get creative in the kitchen. I even heard someone use these as the buns for an ice cream sandwich. I may need to try that.

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Perfect Paleo Pancakes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  1. Preheat a skillet to 350 degrees fahrenheit
  2. Combine all of your ingredients in your blendtec, blender, or food processor and mix well until you have a batter
  3. Grease your skillet with coconut oil and pour your batter making 3-4 inch pancakes
  4. Cook 2-3 minutes per side and then flip for 2-3 minutes
  5. Serve topped with some grass-fed butter or topping of your choice
  6. Enjoy
These are the closest thing I have ever come to pancakes and they are delicious. They are easy to flip as long as you keep them reasonable size, around 6 inches across.

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  1. I’m not sure what i did wrong but these were a disaster for me!They just wouldn’t hold together. Do i let them cook for longer to get them to set? Thanks!

      1. Hi George, These are great! My wife and I make them almost every weekend. I cannot seem to find the Calorie count though. Are you able to provide that? Thanks!

  2. I only used one banana, one egg, and scraped the bottom of my natural almond butter, a dash of cinnamon, and they were great. I would make the full size if I was feeding my husband too but I just wanted to say that if you want to make just enough for yourself it still works great. I maybe had about 3-4 tbsps of almond butter but I’m not sure. I would definitely make these again, they taste just like banana nut bread to me. Yum!

  3. My daughter requested these for her 14th birthday “breakfast for dinner”. They were a huge hit! Served with scrambled eggs and BACON. Yummy! P.S. We LOVE your banana bread recipe, especially the chocolate cinnamon swirl banana bread! Thank you! :)

  4. Just finished up my first Whole30 and made these as a celebratory Day 31 dinner. Both my husband and I were amazed how great they were. They were a little tricky to flip but I got the hang of it after awhile. They are extremely filling and really don’t require any topping because they are moist and plenty sweet with the bananas. I think they were actually twice as good when eating left overs the following morning. I’m considering making a few batches and freezing them for easy quick breakfasts!

  5. OMGosh! I just made these and they were FABULOUS! I added a pinch of vanilla extract. Wow! Thank you for posting this.

  6. These are delicious!! I’ve made a similar recipe that used almond flour instead of almond butter, and they were pretty good, but these are way better, especially the texture. I had no problem with them burning or being gooey in the middle. The only alteration I made was I added a little bit of pure vanilla extract & a little bit of cinnamon. My new go-to breakfast! Thanks!

  7. I love this recipe, but have a couple of questions – I’m going camping soon and would like to make these for breakfast one morning.

    Can I double or triple this recipe to serve more people?

    Do you think I could pre-make the batter? I was thinking I would bring the batter (in a sealable jar and in our cooler, of course), but I’m not sure how well the batter would keep.

    Thanks in advance for your help – love the website and I’m really loving The Paleo Kitchen!!

  8. I was a little put off by the mushy texture when I made these fresh, however, letting them rest and dry out a day in the fridge AND eating them cold was a very nice treat! Thanks for the super easy recipe!

  9. Even better: mix one egg, one mashed banana, spoonful of your choice of nut butter in a ramekin dish. Pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and it fluffs up like a mini soufflé. Quicker, just as easy and delicious!

  10. Sounds great to me. I always keep overly ripe bananas in the freezer for times like this but after I pick up a jar of almond butter I’m going to see how they fare to making these like a lolipop since they have to be made small in diameter.

  11. I am a paleo beginner and I have to say these were amazing and so simple. I LOVE banana bread and since starting paleo last week I have really been missing my breads. I was getting sick of eggs, veggies, and almonds so I turned to the internet and was very pleased to find these. You do have to be patient though! but man, they are just what I need for a breakfast on the go. I also made the muffins that one of the comments suggested and they were great as well! You can’t eat them warm, because they taste like banana flavored quiche, but I let them cool completely and I could not tell a difference between them and my favorite banana bread recipe. LOVE it! Thank you for this!!

  12. Excellent recipe. It turned out great! One thing… my mistake… nothing to do with the recipe, I didn’t read the part to make them tiny at first. So, my first two pancakes were regular pancake sizes and were a little moist in the middle, so the outside ended up being too dry while I was waiting for the inside to cook. HOWEVER, when I poured them in the smaller size as instructed, it turned out great.

  13. Mer. Lol. Mine didnt turn out :(. And one thing I habe to say is 350° doesnt help me when it comes to cooking ON the stove. I dont have a temperature for the flame. Only high medium and low. So I heated it to medium but it didnt seem to be hot enough (each stove is different) so I heated it a little hotter than medium and followed the directions. They flipped fine because I used a nonstick skillet. But they came out mushy. I even cooked them 4 minutes on each side which you only said 2-3 minutes on each side. Iused sesame seed butter but it is similar to almond so I figured itd be fine. Not sure that the nut butter is the issue. I tried turning down the burner as well. Nothing worked. Still mushy. Ate them as to not waste anything but it tasted like I was eating wet undone pancakes. Not a fan.

    1. They worked in the pan for me but I am lazy. So, I added blueberries, 1 tsp of baking soda and 1/2 tsp of baking powder and turned them into muffins. They are delish! I baked at 350 for 30 mins. Something to think about…

      1. Hi,
        The amount of baking soda for the muffins is george’s amount PLUS yours?
        Also, the blueberries, do you blend altogether so that they mix well? Or just toss them whole before baking?
        Can’t wait to try them, either pancakes or muffins.
        Thanks to both george and muffinminded for the recipes!

  14. Very good! My son, who is not a fan of banana bread or muffins was not crazy about them, but my daughter and I loved them. It is true that they need to be cooked slowly, but with patience, they came out perfect!

      1. What is your favorite brand of almond butter? I’ve been eating paleo for last couple of months and haven’t tried almond butter. My paleo friends have steered my away b/c of the flavor. I think maybe it’s b/c of the brand they are using… Any advice?

  15. This was my first time making a recipe like this. I was skeptical at first that pancakes could be made without flour so I made 3 different types of pancakes for brunch (hedging my bets that my everyone in my family would like at least one kind). The other 2 types had flour so I can say the texture of these are slightly different but not much. These were actually very good and very filling. Great recipe!

  16. AMAZING! I had my doubts as if these would be close to my beloved pancakes I miss so much. I read through all of the previous comments and took the advice of being very patient with cooking – I always flip the first batch too quickly with any pancake recipe :-) It was so hard to believe they cooked and fluffed just like my totally unhealthy pancakes. George, this one is a keeper for me. I plan to cook a big batch for the week and freeze for breakfasts on the go – no toppings needed for these babies.

  17. We absolutely loved them — used almond butter, kept them about 3-4 inches across. They were light, tasty and fantastic. I thought they only tasted vaguely like bananas — a good thing if you like bananas as you can tell they are made with them, but also a good thing if you’re not particularly a banana fan. Home run, George, thanks so much. New breakfast staple for us —-

  18. Add a small, mashed, baked sweet potato (I always have one or two in my fridge for snacks…is that weird?). This will solve the consistency issue and the flavor goes nicely with the cinnamon. I also add a pinch of nutmeg, splash of coconut milk, and dark chocolate chips when I’m feeling sweet.

  19. I need to remake this another time with almond butter. I tried them with sunbutter because I was out of almond butter and they were horrible. Husband and kiddo both looked like they were going to vomit when the took a bite. I figured they were overexagerating and tried one…nope, dumped the rest of the batter. The dog even spit them out…

    1. I’m sorry, but there is NO reason to give a recipe 1 star because you chose not to follow the directions exactly. Unless you are giving yourself 1 star. If that is the case, then I am fine with it.

  20. To say I was skeptical before trying these is putting it mildly. They were DELISH! I took to heart the comments about cooking them slowly and had good success. It makes breakfast take a long time unless you have a big skillet/griddle, but it’s so worth it.

  21. Easy and great recipe. The gelatin was a wonderful tip because my batter was also too thin. Extra protein and helped with thickening. Thanks!

  22. the flavor of these is amazing!!!!!! But… the consistency created a big issue.. they were so thin that i kept burning them/not cooking the middle all the way through. I flipped too early or too late.. it was kind of a mess in my kitchen this morning. Half way through I added almond flour to try and thicken them up.. no dice! I still ate them because they were tasty, but not easy to execute. Any advice?!

  23. Omigosh! I can’t wait to try this recipe tomorrow!! I will have to make a 2/3 version of it though, as I only have 2 bananas on hand and I seriously doubt I am going to be up to running to the store before I make breakfast. :)

    I’m so *stoked* about making these pumpkin-y (though I won’t be doing this tomorrow), and about your pumpkin nut butter… I think I may have just found my pumpkin aficionado sole mate!! ;) You’re awesome, and I hope someday to learn how to be an amazing food scientist as are you!

  24. Just made these for me and my hubby and we were both in breakfast heaven. Thanks for sharing this super fast and easy pancake recipe. This will become a regular in the house along with your amazing paleo banana bread!

  25. Thanks for the recipe! I’ve been looking for a low carb, high fat/protein recipe for a long time. All others failed and this one was perfect. I’m not really paleo so I added some very non paleo items to this recipe. But it turned out really yummy! Used pumpkin, pnb, and whey protein powder! Made about 9 cakes- and 3 were very filling. So I’m excited to have pancakes for breakfast for the next two days :D

  26. This recipe is amazing. very easy to make. They.were delicious and healthy! I ate them.with.fresh strawberries. Didn’t even need maple syrup!

  27. I have searched every paleo website for pancakes, and these are the best. Great, simple recipe.
    Thanks so much!

  28. Thank you so much for doing all the research to get your recipes to taste so delicious. I have some bananas dying ;) to be used for these pancakes. Love your banana bread and honey muffin recipes too. It does making paleo eating enjoyable as well as healthy! You and paleOMG are my go-tos as well!

  29. Hey George,

    Wanting a recipe for pancakes for breakfast and thought “check George’s website”. As always you had just what I was looking for!

    We’ve tried so many pancake recipes since going Paleo, this is by far the best!

    So from two very satisfied Paleons in Port Hedland, Western Australia: thank you!

  30. Hi George,
    I made these pancakes for breakfast today. Incredible! I didn’t think they would come out this good without flour, but they did. I had to play with the heat setting a bit until I found the right number for my stovetop.
    Between you and Juli at paleOMG, I’m finally going to be able to stick my paleo lifestyle, and lose this weight. (I have over 140lbs still to go, but I’m seeing great results)
    Anyway – thank you so much for creating recipes that even a picky eater like can love!!!

      1. Thanks!! I’ll send before and after pics later…much, much later.
        In the meantime, I’ll be checking your website for more recipes!

  31. You may need some almond flour in your recipe. I made some paleo pancakes just this morning and mixed the following: 1 mashed up banana, 1 organic egg, 1/2 cup almond flour, 2 T almond butter, cinnamon to taste, and ~1/4 c almond or coconut milk to thin the batter as desired. Butter the pan or use walnut oil, cook as usual. Flip when bubbles form or batter turns golden brown. Top with fruit like strawberries or blueberries, more butter, bacon, or w/ organic 100% maple syrup. This batch makes 6 small, nutty pancakes which serves 2 (unless one is really hungry! I can’t recall where to credit the recipe, but it sure is good.

  32. The recipe was a little runny for me, but made a yummy crepe! I added about 1 tbs of grass-fed gelatin, and tada! a beautiful pancake. My husband and 5 year old son approved with 5 stars. (This is the 3rd pancake recipe I’ve tried, and they threw the others in the trash.) This is our new pancake recipe!!! Thank you!!

  33. Love your recipes! This one I’ve been meaning to try! I made them this morning! They taste wonderful. I had them with ghee and raw honey! Yum! Anyway, I could not get them to “rise” or fluff up like your beautiful ones in the picture. That we’re just flat. They were delicious, just not very pretty! Any tips?

  34. My first week of Paleo too! Just made these and OMG they were awesome!! So light and tasty, the cinnamon makes them I think. They don’t need anything with them ( although we had strawberries) Yum Yum I know what’s for breakfast tomorrow!!

  35. I realize that this is the silliest question and maybe it relates to the mushy question someone else had. I tried making these about a month ago and had an awful hard time flipping them without them either sticking to the turner or them breaking all apart on me. How can I get them to turn like those inflammatory pancakes that people make (very easy)?

  36. Tried making these and they turn out mushy. What can I do to prevent that without just burning them?

  37. Do you think the batter will keep overnight if I mix it and put it into tupperware containers for the morning? Or should I just go ahead and make them at night and put the pancakes in the fridge?

  38. I have some questions re: the bananas called for in your pancakes recipe. 1) What size of bananas do you use (small, medium or large)? 2) What degree of ripeness should they be? Do they need to be very ripe, black skinned bananas? TIA

      1. Thank you, George! I have not had pancakes since I went wheat-free last fall. These look yummy and very easy to make. I bought my first jar of creamy almond butter yesterday so I am eager to make these for my daughter and me in the near future. Pancakes used to be our weekend treat so we’ve missed that special breakfast for a really long time now.

  39. Seriously. Your recipes keep me up at night. Or maybe it’s the thought of you…in my kitchen….making your recipes that keeps me up. Nevermind my personal fantasies, haha. These were great! Made them today, with a few changes. I used about 1/2 cup pumpkin for the bananas, added a little maple syrup, vanilla extract, and pumpkin pie spice. Used my ebelskiver pan (love that thing) and put some apple butter in the middle of some of them. YUM! And yes, it’s 80 degrees out here, but pumpkin is my weakness. Your pumpkin butter is next on my list to try.

  40. This is my first week eating paleo and I’m over eggs for breakfast! These look super easy to make – only problem is that I hate bananas. (Weird, I know.) Do they taste like banana? Also, what’s your take on pure maple syrup grade B? Can it be used in moderation?

    Thank you so much for all of the great recipes. Your website has made my sister-in-law and my transition to paleo much easier and given us much more hope of surviving our 30 day challenge!

    1. Sometimes I just don’t want the banana flavor either. So I decided that processing other fresh fruits/vegetables to the consistency of applesauce would give me some variety. The mildest I have tried so far are apples and zucchini. The eggs really provide the structure, so if it’s a little juicy, like pineapple, you may want just a bit more egg than fruit, and a good hot pan to keep them from spreading too much. However, I have also realized (accidentally the first time) that I can make a thinnish one the size of my skillet, flip it, and have a nice wrap too. Just don’t cook it too dry or it splits like egg when you bend it. Extra coconut oil/butter in the mix helps that a little. Made with pureed homemade salsa, it’s fantastic with some seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato, sour cream. Made with pureed zucchini, the most versatile savory (spice it up!) one, I think, that is particularly good with mediterranean-spiced lamb and some garlic and cucumber in sour cream (I miss my shawarma). I’m still working with the ratios to get a wrap that consistently doesn’t break, so I can eat it like a tortilla/flatbread, but I usually end up eating it with a fork any way.

  41. You’ve done it again! You’ve managed to knock our old favourite pancakes off the top spot and these little beauties are now in pole position in the family pancake hall of fame. Tasty, delicate and sweet, my children will be requesting these for breakfast all week – so much healthier than a bowl of sugary cereal. Looking forward to experimenting with some new flavours but I find with breakfast the sweet spices are always a winner.

  42. Love this recipe!! Modified it and added sweet potato; it was fantastical. Looking forward to grabbing your eBook! Thanks for doing what you do!

  43. I made a modified version of these today, and they turned out perfect! Thank you. I’m going to go pick up more bananas, so I can make more for easy breakfasts later in the week. I have banana bread slated for today too. :)

  44. I just made a personal serving size of this and it was positively delicious. I will definitely be making it for my family and I think I’ll pair it with some paleo jam.

  45. Our entire family recently switched to a Paleo lifestyle and we made these this morning. They were very yummy. Can’t wait to make them again. Our little 5yr old daughter not only gave them a double thumbs up, but stated the following: ” Knock, knock. Whose there? Pancake. Pancake who? My pancakes are double thumb delcious!”

  46. Decided I’m making these again tomorrow morning after a long week of school and work.
    Now I’m even more excited for my Saturday off, plus Iron man 3.
    Any good movie snacks you usually eat?

  47. I have these every morning (stack not as big!) and get really grouchy if I run out of any of the ingredients. Just ask the wife!

  48. Sooooo delicious. Kids were tired of bacon and eggs for breakfast. Served with sliced strawberries and blueberries and bacon.

  49. I made these this morning! I used sunbutter and they were quick, easy and delish. I didn’t have a food processer handy so I just mixed them VERY well. I will for sure make them again and I can’t wait to try the paleo banana bread. Thanks for the recipe! : )

  50. These are so amazing! And super easy to whip up early in the morning before work without taking a whole lot of time! Definitely sharing! Thank you George!

  51. these were great, my husband and son (4 years old) both really liked them too. Thanks for reviving our Saturday morning pancake tradition!

  52. You made my morning! I recently found out that Im gluten and wheat intolerant, which as you know cuts out the traditional fluffy pancakes. Ive been following the paleo life every since and try to keep creative with it. I stumbled across your recipe this morning and had to try it. Thank you for sharing!

  53. Just tried these having recently started a dairy free low GI diet – loved them! Have enough to have some for breakfast tomorrow. Will have to practise flipping them without them running over the pan though!

  54. Making these for the first time right now! I was so excited to get them in the pan I forgot the cinnamon. I don’t have a skillet and didnt know what the equivalent of 350* was on my gas stove top so I did them in a sauté pan on (2 to 3-low) and they came out great. They don’t look as nice as yours but they’re delicious. I want to make them for my vegan sister, do you know if they work with Egg Replacer?

    1. for egg replacement some one told me you can try to use the flax seed they , once they are soaked in water and have sprouted , they have a viscous property like Aloe Juice and that is what “binds” things together….. I did not experiment on that, but I did make flax seed crackers and they “stuck” together……


  55. I just made these pancakes and they came out oh sooooo good!!! I thew in some fresh blueberries too. I used the cast iron pan and low heat, lot of coconut oil and there was no sticking. Thanks so much for your awesome recipe!

  56. These are wicked amazing!! I made them the first time, as is, just cut the recipe down to 1/3 so it made 3 small pancakes for just me. As is they were great – really filling (I could hardly finish them all and that’s a rarity for me and pancakes) – but a bit too sweet! I followed the ingredients to a T so I was surprised by the sweetness. I made them this morning but with chunky, organic Peanut Butter instead and added 1/4 tsp salt (because I think pancakes should be a hint salty), 1/4 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp chopped walnuts. This last batch turned out incredible. Thank you for this amazing recipe, George!!

  57. I tried these this morning and they were great! My husband is not fond of eating too healthy because of taste but he liked them! Thank you! Have you tried making these with almond flour? Do you know if they would work to make them a bit fluffier?

  58. I made these this morning (sans bacon) and they were great!

    I wasn’t sure what 350 degrees would look like on my stovetop, so I experimented a little, and found that medium-low was the best option.

    I wanted to cook the rest of the batter, but didn’t really want to attend to the stove, so I experimented and threw a few in the oven on a buttered cookie sheet at 350. The batter ended up spreading into one thin megapancake, which was sad until I realized that I basically have crepe makings. I’m going to fill them with something delicious for tomorrow’s breakfast.

    Thanks for your recipe!

  59. I was wondering if there is anything you can substitute for bananas and have them still turn out? Even a small banana flavor automatically sends my gag reflex into overdrive.

    1. Could try sun butter made with sunflower seeds.
      Also I added a bit of vanilla extract and that worked nicely.
      So surprised how much like real cake these are!

  60. Made these this morning for my family and they were awesome! Still can’t believe those four ingredients can construct a pancake! I had to keep them very mini, 2-3 inches across, or I couldn’t flip them. We like tiny pancakes in our family so this was just fine with us. I also added a little vanilla to the batter. Great recipe!

  61. Great recipe! Thanks for sharing. I love a base recipe that I can adjust depending on my pantry or appetite. I tend to share recipes like this with my patients to encourage them to be more creative in the kitchen.

  62. So glad I found this website. I’ve been slowly eating more and more paleo-ish throughout the past few months, and this is one of my favorite recipes. I think tonight I’m going to try your guacamole stuffed burgers. I look forward to trying all of your recipes.

  63. Thou shalt not forget the first rule of pancake cooking: your pancakes are ready to be flipped when they start to look a bit dry around the edges and have “bubbles” through the center.

    That said, my pancakes weren’t as thick and fluffy looking as yours, but were *very* tasty. Super easy to make, a recipe I could easily memorize. Definitely hit the spot! Thanks!

  64. My 4 yr old daughter just helped me make these, and she and I absolutely love them. Not only are these pancakes delicious, but they were fun to make together. Thanks for sharing!

  65. These were great – thanks for sharing! My batter was a little runny so the first few were really hard to flip. I added a little almond meal to the batter and that made them a lot easier to turn. I suppose coconut flour would also work as well.

  66. These are delicious!! Today I mark the 21st day without sugar (and I am a sugar addict!) and these had the right amount of sweetness! Thanks for posting. These will be made quite a bit in my house!

  67. So – I used macadamia nut butter added a tablespoon of raw honey and 1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut then topped it with butter and real maple syrup – they are really good!!

  68. Mine turned out spongy and a bit wet in the middle… I had them cooking in the pan at mid high, and tried turning down to mid low but they still had soggy middles… still edible but not as exciting as I was hoping.. any advice? Thanks!

    1. I have never had that issue, if they are soggy they would need to cook longer or there was too much liquid. If your eggs were too big compared to your bananas. You could add some more almond butter or a little coconut flour

  69. OMG, thank you for posting this. I’ve been pretty strict paleo/primal for awhile now (occasional dairy), but I have had wicked carb-craving for about 2 weeks. I am sooooooo going to make these pancakes.

  70. I typically use 2 eggs, 2 bananas, 2tbsp of almond butter & 1/4-1/2 an apple. Also a tasty recipe and can’t wait to try yours! I’ve also added pumpkin and raw cacao, as well. Both delicious. Thanks!

  71. I loved these! I have been sugar free for 18 days and this is just what I needed. I was in a hurry and whipped these up in no time. I divided by 3 and made a small batch just for me before work. They cooked real fast and I ate them without any topping and they were yummy!! Thanks for sharing.

  72. These night be my favorite paleo pancakes I have tried, they don’t taste soggy, or of eggs which has been the case with many other recipes! I started with whole almonds in my vitamix then added the rest it worked out just fine. I cooked them in my cast iron skillet without a problem I think the trick is not to tuch them until it is time to turn them over. Thanks for the recipe!

  73. I used a heaping spoonful of crunchy peanut butter and a small banana (about half a normal banana) with an egg and cinnamon. I mashed it up with a spoon in a bowl and put it on a heated nonstick pan with butter on it. I used a small, thin pan over the lowest setting on the smallest gas burner we have. No problems with burning, sticking, or flipping here. They were dense, thin, and tasted like fried peanut butter! My picky non-paleo man seemed to enjoy them with his nutella. They started breaking apart when I added some shredded coconut. I think I’ll add more egg or egg white next time or maybe some baking powder to make them fluffier. Possibly baking would be better. Very good recipe, since it’s hard for me to get a recipe to turn out well. :)

  74. I could not flip these little suckers. I kind of cooked them like scrambled eggs first to get them to set a little bit. My kids loved them!

  75. Flavor is very good but I had a problem with them sticking to my pans, even with coconut oil. I first used my cast iron skillet and then my non-stick, which I really don’t like to cook with.

    I ended up making muffins out of them. When finished, I topped them with blueberries, pecans, maple syrup and of course….BACON. So yummy….:-)

    Thank you

  76. Thanks so much for the recipes! I just tried this one and it was delicious and simple to make. I can’t wait to try some others. :)

  77. I love how simple and easy your recipes are to make! They are delicious and healthy! I was a total hit the moms and kids when I brought in the sweet potato ginger brownies. They were in shock when I told them what they are made out of. I’m sure you have a few more followings after sending them your recipe link. Thank you so much for this website! You definatly deserve the Homies award!!

  78. These did taste amazing, however I am one of those that cannot get these to stay together to flip them. If I waited long enough to flip without it being a scrambled mess, they were black. Should I try a lower heated skillet for a longer time? Or possibly I am not using enough oil in my skillet? My husband and I both ate them….even scrambled they tasted wonderful. We are new to Paleo and are trying lots of recipes. Thanks for all your ideas!!

  79. I made these today and they were sooo delicious! I am new to your site and Paleo, I spent all afternoon gathering recipes to try out. I’m in the military also and the hardest part about sticking to a plan is the meal prep and planning. I thought going Paleo would be a lot of work and time in the kitchen but so far it’s been simple and fun! Thank you for doing this, I could not come up with this on my own and you make it so easy to follow. I can’t wait to try more :)

  80. Just made these tonight for dinner (I was in the mood to try a new recipe), and they were absolutely amazing!!! Even my boyfriend, who doesn’t always share my dietary choices, loved them. So good and will make these forever! Thank you! :)

  81. These pancakes were amazing, I forgot to add the cinnamon which was slightly annoying as I love cinnamon- but looking forward to trying them again with it in!

  82. Mmmmmmmm LOVE THESE! My husband has declared them to be ‘Better than normal pancakes.’ Topped with grass fed butter, extra cinnamon and a teensy amount of maple syrup. :) Happy family breakfast.

  83. These look so yummy, I am going to try and make them on Sunday! Would you happen to know the nutrition content and how many carbs? I will save these for a once in awhile treat however I am always looking for Paleo style recipes that my carbivore daughter will enjoy. I was thinking of adding a layer of spiced whipped cream. This would make a lovely dessert. Thank you for the recipe.


    1. Tiffiny I do not calculate any nutritional info or track it. If you want to know you can plug the recipe into or It is just not something I can provide on my site.

        1. I just did that! It ends up being 984 calories (minus the bacon). It is your whole daily intake of fat probably not the best if it is for weightloss purposes. Nevertheless they were yummy!!

  84. Tried these yesterday. Did not turn out well. Maybe b/c my bananas were frozen then thawed out and too mushy??? I burnt some of them as could not flip them. They just fell apart. :( Will try with fresh bananas but any other tips would help. Despite my disaster in the kitchen, my toddler ate 5!

  85. I made these last Saturday. At first I was a bit skeptical but when my little one picked up one took a bite and returned a few minutes later asking for another one I knew we had a winner. Thank you for creating recipes that are going to make the transition to Paleo easier.

  86. Hay George this is update #2 I can not keep enough bananas in the house as my son has requested that I make them today for the second time… My son is autistic he won’t touch veggies or fruit but he gobbles these up lol!! Thanks for the good recipes!! Also is there any way for you to make your cook book for iBooks??

          1. Going to try this Recipe tomorrow!! On my Ipad – iBooks – I click on ‘Collections’ and I can choose if I want to view ‘PDF’s’, ‘Purchased books’ or ‘Books’. That’s how I read mine! :)

  87. I made these for lunch and they were great! It took me a little practice but got it down.

    1. Do you think the batter will keep for any length of time in the fridge? Like the night before, or a few hours?
    2. Is 350 on a stove about med for you?

    Thanks for all you do!

  88. Trying these delicious looking guys tonight! :) If I were to use pumpkin puree, should I skip out on the bananas then? Look forward to trying more of your recipes! Thanks for sharing!

  89. Made toasted pecan walnut butter with nutmeg and cinnamon, and toasted sliced almonds and unsweetened coconut in coconut oil to eat on ours….so yummy!

  90. Hi there, thank you so much for this recipe! I just made them and they were amazing, I was eating them faster then they were cooking! Defiently going to share this recipe with others. It was nice to have a pancake that didn’t need any syrup!

  91. Great recipe. I use one egg white and one banana and get three to four perfect pancakes. But the key is to add either ground flax and/or fiber powder to the mix and you will instantly gain a more genuine pancake taste and consistency!! Tons of cinnamon is key and I find the nut butter and syrup are totally unnecessary!! Yum!

    1. Nina, how much cinnamon do you use for your pancakes? I have tried banana pancakes, with just 2 eggs, a banana and then some cinnamon and vanilla, but….I find seems like the banana tends to overpower things a bit, not sure if I’m not used to or not or if using an organic one would make a difference, but it’s a little bit of an adjustment. Any tips there? A binder may not be a bad idea either……

  92. Oh man, yum! I make a few variations of paleo pancakes, but the simplest ones are always the best! I’m gonna make these tonight, maybe with some lemon zest and vanilla paste…and thanks for making such an amazing (and beautifully photographed) blog!

  93. Hi I am back! I just thought I’d share this with you. I am pre-diabetic. This morning, I was intent on making your pancakes, and I did, shared with my sons. I did not check my blood sugar before, but I thought I’d check it around two hours after. (It’s been 2-1/2 hrs, I believe). I still am full (ate 6 of them pancakes topped with butter and real maple syrup). I expected to see around 110++ because of the bananas, nuts, and maple syrup. Guess what? 99!!! and I am still full. But I gotta keep trying to eat 3 meals a day. Maybe light lunch in another hour… :)

  94. I have been eyeing the paleo lifestyle for a while now (not yet completely wheat-free because my hubby planted and harvested wheat last year so I am obliged to bake some whole wheat bread), and I have been on a HFLC diet most of the days. I have been considering taking the plunge to a paleo lifestyle with occasional high-carb indulgences using paleo-approved ingredients with the addition of raw milk/cream/butter. This morning was my first wheat-free pancake using your recipe, but adding some BSoda and BPowder, and separating the egg white to whip it up first before folding into the rest of the batter (hoping to make them fluffier; not sure if they made any difference). They turned out great, but like you said, make them small enough (my first batch turned out quite big still, I had a hard time flipping them without breaking) and I had to cook on low for long periods, esp that one side to make sure the middle cooked). Slathered homemade butter from grass-fed cows and poured homemade (by in-laws) maple syrup. My sons loved them too, although I burnt some (hard to control heat on a glass stove top). It was a good guilt-free breakfast treat!

  95. Dude, I’ve just made and annihilated a huge batch of these! First time making pancakes and each one got better and better. I made the nut butter last night and it was worth it! Next stop a better blender / food processor and I’ll be enjoying these most mornings. Thank you!

  96. I just can across your Instagram and blog for the first time and am loving all your recipes! Our pancake recipes are really similar which made me smile ☺ – I use one less banana, one less egg and add two tablespoons of coconut flour. I’m going to have to try yours and see how they compare ;). Thanks so much for posting all of this! I’m really looking forward to trying out a bunch of your recipes!

  97. I’ve been doing paleo on and off for the last couple of years, and since the new year I have been back at it. I work in a breakfast diner and am serving pancakes ALL day, they always smell SO good, so tonight for dinner I decided to make a batch of paleo cakes, how different could they really be? Well, I found out they were great! Hit the spot and craving perfectly! I will definitely be making these again! Even my boyfriend d and step son ate them! Not to mention, with some patients they cook up perfectly! Thank u for this recipe!
    (Now only if I could get the diner to make them)

    I’m trying to give this recipe 5 stars but its acting up. Totally 5 stars!

  98. As I started my search for a good paleo pancake recipe it was daunting since there are so many reports of pancakes that don’t taste very good and fall apart. However, based on all the positive reviews I decided to give your recipe a whirl and am so glad I did! These turned out great and couldn’t have been more easy or quick to make. I love the simplicity of the ingredients – all things that most paleo eaters have on hand without leaning on a lot of substitutions. The texture is quite different from a regular pancake; but is still very satisfying. They behaved beautifully and I had no issues when flipping them. I cooked the first half in coconut oil and then switched over to grass fed butter – both ways yielded good results, and they brown a bit more with the butter. It made 2 generous servings – although it could have easily fed three. I’m so pleased to have stumbled upon your recipe, it’s a real winner! Thank you.

  99. New to paleo and hoped to find a paleo pancake. Voila, filled with doubt I googled and found your recipe – YUM! One question, how do you get them to cook evenly? I found mine cooked on the outside while the center was still a bit mush. When turning them over some fell apart and some burned on the bottom. Still tasted good anyway.

    Thanks for this website!


  100. All I can say about this recipe is WOW!!!! They were sooo good! Can’t wait to make them again. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  101. I make these for just me by using 1 banana, 1 egg and a few tablespoons of almond butter plus cinnamon. I end up with about 4 small pancakes and they are DE-lish! Also, cooking them with bacon in/on/under is really tasty. Great recipe, George!

  102. My FAVOURITE paleo pancake recipe ever! During a paleo challenge in September last year, a very similar recipe was posted on our group page. They were delicious and they have become a common weekend breakfast for me. In fact, I was having them so often, I had to force myself to have a break from them! They’re absolutely delicious with fresh or frozen blueberries, raspberries & strawberries drizzled with coconut cream. However, I still cannot bring myself to add bacon to pancakes. Being Australian, I’d never heard of bacon served with pancakes until finding the various paleo blogs! Now I hear it’s a common American breakfast?!

  103. I’m so glad I’ve discovered your website!! I’m currently doing the 21-day sugar detox and am looking forward to trying your recipes, especially the banana bread and banana bread french toast!

  104. I made these this weekend, and they were awesome! I am new to the paleo lifestyle, and I am looking forward to trying out many more of your recipes.

  105. Any ideas on flipping these puppies? I had a really hard time flipping them and keeping them in one piece. I used ghee to cook them in. They are delicious! I was able to sorta keep on of them together.

  106.!!! Was it just me or did these smell like chocolate chip cookies while cooking?! Maybe I’m weird. Anywho, thanks for all the great recipes!

  107. Just tried this recipe for the first time. It was fantastic!! Even my non-paleo American boyfriend loved them! I’m pretty new to Paleo and have decided not to give up drinking and just drink vodka lime sodas if there is a social occasion. There are those times you wake up hung over and just feel like you need pancakes. Super happy i have this recipe to fall back on! Thanks so much really enjoying your website!

  108. I cannot emphasize enough how 1) easy and 2) amazing these pancakes are! Seriously the easiest pancakes I’ve ever made. We ate our bacon separately and the only other change I made was using less cinnamon, although I’m sure the full 2 tsp would have been delicious as well. Everyone loved them, including my 2 year old who usually only wants to eat meat.

  109. Hello. I tried this recipe this morning. I new to this paleo/gluten free lifestyle, so this was a nice test of something different to replace pancakes, which I love, but which my body hates. I found them very crepe like as well. Almost like the French part of Frech Toast. I added a tsp of vanilla extract, and a little salt. I look forward to experimenting with this for sure. Next time I will use really ripe banana’s, no cinnamon and add pecan. I also used a cast iron skillet which might just get to hot for these delicate pancakes. But low and slow seemed to do the trick. Thanks for posting this! It makes it so much easier to transition to healthy grain free eating when you have great recipes like this!

  110. Cannot overstate how delicious this recipe is! It was too thin, so we “scrambled” it – so, so good. Thinking I may put it in our mini-pie maker for individual portions. My kids are hooked.

  111. Had these this morning, they are great! Easy to make and my daughter loved them. Keeping them small does help with flipping. I tried to make a monster one and it didn’t go so well haha! Thanks for the recipe!

  112. substituted almond butter for all natural peanut butter and made into waffles but this is still my by far most favorite recipe i have stumbled across . cant wait to cook them up again

  113. Love love love the banana bread!! Going to try it next time with some nuts and another with dark choc bits :D

    Tell me more about this baking of the bacon? I have only cooked it on the stove top which is definitely the messy and often painful way to do it so this sounds perfect? About how long and what temp do you prefer?

    I also have a challenge/request that I dont see on here or in the FABULOUS cookbook you and Abel created…..sausage balls! My family loves these during the holidays and I have to find a way to make them without bisquik so my tummy will enjoy them as much as my taste buds do! Ideas???

    Love you George!!

  114. I let them cool on a cookie rack and then freeze the extras. Pop a couple in my toaster oven for a quick warm up and my 3 year old son gobbles them up. Yum! And thanks!

  115. I’m a week after the fact, but i wanted to wait before I posted this….DELICIOUS!

    This is one of the best recipes I’ve had in a while. Let me tell you – Ok, I’ve been searching all over…all the time looking for new Paleo Recipes new cookbooks – the Paleo diet can be hard sometimes! So I’m always pleased to find something like this…actually good quality recipes. But, anyway beautiful recipe! 5 stars!

  116. UGH. I didn’t have almond butter so I used almond meal and about a tsp. of coconut oil. Maybe the bananas were too big, but I came out with a thin batter. They flopped after cooking to a dark brown color of course (just like my pumpkin paleo pancakes). LOVE the taste and so did the kids. We at them anyway! :) I added about a tbsp. coconut flour like one person suggested above, but that made only a slight difference. Could be the cast iron skillet. I don’t use non-stick cookware. Next time will try them when I have almond butter. Thanks!

  117. I just made these. a.m.a.z.i.n.g! I added a little bit of coconut flour because my batter turned out really runny. Thanks so much for the recipe, it made my weekend! :D

  118. George
    These pancakes are AMAZING!!! We made them for the first time this morning, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Our 10 month old just loves them too. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to bringing us amazing food to eat.
    Thanks again
    The Swain’s

  119. Dear George,

    thank you so much for this recipe! I am now in my eleventh week of Paleo and lucky not to have sugar cravings or need of any breakfast substitute (I never get hungry before noon, so it’s easy to skip breakfast). But the other day, I was taking a little break in between home office work looking for some easy and fast dish and that was when I tried your Paleo Pancakes.

    It may be coincidence and might have happened anyway on this stage of my Paleo healing, but I want to share that my gut transmitted “happy!” to my brain for the first time in decades after eating your pancakes. It was an awesome sensation! And I would like to connect it to this food :-)

    Thank you from Germany,

  120. What kind of almond butter do you use? creamy? I always get the freshly ground so it’s a little crunchy.. I made 1/3 of the recipe and it was a perfect breakfast! Thank you!

  121. These were really tasty- thank you! A great, simple recipe that seems very adaptable with ingredients I always have on hand – perfect. I made them without the bacon (a sin?) but had some chicken sausage that I made on the side and ate with them for that salty and sweet combo – both for dinner last night and breakfast this morning :) I also finally made your banana bread and that will definitely be a staple recipe! Great work and thank you for sharing!

  122. These are fantastic!! Really the first paleo pancakes that I’ve had that didn’t taste like eating a sponge. Such a nice crepe-like texture and really really delicious. I tried them for dinner last night, and loved them so much I made them again this morning for breakfast.

  123. I am so, so, so, so, so, so excited about this recipe!!! The hubs and I love to have pancakes on Saturday mornings, but they really can blow your entire day if you are a calorie counter and aren’t careful. The added flours are just so calorie rich! I don’t necessarily follow one specific diet, but I have been trying really hard to cut out processed foods and the Paleo guidelines fit really well with that. Plus you get to eat *MEAT* which I could never, ever, ever live without. I’ve been making a lot of vegan pancakes which are definitely healthier than a standard pancake batter…until I ran across the Paleo pancakes. I *love* that pancakes are actually possible without flours! I had absolutely no idea, and I’m thrilled to try out this recipe. I love your blog, I love your writing, and I love your drive! You definitely have a fan in me (*ESPECIALLY* if I can pull of winning that Le Creuset set….swoon ;) )

  124. OK George so I finally found a recipe easy enough to try and all I can say is “All I Want For Christmas is a Blendtec!” I’ve been wanting to make my own nut butters but a regular old food processor does not do the trick. So I improvised and used almond meal. I also can’t eat that many pancakes so I used 2 bananas 2 eggs and 1/2 C almond meal. Then some stuff like ginger, nutmeg. They tasted great but fell apart. Not to worry I will try it again with the nut butter. Thank you!

  125. Very yummy :) and made enough for myself, my hubby, and my 5 year old to enjoy! My 1 1/2 year old prefers meat over anything resembling a pancake, waffle, or bread (woo hoo!!!) Thanks for all your awesome recipes!!!

  126. Hi George, I’m so excited to have found your site. I’m always looking for new recipes and tips. I’m following the 21Day Sugar Detox program from Balanced Bites..and these pancakes are PERFECT. I look forward to playing around with ingredients..
    Best wishes.

      1. These look soo good! I usually make my pancakes with just 2 eggs and a banana, but these look a lot more flavorful! So excited to try them :)

  127. I had the same knee-jerk reaction as Susanne when I saw “bananas”. I love bananas, just not really banana pancakes. But if you say they don’t taste like bananas I’ll give it a try as soon as I get some bananas. I only have ripe plantains in the freezer. Wonder if that would work? Pouring the batter over bacon…now that sounds amazing. Thanks so much. I have your cookbook and really must dig into it more!!

  128. My favourite pancake recipe is very similar to this but with a pinch of salt, tsp of vanilla, and 1/2 tsp of baking powder. I’m looking forward to trying your simplified version!

    I always cook a tray of bacon in the oven while the pancakes are on the griddle, and then we make sandwiches with bacon and maple butter. The kids love them for school lunches or afternoon snacks! (Maple butter is just equal amounts of maple syrup and softened or melted butter, blended together until creamy, then put back in the fridge to firm up).

  129. Do you think I could make up the batter the night before and refrigerate it? I don’t like running the food processor early in the mornings and waking everyone up.

  130. Here’s a recipe for Extended Butter

    1 lb. butter
    1cup light olive oil
    1/4 cup water

    Blend and enjoy. This keeps well refrigerated.
    This makes about 2 lbs. of spreadable butter.

  131. Thanks George! I have been making a similar pancake recipe since the summer since starting paleo! It is one of my favorite breakfasts! I am loose with the proportions and they still turn out great! I will have to add chopped cooked bacon to mine.

    My suggestion for an on-the-go version: I keep my ripe peeled bananas in the freezer. In the morning before work, I break off a 4″ piece of banana, put it in a microwave safe glass bowl with 1-2 Tbl almond butter (or cashew if I am out of almond). Put that in the microwave for about 1 minute (microwave temps vary!). Pull it out and it is soft and easy to whip with a fork. Add 1 egg, whip again until incorporated. Add silver dollar sized rounds to a coconut oil greased cast iron skillet, and cook. Yum yum!

  132. George, what’s your fave almond butter? I’ve only tried one brand (can’t remember what it is now) and came away going ‘meh’. Hoping you have a good suggestion so I can move away from only using natural peanut butter.

  133. I really like crepes more than thick pancakes. Do you think it would be better to add an egg or maybe some almond milk to thin out the batter?

  134. Happy Happy Happy! I had all the ingredients on hand since they are all regular staples for me. That hit the spot! Just the right amount of sweet with the smoky/salty bacon flavor and melted gras fed butter. Oh ya!!! Super tasty! Thank you!!! I love new recipes on Sunday. Now to go pick another of your recipes to try today! You are awesome!

  135. I’ve been making these for the last couple of months just using lesser ratios of ingredients and they are awesome! A small drizzle of honey or maple syrup, fresh fruit or more nut butter on top really makes for a delicious, quick breakfast! BTW.. bought your book when it was released and LOVE IT! Your book, and a couple of others along with Mark’s Daily Apple website have been my best friends as I’ve started this venture into a new lifestyle! Just spent the morning ‘detoxifying’ my cupboards and fridge… Started wading into this about 4 months ago and now know I can’t turn back! Thanks for being an inspiration!

    1. Jerri thank you so much for the awesome comment. These pancakes really are amazing and I am glad you like them too. Also thanks for all the book love, I wish you the best on your new journey

  136. Thread are amazing! Thank you! I sauteed the bananas a little bit in some Kerry’s butter, some sea salt, and cinnamon to bring out the sweetness a little. The bananas weren’t very ripe. I used cashew butter. . The batter was really thick so I added one more egg. I found that smaller dollaps of batter cooked a little bit more easily and the ones that were thinner tended to cook more evenly. I’m looking forward to playing with these more! Thanks again, George!

  137. Shared so my sister could see too. She and one of her twins cannot have gluten, soy or dairy. I made your bannana bread last weekend and it was a hit with the whole family! Bought more bannanas yesterday so I could make it again and now your pancakes :) Thanks for all the recipes! Your Awesome!

      1. Hi George:
        They just look so much like “regular” pancakes. It was hard to imagine using bananas that it would cook up like that. I am just getting into trying new recipes (not much of a cook) :-(
        Since I found out I’m allergic to wheat, I’ve had to learn to cook.

        Thank you so much for all you do.


        1. Keep trying Susanne, no sad faces allowed what so ever. Have a blast learning and experimenting. You eliminating wheat should be a fun adventure to get your hands wet and you should love it. What can I do or post about to help you out?

          1. You are doing it, George. You are so inspirational; I love reading your FB page and listening to your interviews on podcasts. I need that to keep myself going forward.

  138. I have several very ripe bananas – enough to make these pancakes and the banana bread. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into them!

  139. Going to Whole Foods right now! I’m stocking up on ingredients to Paleoize my kids so I’m sure these will be a big hit. Thanks for all you do..I truly appreciate it. :)

  140. These look so yummy!!! Too bad I used up my banana’s last night making your kick ass banana bread. Looks like hubby is going to the store. Lol! Thank you for posting such great recipes!

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