Q:  What is this Paleo Diet you keep referencing?

Well to me “Paleo” is just a template.  I am not going to repackage so many amazing explanations of what it is but instead I will link to them and share how it is different for me.  To read about the outlines of Paleo you can start with these:

To me it is following the principles of what those definitions say as well as ENJOYING my life.  I have learned how my body efficiently operates and what it can and can not tolerate.  I don’t ever cheat off of the principles of what is Paleo/Primal but I do occasionally have Red Wine, Patron, Ciroc Vodka or many of the Paleo Desserts that I bake for my website.  Honestly there is no reason to be following any lifestyle if you are not enjoying your life.  It is counterproductive and that is just how I feel about it.

Q:  I am ready to do this but where do I start?

Great question and I have teetered with writing a basic start guide but honestly, there are so many amazing options out there already that it would be cheating you of better quality material.  I have numerous friends that have created the best guides you could use to get going on this lifestyle with meal plans, shopping lists, etc.  So here you go:

Q:  Well I notice that you are always posting pictures of white potatoes in your meals and that is not technically “paleo”, so what gives?

I am lucky to have awesome friends in this community and there are quite a few of them that have already addressed this topic for me.  My favorite answer by far comes from my best friends Bill and Hayley from The Food Lover’s Primal Palate follow by Robb wolf again, you can find those here:

Q:  I notice you use a Sous Vide, but it isn’t safe to cook in plastic so what gives?

That is right, I have a newly acquired kitchen appliance which has notably changed my life when it comes to cooking.  This thing is an invaluable tool to have in your kitchen especially if you are busy like I am.  You can make meals in advance and freeze them or refrigerate them and just warm them up in the Sous Vide when its time to eat.  Amazing stuff I tell you.  And no this didn’t answer your question but that’s because the Sous Vide Queen herself, Nom Nom Paleo answered it for me, go read about it here:

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