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Guys, I have something really really exciting to share with you: the Harvest Your Health e-book Bundle is here. What is the Harvest Your Health Bundle exactly? Well, it’s a collection of 71 e-books, 4 menu plans, 3 magazine subscriptions & a whole bunch of discount codes! Oh, you read that right – 71 e-books! Now, this isn’t just a compilation of little fliers or whatnot – it’s 71 full-fledged e-books. What I love is the variety of what’s in the set. It’s got e-books about fertility and women’s health, home care and of course – COOKING. Including my Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving :)


Total value if you bought everything individually??…………..$1071

Yeah, not missing any decimals, this has a value of over a thousand dollars!

What do you have to pay? $37.  That’s a savings of 95%!!! Basically you’re getting each book/meal plan/magazine for 45 cents a piece. A steal.

Now, like I said, there are soooo many cookbooks in this bundle you might not know where to start. Let me help you :)

First off, this bundle contains 2 of my personal favorite Paleo E-books, which together cost over $45.


30 Day Intro to Paleo copy

First is the Food Lovers’ 30-Day Guide to Paleo Cooking. You know this Paleo Power Couple, Hayley Mason & Bill Staley from their 2 ridiculous books: Make it Paleo and Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining. What I love about their 30-Day Guide to Paleo is that it’s a GREAT starting point for anyone new to Paleo, or for those who need a reset.

    • Over 100 recipes
    • Shopping lists
    • A complete month of meal plans

This bundle also contains Melissa Joulwan’s Well-Fed, subtitle says it all: “Paleo Recipes For People Who Love to Eat”….well, that’s ME. There are simply too many recipes in this book to list…but I’ll try :) Below are a few tearers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! SO much in this book. You need this book in your life.

    • Over 170 Mouth watering Pages
    • Paleo recipes for Ranch Dressing and Meatza Pies
    • BBQ Pork Fried Rice, LIFE CHANGING


Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale_Learn More

Oh, did I mention there’s a BOOK COMPLETELY ABOUT ICE CREAM?? You know me and my sweet tooth couldn’t resist this. Just Making Ice Cream from Marillyn Beard of just-making-noise. I love that this bundle helps me discover new bloggers with great talent. Marillyn describes her site as “sound bites from a deaf mama”. I love it. This is a 100+ page book that is ALL about ice cream. I read through it and learned so much more about that frozen dessert all while craving ice cream with every single picture. Inside those pages you’ll find 30 ice cream/gelato recipes, 9 cultured milk recipes, 10 sherbet recipes and 10 sorbet recipes – plus all the techniques, tips, reasons why to make the best ice cream at home. And as a dairy-free guy, I find those store-bought ones so-so…making your own is way better.

To show you how good it is, I’m able to share with you one of Marillyn’s recipes from the e-book. You ready? Oh man, I want to go make this myself right now: Maple Cinnamon Pecan Ice Cream!!!! It’s so simple to make and looks delicious to eat :D

For those of you that skimmed this post, I don’t want you to miss the details so here you go:

    • This sale will only happen once and ends in 4 Days!!!
    • You get LIFETIME Access, LIFETIME
    • You get over $1071 worth of information for $37
    • 71 Books, 18 Coupons, and a lifetime of knowledge
    • This ice cream recipe, obviously


And now for this amazing Recipe!!!

Maple Cinnamon Pecan Ice Cream

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Harvest Your Health Book Review
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4
  1. Whisk together all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix until thoroughly combined. If needed chill the mixture
  2. Pour mixture into ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer's instructions.
  3. When ice cream is done churning, scoop into a glass container and serve right away or chill in the freezer for a couple hours to allow it to firm up before serving.
Soak and Dehydrate your pecans to boost the nutrition, flavor and crunch!

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  1. Entered. Would love the cookbooks, but I am old school and love actual books. By the way, I just made the pancakes tonight and they were excellent. I found if you let the batter sit, it will thicken and makes for a better pancake.

  2. I just found you and your website after listening to you on Real Food and watching you cook. I am just checking out your website and cookbook. I am trying g to decide if the Paleo lifestyle is for me. I just got to my goal weight on Low carb and would like to make my diet healthier but I am afraid of more carbs and gaining the weight back with your recipes. I’m not sure where to start! Do you have any advise?

    Love this recipe but afraid to try it!

    1. I wouldn’t be afraid about trying something out. How will you ever know the outcome otherwise? If you don’t like it and it isn’t working for you, no harm in going back to your previous lifestyle. I’d start off by cutting out all sugar and doing a 21-day detox… let me know if you have any more questions :)

  3. entered.
    holy smoke, the third time trying to post this comment. what am i doing wrong. love your website, learing how to cook raw. no processed food, no grain, just a little cream. Almond milk. i would really love an ipad…

  4. entered.
    psyched…, love your website. Am a newbie to paleo, but am reading, occupying several blogs hooked to paleo.

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