Apple Banana Cookies

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I am pretty sure these don’t classify as “cookies” but I made them look like them so that counts.  These are delicious with the mixture of the nuts and the hidden coconut.  I ate them warm and cold and either way they are amazing.  They even managed to pass the child test, I was the big meanie because I would only let them have 1.  I hope you take the time to make these, and make lots to share with everyone, Paleo or not because you might just convert them with these :)

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Apple Banana Cookies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 26
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit
  2. Place your almonds and macadamia nuts in your food processor and pulse until they are mixed together and in small chunks and place them in your mixing bowl
  3. Next add your apples and banana to your food processor and mix well
  4. Transfer that to your mixing bowl with your nuts
  5. Now add in your coconut, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut oil, and eggs and mix well using a hand mixer or if your feeling strong use some of that old fashion elbow grease
  6. Using a cookie scoop, form your cookie balls on your parchment paper lined cookie sheet
  7. Once your sheet is full, flatten your balls into cookie shapes
  8. Place in your preheated oven and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the bottom of your cookies are nice and lightly brown
  9. Enjoy

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 Apple Banana Cookies  Apple Banana Cookies  Apple Banana Cookies  Apple Banana Cookies


  1. Making these with a granny smith & green-tipped nanner while on my 21DSD right now! Will also be trying to sub pecans for the macadamia nuts. Peanut allergy here (tree nuts OK) – haven’t found any macadamias that are not cross-contaminated with peanuts (at least not readily available in my small midwest town).

  2. I used a mix of nuts: hazelnuts, pecans, raw sliced almonds and raw cashew pieces, and a pinch of salt. The batter was a bit runny at first, but thickened up as it sat a bit. I added a sprinkle of raisins to the 2nd half of the batter to give it some textural contrast! The only problem is that it makes too many, lol!

  3. Fantastic! These helped me get through an especially hard weekend while trying a 21DSD. Replaced the apple and banana with green ones, still taste delicious! Thank you for posting this! Would give 5 stars but somehow don’t manage.

  4. Tiffany Scaniffe says:

    Loved these cookies! Thanks for a delicious recipes that doesn’t include extra
    Sugar via honey or maple syrup. These are perfect!

  5. I think I’d rather just eat an apple, a banana and some nuts. These were a little dry and uninspired. Not bad, mind you, just nothing worth lugging out my food processor for. For the taste of warm apples I prefer crock-pot apple sauce.

  6. So I made these last week and have kept them in the fridge and eat them as energy bars. The week went on and more leftovers piled up in the fridge. One leftover was whipped (coconut) cream made from canned coconut milk. So yesterday my husband says, “Want to see how I’ve been eating your apple banana cookies?” Sure…? He took one, piled it with whipped (coconut) cream and stuck another on top. Kind of looked like an oatmeal cream pie or ice cream sandwich. And then he demolished it. Pretty awesome!

  7. I made these this afternoon with cashews instead of macadamia nuts, too. Super simple and turned out fantastic. I’m excited to try different spices and maybe even chocolate chips in the future.

  8. When you are talking about using the food processor are you using a coping blade or a making dough blade?

  9. Marjorie says:

    Yum!! Can’t wait to make these on Monday!! This will be perfect after my long run!! :)

  10. These sound wonderful. I so enjoy your posts! Thanks for all you do. You don’t even know it, but you always bring a smile to my face.

  11. These have become a frequently requested cookie at my house. We have always been about the soft, chewy cookie :-) I even made them once using a granny smith apple and green-tipped banana while attempting the 21DSD!

  12. Can I use olive oil as a replacement for coconut oil? Not the healthiest option but I’m in a $$$ pinch and I can’t afford coconut oil at the moment. /:

  13. nice :) .. i will try it with my mom. i like cookies. so, how you get the similar recipe?? is it possible for me to get print version?


  14. Evelyne says:

    Just baked them and they not only smell good but tast good too. I didn’t have enough almonds do i added some hazelnuts. Tastes good! Thanks!

  15. I made these last night. In used raw cashews instead of macademias because that’s what I had on hand. Unfortunately I didn’t spray the pan and I totally should have because there’s minimal fat in these cookies. They’re delicious! Dense and chewy and still moist. I gave some to a friend with gluten free diet and she lvee them. I will definitely make these again because they’re filling and yummy! They’re not like regular cookies… You’re satisfied with just one!

  16. I used cashews instead of Macadamia Nuts. It is what I had on hand. It worked well. :) I thought about adding some honey next time for sweetness… to get my “cookie” fix. ;)

  17. Can I use Almond meal?

  18. Thank you for this scrumptious recipe! I made a minor modification to the recipe that you might be interested in– I decided to make the cookies into bars. I pressed the dough into a 9×13 pan and baked for 20 minutes. Then after it cooled, I sliced it into bars. These cookies would make a great all-natural substitute for powerbars. I wrapped each bar in saran wrap and put them all into the freezer so I could enjoy them pre or post workout. I also added chocolate chips– how can one go wrong with nuts, coconut, and chocolate?! The finished product is wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration and a great recipe for me to play with.

  19. What can I use as a subdtitute for macadamia nut? Having a hard time finding them where I live.

  20. Carol Bush says:

    Can you use oats instead of coconut? We just can’t stand coconut sorry.

  21. Can you use walnuts instead of macadamia.. will it change the taste much?

  22. If you don’t use parchment be sure to grease the pan or your delicious cookies will stick.

  23. Excellent site. Plenty of helpful information here. I was looking for this.Thanks for sharing!

  24. Masonfamily1 says:

    I don’t know what I did wrong. My batter was really runny. I figured that was wrong since the recipe mentions the need for elbow grease. So I figured I should add more nut meal. They came out much puffierthan the picture. They have a muffin like texture. Any idea what I could do next time to improve?

  25. Friendlyale says:

    I’d love to make this healthy cookies for my 2 year old son, who has severe allergies to eggs and milk protein. Could you tell me if there is any other ingredient I can use to replace the eggs?

  26. Aj Kowalski says:

    great recipe! thanks

  27. These are pretty good. My only improvement would be to have them more moist or sweeter. I’m new to Paleo and these cooking ingredients. Any suggestions?

  28. These are so good and so fun to make! My almost 3 year old and I have made them twice in the past couple weeks. They fit in perfectly for my homeschooling curriculum. I called them "ABC cookies." (Apple Banana Coconut) Earlier was the second time we've made them… However, I forgot that I was all out of shredded coconut after I had already started to use the food processor and everything.. ahh.. lol.. so I just continued on and tried it without and they still came out so yummy! My son said they make his belly smile. :)

  29. AmyBeth They hold up very well so I think they will be fine

  30. I can't wait to make these for my kids lunches!! You always have the best recipes! Do you think they will travel well in their lunch boxes? Were they crumbly?

  31. says:

    only one word: addictive!

  32. Oh yea, share the paleo love

  33. I accidentally put two tablespoons of coconut oil rather than teaspoons and they still turned out great! Also made a batch with the Easy Life Mini Chocolate Chips…YUMMM-O!!! Taking them to a party tonight!

  34. Oh awesome, I love when kids eat my food, and its healthy :)

  35. These are FANTASTIC. My 3yo son gobbled them up and that is always a good sign! Very easy and the macadamias add a great texture!

  36. Oh great Natalie, let me know how they turn out please

  37. Natalie says:

    Gonna make these for my kiddies tonight!

  38. Yipee I love when my food passes the kid test :)

  39. EstherW says:

    These turned out great! They hold together beautifly, which is generally a problem with Paleo cookies. Both kids loved them, so a hit all around!

  40. They are delicious, you could also just use 2 cups of almonds too

  41. These sure look great thanks. Need to buy some macadamia nuts tomorrow and make them.

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