Crock Pot Balsamic Roast

Just another super simple and super delicious crock pot meal that pairs well with any veggies you want, personally I would serve it over a bed of mashed cauliflower. If balsamic is not your favorite flavor, don’t be worried, it is not overpowering in this dish and you could always just tone it down to your liking. This is another way to use a cheaper cut of meat and get it nice and tender. I hope you enjoy :)

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Crock Pot Balsamic Roast
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6
Balsamic Roast
  • 2 lb top round roast
  • 1 large sweet onion, sliced
  • 8 ounces tomato sauce
  • 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 tbsp white wine
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • Salt
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Black Pepper
  1. Season your roast on both sides generously with the spices listed above to your liking
  2. Heat your coconut oil in a large pan over medium-high heat, once warm sear each side of your roast for 3-4 minutes
  3. Place your sliced onions in the bottom of your crock pot and put your seared meat on top of the onions
  4. Combine your balsamic vinegar and tomato sauce in a bowl and mix well, then pour over your meat in the crock pot
  5. Add your water and white wine to your pan and de-glaze it
  6. Pour this mixture in your crock pot as well
  7. Place the lid on, set to low and cook for 6-8 hours
  8. Enjoy

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  1. George! Had to tell you: I made this recently and it was a HUGE hit with my little one! When I would ask her what she wanted for dinner, she would say ‘BEEEEEEEEF’! Then she said, ‘can you make this again’? Happiness! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this website!! I made this the other night… it was so flavorful and tender! The only thing I would do different next time would be to not use the white wine. It didn’t bother me but it infused the veggies with such a strong flavor my little one (7 months old) didn’t like the sweet potatoes I put in the crock pot. (I usually mash up what we are having for her and she loves sweet potatoes normally) We will definitely use this again!

  3. This is SO GOOD! I made it using 2lbs of bison chuck roast, and it was so tender and so delicious. I’m becoming a total fan of crockpot cooking, especially now that I know I can make stuff other than all that grain-intensive stuff I used to make (no more; Paleo saved my physically!).

    Thanks so much for sharing your creativity; I am so glad I did a Google search to find what to do with the bison I’d brought home and found your site! Lucky me (and my grateful husband)!

  4. I’m making this tomorrow and I’m so excited to make it. We’re just starting to try to eat Paleo and this is going to be the first meal. It sounds so delicious. I was going to add carrots to it just to get our vegetables in there for dinner as well.

  5. Made this last night since we had friends coming over (non-Paleo friends). It turned out awesome! I have to say that I was skeptical with the combination of the tomato sauce/balsamic vinegar, but it was really good! They even asked for the recipe! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. I made the for supper tonight, and did not make enough. It smelled so delicious as it cooked all day. While I make the de-glaze, my children stated it smelled weird, but went for seconds when it came time to eat. I will definetly keep this in my growing collection of paleo foods. thanks so much for sharing. paleo is a journey of which i am happily (and sometimes painfully) partaking, but I feel so much better when I take the time to eat and cook the way we were suppose to eat. Thanks again for taking the time to share your creations.

    C from Colorado Springs

  7. Made this for the 2nd time this weekend. SO good! I started my crock pot before I went to bed and enjoyed the paleo deliciousness for breakfast Saturday morning. Great way to start the day. Thanks for all you do!!

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