Top Sirloin Kabobs

Top Sirloin Kabobs

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Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 2 grass fed top sirloins (or steak of your choice, chunked)
  • 1 large onion, sliced
  • 3 bell peppers, color of your choice
  • 16 oz of cherry tomatoes
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 tbsp italian seasoning
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Kasandrino's olive oil (10% off using coupon code COOKINGCAVEMAN)
  1. If using wood skewers, soak for 20 minutes in water prior to cooking.
  2. Preheat your grill for a medium-high heat.
  3. Place all of your ingredients in a mixing bowl and ensure you get a nice even coating. Use enough olive oil to lightly coat everything.
  4. Once your skewers are soaked, start alternately threading your ingredients onto your skewers, steak, pepper, onion, tomato and so on.
  5. Once done, grill for 8-10 minutes uncovered turning occasionally for medium-rare to medium steaks.
  6. Once done serve with a side dish of your choice, I recommend my Sweet potato mash or Grilled Broccoli with Almond Dressing.
  7. Alternately you can include any fruits of your liking that you like grilled as well
  8. Enjoy

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  1. Hi George,
    have been really enjoying your online blog, and just ventured out to get “The Paleo Kitchen” book that you and Juli did together. Looooooove the pictures, so enjoyable to leaf through, they are a work of art! So appealing, and even though we just opened a new business this year and have eaten way too much take out, I am trying to time share at work with my husband and get home more often at an earlier hour so that I can cook some of your great recipes for my family! Have tried a few so far, and they have been awesome. Love your banana bread recipe for starters!! Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi I made this recipe on mother’s day for my family and everyone loved it! I plan on making more recipes off of your site and referring followers of my own blog to yours. Great job and thank you for all your hard work!

  3. Is it possible to broil or bake this in the oven if you do not own a grill? Or, what is the best way to make this without a grill?
    Thanks! Cannot wait for your new cookbook to come out! :)

  4. As someone who is new to the paleo lifestyle, and frankly new to living healthy, I want to say thank you. For the haters, F them! There’s so much proof out there that eating a paleo diet and exercising (or doing crossfit) works. Period. Point blank. End of story. In the last 4 weeks I’ve learned so much just from reading your site and several of the others you mentioned in your rant. Thank you to you and to them, you are literally helping to save my life!

  5. Well Said! The people out there spreading their negativity are insecure and probably unsuccessful in their own lives. It’s such a shame people stoop so low to bring others down! I think all of us who follow a paleo lifestyle are strong and smart enough to dust off the dirt and keep on being the wonderful people we are! Thanks for your service Caveman! Also glad for your paleo cooking brilliance!

  6. As a physician I can state with conviction that a paleo diet is the key to health. It is the foundation on which all my treatments are built upon and I have the clinical experience to back it up.

  7. No apologies necessary – I think you handled the situation perfectly (or until you see this gent in the coffee house – please update! ha ha). I think your blogs are great! I am one who is still relatively new, but doing well, because of blogs such as yours. I thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the blog.

  8. The way I see it is there are some miserable people out there who just want everyone else to be more miserable than they are. If the other people are happy or productive and trying to improve themselves, then these miscreants think they have to pull someone down to make themselves appear better or smarter, etc. I don’t blame you for ranting. I do that when people hurt my friends too! Is there some way to block these creeps? And maybe someone should tell that jerk at the coffee shop to not bother coming around. Just sayin’.

  9. Hey George,

    I just wanted to say that the work you do here doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. I don’t generally comment often on blogs, but after all the negativity you seemed to be getting sent your (and your friends) way, I thought some positivity could be used.

    I started my journey towards a more healthy lifestyle just over two years ago. I am a fireman, and I was noticing how out of shape I had become. It suddenly dawned on me, how unacceptable this is for someone in my position, and made up my mind to change. In that two years, I have dropped a lot of fat, and gained lean muscle, I have began, and religiously maintained a workout routine of weightlifting, and changed my horrible relationship w/ food.

    I had heard of eating a paleo diet along the way, at some point, but the way it was described to me was that it was difficult to maintain, and it was horrible as far as food taste goes. Was I sure surprised after stumbling onto your blog (funny thing is, I don’t even remember how I got here LOL). I perused your recipes, and decided on the Lime Grilled Chicken to be the first one I’ve tried (I happened to have those ingredients). BAM! That’s all it took. I am a solid convert now. It was absolutely amazing.

    I also read through more of your blog, and realized I wasn’t that far off from a paleo diet to start with. I needed to drop some items from my diet (oats and wheat bread mostly), and I would basically be there. So, I did that as well as added bacon back into my diet, and the results have been some of the best and fastest I have seen yet. My metabolism is already elevated from my workouts, and my previous diet, so I expected to see results quick, but I can already visually see that I have lost fat in my midsection, and am developing muscle definition in my quads, in less than a week…

    So, just know that for every jackwad out there bringing you down that there are at least one other that you are bringing up. And thanks for that.


    PS – I am also digging your photos. It’s a new hobby of mine as well. I have a LONG journey ahead of me on that one though. LOL…

    1. Matthew, thank you so much for this comment. Keep kicking ass and taking names. I am so glad to hear you are having amazing results but most of all like my site :) I am not going anywhere, the haters are gonna hate and I will still be standing here. But it is definitely nice to hear. Keep up the awesome work and the photos.

  10. I am new to Paleo and am more Paleoish. I come for the food ideas, which make so much sense to me. I love sugar, but have felt I don’t miss it or bread eating this way. When I want something sweet I eat a clementine (I probably need the sugar detox). I do think women are suppose to have a little softness to their bodies (fat). If we don’t we stop menstrating and our boobs disappear and somehow that doesn’t seem like it would benefit the species from an evolutionary standpoint. Again, thanks for the great food ideas.

  11. You know you are successful when you get a lot of critics. It isn’t fun, but you can’t control other people’s emotions. So all you can control is your own behavior. I think you have it right in treating everyone with kindness, even if they can’t share their opinions in a decent manner. Better yet, just ignore the people who aren’t trying to have a meaningful discussion and only making personal attacks out of jealousy, etc. It is super difficult, but in the end if you don’t give them a response they may stop trying to provoke one. Thanks for your website and recipes, and keep sharing the love!

    1. Along that note, when training a dog not to jump on you, I have heard it is best to just ignore them and turn the other way. Maybe best for folks who are so negative. It is truly their stuff, and since you dont have to deal with them in person- ignoring their posts might keep their darkness from sticking to you. Good luck with this, remember It’s all about them and not you…

  12. I’m so glad this issue is being talked about. I loved the posts that Laura and the Paleo Parents did, and couldn’t agree with them more! Thank you for doing your part to end the nonsense.

    It does bring up an interesting issues though, not about women’s weight and being ripped, but about women, strength training, and how it affects our bodies. I asked about this on Laura blog and Melissa’s (theclothesmakethegirl) blog as well, but I got no response. I don’t think they took me seriously for some reason…probably because this is a touchy topic in general right now. Anyhow, I forwarded my question to Mark (MDA) to see if he would cover this topic so that it could be discussed from a real, serious, evolutionary standpoint, not from the nonsensical, judgmental stance that these other people have been trying to stir up. He did reply to me saying that he would try to cover the topic in an upcoming post. I hope he is able to because it would be good to see this issue tackled from a biological/physical/evolutionary standpoint instead of an emotionally charged one. I can forward my comment along to you, if you would like me to, but I don’t want to post it here. I don’t want people to start thinking I’m a troll because I’m posting my same comment on everyone’s blog.

    Heated issues aside, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now (I’m new to primal/paleo), and I want to say how refreshing your blog is. I really enjoyed getting to see pictures of you from PaleoFX. I, like others, didn’t picture you in my mind the way you actually look because of the white haired caveman pic you have on your blog. Don’t know why, but I just assumed that you picked that image as a representation of yourself.

    How many years of military service do you have under your belt? Are you planning to make it a career? My husband is active duty AF and we were previously stationed at VAFB there in CA. I LOVE that area of CA. We are a career military family and have been moved around a fair bit, but lucky not as much as some families. We are currently at our last assignment and will be retiring in a year or two. The time has passed by amazingly fast. Thank you for your service to our wonderful country. :)

        1. Please forgive me for being an ass. I understand you not having a reply about women and exercise, although at this point I would be interested in anyone’s opinion on this since nobody seems willing to answer my question for some reason, and one does not need to be a woman to have a thoughtful opinion about what I said/asked. Oh well, no matter.

          Also, if I had taken the time to read your about me page my other questions would not have even needed to be asked. Sorry about that (insert sheepish grin).

          1. Here was/is the questions:

            I’ve been doing paleo for a couple of months, and I’ve never equated women following paleo and being healthy with having 6 packs abs…I don’t know where I’ve been! But, I must admit that I have noticed weight gain with some of the well-known (visible) paleo women, and thought, “Hmmm, I wonder why they’re gaining weight?” Not in a critical way, but in a “I wonder why that’s happening.” kind of way. My assumption is that they are still eating good, so why would this be happening? At the same time that I was beginning to notice this “trend”, Mel, over at theclothesmakethegirl, shared her struggle with this issue. It helped to confirm that this does seem to be an issue, and now your post. Something is going on, but what? It got me wondering if these women are doing TOO much exercise??? So, I’m wondering if they are burning out their endocrine system. This doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue with the men, especially if they don’t have endocrine issues to begin with. I’m wondering, and I may be totally wrong here because I don’t know a ton about this issue, but is it possible that women are not genetically/designed by evolution to do intense workouts like the men? Historically speaking, men were traditionally the ones who did the hunting and dragging/carrying back the animals, right? If so, the women would not have been involved in this level of intensity on a regular basis, and instead been doing less intense, although fully engaged, I’m sure, physical movement/workout. Yes, the women would have been living a physical existence, but not in the same way as the men. This makes me think that this is why we are noticing the men’s bodies in the paleo community respond by leaning out more than the women. Maybe women are not genetically made to endure those kinds of workouts, and by pushing themselves to do so, maybe they are creating endocrine burnout, resulting in inflammation and fat storage, and this is what we are seeing??? I don’t know, I’m just throwing that out as an observation from someone who has been at this only a short time and did not know about this “controversy” until now. I’m hoping my point is viewed as being non-biased because of that fact, and that nobody takes offense in any way because I definitely have no intent to be offensive, either overtly or covertly. I’m just trying to make sense of this like everyone else. I’m looking forward to Mel’s discoveries as she digs to figure this out for herself.

          2. …and I just learned that Hayley has thyroid problems now as well. It just doesn’t make sense that so many women who have changed their lives for the better are now having thyroid/endocrine/adrenal fatigue/metabolic issues. My gut instinct tells me that it’s related to their level/intensity of exercise and not the food. If it is related to their eating, I would think that it’s not so much what they’re eating but how low their carbs are possibly??? I have thyroid problems, and I know that I have to keep my carbs around 100g per day. There’s the risk of developing an excess of reverse T3 for someone who has a bum thyroid. Who knows, maybe it’s a combination of too much exercise and carbohydrates being too low???

          3. Emma, I am not going to respond to what goes on in the peoples lives that you speak about. But a lot of what you see if you haven’t pieced the two together yet, is that all the women that were mentioned all run blogs or websites. We work ourselves into adrenal fatigue. A lot of us don’t sleep enough and overwork ourselves. We all eat just like we should and most of the time don’t even have time to workout.
            Hayley had thyroid issues before Paleo. Paleo is not a cure all it can only aide to reduce or eliminate some symptoms. In a few months, Hayley will prob be doing a post on why the issue came back to the top but its not my place to tell or talk about.

          4. Thanks for the insight. I didn’t know Hayley had thyroid issues to begin with. I also didn’t realize that so many of you were working yourselves into adrenal fatigue with your blogs. Gosh, I honestly don’t even know what to say to that, except that I hope that changes for the sake of everyone’s health.

            No, Paleo, or any diet for that matter, is not a cure all.

          5. Emma, you can’t get frustrated if people don’t respond to your messages or comments or insights with the amount of stuff we get daily. If there is an issue you are having or trying to figure out a course of action for yourself I would recommend getting a hold of a medical professional in the community to address it. Even if any of these bloggers could help you with a maybe trend you are catching none of us could give you any medical advice on how to fix it.

          6. No, no I get that now. Like I said, I’m new to paleo and the “paleo world” and had no idea how much time you all put into your blogs, etc. Thank you for taking the time to open my eyes.

  13. dear caveman,
    first, i want to say that i’m new to the paleo world and have been loving every minute of this amazing change that has been happening, thanks to an amazing friend who is a former marine and crossfit trainer and a paleo fan also. i came across your website and absolutely love it! your posts are so real and down to earth, so much fun to read. thank you for everything you do, marine corps included. i just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy your website and all of your posts. keep up the good work!

  14. I never contribute to individuals on the internet…(but do donate to nonprofit organizations)…and since I have only recently started following your blog, I had no intention of changing that approach…

    …but your rant was entertaining enough that I’ve reconsidered and made a small donation to the cause. (Well, that, and the revelation that you are an active duty Marine and, in my opinion, as a group, seldom receive the gratitude you deserve for what you do.)

    So thank you for your service, and enjoy your trip to AHS.

  15. The recipe is lovely… the rant – spot on! but that last statement… Kill them with kindness? I learned that from an 80 something year old woman when I worked my very first job as a waitress. It works. :D

  16. I am woman, I am STRICT PALEO, I am not a cross fitter, I LIVE LIKE A CAVEMAN and I AM LEAN. I am 54 years old I LOOK GOOD NAKED!

    1. I am woman, I am STRICT PALEO, I am not a cross fitter, I LIVE LIKE A CAVEMAN and I AM ABOUT 10 LBS OVER BEING LEAN. I am 30 years old and I DO NOT LOOK PERFECT.

      Eating really clean paleo is awesome for your health, but no guarantee that you’ll be super lean. So just because a woman is not really lean does not mean she “isn’t really paleo” or that she cheats with non-paleo foods. Being stripped of all your fat does not make evolutionary sense for women of child-bearing age.

  17. I kinda feel like your rant is stooping to “their” level. Someone that is happy and proud of the lifestyle they lead, doesn’t have to prove it or “go off” on them. I get ridiculed all the time….work, family gatheringss etc. but I take pride in smiling with a happy and healthy heart and not feeding their insecurities. If they ask, I’ll share. Otherwise I know that what I’m doing is what’s best for me and my attitude and physique are my proof NOT my angry words defending myself.

  18. I’ve been reading a lot of negative stuff on the internet as of late. I don’t know if all these people have just come out of the woodwork at the same time, if it’s just coincidence, or if it’s always been there and I just didn’t notice until now. I think part of it is that people feel like they’re not really accountable on the internet because they can “hide”… I think the rest is having too much free time and a very low self opinion.

    No one is ever going to agree entirely, that doesn’t mean people need to be rude about it.

    And lastly, I saw most of the posts you linked. I still cannot believe anyone would be rude to NomNomPaleo… she’s just… adorable. And Stacy and Matt? AMAZING story.

    1. Haters always been on the internet, hiding behind their anonymous keyboards, but only recently has paleo gotten popular to the point of drawing their attention.

      At least that’s my theory.

  19. Sorry but I don’t get how you think the question about female leanness is hating. Here it is for anyone that hasn’t seen it:

    “One question, and I know this will likely come out wrong and I may even regret going there, but I have to put it out there: I can’t help but notice that, while the men all are lean and mean, most of the female Paleo figureheads aren’t, well, quite so lean.What do you think? Am I way off the mark? If not, why do you think this is?”

    It looks like a perfectly reasonable question to me.

    1. The response from Laura first accepts the premise of the question, i.e. that paleo women aren’t generally as lean as paleo men – so no problem with the premise – then goes on to give her explanation for this gender difference, which is what the original questioner was asking for. Where’s the big problem?

        1. I can only imagine that the people who think that caveman went overboard with his rant, have to be men or naturally thin women. If you’d read the article that was on Ancestralize Me or the one from Paleo parents, you’d see that the subsequent replies were cruel. As a female with some serious metabolic issues and physical disabilities that prevent most real exercise, I will NEVER be lean. I have lost over 70lbsand and would compare my diet any day, with pride, next to an ordinary naturally thin person on a typical Western diet. I am healthy and still quite fat. The comments I hear from people who are naturally thin but eat Totino pizza 3-4xthat a week are cruel. But to have the very people that you feel are fighting upstream with you, make remarks at the very least that are insensitive is disheartening.

    2. And for the record, I agree that the female leanness question wasn’t really that bad at all…

      …but the premise of the overall rant is still legit.

      1. The rant was my venting. What set me off was the last example in person. It’s hard to portray emotions or sincerity through words on a screen so I see both sides. I was just using as an example.

  20. You’re a sweetheart to stick up for your dear friend. I don’t know what it is about Paleo that gets haters so riled up, but I assume it’s because they’re too insecure about themselves to try it.

  21. Long time lurker, paleo – esque eater and bigtime fan here from Australia, just wanted to say thanks for your awesome blog, your recipes rock, the links you have given me to discover more of the paleo world through other blogs, sites and fb pages have been and continue to be invaluable and to the trolls, well, you said it all! so many of us value all you bloggers in blogger lands insight, experience and willingness to share and we take a great deal from it. the haters should try doing something constructive with their time, like actively promote the most beneficial way THEY know of being happy, healthy and full of life – you know, like you do! sad pathetic so and so’s. ugh.

    sorry, im angry for you, for all of you who get this crap. just know that there are far more of us out here in the ether who love and use what you do for the betterment of our lives. so thanks!!!! for your service and for your time and commitment to the world!

  22. If I were the wiggly jiggly pom pom cheerleader type, I’d totally be jiggling for you right now. As it is, I am jiggling all over on the inside. ;)

  23. Yes, yes, yes and HELL YESS!!!! I can’t stand negative, uneducated, dogmatic people! People have SOME FREAKIN nerve trying to take down members of our tribe without, at the very least, giving it a try to PROVE for themselves — the fear of being wrong has blinded them! If you are reading this, I’ve done every-single-thing to loose weight and Paleo IS IT! Eff whomever tries to bring anyone down for rising above and trying something new. And punch them in the throat too!

  24. Ahhhh, you gotta love the “know it all” jerkoffs you come across from time to time, it happens to me all the time. When I first started eating paleo (2 years ago) I wanted to save the world and tell everyone how great it was. After meeting resistance by serial-dieters that already knew everything I finally learned that I am happier just keeping my diet to myself unless asked. Good luck in your venture to Boston and thank you for your service. And by the way I drink coffee.

  25. Thank you thank you thank you, for writing everything we bloggers would love to say to the trolls who think its their duty to crap on others and bring them down. Love what you said, and I love what you do.

      1. Ha! The original Wine Country – Sonoma County. Sure, you could say Napa takes that title, maybe even Santa Barbara. But once you’ve been to Sonoma, you’ll never go back. :-)

  26. Right on Brother!! I saw and posted on Jessi’s post yesterday and commented as she clearly was upset, and as of the end of the day all had been removed. Asshattery has no place here. My post on the blog a couple months back said it well too.

    Get past the DOGMA people. If you never attempt to live this way, you will never know if it’s right or wrong FOR YOU. Don’t just say it doesn’t work, or you could never do that, because that just means you are afraid of being wrong.

    One thing I have learned on this 9 month journey so far. If you never fail, then you can never truly heal!! IF YOU DON’T TRY IT, YOU CAN NEVER CLAIM IT DOESN’T WORK!!! If you don’t get up after falling down, only then will you fail!!

    I hope you video the day that AssHatter shows up for coffee while you’re there!! That’ll be a hell of a youtube video!!

    THIS IS NOT A WEIGHT LOSS FAD DIET YOU IDIOT HATERS!! It is a LIFESTYLE OF HEALTH!! If you don’t want to do it, happy trails to you!! Your anger clearly shows you need this lifestyle, but you are too stupid to realize it!! Move along!!

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