Crock Pot Rump Roast

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First off, please forgive me for this horrible picture, I made this before I knew food photography was a whole seperate art form.  I am working on getting them way more appetizing for you now.  I hope you realize that you just learned the most valuable life lesson to this day, support local farming and know where your food comes from because that is the only way we are going to continue to have a choice of what and where we get it.  Well it is great to be back and posting as many recipes as I can for all of you.

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Crock Pot Rump Roast
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 8
  1. Combine all the spices above together and mix well.
  2. Generously rub this spice mixture all over your rump roast to your taste liking. If you don’t like too many spices just lightly coat it.
  3. Line the bottom of your crock pot with your diced onions.
  4. Place your seasoned roast on top.
  5. Pour in your beef stock.
  6. Cover and cook on low for 10 hours.

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 Crock Pot Rump Roast  Crock Pot Rump Roast  Crock Pot Rump Roast  Crock Pot Rump Roast


  1. Just put it together added a bit of merlot ;) letting it cook over night. Sounds pretty tasty!

  2. We have made this several times. It is very good. I usually have to use chicken broth as it’s what I have on hand since it’s what is typically brewing.

  3. Tried this one. Pretty good. Maybe it’s my 6qt CrockPot but 10 hours on low was wayyyyyy too long. Meat ended up being a little dry. I even added a little more beef stock. Next time we’ll be doing it for 7 hours.

  4. IExcellent. Simple. I never cook and I’ve made this multiple times. Thanks!!

  5. Love this and ill be making it this weekend! This may be a really stupid question but…. The roast needs to be completely thawed right? Thanks!

  6. WOW thanks for this! Bought my first grass fed rump roast at Whole Foods today and was wondering how long I should cook it since it’s generally a tough cut.
    I luv “spicy” so this will go in the crock tonite before bedtime.

  7. Apologizing for a photo that has my mouth watering and rearranging my menu for tomorrow? Um, NOT NEEDED! Can’t wait to try this–I’ve never used a rub with this combination on a pot roast before. Can’t WAIT to try it!

  8. Sounds great, however, when I chose the “PrintFriendly” option, the ingredients did not print with the picture and process :(

  9. Nooshin Golshani says:

    looks great! did you add any salt? also, is the garlic fresh, granulated, or powdered? thanks!

  10. Perhaps a tad spicy but thanks for dinner! (And lunch tomorrow.) The kids certainly didn’t complain. :)

    BTW the photo’s not as bad as you think. Anyway if you want a quick fix, the “sharpen” tool in Photoshop (or Gimp, which is free) would give it more life.

  11. Made this today for the fam – I toned down the spice a little for myself and our 2 year old. Very tasty and the house smelled deliecious alllll day! Thank you for sharing this!

  12. Torrey G. says:

    No worries on the photo! :)
    I forgot to tell you that I made this roast over the weekend, and man, is it GOOD! Plus, it made so much that I can bring it for lunch for myself every day *and* share it with the guys at the gym! :D
    I made mine a little bit spicier, as I spilled my whole bottle of paprika all over the kitchen floor…so, I subbed in more chili powder and a dash of cayenne.

  13. Yipee, let me know how you like it, sorry for the bad photo

  14. Ooh, I am *so* trying this as soon as humanly possible! :)

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