Best BBQ Crock Pot Chicken

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So I decided to try a new rub for my favorite whole chicken in a crock pot meal.  So glad that I did.  After this chicken was cooked I shredded it and put it back in its broth and served it shredded.  It was absolutely delicious.  I challenge you to make this recipe and try not to make the same thing again.  I hope you enjoy

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Best BBQ Crock Pot Chicken
Prep time
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Serves: 4
  1. Pat dry your entire chicken inside and out with paper towels
  2. Line the bottom of your crock pot with the sliced onions
  3. Place the chicken in your crock pot on top of the onions
  4. Combine all remaining ingredients in a bowl and mix well
  5. Using your hands, rub mixture over the entire chicken, inside and out and make sure you lay it on thick and don’t miss any spots
  6. Place the lid on your crockpot and cook on low for 6 hours or until your chicken is done
  7. Serve with the side of your choice and Enjoy

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 Best BBQ Crock Pot Chicken  Best BBQ Crock Pot Chicken  Best BBQ Crock Pot Chicken  Best BBQ Crock Pot Chicken


  1. Dayle Purcell says:

    I taught my children ( 10,11,12 & 15) this dish. It’s very user friendly. I want them to grow up with cooking skills & to know what real good is. That just cause a label says healthy, doesn’t make it so. When you use real ingredients, then you know what your eating. They were all very proud of themselves after. It is a great dish. Now I’m going to teach my nephews

  2. I was a bit skeptical about this recipe because I specifically bought a “stew chicken” from the farmers market yesterday and I was worried it would be too tough. After reading through the recipe and comments, I took a leap of faith, believed in George saying “no liquid necessary” and threw it all in my Crock-Pot. Upon coming home, I tested the chicken and it was ready to eat. My chicken was done in about 4 hours and even my hubby, who doesn’t usually like chicken, loved it. I will definitely make this again!

  3. Thought I bought a whole chicken, but it’s all drumsticks (don’t ask, I’m new at this). How do I modify this recipe to accommodate? Thanks for any insight. Still learning. Love your site, eBook and positivity :-)

    • Good question. I would just approximately how much less chicken you have and cut the recipe in half, if the drumsticks measure out to be around half of what you would normally have with a whole chicken.

  4. Yum! I’m getting some pastured whole chickens next week and managed to save a Vidalia onion.

  5. George, I have to send a huge thank you for this recipe. I have been vegan for the past two years, but have decided to start eating meat again. I used this recipe as my re-induction. It is SO good.

  6. Pretty good! I made this with 6 chicken breasts rather than a whole chicken. I felt it needed more salt/pepper and the chicken was dry in the end, but then I shredded the breasts and mixed it all together which was great – all of the liquid got mixed back in with the chicken and the onions added great flavor. Crazy easy meal with lots of leftovers – perfect.

  7. Evelyn Nagle says:

    Do you need to add any water or broth??

  8. Yay! Figured out what to do with the whole chicken in my fridge :).

  9. Adriana Zarnowski says:

    I just took it out of the crock pot and it is DELICIOUS!!!!!

  10. Love love love this recipe! My kids Loved it too it is easy and tastes so great!! The onions were so yummy I ate them on the side.

  11. wonderful!!

  12. Gonna try this!! Can’t wait! :)

  13. I tried this recipe yesterday! AMAZING!!! The flavor is so delicious, and the chicken was so tender that it fell apart! Thank you so much! Will definitely be making this on a regular basis.

  14. Would smoked paprika work, George? I have regular but I just love the smoked version. Making this for tomorrow lunch. Excited! I expect it to be my only meal as I may consume the entire chicken (with a little help from the wife).

  15. Loved this but the spiciness was a little much for me as I don’t have much of a palate for it. I plan to half the Cayenne next time. Something to consider if you are making this and also not big on spiciness. Still super delicious and very easy to make!

  16. What did you do with the giblets?

  17. I love this chicken :D I use chili powder instead of the cayenne cos it’s what I had and use chicken broth instead of onions. (Not an onion fan lol) I cook some carrots and broccoli and mix it with the chicken and the juice from it, and it taste like noodle less chicken noodle soup! Thank you so much for these recipes. Having been gluten free for a while I was starting to get bored and these recipes are helping me to enjoy food again. :)

  18. I just borrowed the rub and fried some chicken breast in olive oil, put on top of a spinach salad. Awesome! Had a very hard time not eating the chicken and skipping the salad.

  19. What about wild turkey? It seems to be drier than domestic chicken. Any thoughts?

    • Wild turkey is not normally good because it is so lean. When you have turkey’s that you kill yourself, most of the time you can only use the breast as there is not much meat anywhere else. So that would not work

      • I would argue that there is a lot of meat on the legs, but share your concerns. Ingnore my email as I sent it before noticing my comment had posted and been replied to. Thanks for your input and I will be trying more of your recipes!

  20. Had some for lunch today. Finger licking good!

  21. Just made this last night, delicious and so easy! Can’t wait to try the rest of your recipes, thank you for this fantastic website.

  22. Tried it this week! Couldn’t be easier or tastier :) Thanks, George!

  23. I am so making this!!!! YUMMY

  24. Catherine says:

    Can you do this with chicken breast? If so should I add liquid?

  25. No liquid needed, the onions and chicken provide all you need, you will see

  26. Nice spice blend, gonna try it. Question, you don't need any liquid in the crockpot for this??

    Love your recipes!!

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