Paleo Pancakes with Almond Butter & Blackberry Sauce

Coconut flour pancakes

I’ve known Josh Weissman for a few years now, and I can’t brag on him enough. He has a thirst for knowledge on photography and cooking that really comes through in everything that he makes. He’s the mind behind the blog Slim Palate, which has always floored me with the crazy talent he has.  He even wrote a guest post for me a while back for Crispy Skin Salmon which is amazing. Oh, and Josh has lost 100 POUNDS on Paleo. You want to know what makes this all the more impressive?? HE’S 18! Yes, 18. In fact, he’s about to graduate high school this fall. I don’t know about you, but I was definitely not writing cookbooks when I was in high school. Or coming up with coconut flour pancake recipes.

Josh’s story is so relatable, and I love him for that – he’s opened his world to us and brought us in on his journey. Aside from taking control of his health so early in life, Josh has shown us that there are no excuses. Sure, most of us have full-time jobs, kids, other stuff that keeps us busy, but we don’t have to write papers, study for tests, etc etc. Yes, it’s all relative. But, seriously – I wasn’t this dedicated in high school at all.

Coconut Flour Pancakes

Now for the recipes. What kills me is Josh’s natural photography skills. Most of us in the food blogger world have practiced for years to hone our photo abilities. I mean, go look back at some of my early recipes…actually, don’t. Well, look at the recipes but skip over the photos :D Back to Josh – I’m floored by his photographs. He’s working so hard to bring you all something that looks amazing and tastes just as it looks.

If you’re not sold by the photos alone, then the recipes will get you on board. There’s something about his recipes that are so easy to follow and leave you with delicious results. I just flipped opened the book to page 104: “Rosemary and Coriander-Crusted Rack of Lamb” – the photo makes my mouth water and my stomach growl…this recipe like Josh’s others is straightforward and easy to follow. Let’s pick out a few more choice ones at random: Braised Moroccan Chicken with Stuffed Olives, Fragrant Indian Cauliflower ‘Couscous’ and Salted Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Fudge – SAY WHAT??? All of those sound AMAZING.

Coconut flour pancakes

Josh has allowed me to share one of his recipes with you – aren’t you excited?! I am because these coconut flour pancakes are delicious.  The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook is available now on Amazon, please go check it out.  You won’t regret it.  Ok enough of my gum bumping…here’s the paleo pancakes recipe!!

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Slim Palate: Pancakes with Almond Butter and Blackberry Sauce
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Blackberry Sauce
  1. In a blender; puree the blackberries until completely smooth. Pour through a mesh sieve, pushing against the sieve until most of the liquid has strained through, then discard the seeds. Stir the stevia or honey into the blackberry puree.
  2. In a medium-sized bowl, combine the coconut flour, baking soda, and salt and stir with a fork to incorporate. In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs, vanilla, almond or coconut milk, and honey. Pour the wet mixture into the dry mixture and stir until thoroughly incorporated and no lumps remain.
  3. Heat about a tablespoon of ghee in a large pan over medium heat then lade in the batter to make 2-3 inch pancakes, making sure to space them far enough apart that they don’t connect. Cook the pancakes for 2-3 minutes or until they begin to bubble, then flip them and cook for another 2 minutes. Place the pancakes on a warmed tray lined with paper towels, and repeat the process with the remaining batter.
  4. Serve the pancakes with almond butter and blackberry sauce spooned on top.

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  1. Way to eggy. What can we add to make them taste more like real pancakes? We added a little extra coconut flour too to thicken it up.

  2. The flourless banana almond butter one was better. At first my batter was to thick and sticky, I added another egg and then the consistency was right. Depends on how big your eggs are probably.

  3. Hi there, I have tried this recipe twice and loved it both times! But both times after I put the rest of the pancake batter in the frig, it begins to grow green mold very quickly. This doesn’t make sense as I have made other paleo pancake recipes without having that result. Can you tell what I might be doing wrong to cause this? Is this recipe really so perishable that I need to cook the whole thing as soon as I make it? Please help. thanks, Beth

  4. This morning is cold and foggy, and I was craving warm comfort food. This recipe more than delivered! This is the best Paleo pancake recipe I’ve tried so far. Thanks for posting it!!

  5. Funny – I kinda like the egginess of them. I was apprehensive as to whether my kids would like them, but I’ve implemented a policy in the house whereby if you don’t eat what is served to you, you can go to hell. Just kidding – I don’t talk this way to my kids. I lovingly enforce the idea that it’s my way or the highway. Is egginess a word?

  6. The recipe makes approx 12 small pancakes.
    I also found these to be extremely eggy. Then again, I tried to eat them plain, without the almond butter or syrup – those probably make a huge difference! I ended up using them for pigs in a blanket, and plan to use the rest as a vehicle for baba ghanoush and veggies.
    Perhaps paleo pancakes just aren’t for me.


  7. I second Teresa’s question… how many pancakes does it make? or how many people does it serve? Seems like pretty crucial information if you’re going to make these for breakfast for your family.

  8. Amazing recipes on your page! I am going to try a few very shortly. I was just wondering. A lot of your recipes require 2 cups of almond butter…I recently bought a jar of the stuff, but I can’t imagine there being more than 1 cup in one jar…So I need 2 jars just for one recipe? Or is there some secret almond butter out there that is a much larger quantity???

    Thank you!!!

  9. Thanks for a great Paleo pancake recipe! I have tried pancakes several times myself, but I’m just pancake impaired! Mine always turn out like crepes, which are great for crepes but not pancakes! I really need to get some more coconut flour, and I noticed you recommend Tropical Traditions. I looked through their site and it really looks fantastic. Thank you very much for referring us to great resources! Great article and I look forward to more!
    Stephanie Stuart

  10. These are delicious and easy! My kids devoured them. I’ve tried many paleo pancake recipes and these were a great consistency…light and fluffy. Blackberries and almond butter were a great combo and something different than the usual maple syrup. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  11. these turned out really “eggy” for me. Smelled strongly of eggs and tasted of it too. i’m semi-new to making regular foods into paleo, so i’m not sure if this is what they are supposed taste like, but i tossed the entire lot. :-/

  12. Just to clarify, the 1/3 cup of almond butter is for the topping? It’s in the ingredients list for the pancakes but then the instructions seem to indicate it goes on top? Also, step 2 calls for honey but it’s not in the ingredients list. I really can’t wait to try these! :)

  13. I made these last night and they turned out delish! I couldn’t figure out how much honey was needed in the pancakes, so I just squeezed some in there and they were good. Thanks for such an awesome recipe and congrats to Josh on his cookbook :)

  14. Why is there honey on step 2 for the pancake batter, and no honey ingredient for it? I read honey only in the sauce ingredients. Clarify please, I want to try this! Thanks! :)

  15. This kid rocks my world. What a great talent. I’m loving this cook book. When I saw the microwave muffins I about knocked my husband over to get to the kitchen. They were amazing and in 2 minutes! I can’t wait to see where Josh goes, and can only hope that he continues to share his perspective with us. Thanks George for giving him blogfoodie love. Looking forward to your collaboration this summer!

  16. Thanks for this great recipe with ingredients I already have! Almond flour is so expensive for me and so it’s great whenever I see recipes like these that use coconut flour or others instead :)

          1. Looks fantastic, could you propose another flour besides coconut as can’t have this.
            Just made your pumpkin sliders (as regular hamburger), delis, fried up some onions and celery instead of the honey. It was a shame I could only eat one!!

  17. Holy smokes those look yummmy! Kudos to that young man! Will be doing these for sure. 5 stars without trying the recipe but how could it NOT be delicious?! Thank you, George, for the Tuesday email. I look forward to it every week :-) Have a great day!

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