Pumpkin Sliders with Honey Drizzle

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So I think I am going to keep this one short.  Probably not, but at least you know that is my intention; to not bore you to the ends of the earth with my blabbing.  I am doing a pay it forward giveaway right now so please go enter HERE.  I think I have obsessively talked about it being fall, well I got my wish and now it is FREEZING.  But that is ok, I am sitting here in my Footed Pajamas (yes I just admitted that, and I love these things) eating a bowl of hot elk chili I just made (Recipe will be coming soon) typing this post.  In other words, I am cozy and I love it.  Speaking of cozy, its another pumpkin recipe.  I honestly have no idea what possessed me to shove pumpkin into the bowl while I was grinding my ground beef, but my instincts were correct and this was surprisingly delicious.  I also decided that I wish pumpkin was in season all year round since I am obsessed with it.  See HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  And there are like 10 more so I will see you all in my Pumpkins Anonymous meetings.

20121016 PumpkinBurgers009 Pumpkin Sliders with Honey Drizzle

Just in case you didn’t know, I am not a photographer, nevermind a food photographer so I get frustrated easily.  I do not have a decorative or stylish gene in my body.  Honestly, my wardrobe consists of sweatpants, workout shorts and Crossfit or Paleo tshirts. So lets just say, I do not like this photo and almost did not post the recipe because I could not get one I liked.  Maybe it was the fact that it is really hard to make some meat look sexy, or just my hunger, but I was angry and had no idea how to plate these.  So up above is what you get and I will try harder next time.  So please know that these taste 1000 times better than they look (I hope).  I am really not upset, but just felt the urge to vent a little, Phew.  With that being said, enjoy and please leave a comment and rating letting me know how you like these.  Oh and I almost forgot, I got to spend part of my weekend with my amazing friends at Cook Pigs Ranch in Julian, CA and here is the video I made for them.  Talk about Happy Pigs!!!! If you fall in love and order from them, tell them the Caveman sent you :)

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Pumpkin Burgers with Honey Drizzle
Serves: 4
  1. Combine your ground beef, pumpkin, onion, and spices in a large mixing bowl
  2. Using your hands, mix well ensuring an even distribution of all ingredients
  3. Form into 4-6 small patties depending on the size you want them
  4. Preheat a cast iron skillet over medium heat
  5. Place a cooking fat of your choice in the pan, I used bacon fat but you can use coconut oil as well
  6. Cook for approximately 3 minutes per side or until they are done to your liking
  7. Plate however you like. I placed mine on a sliced tomato with raw onions on top
  8. Drizzle your honey over the burgers and serve

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 Pumpkin Sliders with Honey Drizzle  Pumpkin Sliders with Honey Drizzle  Pumpkin Sliders with Honey Drizzle  Pumpkin Sliders with Honey Drizzle


  1. Made these last night and oh what a luscious thing they were! Moist and so very tasty. I omitted the raw onion on top but did serve them on the tomato slice which makes the sliders look very professional! I adaed a topping of homemade garlic mint yoghurt which totally complimented the dish and a nice fresh salad. Can,t wait to make this one again definately a favourite in our house! Thank you so much for this great recipe =]

  2. I have made these multiple times in the last few weeks. I souped up the “honey drizzle” and had to share. I always have homemade mayo on hand (I use a 50/50 mix avocado oil and extra light olive oil), and I added some honey and pumpkin pie spice to use as a dipping sauce for these pumpkin burgers. Holy crap! It takes these awesome burgers to a whole new level. Now whenever I make these, I make a whole batch of mayo with honey and pumpkin pie spice just to have with them. :) It adds a touch of sweetness, a little extra pumpkin flavor and of course, more good fat!

  3. Delicious AND they are the perfect hiding spot for some pureed GF liver. Also, I made your pumpkin apple butter (which is better than anything I’ve ever scooped up in Vermont, the land of fruit butters) and it cans well, in case folks were wondering. I was a bit leery using coconut milk but so far, all is good. Thanks George, you are bombdotcom.

  4. Okay, I LOVE these. Made them twice with beef, but today I had some applesauce to use up, so I played around with it a little and using your recipe as a base I added it to ground turkey along with apple pie spices and a little poultry seasoning. PERFECT. Great breakfast protein for when I’m sick of eggs….which is like, ummm….never. The only thing that could make these better? Bacon! Oh, and I LOVED the pics of Paleo Parents/ Beyond Bacon release party. You are absolutely adorable with those boys. Plaid shorts and all. :)

  5. Mmmmmhhhhmmmm. Seriously Sexy Sliders. That’s what these should be called. And I’ve never thought of ground beef as sexy before. They were delicious, and oh so tender. Not falling apart, just melt in your mouth perfect. This is the kind of food that brings a person to their knees.

  6. I got this wild-haired scheme on my way home from work tonight and thought…I want to add pumpkin to ground beef and make pumpkin burgers………I should’ve known you had already thought of it!! You are so genius! ;)

    Thanks for taking all the guess work out of tonight’s dinner! So YUM!!! :)

  7. Made these for dinner, left off the honey because we’re doing Whole30. I topped them with a made-up sauce of 3 TBSP homemade mayo and 2 TBSP of pumpkin puree and a dash of cloves. Delicious! I doubled the recipe and it made 9 and 1/2 (good sized) sliders.

  8. Thanks for the great recipe, loved the moist texture. Great for that last bit of leftover pumpkin. This goes on the A list!

  9. I made these last night but I had to use ground turkey because it was what was defrosted. They turned out great. They held together perfectly too. I served them with some roasted golden beets and sweet potatoes. Yummy!!! I might have some leftovers for breakfast, with the turkey meat they could also pass for a breakfast sausage patty. Thanks for sharing all your awesome recipes with us!

  10. These were really good, but they fell apart. No matter though, ate them that way anyway :)

  11. YUM!!!

  12. I made these last night and they were awesome!! I cooked the onion (along with some chopped garlic) in some coconut oil before adding it to the ground beef. Aside from that, I didn’t alter the slider recipe at all, and they were perfect.
    I wanted to pumpkin things up a bit more though, and I wanted something mayo-y on my burger, so I got creative. I mixed up some pumpkin, sour cream (grass fed, raw AND home fermented!), a touch of honey, some pumpkin pie spice, salt, white pepper and just a pinch of cayenne and it made for an amazing topping on these sliders! This recipe is definitely a keeper!! :)

  13. Pure genius this is…I have half a mind to come up with some kind of sauce that has pumpkin in it to accompany the sliders instead of the honey. Great recipe!

  14. Looks and sounds amazing….and something that I can have on the AIP, too (with a few subs)!!!!!
    And don’t worry about your photos. Plenty of noteworthy blogs don’t have 100% perfect photography, and really don’t need to. I can tell you’re working at it though, because your pictures are pretty good, as far as I’ve been able to tell.

  15. Your picture is great and makes this recipe look VERY appetizing. Can’t wait to try! I’m a pumpkin addict as well, so anything with pumpkin sounds amazing to me. Not sure I trust someone who doesn’t like pumpkin… Cold weather has finally arrived in Colorado too. We got some snow in Denver over the weekend (only an inch or two) and it got down in the teens the last couple nights. It was awesome! Had to break out the wool blanket and comforter! No footie pj’s though – I’d probably suffocate. After mid-70s last week, it now feels like winter is on the way.

  16. I also have ground beef and pumpkin puree that I need to do something with. Can’t wait to try these!!

  17. Hi George,

    I love this recipe – pumpkin/squash always goes so great together with grassfed ground beef! I just don’t know why you’d include a drizzle of honey – it’s sweet enough without it! Thanks.

  18. Oh my! The pic drew me in! They look sexy and super tasty! I don’t know you are worried. They look real and not like those fake photos of food. You did an awesome job on the pic. Now to the recipe. I can’t wait to try it!!!! I am going to pull out a pound of grass fed beef from the freezer to make these tomorrow night. Mmmmm, I have a plan! Yay! Super excited to try them!

  19. These were very yummy! I had ground beef and pumpkin puree I needed to do something with and this was perfect! Thanks for another great recipe.

  20. Lorraine McGill says:

    I just had to say that I think your photo is awesome. I mean, seriously… the little spoon with the salt spilled. How can you say you’re not decorative? And the burgers made my mouth water. They look amazingly good and I’m planning to make them tomorrow night! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. I don’t know why you’re whining about the picture… I’m sitting here trying to mop the drool from my keyboard– admittedly, though, my wardrobe also consists exclusively of sweats and workout clothes, so I may not be the best judge…

  22. Just wanted to welcome you to Pumpkin Anonymous. It is a wonderful group, we have great snacks lol These look great, can’t wait to try them as soon as our houseful of guests leave :)

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